Een duurzame relatie tussen KMO IT-manager en IT-leverancier

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Een duurzame relatie tussen KMO IT-manager en IT- leverancier CONTACT Jan Devos, MBA ELIT Lab Howest Graaf Karel De Goedelaan 5 BE-8500 KORTRIJK - BELGIUM T: +32 56 24 12 72 F: +32 56 24 12 24 e-mail: [email protected] e-mail: [email protected] linkedIn: /in/ jangdevos Blog: twiiter: @jangdevos

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  • 1. Een duurzame relatietussen KMO IT-manageren IT-leverancier CONTACT Jan Devos, MBA ELIT LabHowest Graaf Karel De Goedelaan 5 BE-8500 KORTRIJK - BELGIUM T: +32 56 24 12 72 F: +32 56 24 12 24e-mail: [email protected]: [email protected]: Blog: twiiter: @jangdevos

2. Wat is een KMO ?EUROPASingaporeNew ZealandAustraliaCanada Jan Devos - 2 3. KMO sector in Belgi2009 Number of enterprises Flanders Walloon BrusselsSMEs (50) 3.1291.092 83599,4%99,5%99,1%Source: website Unizo ( Jan Devos - 3 4. History and rise of SMEsSMEs largely ignored until the 1970s 1953 In the US: Small Business Administration 1959 Theory of the growth of the firm (Penrose) 1970sOil shocks (turning point) 1971 UK and AU: Bolton & Wiltshire Committees 1973 Small is beautiful (Schumacher) 1980sDownsizing & Outsourcing trends 1990sInternet the virtual organization 2005 The World is Flat (Friedman) 2010 e-business, social media, emergent collectives (third world farming communities,Two (flawed) views on SMEs: backbone of the economy ? second class citizen Jan Devos - 4 5. SME sector in EuropeWhat usually gets lost is that more than 99% of all Europeanbusinesses are, in fact, SMEs.They provide two out of three of the private sector jobs and contributeto more than half of the total value-added created by businesses in theEU. Moreover, SMEs are the true back-bone of the Europeaneconomy, being primarily responsible for wealth and economicgrowth, next to their key role in innovation and R&D.What is even more intriguing is that nine out of ten SMEs are actuallymicro enterprises with less than 10 employees. Hence, the mainstaysof Europes economy are micro firms, each providing work for twopersons, in average.This is probably one of the EUs best kept secrets!Source: website Europe ( Jan Devos - 5 6. History and rise of SMEs Reduction in the average size of business firms High growth new firms provide the majority of newfirm jobs SMEs play an important role in the development ofinnovation SMEs may be in a disadvantage in the access tonew technology LE provide better quality jobs but the gap LE-SMEin job quality is shrinking JQ = wages (higher in LE), fringe benefits (more available in LE), job tenure (+/- 4,5 years), employee morale, job satisfaction. Jan Devos - 6 7. KMOs zijn anders De kerngedachte die leeft bij velen:ICT Succes is afhankelijk van de grootte van deorganisatie: hoe groter hoe meer succesvol!SMALL is not beautiful ? Is dat zo? Jan Devos - 7 8. IS Research in KMOs - LiteratuurSMEs are often disappointed with their software packages. The disappointment is a result of the inability of the package to adapt to the needs of the company. For SME with less then 20 employees the packages are too difficult to use. (Heikkila et al; Finland)Managers were found to be more successful when they develop their own numeric applications using spreadsheets to provide greater analytical support for decision-making. (Raymond & Bergeron; Canada)Software characteristics, vendor capability and opinions from otherconcerned groups are relatively important factors when making thesoftware selection decision. (Chau ; Hong-Kong)SMEs that adopt the vendor-only approach have more effective IS than SMEs that adopt the consultant-vendor approach (Thong et al; Singapore)Top management support is not as important as effective external ISexpertise (Thong et al: Singapore) Jan Devos - 8 9. IS Research in KMOs - LiteratuurThe most effective IS implementation environment is one in which both topmanagement support and external IS experts work as a team.(Thong et al: Singapore)Owners innovativeness is the strongest determinant for adopting traditional IT relative advantage plays most critical role for Internet related technologies. (Chau & Hui: USA)External expertise is the predominant key factor of IS implementationsuccess in SMEs. (Lesjak & Lynn)Managerial and vendor support are essential for effective IS in Canadian SMEs. Managers should engage quality vendors to obtain IS that contribute to the specific goals of the small business.Different industry sectors significantly differ in the amount spend to ITinvestments. Firm size does not influence IT investment levels.Strategic benefits vary across different industry sectors. The wayemployees adapt to change as a result of IT implementations dependson the size of the organization. (Lucchetti & Sterlacchini: Australia) Jan Devos - 9 10. Onderzoek naar KMOs (Devos, 2008)IT Governance Onderzoek naar de relevantie van Strategic IT IT Outsourcing IT FailuresIT Outsourcing SMEsIT Failures IT GovernanceStrategic IT Enqute (2008) 12 vragen #1538 organizations (random group) #169 response (11%) Jan Devos - 10 11. Onderzoek naar KMOs (Devos, 2008)Organizational size38% 22%23% 16% Micro (< 10)Small (10