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  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


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    Smaller engines, anyone?We know it is a sign of the times when new models are rolled out with a bulk of the

    product information package packed with information about the new body, styling,

    interiors, trims, potential market and the like. The space that used to be devoted to

    extolling the virtues of a bigger, more responsive engine seems to have dwindled

    away. After all, you cant blame manufacturers for feeling apprehensive about how

    the public will take the news, let alone how regulatory authorities are likely to do so.

    But that is the way the wind blows. It isnt just that the price of petroleum

    is rising. No, we havent quite felt the sting in Oman or the GCC in general due

    to government generosity. But elsewhere, disparate events like nancial crises,

    currency uctuations and the odd war or two are doing their bit to make fuel costlier

    and people are voting with their purchases of smaller engined, more fuel-efcientcars. What is increasingly happening is that the new markets in terms of volumes for

    most global manufacturers are in countries like China, India and Brazil where fuel

    costs and the subsidies on them are under pressure. People do feel the pinch, with

    retail cost of fuel almost the same as a customer in highly taxed Europe pays for it.

    You also know that the trend is well and truly set when agship models start

    sporting engines that are smaller in volume than variants they have left by the

    roadside a decade ago. Take the two agships we have tested this month - the XJ

    and the S-class. Both have 6-cylinder engines under their bonnets, but dont arent

    limited in what they offer in terms of comfort and performance. Jaguar sees the 3.0-

    litre as critical to establishing volumes in the segment even here in the GCC and we

    know that Mercedes are working at even smaller alternatives that are likely to come

    in the future.

    In the meantime Audi have also signalled the production of their A8 hybrid and

    while that is a whole new ballgame, the 2.0-litre TFSI engine at the heart of the

    petrol-electric hybrid is a popular inclusion already in their smaller cars. This is

    an alternative that may just catch on with other manufacturers, leading to more

    4-cylinder engines in large agships. By means of using the hybrid path, Audi is

    already looking at a sub - 6 litre per 100 kms fuel consumption while retaining the

    0 to 100 sprint in below 8 seconds. This is where the market is - not looking at

    whether people will buy for saving money at the pump, but making sure they dont

    lose performance in the bargain.

    Now the biggest proviso is ensuring that volume manufacture lowers the cost of all

    the new technology, ensuring that the upmarket customer, whether he be in Muscator Mumbai, will buy the car for the whole package. We think that entails beeng up

    the engine information in future media packs, for there is a whole new story waiting

    to be told.

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    Nissans radical new Juke crossover, wasrevealed at Suhail Bahwan AutomobilesNissan Qurum showroom amidst fanfare.The new arrival according to Nissan claimswill appeal mainly to younger and fun-lovingbuyers, has no direct rivals in todays carmarket. Designed and engineered in Japan

    and UK, the car is a crossover based on theQashqai/Murano platform has resized and re-engineered as a top B-segment contender,very similar to the new crop of models comingout of Europe such as the Mini CountrymanCooper S and Peugeot 3008 [both modelsavailable in ME now]. Designed in the UKat Nissans Paddington Design Centre andJapan, the Juke uses SUV styling proportionsand will offer a considerably more advancedmechanical make-up than conventionalB-segment models. The lifestyle oriented caris powered by either a normally-aspirated or

    turbo charged 1.6-litre four-cylinder enginedelivering top whack of 188hp via XTronic CVTtransmission with six-speed manual mode.The Juke will also be available with four-wheeldrive and a torque vectoring system, the likesof which has only been available until now oncars such as the BMW X6.

    Its never been so good for consumers to invest in a new

    vehicle as several authorized car retailers in the Sultanate

    are offering some pretty good deals. Heres a round-up.

    Dhofar Automotive

    As the ofcial distributor of Ram, Chrysler, Jeep andDodge brands, the set-up will be helping Ram customers

    by offering competitive and affordable pricing and City

    Centre vouchers with every new purchase. The new

    Dodge Ram 1500 Series is available in three different

    variants including the Laramie Crew Cab, Regular Cab

    and Quad Cab. Powered by a redesigned 5.7-litre HEMI

    VVT engine with Multi Displacement System (MDS) for

    fuel savings, theres enough power and torque available

    to surge through terrain as varied as the sands of the

    Wahiba Desert, as well as the most demanding Wadi beds

    located in and around Omans mountain interior. The new

    Ram Laramie Crew Cab is the next step up for those with

    a strong affection for driving the traditional SUV.

    Automans take

    A little over two years ago the Dodge brand has been

    reoriented towards youthfulness and fun and a new sub

    brand Ram was created to focus on truck customers and

    emphasize trucks and commercial vehicles. According to

    Ralph Gilles, Dodge president and CEO, the Ram spinoff

    is designed to separate the Dodge brand from its long

    association with trucks. Hence, Ram branded new products

    should not be confused wi th Dodge Rams previous range

    of commercial vehicles.

    Wattayah Motors

    As one of Zubair Automotive Group members, the ofcial

    importer-retailer of has Volkswagen models offers special

    Ramadan packages across its range. The special deals

    commenced on July 25 and will run up till September

    15. The best part of the deal is the ve-year extendedwarranty on all models and up to ve years/75,000

    km service and up to ve years roadside assistance.

    Customers buying the all-new Jetta, Touareg, Tiguan,

    Golf GTI and Passat will all receive the benets of this

    deal during the promotion period.

    James Oliver, General Manager of Wattayah Motors said:

    We wanted to give our customers something sustainable

    this Ramadan. Instead of just giving away a free gift we

    decided that we would give our Ramadan customers the

    best gift of all the support they need to keep their cars

    new for up to ve years.

    Price guide: from OMR 7,350, the all-new 2011 Jetta

    [launched in Oman in May]

    Wattayah Motors also represents Audi and customers

    purchasing an Audi A1, A4, A6, A7, A8, Q5, Q7 or TT,

    will have access to a host of special Ramadan deals

    depending on the selected model including complimentary

    insurance, registration, extended service packages of up

    to 105,000 km and warranty up to three years as well as

    complimentary Apple iPods and Apple iPad 2 gifts.

    Peugeot Oman

    Peace of mind for up to 1,825 days of ownership seems

    to be the key theme this year for the French brand cars

    sold in the Sultanate through Zubair Motors during the

    Ramadan promotion period. The offer is valid on all new

    207CC and 308CC models.

    New customers will be able to cruise around Muscat in

    style for a long time to come thanks to the added value

    packages we have on offer this year. The extra value weare giving customers means they leave the showroom

    relaxed and assured that they will be taken care of for a

    up to ve years when it comes to warranty and servicing

    which is a huge weight off peoples minds, said Bob

    Seshadri GM of European Motors.

    Automans take

    Instead of handing away freebies to attract new

    customers to the showroom, Peugeots strategy to give

    their customers something sustainable, real value for

    money and peace of mind should help in raising the

    ownership experience level as well as resale values of

    used vehicles.


    Zubairs showrooms all over Oman began the promotion

    on July 25 and it run through the busiest period of the year

    ending on September 30. The value packed deals on offer

    include six years unlimited mileage warranty and roadside

    assistance, free servicing up to 100,000km, free insurance

    and registration and either a Mitsubishi approved satelli te

    navigation system or a gift voucher. Models included in

    the promotion include the Pajero, Outlander, Crossover

    ASX, variants in the Galant and Lancer range and single

    and twin-cab variants of the L200 pick-up and the L300


    NissaN Juke arrives iN the sultaNate of omaN

    ramadaN offers iN omaN


    regional news}

    Price guide:

    OMR8,000 onwards

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    In the run-up to the Italian round of the MotoGP championship held at the circuit of Mugello,Ducati and Tudor announced the start of a prestigious new partnership. Ducati, the iconicItalian motorcycle manufacturer famous for style and state-of-the-art technology, haveentered into an all-encompassing partnership with Tudor, the maker of prestige Swiss sportswatches who take on the title of Timing Partner as Ducatis ofcial watch. Tudor launchedthe agreement with a commemorative timepiece dedicated to Ducati and perfectly alignedwith the exciting world of speed, motorcycles and racing. It enhances the new range of

    sports chronographs presented recently at Baselworld 2011.Known as the Fastrider collection, the series of stainless steel chronographs incorporate

    the Tudor 7753 self-winding movement with a power reserve of 46 hours in a 42mmdiameter waterproof casing with satin-polished nish. Various versions are availablewith leather strap, stainless steel bracelet or black fabric strap featuring three stripes incontrasting colours, a look that has become one of Tudors signature style details which, forthis collection, will also be echoed on the dial. Tudor wanted to feature a specic referenceto Ducati and this is evident in the Fastrider model, a true commemorative series whichmaintains the same technical characteristics from the collection, but with Ducati red on thevertical stripes of the strap and dial, which create a striking colour contrast with the blackfabric and counters. The sporting spirit of these chronographs is further highlighted withblack PVD-coated buttons set in the casing to resemble the pistons of an engine and by thetachymetric scale engraved on the bezel. These items will be available from October in the

    GCC countries.

