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Presentaties seminar de virtuele realiteit 28 september 2010

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  • 1.Presentaties seminar De virtuele realiteit28 september 2010 Groot Kievitsdal, Baarn

2. Programma09.00 uurOntvangst 10.00 uur 10.15 uur Voorwoord 10.15 uur 11.15 uur Desktopvirtualisatie: de laatste ontwikkelingen 11.15 uur 12.15 uur 50% kostenbesparing met Unified Storage in virtuele desktop-omgevingen 12.15 uur 13.00 uur Lunch 13.00 uur 13.30 uur Praktijkverhaal UZ Leuven 13.30 uur 14.15 uur Demo desktopvirtualisatie 14.15 uur 15.00 uur Demo NetApp Storage beheer integratie in VMware vSphere 15.00 uurAfsluiting en borrel 3. Voorwoo rd VOORWOORD 4. Desktopvirtualisatie: De laatste ontwikkelingen Willem van Engeland VMware Systems Engineer Confidential 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved 5. Agenda The VMware approach on End-User Computing Whats new in View 4.5 Local Mode Windows 7 support PCoIP ThinApp 4 6 integration 4.6 Location Based Printing Kiosk Mode vShield Endpoint Future Project Horizon Demo time5 Confidential 6. Virtualization & Cloud Management: VMware ApproachEnd-User Computing Management Provision & deploy desktops rapidly End User Computing Manage workstation images simply Deliver virtualized applications to desktopIT Business Management gApplication Management Govern cloudprovisioning Encapsulate applications into containers with vApps processes Cloud Applications Assure application portability & performance Establish service contracts with infrastructure Track cloud software licenseusage Standardizecloud partitionspInfrastructure & Operations Management Create a zero-touch, compliant infrastructure Build automation into platform Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud Deliver self service through policy driven control self-service policy-drivenVirtualized InfrastructureVMware Management Solutions 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved 7. Whats new in View 4.5 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved 8. VMware View 4.5 Deliver desktops as a managed servicePlatformVMware vSphere fordesktops Management VMware View Manager Vmware View ComposerVMware ThinAppUser ExperiencePCoIP Print Multi-monitor display Multimedia USB redirection 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved 9. Local Mode: Mobility & Bring Your Own ComputerView Client with Local Mode (Type 2 Hypervisor) Virtual desktop is checked-out to local endpoint pp and encrypted Access desktop, applications and data regardless of network availability Changes are checked in to the datacenter when online th d t th li Extend IT security policies to local desktop View Manager 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved 10. VMware View System Requirements Connection S C ti Server O Operating S tti Systems Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2003 View Agent Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 Wi d View Client Windows 7 + XP + Vista Windows Embedded OS Mac OS X Linux Li Zero Client Database Microsoft SQL / Oracle Directory Services Active Directory / Novell eDirectory 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved 11. View Client for Mac OSView Client for Mac OS View Client supported on Mac OS 10.5or greater Mac user access to a View hostedWindows OS Extend EOIT and BYOPC use cases toMac users Supports USB Redirection Support for ThinPrint 2010 VMware Inc. All rights reserved 12. Endpoint Device Flexibility User ExperienceDesktop PC/Laptop Thin Client/Zero Client Mobile Devices Windows, Mac OS Broad IndustryiPad/iPhoneor Repurposed PCs SupportAndroid** Wyse Pocket Cloud12 13. Thinapp Entitlement in View 4.5View Manager allows you to define UNClocations as Application Repositories 13 14. Thinapp Entitlement in View 4.5V1Applications can then be assigned todesktops, or pools of desktops. 14 15. Thinapp Entitlement in View 4.5 DeployedStreamedThinappsThinapps stayare copied to theherelinked clone. V1Applications can be run from the UNC share(streamed) or copied local to the desktop. 15 16. Full Internet Explorer 6 Support on Win 7 and 2008 R2 Easily create IE6 packages.packages No install capture - Harvest of IE6 from XP SP3. Easy deployment into newer operating systems systems. Run IE6 on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Run IE6 side-by-side with native IEside by side IE. Run different versions of components (Java, .NET/ActiveX, Flash, etc.) in separateIE6 packages on same Win 7 system. No more Web App Hell! Windows 7 616 17. Location Based Printing Floor 3 Details Automatically connect View desktop toy closest printer Simplify printing for end users Satisfy compliance requirements (healthcare, financial services) Simple GUI interface for Administrators Floor 2 to link devices to printers Use Cases Medical staff moving from room to Floor 1room in a hospital Bank personnel moving around abranch office17 18. Kiosk ModeOverview Support for public or shared end-point end point Automatic login no credentials required to accessdesktop Authentication done through the application if needed Benefit Simplified user experience auto login, auto