    The all-new VAIO ESeries comes with secondgeneration Intel Corei5 Processor and AMDDual-Core Processor. Theenhanced processing abilityof the Intel Core processorand power efciency of the

    AMD Dual-Core processorenable sharp and clear videos, realistic and responsive games, and allow thenotebooks to run longer between battery charges. Sony also takes cutting-edge styling to new extremes through the VAIO E Series. The surface of thenotebooks features a truss pattern where several small triangles constructone large hexagon. The texture covers the exterior as well as the palm rest.Ergonomically designed for ease of use, ngerprints and smudges are lessnoticeable due to the three-dimensional pattern. The screen size of the VAIOE Series ranges from 14- 15.5in. The VAIO E series features the graphicsprovided by NVIDIA GeForce 410M GPU, AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphicsor Intel HD Graphics 3000. While the VAIO E Series is preinstalled withseveral applications and utilities, many of which are launched through a onetouch button including the WEB button for quick web access and the VAIObutton that launches the media gallery, the touch pad with multi-gesturecontrol supports Flick, Tap and Scroll to facilitate easy navigation around webpages and application screens.

    automan souq

    Panasonic has introduced its new range of Lumix G Seriesprofessional digital SLR cameras in the Sultanate. The GF3 isthe worlds smallest and lightest digital SLR, featuring higheimage quality and advanced AF system. The GF3 weighs just222g which breaks the world record making it the lightestDSLR. The new GF3 is powered with a 12.1 mega pixel MOSsensor.This camera also records full HD videos. High speed precisioncontrast AF system, of the Lumix G Micro System realises the

    worlds fastest level of approx 0.18 seconds. This camera alsohas a touch screen operation.

    The new Xperia neo runs on the latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread platform that gives users access to over 200,000applications for an augmented communication experience. Facebook inside Xperia, a unique application that allowsinstant communication and advanced social media experience, is also included. The smartphone boasts a uniqueshape and is equipped with 8.1 mega-pixel camera that boasts Sonys award-winning Exmor R for mobile sensor. The CMOS sensor allows the capture ofhigh-quality, bright pictures and HD video recording even in poor light conditionsthat can be shared on an HD TV via the built in HDMI-connector. It can alsobe viewed on the 3.7in screen featuring Reality Display with Mobile BRAVIA

    Engine, which delivers exceptional visual brilliance and a crystal clear image.

    Ducati and Tudor join hands for lifestyle merchandise

    Xperia neo, the frst GreenHeart

    Sony VAIO E Series

    Lumix GF3

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    x , ng n n n

    news feature}

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    While Pebble Beach Concours dEleganceis that venue where the motoring worldfrom the past, present and future converge,this year there is no shortage of news. Thosewho have a passion for classic, vintage andrare cars got their fair share, while modernmotoring acionados also got a glimpse ofthings to come.

    Aptly, two big names in the automotivebusiness wasted no time in using this extraordinary venue to reveal concepts and newproduct debuts. GMs luxury brand Cadillacused the exclusive Tehema Golf Course to takethe wraps of the stylish Ciel Concept whichit says revives a classic tradition. Meanwhile,Lexus has been teasing the masses withthe images of new GS unveiled the car outhere for the rst time. Toyotas supremo

    Akio Toyoda shocked the crowd when headmitted that he was initially opposed to thefourth-generation GS. I have to be honest:

    initially I did not want to proceed with thisproject, referring to the new GS. He wenton to explain that the world markets were sopassionate about the GS, they said he wascrazy to hesitate. In the end, Toyoda said hewas won over by the enthusiasm for the cararound the world. . The design teams wereinstructed to make it bolder, stronger, andmore condent. Inspiration was taken fromthe LFA supercar. During the reveal, Toyodaalso announced that the new 2013 GS is justthe beginning. The mid-sized sedan signals anew styling direction for the Japanese luxurymanufacturer.

    While, the concours is by far the mostprominent event during the Monterey CarWeek, but the hottest ticket in town is a visitto the Quail Motorsports Gathering. Set on thepicturesque lawn of the Quail Lodge in Carmel

    Valley, the event follows the philosophy ofless is more. That is fewer people and carspackaged in the name of exclusivity. As withmany other events during the week Jaguardominated Quail this year where it celebratedin style the 50th anniversary of the E-Type.

    As expected some incredible examples wereon display, and even a few of the race carsfrom Laguna Seca took a trip down to Carmel

    Valley to make an appearance at the show.Legendary American race car driver Phil Hill

    was also honored with 2011 marking the 50thanniversary of his Formula 1 championship.

    Also on display were a Ferrari TR/59 that hedrove at Riverside in 1959, as well as the 1950Jaguar XK120 that he piloted to victory in thevery rst Pebble Beach Road Race. Additionalhighlights included a a class dedicated to theFerrari Superamerica and a Bugatti Veyrongathering.


  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    The BMW-centric event has opened up itslawn to both Mercedes-Benz and Porschefor the rst time in Monterey and it was adelight to see the unity amongst the Germanrivals. Interestingly, this German-car-onlyconcours was born in 2007 more by accidentthan planned. Actually it owns its origins toa rather disastrous event at a local airport

    and now the event attracts over 400 cars. Itspopularity is growing strong by the year andand attendance has doubled in since 2008,according to the organisers. Celebrating its25th anniversary, the E30 BMW M3 was thefeatured model and over 30 examples were ondisplay at the grounds of the Rancho Caadagolf course outside Carmel. Equally good

    were the E30s, which included an impressivecollection of pristine 328s, Isettas, 2002 Turbosand an immaculate 1982 Alpina B7S Turbo,one of only 10 remaining of the 30 produced.The Mercedes and Porsche contingent wasout in force as well, with a handful of 300SLcoupes and roadsters, 356s, dozens of 911sfrom every era.


    t lgn an n

    news feature}

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    Ready to take on the world

    Rafael NadalTennis PlayerWINNER OF NINE GRAND SLA


  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011



    news feature}

    GMs luxurious brand will expand itsmodel lineup in 2012 with a new entryin the compact luxury segment codenamed

    ATS. General Motors North America

    President Mark Reuss released this sketchof the model at the Center for AutomotiveResearchs Management Brieng Seminars.The small Cadillac will begin production nextsummer at Lansing Grand River, the sameMichigan assembly plant that builds theaward-winning midsize Cadillac CTS sedan,coupe and wagon. The car we codenamed ATS is being

    developed to be a drivers car on an all-newCadillac-specic RWD-AWD architecture,Reuss said. We have extensively andexhaustively studied the competitivesegment, and we have benchmarked thebest. And when this car comes out, that willbe readily apparent.

    While the ATS takes care of the entry-leveloffering, the top slot still remains vacant.There are some suggestions that with areasonably favourable feedback from theXTS Platinum Concept that debuted at the2010 Detroit Auto Show [and also shownin Abu Dhabi], there are pretty good signsthat it will make into production. If it does,it will single-handedly replace the aging STS

    and DTS. Analysts suggest that GM will usethe same Epsilon II platform that underpinsthe Buick LaCrosse, which also gives theexibility of both front-wheel and all-wheel

    drive systems. Meanwhile, future Cadillacswill not run on petrol alone. The innovativeCadillac Converj Concept, a dramaticluxury coupe with extended-range electricvehicle technology, is moving forward as aproduction car that will be called the CadillacELR. Since, development of the ELR is justunderway, so details on performance, priceand timing are not available as of now.

    However, the model will be a range-extended electric vehicle that uses the Voltecpowertrain which consists of a T-shapedlithium-ion battery, an electric motor and afour-cylinder engine. Like the Chevrolet Volt,the ELR will travel primarily on electricityuntil the battery becomes low and the engine

    activates to recharge it. In a statement,Cadillacs vice president of marketing said

    Like other milestone Cadillac models ofthe past, the ELR will offer something not

    otherwise present - the combination ofelectric propulsion with striking design andthe fun of luxury coupe driving. Cadillacselected the name ELR to indicate the carselectric propulsion technology, in keepingwith the brands 3-letter international modelnaming convention.

    But, the hottest and unexpected newsfrom Cadillac relates to the Converj Conceptwhich according to Ed Welburn, GM vicepresident, Global Design sparked the ideaof combining the desirability of a grand 2+2touring coupe with electrication.

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    BrandAlfa Romeo




    Model 4C concept

    Modeli3 and i8 concepts, World Premiere: 1 Series 5 Doors and 5 Series

    Model Urban Concept

    Model Miray and the Colorado Rally Concepts

    Signicance Alfa Romeo has teased the 4C again - this timeahead of the sport coupes next concept version. The new teaser imagedoesnt tell much, as the 4C looks the same as the concept we saw atGeneva. The initial concept came with a four-cylinder 1,750cc Turbo

    Multi-Air unit with an output of 197bhp.

    Signicance Norbert Reithofer, BMW Groups chief executiveis fond of saying that an environmentally friendly auto should not be

    a vow of poverty on wheels. While BMW fans decide for themselveswhether the company has delivered on its promise, futuristic conceptsthat will form the foundation of BMWs i sub-brand plug-in hybrids havebeen laid. BMW is keen to introduce production version in 2013 and 2014respectively. The i3, presented as a city car gets rear-wheel-drive andmore details are expected to be released at the show. The i8 is also a

    riposte to the Audi R8 E-tron and Mercedes-Benz SLS E-Cell.

    Signicance Following last months spy shots of the new urbanconcept caught on a lm set in Berlin, Audi released a set of ofcialsketches of the all-new 1+1-seat vehicle. Audi has claimed that the conceptattempts to combine the elements of a racing car, a fun car and an urbancar the concept exploits new lightweight manufacturing processes.

    Signicance Over the course of its 100-year history, Chevrolet has createdand rened an array of startlingly beautiful car designs. Some of these have movedon to become true road legends, such as the Belair, the Suburban, the Corvette, orthe Camaro. Though Chevrolet cars are very diverse in their appearance, reectingthe different uses they have, there is a common design and brand DNA and a set ofexterior and interior features that distinguishes them from competitors.

    a n n

    ng pnnng ng . an n nn .


  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011








    Model Concept

    Model Concept

    Model Concept

    Model Hybrid HX1 MPV concept and 508

    Signicance A new luxury brand out of Britain has teased itsFrankfurt debut with this single sketch, which looks like a musclar,luxury SUV/crossover coupe. Some reports from UK suggest that theSUV/crossover is based on the chassis of an existing model and will useelements from other vehicles. The vehicle is meant to be a rival to theforthcoming Aston Martin Lagonda.

    Signicance Kia released several images of a new four-door,four-seater sports sedan concept. The images show a lot of detail andwhat we see is an Audi A7-esque four-door sport coupe with somebold, sometimes boxy lines. In line with previous reports, Kia saysthe concept is a rear-wheel drive sedan that takes the automaker intoa new chapter in its history but it s tough to see this car going toproduction anytime soon.

    Signicance Penned by Ian Callum, Jaguar released the rstsketch of the C-X16 concept ahead of its debut. The coupe has morethan a passing resemblance with an Aston Martin Vantage and is said topreview the forthcoming XE in 2013. Both coupe and convertibles areplanned.

    Signicance The French automaker hopes marks the future ofMPV/crossover vehicles with plug-in hybrid models. The HX1 is a low-slung and stylish MPV/crossover. Also the new 508 will be on display.

    BrandFordModel Concepts

    Signicance Unlike many car makers who trickle out PR informationprior to motor shows, the blue oval badge company is keeping tight wrapson info about what cars will be unveiled specically. One of the cars, Fordsays, will showcase a major new design concept. Going by the Europeanfascination for performance Focus derivatives, one can expect a new Focus

    ST with a EcoBoost inspired powertrain.

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011



    Brand Porsche



    Model 911 Carrera

    Model Swift Sport

    Model XUV 1 concept

    Signicance At 48, the Porsche 911 Carrera is younger thanever: The completely redesigned generation of the sports car icon isstepping into the limelight with its at, stretched silhouette, exciting

    contours and precisely designed details.

    Signicance Looking almost identical to the Geneva conceptthat was revealed earlier this year, the Swift Sport will feature a highperformance 1.6-litre engine developed exclusively for the car. The four-cylinder petrol unit will deliver 134bhp and 160Nm through its six-speedmanual gearbox. Suzuki has promised more responsive handling for

    the car as a result of a new rear-suspension design.

    Signicance The near bankrupt South Korean SUV specialistthats been bought by an India-based conglomerate [not Tata Motors],is planning an assault at the entry crossover level with their the XUV1 (Excellent User Interface Vehicle 1) concept. Some sketches werereleased and it is described as an innovative compact crossover, themodel has a wraparound windscreen, a oating roof and a prominentC-pillar. Inside, theres a 1+1+2 or 1+3 seating arrangement .



    Model Twingo facelift, Frendzy concept

    Model XV crossover

    Signicance Renault released the rst images of the next-generationTwingo a few weeks before its ofcial debut at Frankfurt. The compact newTwingo hatchback is the rst production model of the brand to be basedon the new design identity. The new designs have been progressivelyintroduced in a number of concept cars such as the DeZir, Captur, Frendzyand R-Space. The revised Twingo features an enlarged Renault badge

    on the front fascia and a rounder, open mouth grill than on the previousmodel.The Frendzy is fully electric and comes with an asymmetrical design.

    Signicance Subaru released a teaser sketch of its Impreza-basednew model. It may be recalled that the XV Concept had actually debuted at

    Auto Shanghai back in April. Subaru has promised that the nal productionversion of the XV will remain true to the concept which gets a 2.0-litre,four-cylinder Boxer engine DOHC engine coupled to CVT transmission.

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    Mazda RX-8

    Production of the worlds best-known rotary-powered vehicle still in production came to a halt last

    month when Mazda stoppedbuilding its RX-8 sports caras a result of poor demand

    for the car. The Wankelengine, rst introduced intoMazdas lineup in the 1967

    Cosmo, might not be entirely gone as Mazda issaid to be working on ways to keep the innovativecompact rotating motor in production.Ram Dakota pick-up

    Chryslers Warren Truck Plant built its last RamDakota last month and the decision to discontinuethe Dakota mirrors Fords abandonment of compactpick-ups, which have low protability and sales[compared with lucrative full-size pick-ups].Chrysler executives havent nalized plans on apossible replacement for the Dakota in Rams line-up for now. Fords outgoing Ranger compact pickupwont have a replacement after the St. Paul, Minn.,plant that builds it closes this year. The automakerhopes to lean on small cars and the V6 versions ofits F-150 to serve the compact-pickup market.

    General Motors plans to end production of itsChevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon when itsfactory in Shreveport closes by June 2012. GMplans to sell a next-generation Colorado in theUS. Colorado production is expected to move toWentzville where it currently builds full-size vans.

    The compact Fiesta from Ford is celebratingtwo milestones in the summer of 2011 --one reaching its 35th birthday and secondly,a total of 15mn cars produced worldwide.But despite turning 35, Fiesta is showingno signs of a mid-life crisis. In fact, it lookssharper than ever inside and out thanks toa refreshing facelift. The Ford Fiesta reachedthe production landmark last month, agure boosted by the popularity of the latestgeneration model. Ford has built a million ofthe current model since it debuted 28 monthsago. And to keep the cars customer appeal

    as fresh as ever, Ford is introducing a numberof exterior and interior styling changes.

    The very rst Fiesta was produced in Valencia, Spain, in 1976 as Fords practicaland economical response to a fuel crisis thatwas gripping the world, and it immediatelytapped into a small car demand in Europeand around the world. Valencia continues tobuild the current Fiesta production with Fordsmanufacturing plant in Cologne, Germany,now producing the majority of new Fiestas.The Fiesta also is built in Nanjing, China,Rayong, Thailand, and Cuautitln, Mexico.

    After a string of teasers on socialnetworking sites, the latest seventh

    generation, Camry has nally been unveiled.The new Camry is pitched on a new level, therst ever avors for all version of Toyotasubiquitous sedan. Toyota says it is looking towoo cross shoppers who havent considereda Camry and also buyers who place a littlemore emphasis on driving enjoyment andalso those who really want a hybrid but dontwant the practical compromises of a car likethe Prius.

    With this agenda in mind, theres change inthe air in a traditional conservative package.

    On the styling front, the model has a familiardesign with sharper lines and angularheadlights. For US, three engines options willbe offered. The entry-level is a 2.5-litre four-cylinder producing 178hp 230Nm of torque,moving up to a 3.5-litre V6 with 268hp and336Nm. Both engines are carried over andare mated exclusively to different six-speedautomatics. The SE version gets newlystandard paddle shifters. A hybrid versionuses a 156hp 2.5-litre four-cylinder enginewith a 141hp electric motor. This setupenables the car to accelerate from 0-96km/hin 7.6sec.

    toyotas all-New Camry breaks Cover

    ford fiesta is 35 aNd goiNg stroNg

    rapper defaults oN paymeNt

    of exelero

    eNd of the ruN

    In May, famous rapper Birdman conrmed via hisTwitter page that he bought the one and onlyMaybach Exelero for a cool $8mn. He was evenplanning to paint it red, but up to now Europeanentrepreneur Arnaud Massartic, the current ownerof the Exelero, has not received a single dollar from

    the co-founder of Cash Money Records. Birdman,a known connoisseur of exotic cars has a MaybachLandaulet worth $1.5mn and a Bugatti Veyron worth$2mn in his stable. A representative of the currentowner conrmed that the rapper is yet to pay for thecar, leading to speculation that the multi-millionairemusician may have some liquidity issues. It may berecalled that the Exelero was originally conceived asa concept car for Fulda Tires and later it appearedin a Jay-Z video.


    world news}

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    During last months management briengsessions in Traverse City, Michigan, SergioMarchionne hinted at the possibility of steppingdown from the position of Chrysler CEO withinthe coming years. While talking about Chryslersfuture plans, Marchionne said they will be up to

    go the guy after me after 2015 or maybe a yearlater, Automotive News reports. Recently, a singlemanagement team for all of Chrysler/Fiatsproperties was announced, withMarchionne taking the top rolefor Chryslers operations here inNorth America. Marchionne alsocurrently holds the position ofCEO for Fiat, Chryslers controllingshareholder. There will be aChrysler after me, Marchionnestated. The CEO also said that Chrysler should havelittle trouble adjusting its product line-up to meetthe stricter fuel economy requirements for the year2025.Saad Chehab named as CEO for the Chrysler

    and Lancia

    Following Fiats acquisition of majority ownership ofChrysler Group LLC, a range of strategic organisationamoves, all designed to create sustainable long-termsuccess, have been announced - the latest of thesehas seen Beirut-born Saad Chehab named as ChiefExecutive Ofcer for the Chrysler/Lancia brands andappointed as a member of a new Group ExecutiveCouncil (GEC) that has been formed in-line with theobjective of enhancing operational integration othe two companies.