USBredirection, no Windows error messages Example Use Cases Education labs/classrooms H lhHealthcare nurses stationsi State/Local - job placement, recruiting 18 19. Why PCoIP protocol does well on WAN PC IP protocol uses h t id rendering t avoid client redirection l tPCoIPt lhost-side d i toid li t di ti latency limitations PCoIP protocol uses UDP to transfer real-time audio and image data optimally (no resending of stale packets required) PCoIP protocol dynamically adjusts image quality and frame rate based on available bandwidth PCoIP protocol is able to use lossy compression on images and audio when network is constrained 19 20. vShield Endpoint Endpoint Security for Virtual Data Centers and Cloud EnvironmentsImproves performance and effectiveness of existing endpoint security solutions Offload of AV functions Hardened, security virtual machineFeatures Offload file activity to Security VM Manage AV service across VMs Enforce Remediation using driver in VM Partner Integrations through EPSEC API- Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee Policy Management: Built-in orcustomizable with REST APIs Logging of AV file activity20 21. Optimized Cloud Infrastructure Platform Support for vSphere 4.1 & vCenter 4.1 Scalability: Built for the largest desktopenvironments 1000s of VMs/pod Faster and more efficient vMotion leading to decreasedmigration time for VMs Shrink and grow desktops based on demand and priority Dynamic Resource Allocation High Performance Optimized for desktop workloads Performance acceleration due to lower memory swapping Best Density IIncreased desktop VM dd d kt density 16 20 VM / it16-20 VMs/core High Availability and Business Continuity 21 22. Project Horizon 22 23. Project Horizon: Organization Directory Services 23 24. Project Horizon: One Click New User Creation 24 25. Project Horizon: Application Pre-Configuration 25 26. Project Horizon: Server Application Configuration 26 27. Project Horizon: Server App Deployment 27 28. 28 29. SequoiaPortalP t l 29 30. SequoiaPortalP t l 30 31. Demo time 31 32. VMware View 4.5 Pricing and Packaging View Enterprise View Premier vSphere for desktopvCenterView Manager 4.5View CVi ComposerLocal ModevShield EndpointThinApp 4.6Pricing per seat (concurrentconnection) $150 $25032 33. Thank You Questions? 33 34. NetApp in N tA i een g gevirtualiseerde omgeving Rogier van der Ven Pre-sales consultant For NetApp internal and authorized partners use only 35. NetApp Storage Essential for Virtual Desktop Solutions Performance: Better end-user experience Boot storms/peaktimes/virus scans etc Capacity Use at least 50% less storage Costs per desktop p p Centralized storage Management: Provision 1000s of desktops in minutes1000 s Backup/restore/Disaster recovery 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 36. The Essential for Storage for VMware View Performance 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 37. Desktop performance Users Performance: Light/medium/heavy Applications Use at least 50% less storage Growth 1000s to more-> scalability/flexibility 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 38. Storage Impact on Desktop Performance Read data block from disk Disk 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. NetApp Confidential Internal Use Only38 39. NetApp Eliminates Boot & Log On StormsBoot time decreases 47%Storage workload decreases 50%Performance increases 71%P f i1% Read data block from diskDisk Flash Cache Users dont take a hit during simultaneous boot or log on. 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. NetApp Confidential Internal Use Only39 40. Better User Experience20 Minutes After Install The first 30 minutes of operation after deploying Flash Cache Cache 90% Populated 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 40 41. Write Performance VDI RAID 5 >4 IOPS writes (better with write cache) RAID 10 2 IOPS writes RAID DP and DataOntap WAFLR d Random -> S Sequential ti l Less disk I/O < 1 IOPS (WAFL efficiency)L Less spindlesi dl SSD (1,5x faster) 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 41 42. Solving the VDI Performance challenge Customer Regional bank running 1000+ View Desktops with majorExample performance issues directly related to storagePrevious StorageNetApp Solution 300 Disks56 DisksVDI servers non Boot Storms: Non-existentresponsive Login Storm: Logins staggered4 second loginBetter Performance AND Less Cost 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 43. The Essential for Storage for VMware View Cost-Effective Desktop Storage 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 44. Deduplication: Essential for View App AppDuplicate AppDataApp AppOSOS I Eliminated OSIs Eli OS t di OS NetApp FAS SystemRAID Arrays Traditional Enterprise Savings extend to all copies of the data- Including backup DR test clonesbackup, DR,clones, and archival copies 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved.44 45. FAS Deduplication: Function Data Deduplication Process Deduped (Single Instance) StorageGeneral data inflexible volume Deduped data in flexible volume 2010 NetApp. All rights reserved. 45 46. Reducing Capacity for Virtual Desktops Deduplicate virtual des