    McLaren Automotive, the new high-performance sports car company based

    at the McLaren Group headquarters in theUK, has announced that Singapore-basedbusinessman and billionaire Peter Lim hascompleted a signicant investment in thecompany. Lim, a successful business leaderand philanthropist in Singapore, joins theMcLaren Automotive Board of Directors withimmediate effect. In 2010, Peter Lim shotinto fame after he offered US$507 million tobuy Premier League soccer team Liverpool,trumping an accepted offer from the BostonRed Sox ownership group.

    With Peter Lims investment, McLaren marks

    another major milestone in its global growthstrategy. The introduction to the McLarenAutomotive board of an inuential and wellrespected partner in Asia will strengthen the

    companys corporate and trading inuencein the region at a time ofencouraging demand forthe companys rst pureMcLaren sports car, theMP4-12C. Demand isstrong with the retailersin the Asia-Pacic regionconrming orders thataccount for around 18months of production.

    With the launch ofthe rst in the range ofMcLaren sports cars, the

    MP4-12C, through a brand new global retail

    network, McLaren is establishing itself as theworlds most exciting new sports car company.An initial network of 35 experienced retailerpartners with a reputation for excellent

    customer service, and a passionfor McLarens vision, will representMcLaren across 19 countriesworldwide in 2011, including HongKong, Japan, Middle East andSingapore. Meanwhile, customersin the UK and mainland Europehave started getting deliveries oftheir MP4-12Cs.

    Had it not been overwhelming supportfrom GS fans all over the world, theall-new third generation GS might have nothappened. This startling fact was revealed bya top corporate executive from Toyota duringthe production models rst public outing

    last month at the Pebble Beach ConcoursdElegance in California.The incoming car which goes on sale in a

    few month rides on a revised platform thathas a wider track [up 40mm front and 50mmat rear). Design wise it is based on the LF-Gh concept which was revealed earlier in theyear in New York. The new car features muchbolder lines that its predecessor and key

    features include a prominent trapezoidal grillethat the company says will be a trademark ofall future models, deep-set headlamps withL-shaped LED daytime running lights and anaerodynamic body that brings to mind thesmaller IS.

    Lexus Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Classchallenger will be offered with a choice of three

    V6-based powertrains. Final specicationshavent been released ofcially yet, but choicesare expected to include a 2.5-litre, a 3.5-litreand a hybridized 3.5-litre. Lexus has promisedthat with a tighter body, ssuspension tweaksand renements in the GS will provide driverswith more engaging driving experience andsuperior cornering abilities.

    lexus lauNChes all-New gs at pebble beaCh

    siNgapore billioNaire JoiNs mClareN board

    after marChioNNe, who?

    uae New Car sales suffer due

    to baNk loaN Clause

    Even as UAE leads the Arab countries in averagecar sales growth, a Central Bank directive fonew automobile loans continues impact new casales in the country. It is estimated that sales onew cars in the UAE have fallen by 20-30 per cen[in some cases as high as 50 per cent] after thenew regulation came into effect according to locamedia reports in May. Several top car dealers in thecountry have also reported a steep drop in salessince May when the Central Bank stipulations rstkicked in.

    Top ofcials at Al Habtoor Motors, dealers o

    Mitsubishi, conrmed that car sales sunk in the last two

    months by about 25 per cent. Individual buyers have

    been bogged by a 20 per cent down payment rule.

    The company will continue to create new offersto improve sales of their automobiles similar to theone recently launched, which allows customers topay low monthly premiums, with the possibility ofreplacing their car with a new one every two years,Hugh Dickerson, Senior General Manager of AFuttaim Motors, dealers of Toyota in the UAE said.


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    Volvo Car Corporation is now taking thenext step in the companys electricationstrategy by producing test cars with rangeextenders. Technically, range extenders areelectric cars that are tted with an independent

    combustion engine to increase their effective

    range. These internal combustion enginesare not part of the drivetrain and their roleis limited to generating electrical energy forthe battery pack. The projects, supportedby the Swedish Energy Agency and theEU, encompass three potential technologycombinations. Tests of the various conceptswill get under way in the rst quarter of2012.

    This is an exciting expansion of ourincreasing focus on electrication. Batterycost and size means that all-electric cars stillhave a relatively limited operating range.With the range extender, the electric car has

    its effective range increased by a thousandkilometres - yet with carbondioxide emissions below orway below 50 g/km, saysDerek Crabb, vice president,powertrain engineering at the

    Volvo Car Corporation.The companys technological

    developments in thisarea currently encompassthree different technologycombinations, with three-cylinder petrol engines being

    installed to complementelectric drive to the frontwheels. All variants feature brake energyregeneration. The engines can run on bothpetrol and ethanol (E85). Two of the solutionsare based on the C30 Electric and Volvo issaid to be testing both series and parallel-connected range extender systems. Although,commercial sales have not been ruled out ata later stage, Volvo will begin leasing theseelectric cars soon in Sweden.

    After Inniti released a total of six teaserimages prior to its JX crossover conceptunveil at Pebble Beach, now we have somedetails to share. The production model, setto debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show inNovember, is expected to hit dealers in early2012.

    It seems that the organic styled JX willadopt front end styling cues from the newlyfreshened FX, which itself was inspired bythe Essence show car. The SUV appears lesspolarizing than the FX crossover and adoptsthe same swoopy lines used on the G and Msedans. Of course

    Innitis signaturechrome bar grille ispresent, completewith the companyslogo front andcentre. The JX willslot in above theve-seat FX andbelow the seven oreight-seat QX.

    This is aninteresting slotcurrently occupiedby models such as

    Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and Audi Q7. Innitihas an advantage here in offering a truethree-row crossover to luxury buyers. Mostrivals have stuck with either ve-seat modelsor more utility-oriented SUVs like the LexusGX 460 and Land Rover LR4. Although Innitihas shifted to rear-wheel drive in recentyears, the JX is expected to ride on Nissansfront-wheel drive D platform. Nissans Dplatform underpins vehicles like the Maxima,

    Altima and Murano, and will give the JX theability to be engineered with all-wheel drive.

    Although Innitis 3.7-litre V6 is certainly apossibility for the

    JX, but a numberof trademark lings

    including JX20,JX25, JX25h, andJX30 suggestsInniti soon joiningthe downsizingtrend. We areaware that adownsized 2.5-litreG sedan is arrivingin the next coupleof month.

    volvos Car eleCtrifiCatioN programmeprogressiNg well

    all-New Crossover from iNfiNiti

    Not tough eNough

    hoNda drops aCCord pre-fix

    from Crosstour

    The Canning Stock Route in Australia is one of thetoughest and most remote tracks in the world.It runs to Halls Creek from Wiluna, both in WesternAustralia. With a total distance of around 1,850 kmit is also the longest historic stock route in the worldwhich retraces the steps of early Western Australian

    explorers from the late-19th and early-20thcenturies. The usually hulking G-Class, which is also

    the longest-serving Mercedes-Benz model series has enjoyedsuperstar status in the regionwith special editions such asthe Arabia 100 Limited Edition,met its mettle in the AustralianOutback a few weeks ago

    with six vehicles experiencing mechanical damageand breaking down during a demonstration drivealong Western Australias notorious Canning StockRoute. The mid-point at day seven of the planned14-day off-road journey from Wiluna to Halls Creekproved the breaking point for the six of the sevenvehicles ve of which were G 350 wagons, theother a military-grade utility. The only vehicle in thegroup to survive the trip was the G-Professional amilitary-style vehicle with a revised suspension set-up. Mercedes-Benz team on the Route had zeroconcerns about the vehicles ability to completethe trek and support team and technicians changeda number of shock absorbers to suit the job. TheG-Class is usually more than up to the challenge oftaking on this kind of treatment.

    The story out here seems to remind one aboutBMW Groups much touted 5 Series GT whichwas later re-designated as the GT. Designed to looklike a coupe and drive like a car but function likea crossover vehicle, the Honda Crosstour, similarin concept is easily the most polarizing vehicle inHondas current product line-up. Sales in the US,traditionally Hondas biggest market has beendisappointing to date. Analysts suggest that poorsales are due in part to the unconventional styling,compromised rear headroom and unimpressivefuel economy. Hondas not ready to write-offtheir controversial crossover just yet and as partof a revised strategy wants to disassociate the

    model from the highly commerciallysuccessful Accord badge. So, its notsurprising that the Crosstour returnsfor the 2012 model year with a few keychanges. First, Accord is droppedfrom it name, and as far as trims go,

    the model will continue to be offered in three majorvariants, including the base front-wheel-drive EX,the FWD EX-L and an EX-L version with HondasReal Time four-wheel-drive system.


    world news}

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    Honda has just announced it will build anew assembly plant in a suburb of Celaya,Guanajuato, Mexico. This will be Hondas eighthassembly plant in North America and third in

    Mexico, and is being built for the productionof fuel-efcient subcompact vehicles for theMexican and North American markets.

    Honda will invest $800mn in the new plantwhich is expected to be completed in 2014.While we dont yet know what it will build,the plants estimated annual capacity will be

    200,000 units, which raises Hondas North American production capacity to 1.83mnvehicles annually. According to the company,87 per cent of all Honda and Acura vehicles soldin the US are now made in North America.

    The smallest vehicle Honda currently buildsin the US is the Civic, which is made in bothIndiana and Ontario, Canada. It is expectedthat the new Mexican plant will used to build amodel under the Civic, something on the linesof the Fit [or Jazz] or City which are Hondascompact global models. The small cars thatHonda sells in the US are actually hybrids,the Insight and CR-Z both which are builtin Japan.And reports from China have suggested that

    its afliate Honda Motor (China) InvestmentCo., Ltd which looks after Hondas automobileproduction and sales joint ventures [GuangqiHonda Automobile Company Ltd and Dongfeng

    Honda Automobile Company Ltd]are rankedNo.1 and No.2, respectively, in authorizeddealer after-sales service in the J.D. Power

    Asia Pacic 2011 China Customer Service

    Index (CSI) Study. So far, so good.As a conservative Honda plans and moves

    forward cautiously, the journey ahead isntgoing to be that smooth. At ground level,recalls and quality issues indicate all is not sowell and is probably draining quite a bit fromprots. For past three years or more, Honda

    seems to be plagued with issues ranging fromquality of paint, plastics, software glitchesand more seriously safety. Just last month,the carmaker announced a massive 2.5mnworldwide recall of three of its key models toaddress complaints of engine stalls and vehiclesthat shift out of park. Out of those, the recallincludes 1.51mn vehicles in the US alone. Inthis current recall, Honda will update softwarethat controls the automatic transmission toease the transition between gears and preventdamage. It has received several complaintsfrom motorists covering engine stalls andalso for vehicles shifting out of park. Modelsinvolved include the 2005-10 four-cylinder

    Accords, 2007-10 CR-Vs and 2005-08 ElementMPV[note sold in ME]. Although, no injuriesor deaths have been reported in connectionwith the issue, Honda spokesman Chris Martinsaid the automaker also was also recalling

    the vehicles in Canada, Mexico, China,South America and Middle East. Without theupdated software, the automatic transmissionsecondary shaft bearing in the affected

    vehicles can be damaged if the transmissionis shifted quickly between each of the reverse,neutral and drive positions, as may be done inan attempt to dislodge a vehicle stuck in mudor snow. A damaged bearing can cause theengine to stall or lead to difculty engagingthe parking gear. The software update will

    ease the transition between gears to reducethe possibility of damage, Honda said.

    The Japanese automaker told the NationalHighway Trafc Safety Administration it hasbeen investigating the issue for several years.It may be recalled that in 2010, Honda recalled437,000 vehicles to its 15-month old globalrecall for faulty airbags in a quality problemto hit a Japanese automaker. The companyreplaced the drivers side air bag inator on thecars because they could deploy with too muchpressure, causing the inator to rupture andinjure or kill the driver. Japans # 2 automakeroriginally announced the recall to the USNational Highway Trafc Safety Administrationin November 2008 and the total of numbervehicles recalled since then has crossed onemillion. The airbag recall included cars sold inthe US, Canada, Japan, Australia and Asia.



    Automans takeA few years ago, Hondas credentials were impeccable. It was regarded as a highly capable brand with a broad portfolio ofinnovative products. But somehow, Honda seems to be losing the plot, especially at a time when South Korean brands are overtaking the game at an

    impressive pace. Honda really needs to understand global realities and consumer demands for quality and competitively priced products. Besides that, the

    carmaker also has to ramp up i ts quality control efforts, very much like Hyundai or Kia and also work on low cost production sites soon.

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    IED Turin graduate Samir Sadikhov tooksecond place in recent the Ferrari WorldDesign Contest with his Xezri concept.Sadikhov explains that Xezri was namedafter, a local wind which is in the westernpart of Caspian sea, and that it exempliesan innovative, high-technology solution tothe needs of a lightweight car for both theroad and track. It is, he says, a synthesis ofits technological knowledge and its sportingexperience, that embodies, the quintessenceof Ferrari past and present and looks to theFerrari of the future.Sadikhovs main focusin the design was on increasing downforcethrough aerodynamics, the deletion of wingmirrors and other drag-inducing components,a at underbody and deforming aerolasticwinglets inspired by the Ferrari 458 Italia.

    The young designer from Azerbaijanattempted to reduce weight through extensiveuse of carbon-bre on both the exterior andinterior. He wanted his design to be seen as,

    very original, elegant, pure, modern, simple,as well as, dynamic and, lightweight, simple

    and striking.Like Rolls-Royces Spirit of Ecstasy, the Xezri

    is, supposed to look like beauty uttering inthe wind. Unique features abound, like thecentrally-mounted F1 / jet ghter inspiredcockpit with room for only the driver and twintouch-screens in place of wing mirrors andanalogue buttons / switches.

    There are also two horizontally mountedair propellers that generate electrical powerfor the interior and gauges when the Xezriis on the move. And that great silver wing,that dominates the designs top-down view,doubles as both an air intake and an adjustableaerodynamic spoiler.

    It is truly an inspired design, and one of thebest Sadikhov has produced so far. This is howhe describes the design philosophy: Xezri [is]designed for [the] owner for whom the priorityis on uncompromising on-road performance[and] occasional track day capability, but whostill demand a car that is useable in day-to-day driving like all Ferraris models.


    CR takes a hardened stance on the ninth generation all-new Honda Civic

    Ferrari design contest winners announced

    Honda launched the all-new Civic afew weeks ago with a lot of marketexpectations. The reason is understandable.This is the rst Japan-produced new model

    to come out after the devastating Marchearthquake and Tsunami aftermath.

    Surprisingly, the image and ratings of thehighly anticipated redesigned ninth generationHonda Civic have been disappointing. Whilethe predecessors have often been amongConsumer Reports highest rated small sedansas well as Top Picks in ve in the last 10years, the incoming model has taken a severebeating. The new model scores are too low toeven qualify for a Recommended tag by CR,the leading authoritative automotive testing

    organization in the US. The redesigned CivicLXs score dropped a whopping 17 points toa mediocre 61 from the previous generationsvery good 78. It scored second-to-last in CRs

    ratings of 12 small sedans, followed only bythe recently redesigned Volkwagen Jetta.Consumer Reports testers found the 2012Civic to be less agile and with lower interiorquality than its predecessor. It also suffersfrom a choppy ride, long stopping distances,and pronounced road noise. On the positiveside, the Civic provides decent rear-seat room,and it achieved 30 mpg overall, which givesit the second-best fuel economy in its class-behind only the Toyota Corollas 32 mpg.

    Competition in the small sedan segment is

    intense with many new or redesigned entriesthis year. The redesigned-for-2011 HyundaElantra tops CRs ratings with its impressivefuel economy, roomy interior, and strong value

    The new-for-2011 Chevrolet Cruze is muchmore rened than previous General Motorssmall cars but fuel economy suffers fromits heavy weight. Redesigned for 2011, the

    Volkswagen Jetta, like the Civic, dramaticallydropped in overall score in CRs Ratings. Someolder-design small sedans, like the highlyefcient Toyota Corolla, the roomy and quietNissan Sentra, and the sporty Mazda3 remaincompetitive.

    Counterpoint: American Honda Motor Co responds to CR ndings

    In a broad sense, we disagree with Consumer Reports ndings.Without question, the small sedan segment is more competitive thanever. In virtually every way, the completely redesigned 2012 Civic isa step forward. The new Civic excels in areas that matter to small-car customers, including fuel efciency, safety, and reliability. Amongthe Civics greatest competitive strengths, is a smooth and efcient

    powertrain that, in Consumer Reports testing returned,... an impressive30 mpg overall on regular fuel and 47 mpg on the highway. Also notedin Consumer Reports ndings, the Civic excels in the area of safety,with a long list of important features standard on all trim levels, and aclass-leading Top Safety Pick rating from IIHS. Lastly, the Civic has astellar reliability history with Consumer Reports, and we are condenthat the new Civic will be a reliability leader as well.

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    Interbrand, the global brand consultancy,ranked Hyundai as one of the worldsgreenest brands, citing the automakers BlueDrive eco-friendly strategy and its industryleadership in zero-emissions hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle development. Interbrand rankedHyundai 11th among the agencys 50 BestGlobal Green Brands, a new global report bythe agency. Hyundai placed fourth amongthe seven automotive brands that made thesurvey. The company is so condent in its fuel

    efciency that starting this year it is reportingmonthly eet fuel efciency gures in the US,Interbrand wrote in the survey. Hyundai has

    recently seen strong improvements in energy,GHG emissions, water, waste, and toxicemissions. The survey, which questionedmore than 10,000 respondents in 10 countries,examined each companys environmentalrecord and how the company is perceived byconsumers. Companies were judged basedon their performance, their environmentalimpact, their sustainable growth strategy andtheir corporate social responsibility programs.

    Hyundais Blue Drive sub-brand, launchedin 2008, encompasses all of the companyseco-friendly technologies and products thatcontribute to higher fuel efciency and loweremissions, including gasoline, diesel, electric,

    hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell engines. Hyundairolled out the Avante LPi hybrid in 2009 and theSonata hybrid in 2011. Hyundai plans to bringplug-in hybrid vehicles to market soon, whilethe companyis currentlyoperating testeets of itshydrogen fuel-cell electricvehicles andpure-electricv e h i c l e s ,c a l l e dBlueOn.


    KODAs Octavia vRS has become thelatest member to join Bonnevilleslegendary 320km/h club. The 500 bhp saltspec challenger built to celebrate the 10thanniversary of the iconic vRS performance

    agship badge pushed its way through thetop speed barrier, four days ahead of schedule.In doing so the car, dubbed the vRS BonnevilleSpecial, has become the fastest KODA ever.

    The Octavia vRS achieved an impressive313. 9km/h on its rst run of the day. On thecars sixth ofcial outing at Bonneville SpeedWeek last month, the Octavia vRS propelleditself to an impressive 323.44km/h. Ahead of the event at the world famous

    salt ats the brands UK technical team whoprepared the car in Milton Keynes - arrived inSalt Lake City, Utah to nalise months of hard

    work and preparation. In an environmentwhere bhp is king and traction loss is yournemesis, the car underwent a rigorous dynoprogramme with the assistance of performancesoftware and tuning outt specialist REVOTechnik. Driven by journalist Richard Meaden,the Octavia had demonstrated its potential on14 August as it powered its way to 305.6km/hsecuring all four speed licenses required before

    heading to the magical 320km/h barrier.Robert Hazelwood, Director for KODA UK,

    said: Months of rigorous planning, testingand preparation have all been worthwhile. At13:24 on Monday 15th August, we took ourOctavia vRS past the 200 mph barrier. Theentire team has done an outstanding job. Ourspecial thanks go to Richard on an incredible

    drive. This marks another exciting milestonein the brands motorsport achievements andis a great way to celebrate 10 years of thevRS range and commemorate 110 years ofKODAs participation in motorsport. In theremaining days the team focused its efforts onclosing the gap on the 2.0-litre production carrecord which stands at 345.5km/h.


    The Octavia vRS Bonneville Special

    The car is a factory-fresh production Octavia vRS, with some changesmade to improve aerodynamics and performance. That includeslowering the ride height to run almost 80mm closer to the ground and

    a new sub-frame which houses a race prepared intercooler. It retains itsproduction-standard 2.0-litre four-cylinder TSI petrol engine, with thestandard turbo replaced with a large unit from respected component

    rm Garrett. Generating over 500bhp, and producing 30+ PSI of boostpressure, the Bonneville Octavia vRS drinks high-octane race fuel (withwater methanol mix) rather than unleaded petrol. The unique racer has

    been built to stringent Southern California Timing Association (SCTA)safety regulations, which means a reinforced roll cage, parachute, reextinguishers and window cage.

    Hyundai Motor named among worlds top global green brands of 2011

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    General Motors held its second annual Global Business Conference forinvestors. And during the presentation, GMschief marketing ofcer, Joel Ewanick, said thathe wanted to retool the Chevrolet brand to bemore like that of Apple.

    Ewanicks exact words -- noted on a slide-- were: Our direct competitors are Toyota,

    Volkswagen, Hyundai, and Ford; however in

    the eyes of consumers, its time for Chevroletto clearly differentiate our brand and aligncloser to the worlds true global brands like

    Apple. In his verbal explanation of that slide,Ewanick pointed to Apples focus on consumersand said, Were going to become one of themost consumer-centric brands in the world.And thats ne. Focusing on the consumer is

    a great idea, since thats generally what for-prot businesses do: design products to meetconsumer needs.

    Citing Apple as the brand to emulate,however, is a little off-the-mark. True, its themost valuable company on the planet rightnow, but Apple and Chevrolet are miles aparti n several very important ways.

    A s we pointed out during thenancial crisis, using

    Apple as a benchmark forc a r companies -- particularly

    Chevy -- would be weirdat best, misguided atworst:

    1. For starters,

    Apple is elite; Chevy is anything but. Apple isgreat at whipping its fans into a frenzy. Itsproducts are hip, and possessing them givesowners entree into a kind of special club. Thatbrand cachet is enviable, but it has nothingwhatsoever to do with Chevrolet.

    Chevy creates cars for Everyday Joes andJanes. That doesnt mean that theyre notawesome rides -- the revamped Camaro is

    one of the baddest cars on the block -- its justto say that Chevrolets are built for a range ofdrivers, from the ultra-hip to the hopelesslysquare. Chevy is egalitarian, a product ofgrassroots America, while Apple is morelike, well, a private condo building in a gatedcommunity in the Sultanate of Brunei: a littleremote.

    2. Apple is technologically shut off from therest of the world. The great thing about Chevyvehicles is that theyre so accessible. Sure, likeother cars, theyre becoming more complexover time, but you can still tinker with them,tune them, and take them to your favoritegarage when they need an overhaul. Try thatwith a proprietary Apple product (i.e. any ofthem), and youre liable to break it and voidyour warranty, all in one fell swoop.

    3. Apple is marketing-driven; Chevy is (orshould be) market-driven. There are basicallytwo kinds of products in the world: those that aremarketing-driven and others that are market-driven. Marketing-driven products dependheavily on marketing to educate consumers.

    Think of the iPad: when it launched, Applehad to do a lot of marketing to explain howthe iPad works and why consumers neededanother device in their life.

    Market-driven products, on the other handare developed in response to proven demandfrom the market -- from consumers. Chevroletsgas-sipping Cruze Eco is a good example oa market-driven product, created to addressconsumers well-documented worries abouthigh prices at the pump.

    None of this is to quarrel with Ewanicksassumption that Chevy should be listeningto consumers. If the company did more ofthat, we mightve been spared some seriouslydisappointing rides (e.g. the Cobalt), and GMmight not have found itself so far up Crap

    Creek in 2008.Nor is that to say that Chevy shouldntbe pushing the envelope. The Volt is anamazing car, and even though its clearlymeant for early adopters, its being producedin correspondingly small volume (and beinggobbled up, might we add).

    This is only to say that as brands go, Chevyand Apple are miles apart, and they shouldprobably stay that way. It might be nice tolink them in investors minds, but from wherewe sit, it would be mistake of William Tell (orWilliam Burroughs) magnitude for Chevy toaim directly for Apple.

    General Motors plans to increase its salesacross India by shifting its focus on smallertowns. The American automaker plans to open50 new outlets in ties 3 cities by the end of theyear. The company has managed to grow by60 per cent this year, compared to the marketwhich grew 30 per cent in the same year. GMis also planning to export diesel engines toEurope after it satises the demand of thelocal market. This will help the company boosits protability amidst rising interest and inputcosts.In smaller towns, the impact of slowdown is

    very little as people there dont rely much oncar loans. With good monsoon in the hindsighand good signs this year too, people in ruraIndia are much comfortable. A couple of yearsback, we would have our 60 per cent per salesfrom metros and 40 per cent from non metrosBut now the gures have been reversed. Nowwith even deeper penetration in smaller citieswe expect the sales contribution from smallecenters to go up to 70 per cent, Karl SlymMD, GM India, said.


    GMs marketing Guru wants Chevrolet to become Apple

    Karl Slym, MD, GM India

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    in n x


    an, m

    l, ng

    ng, hn

    m e


    ng n






    Theres usually a closely guarded secretbehind any success story. To understand

    just how far Hyundai has come in thepast few years, look no further thanthe new range of cars such as the all-new Sonata, Azera, Elantra, Accent orTucson. Hyundai is having a great 2011so far, with sales numbers reaching newheights seemingly every month evenin tough marketing conditions. On thequality front, one of the key focus areasat Hyundai, the South Korean automakerearned 793 points this year, which is

    a 33-point improvement over the JDPowers 2010 APEAL study [eds note: thisstudy looks at automotive performance,execution and layout, and this analyticlook at makes and models is tallied upwithin a 1,000-point scale]. The averagescore for the entire industry currently sitsat 781, which is an improvement overlast years average of 778 and thus putsthe Korean automaker well above theindustry average.

    Author Chandan B Mallik

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    Hyundai has unveiled this rst ofcial renderingof the upcoming 2012 i30 ahead of the modelsdebut next month at the Frankfurt show.

    The 2012 i30 image here shows the currentHyundai design language making it to theupdated i30, in particular that hexagonal-shapedfront grille. Hyundai calls the design paradigm

    uidic sculpture.The next-generation i30 was designed and

    developed at Hyundai Motor Europe TechnicaCentre in Rsselsheim, Germany, and Hyundaalways goes to great lengths to emphasize theGerman/European DNA of its models. The modewill compete in the largest segment in Europe- the C-segment dominated by the likes of the

    Volkswagen Golf, Opel Astra and Ford Focus fogenerations.


    Has the recession been good or bad for


    Actually, recession has been good to us forthe reason that it has allowed us to exploreother avenues of the Middle East markets aswell as our consumers and business practicesmore closely. During a time when peopleare more careful with the purchases which

    they make, we have taken this opportunityto provide vehicles that are high quality andcome with great value at a reasonable price.How are you managing to emerge from

    the recession?

    We have been mindful of keeping operatingcosts down and focusing on using our yearlybudget more efciently to increase sales. Thishas allowed us to continue being protablewithout having to worry too much aboutunnecessary expenses.Whats the renewed momentum


    With the recent launch of the Sonata and theTucson during 2010 in Oman, we have keptthe momentum going by introducing othervehicles this year such as the new Accent,Elantra, Azera as well as the upcominglaunch of the Genesis facelift and the all-new

    Veloster which are both set to debut at theforthcoming Dubai Motor Show. So it hasbeen very busy, but a very exciting time.Has recession made your business

    better or worse?

    Business has been good during the recession,where as many of the competitors sales tooka hit during this time, our sales have been

    steady in some areas in the Middle East whilethere has been growth in others.Has the situation forced you to take

    a hard look at every facet of your


    Yes, we have had to look closely at ouroperations especially our marketing activities.With a tighter budget, we had to makesure that we were as cost effective withour advertising as possible. One of the bigchallenges is the diverse Middle East marketwith so many different cultures. We have hadto look at every market and to determine the

    most effective way to reach a huge numbersof people with our messages within thelimited budgets which we have.Is the company weaker or stronger


    We have learned much about what we arecapable of going through a tough economictimes and as a result have maintained a

    strong position in the market, therefore webelieve that this time has made us strongerthan before.What have been the key realizations as

    far as product positioning is concerned?

    Some of our models such as the Sonata, theTucson, Accent and the Elantra -- all havea sportier look which makes them moreattractive and appealing especially for theyounger professionals.Has there been any realization the

    traditional positioning of products need

    to be redened? If so, give details of

    before and after?

    With our previous positioning, we were goingwith the ow and basically competing withthe top car manufacturers in a segmentwhere most of the cars pretty much look thesame and have the same features. With ournew slogan, we have moved away from thetraditional and are basically doing our ownthing within the segment which has proved tobe a huge change for us in the Middle East.People are embracing Hyundais new vision.How different is your product

    positioning vis--vis your closest rival

    on a product on product basis?

    Most of our competitors have taken theconventional route when it comes to thecars they offer. We wanted to think out ofthe box and do something different withour cars hence why we have adopted theslogan, New Thinking, New Possibilities Wewanted to take any conventional process andredene it in our own way. This was a bigrisk for us, considering that the Middle Eastmarket appears to be more favorable towardsconventional approaches, however, our newvision has worked brilliantly to our advantagein this region.

    From a customer perspective, what

    have been customer expectations

    beyond the badge?

    Customers expect high quality, good looking,reliable cars lled with as many features aspossible. We believe we have delivered onthis and will always continue to do so bylistening to what our customers expect and

    want from us.Have these been categorized and met?

    One example is our new Elantra. In the past,it was expected that a compact car did notoffer the luxury of so many features availableto the customer, nor was it expected forcompact cars to have a spacious andrelaxing interior. We wanted to take all theseconventions and turn them around to offerour target market a compact vehicle unlikeany other and a rst for the compact carmarket. This is now paying off since thecompact segment is popular in the MiddleEast region.How has your communication been


    Our communication has been redenedthrough social networking. Previously,communication with the consumer wasmostly one way. We had to rely on ourdealers to hear back from our consumers.Since Social Networking has boomed in theMiddle East, this has given us the opportunityto reach out to our consumers and to heartheir feedback and let them know directlywhat is going on.How would you dene the key to your

    brands success and ensure at the sametime that it remains true to its essence?

    The key to our brands success has to do withmodernizing our vehicles and keeping ideasowing by constantly challenging conventionthat says something should be a certain way.Furthermore, with our cars winning so manyawards, we were careful to communicate thisto the public. Slowly but surely, we are verypleased with the success the brand has seenas a result.

    Breaking News

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    first drive


    first drive

    Rear wheel drive vs all-wheel drive architecture? Which one isbetter in a spirited sports car and why? Carmakers have beenghting over this issue for years now and each has an individualopinion about it. Ask BMW and Mercedes-Benz [along with their in-house tuner designed merchandise] who will argue for the former,while Audi, whose arsenal is based on its rally-bred success of theQuattro [all-wheel drive system] will opt for the latter. Whatever thepackage and the ground reality, theres at least one ground among therivals that has remained undisputed till now. If you wanted power, youlost on fuel economy and also its true the other way round. And foryears automakers have been trying to bridge the gap between thesetwo ends of this conict. Thats not all. Somewhere in the background,

    Audi also has a score to settle with its rivals which seem to have hadan upper hand on track.

    Audi thinks it is ready to rebound with a winning strategy that offersbest of both worlds t performance and economy in one package-- the all-new 2012 RS5 coupe. To properly understand how this hasbeen done by the creators of this car, one has to divert a bit and delvea little into the German carmakers engineering roots. More specically,

    one needs to look into the engineering background of a specic modelfrom the past that has actually helped in paving the way to successfullyconceive and execute the latest RS5.

    Audi acionados will have no problem in identifying the model thatwe are referring to. Its the Audi Coupe Quattro that started life as ahomologation special in the early 80s which was supposed to havea production run of 400 units. The car was conceived with the ideato prove that all-wheel drive [what we know as Quattro today] wasthe sure shot recipe for success in highly competitive cross countryrallying. Although, the Audi Coupe Quattro was twice as expensive asany other Audi at the time, it was acknowledged as a sensation whenit debuted at Geneva in March 1980. For the four ring brand, the medalhaul including four world rally championships was a turning point forthe model. And almost 15 years ago the RS2 Avant reafrmed that thefoundation of a revolution in the mid-size class was happening. In theinterim period, Audi reinvented itself from being Audi NSU Auto Union

    AG and was virtually reborn with the current tagline Vorsprung durchTechnik (Progress through Technology).

    Very much like its predecessor, the RS5 is based on the S5 which


  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    en n ng n

    ng n g n g nn

    pn n p n p

    . mn, a -n 2012 rs5 Q

    p n n qn. an n

    nng Author Chandan B MallikPhotographyauthor and Nabeel Ferzan






  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    first drive


    first drive

    was originally penned by Walter deSilva. Astuner Quattro GmbH house has been involvedin the job, theres evidence of it everywheresuch as the oversized air inlets and extrabulges around the wheel arches besides theLED fed daytime running lamps. Mind you,the body bulges arent just cosmetic -- theyhave been done to accommodate the widerasymmetric wheels. While, the wheel-archextensions help to express its muscularity, sodoes the integrated pop-up spoiler showcasesporting aspirations. What we like overall inthe design package is its clean execution,although detailed but we would rather refrainfrom describing it as ostentatious.

    Step inside the RS5 and what immediatelystrikes is the cabins keenly dened features which do suggest it is driver biased. The brightred test car had black and red contrast leather

    and Alcantara interior with real carbon bretrim inserts. We think the cabin is a mixture ofashy styling and outstanding craftsmanship.The dashboard is covered in black leather withchrome accents. The car has sporty seats upfront, while the rear stock seats are from theS5 and are comfortable. Since this is a properfour-seat coup, it hasnt lost its practicalityaltogether which extends to the generousboot and storage space.

    From a kit perspective in a sports coupe,Audi as always is extra generous. Driver getsa perforated leather multifunctional steeringwheel. The instrument binnacle has blackgauges and white lettering with distinctivescaling and the driver information systemintegrates a lap timer for recording circuittimes and an oil-temperature gauge.

    In powertrain department, Audi demonstrates

    that performance and fuel economy can indeedgo hand in hand. The car has been endowedwith a high-revving 4.2-litre V8 which hasbeen programmed to deliver 450hp at 8,250rpm and between 4,000 to 6,000 rpm offersmaximum torque of 430Nm via the S-Tronic7-speed transmission to the wheels. The ultra-powerful eight-cylinder engine averages 10.8-litres of fuel per 100km. Quattro all-wheeldrive is quite exible in this car as the ratioscan be changed. This exibility is a resultof a system called Audi Drive Select whichcomes as standard. This feature allows thedriver to tailor the shock damping, the torque-vectoring rear differential, the active powersteering, and the dual-clutch transmissionfrom the cockpit. There are three increasinglyaggressive settings for each system: comfort,auto, and dynamic.

    The upper corners of the single-frame grille in high-gloss black

    are beveled and the grilles lateral bars and the Audi ringsappear to be sculpted

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011



    The S5 chassis exhibits a sporty congurationwhen it comes to the springs, shock absorbers,elastokinematics and the anti-roll bars set-up.The RS5s chassis has been lowered by 20mmwhen compared to that of the Audi A5. While,19in alloy wheels tted with 265/35 tires arestandard 20in wheels with 275/30 tyres arealso available.

    The braking package includes large 365mmventilated discs up front and front axle. In orderto maximize the dissipation of heat, the steelfriction rings are perforated and connected bypins to the aluminium brake discs and the frontcalipers are tted with eight pistons each. Audialso offers 380mm ceramic carbon-ber brakediscs. Meanwhile, the electronic stabilizationprogram (ESP) integrates a sport mode andcan be switched off entirely.

    Driving impressions

    Within a few kilometers of driving on openand twisty roads in the UAE, the RS5 quciklyconveys the message that means business. Asthe car sits 20 mm lower than the standard

    A5, the effects and benets of aerodynamicallyinspired packaging is clear. The spoiler in thetailgate automatically extends at a speed of120km/h and retracts at 80 km/h and the carremains very stable as it gathers speeds inexcess of the limits.

    Of the three modes we found that comfortprovided the smoothest ride and worked beston the UAE roads, but even in this mode thecar still feels slightly harsher and seems to offerless suspension travel than what one wouldgenerally expect in other cars. Dynamic isso rm that it makes you feel as if you weredriving a go-kart.

    While the steering is rm and precise, wesimply could not nd 100 per cent steeringsatisfaction. In dynamic mode, it felt far tooquick and eager to bite into corners. Dialing itback to the comfort setting kept the steeringlight on-centre, but when effort nally arrivedit came in too late and too abruptly. Auto modeput the steering somewhere between too fastand too articial. While theres no disputingthat this is a brute of a car and while thereare vast reserves of grip and traction, it lacksa little nesse. It needs a lot of time to geadjusted to.

    However, we did enjoy the cars dual-clutchtransmission which is quick-shifting and nearlyas smooth to engage a gear from a stop asa torque-converter automatic. Acceleration othis 1,725kg car is blistering with 0-100km/hcoming up in just 4.6secs. To actually get the

    Among the high-end features in the model series is Audi drive select.

    In the basic confguration, it adjusts the power steering boost, theaccelerator characteristic, the shift points of the transmission

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011


    first drive


    first drive

    4.6sec 0-100km/h performance one has touse the transmissions launch-control feature.Basically, set the transmission to dynamic,

    disable stability control, and brake-torque theengine from a stop. The V8 revs to 5,500 rpmand then dumps the clutchforgoing launchcontrol adds about a half-second in the run.Unlike many sports cars with restricted topspeed, the top speed of 250km/h can beincreased to 280km/h [upon request]. Whilepower peaks just 50rpm shy of the 8,300-rpmrev limiter, and when its stainless exhaustaps open, deep staccato blasts can be heardkilometers away and the downshift blips invitetrack day performance.

    While one does appreciate the engineerseffort to nd the perfect front rear axle balanceof 50:50 front:rear in sports cars, sadly, this

    Audi arrives with a disadvantage of havingall eight of its cylinders mounted completelyforward of the front axle line. That means theRS5 has an axle weight disadvantage of 56.3per cent front and 43.7 rear, an in theory thatsa sure shot recipe for understeer. However,spirited drivers trying to play with the noseheavy car will nd the electronics thwartingtheir efforts most of the time. Audi engineersknew this quite well and to counter the after

    effects of the nose-heaviness, they haveincorporated a few chassis xes that aim togive the RS5 a rear-drive feel. Hence ghting

    the biggest enemy that is understeer isbrilliantly calibrated stability-control systemthat attempts to stop front-end plow before ithappens. It squeezes the brakes on the insidewheels to effectively drag those tyres enoughto pull the car into the corner. Theres alsoan active rear differential that can apportionpower between the rear wheels to create asimilar effect, or even oversteer. In normalconditions, all-wheel drive delivers 60 percent of the engines torque rearward, risingto as much as 85 per cent, depending onconditions.

    The net effect of the add-ons is that theRS5 feels more balanced and precise. Butwhen the car is pushed and approaches thelimit, the nice thing is that the chassis is stillable to acts more like a front-wheel drive carby exhibiting a higher degree of understeer.While the RS may be supremely easy to drivequickly, but its traditional rival the BMW M3and new competitors such as the CadillacCTS-V or Lexus IS-F, despite having slightlyless grip, offer better-balanced rear-wheel-drive chassis. None of these rivals understeer

    as much or try to pound their front tyres intodust.

    Although we havent had a chance to get

    the RS5 on track and try drifting, we are prettysure that the Quattro set-up would be a limitervs say the rear wheel drivers, which in ouropnion should be far better track cars than theRS5. But in real time, one might be temptedto answer the question of how often does onehang the rear end of a car on the street?


    When it comes to comparing apples withapples, Audi will try to tell you that the RS5is truly unique. We could accept that to someextent, but what interests us more is that bothextremes [performance and economy] havebeen well packaged in the RS5. The 2011 AudiRS5 is the latest car to benet by associationwith the original Quattro and while the CoupeQuattro was a revolution, the RS5 is a collageof everything Audi knows. And those in thebusiness of cars know very well that Audi hasbeen working overtime to avenge the RS4sloss to an M3. The Audi RS 5 is available in theMiddle East starting from US$95,368.

    Inset: the original 1981Quattro coupe in action

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011



    wn Jg n m-bnz nz pn

    p n p d-gn ng,

    g n . an :

    2012 XJ n s-c n Photography Author and Shakeel Al BaloushiAuthor Chandan B Mallik and Raj Warrior

    Small is also BIG

    editorial NomiNee

    2012 Jaguar xJ v6

    luxury Car

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011



    {road test}

    In the US, the worlds second largest carmarket, car specications are now decidedby an agreement between automakers,environmentalists, the state of California andthe White House. US President Barack Obamais pushing the envelope for efcient carsand environmentalists drastic reductions inemissions. As per a recent announcement, a

    new corporate average fuel economy standardhas been agreed in principle which states thatby the years 2025, cars and light trucks willhave to achieve a 54.5 mpg eet averagecompared to the current 27.5 mpg. Whilewe wont go into the complex calculationmethods that CAFE uses to reach this gureand its eventual translation in real timemotoring, what we do know that the effectsof these rules are already beginning to showworldwide.

    In theory, automakers, particularly those

    who build big cars with powerful V8, V10 orV12 engines should be a worried lot, but thereverse is true. The automotive industry isone of the most competitive in the world andwhile oil prices uctuate between $72-100as a result of the global economic downturn,innovation has long been an industry hallmarkand barrel, so efciency has emerged as the

    latest way to move forward in the highlycompetitive arena for car sales.

    Now, this brings us to an interesting point.In the immediate future is the career of a largecar threatened to the point of extinction? Notreally and heres why. Consumers of big carsare beginning to look at performance and arenot bothered too much whats underneath thebonnet as long it can satisfy their needs ofperformance or economy. In fact, the industryhas responded pretty fast and now cars arebeing designed to accommodate a wide range

    of powertrains from entry level to outrightbrutal. And then there are commercialconsiderations also.

    We take a look at two such examples the Jaguar XJ with a new 3.0-litre V6 andMercedes-Benz S-Class, also with a V6displacing 3.5-litres.

    The packagingThe XJ comes in four models: XJ, XJL (longwheelbase), Supercharged and Supersport.The line-up is offered with a choice of three

    V8 engines, one normally-aspirated and twosupercharged. To keep interest in the XJ inJaguars developing markets such as Russia,China and the Middle East, JLR introducedthis entry-level model with a 3.0-litre V6.The 3.0-litre V6 generates usable 238hp and293Nm of torque and sends power to the rearwheels via six-speed automatic transmission.

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011



    This engine also nds place in the smallerXF sedan. The engine owes its base designto Ford and Jaguar have revised it with theirversion of variable-valve timing helping itoffer better fuel economy and a better powerspread across the rev range. The 2012 JaguarXJ 3.0 is not potato slouch. Its capable ofdoing the 0-100km/h sprint in around 8.5 secsand consumes a rated 10.9 litres per 100 km.Top speed is 235km/h.

    The agship 2011 Mercedes-Benz S-Classis offered in ve variants, each with distinctlydifferent powertrains. The cars are poweredby a choice of V6, V8 or V12 engines, andtheres a hybrid V6 also. The entry level getsa normally aspirated 3.5-litre V6 that pumpsout 272bhp at 6,000rpm and torque of 350Nmbetween 2,400-5,000rpm. Power is routedto the rear wheels through a seven-speed

    automatic transmission. This car is 1.3secfaster than the base XJ in the 0-100km/hsprint and has a limited top speed of250km/h. For 2012, models sold in Oman willalso feature the carmakers cutting edge BlueEfciency technologies which were introducedin February this year. The Blue Efciencyapplications helps S350 gain 29bhp and 20Nmof torque allowing an improved sprint timingfrom 0 to 100km/h in a claimed 6.9secs.

    Comfort and convenienceDue to its greater rear head- and legroom,backseat passengers will be able to stretch outa lot more in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class thanthe Jaguar XJ. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is afavourite with taller drivers due to its greaterfront head- and legroom than the Jaguar XJ.The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a l ittle narrower

    than the Jaguar XJ, so youll have an easiertime getting in and out of the car in a tightparking spot. When looking at overall length,the Mercedes-Benz S-Class takes up about thesame amount of space in your garage as theJaguar XJ.

    Both cars are ne examples of bespokecraftsmanship and materials. The interior alsogot the full XF treatment, with a more moderndesign, piano-black and chrome surfaces anda rotary controller to shift gears electronicallyIn terms of seating youll be able to t the samenumber of people in both the Mercedes-BenzS-Class and the Jaguar XJ. The Mercedes-BenzS-Class has a roomier cargo area for holdingyour bags or other items than the Jaguar XJThe S-Class has a traditional and conservativefeel. The gear shift is where it should be andis also electronically operated.

  • 8/4/2019 Automan September 2011



    {road test}

    Performance and handlingWhen it comes to horsepower, the S-Class issomewhat more powerful than the XJ and dueto its much higher torque, the engine of theS-Class does a much better job of transmittingpower to the wheels smoothly than the XJ. Thechassis and suspension of the Merc are moreluxury oriented while the XJ is a bit sportier.

    But the XJs performance as a sporty car shinesthrough in a straight line and sharp curves,part in thanks to its aerospace-like riveted andbonded aluminium structure that helps makeit leaner than its rivals and the combinationof the new continuously variable dampingair suspension as well as quick-ratio powersteering. The S-Class is more suited for urbanruns and has a smaller turning radius than theXJ, allowing drivers to more easily manoeuvrein and out of tight spots. The ofcially claimedvalue of a drag coefcient Cd = 0.29 for theXJ compares well with the Mercs 0.27, but the

    latter is more quieter on the move.

    Verdict [Raj]Jag XJ 3.0The Jaguar is fabulous, unapologetic

    and aggressive. The cars agile and a b