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  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus


  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus


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    This bulletin presents an overview of the academic guidelines relating to various

    Masters Courses and the Doctoral Programme in the College of Basic Science and Humanities,

    Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT), Bhubaneswar.

    The authorities reserve the right to amend and alter the policies concerned with the academic

    system as deemed necessary in the interest of the OUAT.

    (Approved by the Academic Council vide Resolution No.6891, dt.19.05.2014)

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus



    Sl. No. TITLE Page No.

    1 The University 1

    2. The College of Basic Science and Humanities 1

    3. Eligibility for Admission 1

    4. Break up of Seats 3

    5. Reservation 3

    6. Procedure for getting Prospectus and Payment of Application Fee 3

    7. Submission of Application Form 4

    8. Selection of Candidates 5

    9. Admission Procedure 7

    10. Academic System 8

    11. Hostel and Medical Facilities 8

    12. Students Activities 9

    13. Students Discipline 9

    14. Financial Assistance 9

    15. Fees 10

    16. Other Fees 11

    17. Refund of Fees 12

    18. Students Aid Fund 12

    19. Admission Calendar 2014-15 12


  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus



    1. The University

    The Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology (OUAT) was established in the year1962 in accordance with the provision of the Orissa Act 20 of 1961 and is a State Agriculture

    University. It has the triple function of teaching, research and extension.

    The University offers education at the undergraduate and post graduate level in Agriculture,

    Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering & Technology , Fishery Science,

    Home science, Forestry, Horticulture and Basic Sciences. Three Career Oriented Masters

    Programmes in Computer Science and Application, Bio-informatics and Agri- Business

    Management are offered by the Centre for Post Graduate Studies as self financing courses.

    Research nd Extension programme are carried out at the Regional Research and Technology

    Transfer Station (RRTTS) and/or sub stations/ Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) located in differentparts of Odisha.

    2. The College of Basic Science & Humanities:

    The College of Basic Science & Humanities was established in 1964 as the third constituent

    College of OUAT, Bhubaneswar.

    The college offers teaching in Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. At the UG level

    facilities for Honours courses are available in 8 subjects namely, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics,

    Botany, Zoology, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Computer Science. At the Post Graduate level,

    the college offers Masters degree programme in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematicsand Microbiology. Further, it offers the Ph. D. programme in Microbiology. The M. Sc. and Ph. D.

    Courses offered, are under the semester system.

    In addition to the above, the college offers supporting courses to the students of other

    constituent colleges of this University.


    3.1. For M. Sc. Programme

    Course Minimum qualification

    M.Sc. (Botany) B.Sc. (+3 Sc. with Honours in Botany)

    M.Sc. (Chemistry) B.Sc. (+3 Sc. with Honours in Chemistry)

    M.Sc. (Mathematics) B.Sc. (+3 Sc. with Honours in Mathematics) / B.Sc. (Hons) in

    Mathematics and computing

    M.Sc. (Microbiology) B.Sc. (+3 Sc. with Honours in Botany / Zoology / Microbiology /

    Biotechnology / B.Sc. (Ag.) / B.V.Sc. & A.H / B.F.Sc. /

    B.Sc. (Horticulture) / B.Tech. (Dairy Science / Biotechnology)

    M.Sc. (Physics) B.Sc. (+3 Sc. with Honours in Physics)

    M.Sc. (Zoology) B.Sc. (+3 Sc. with Honours in Zoology)

    [ 1 ]

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    Candidates must have obtained minimum 50% marks in concerned Honours subjects.

    For Graduates of Agriculture and allied subjects who are eligible for admission into M. Sc.

    (Microbiology), should have minimum 55% marks in aggregate or OGPA 5.5 in 10 point scale or

    equivalent. A candidate belonging to SC/ST shall have obtained a minimum of 45% marks in

    concerned Honours subject.

    Note: Candidates who have appeared the examination but results are not declared can also

    apply but he/she must submit the mark sheet by 08.07.2014 after declaration of result

    otherwise the application for admission will be rejected.

    3.2. For Ph. D. Programme

    For admission into Ph. D. (Microbiology), a candidate must have passed M. Sc. in Microbiology

    with a minimum mark of 60%.Candidates will be selected based on merit considering Entrance

    Examination which will carry 50 marks and 50 marks for career.

    The entrance examination will be of 2 hours duration and will carry 100 marks. The questions

    will be of objective type and short answer type,covering the course taught at Masters Level.

    Minimum qualifying marks in the Entrance Examination will be 50%.

    ICAR candidates and OUAT employees to be admitted as in-service candidates are exempted

    from appearing entrance examination. All other categories of candidates including ICAR Fellowship

    holders are required to appear entrance examination and shall have to secure the minimum qualifying

    marks (50%) for inclusion in the merit list.

    All candidates fulfilling the minimum eligibility as laid down under this clause shall be called

    for entrance examination. Candidates failing to receive the Admit Card may contact two days

    before the examination to the Director, College of Basic Science & Humanities. Candidates

    possessing the valid Admit Card shall be allowed to appear the entrance examination.

    3.3 Other Eligibility Conditions

    3.3.1 Admission in to the Masters Programme is open to the following categories of candidates.

    i) Those who have passed H.S.C/Equivalent Examination with Odia as MIL

    ii) Those who did not have Odia as M.I.L but whose parents are permanent residents of

    Odisha, must furnish evidence of such permanent residency in form of a certificate from

    the concerned Revenue Officer not below the rank of Class-II. No affidavit to this effect will

    be entertained under any circumstance.

    iii) Those who did not have Odia as M.I.L but whose parents are serving under the Govt. of

    Odisha/ Central Govt./Public Undertaking or any University in the State of Odisha, must

    furnish in a certificate, to this effect, from the head of the Office/ Institution where his/her

    parent(s) is working.

    [ 2 ]

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    iv) For Odia permanently residing outside Odisha, the candidate must furnish a certificate to

    this effect from the District Magistrate of the district of the State in which he/she is residing

    v) The above stipulations are not applicable to ICAR / Foreign / NRI Candidates / Candidates

    opting for admission to cost sharing seats of M. Sc. (Microbiology).

    3.3.2 In-service candidates must furnish a permission letter from their immediate authority along

    withthe application form to appear the entrance examination.


    For M. Sc. Course:

    Degree Discipline Number of seats

    Un reserved ST SC Total

    M.Sc. Botany 8 1 1 10

    M.Sc. Chemistry 8 1 1 10

    M Sc. Mathematics 8 1 1 10

    M.Sc. Microbiology 18* 2* 4* 24*

    M.Sc. Physics 8 1 1 10

    M.Sc. Zoology 8 1 1 10

    *Cost sharing seats.

    For Ph.D. Programme:

    Degree Discipline Number of seats

    State ICAR Total

    Ph.D. Microbiology 02 01 03

    Note : Seats reserved for ST and SC candidates are not interchangeable & falling vacant shall

    be de-reserved and filled up by unreserved category candidates.


    7.5% and 15% of seats are reserved for ST and SC candidates respectively. One seat will be

    reserved in each discipline for NRI, ICAR & Foreign candidates over and above the intake




    Application for admission is to be made in the Prescribed Form.

    6.1. The candidates desirous of appearing at the Masters/Doctoral Entrance Examination may

    visit OUAT Website with effect from 23rdMay, 2014 and print out a copy of

    the application form as available in the prospectus.

    [ 3 ]

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    6.2. Candidates desirous of appearing the Entrance Examination has to pay Rs.1000/- (Rupees

    One Thousand) only towards application fee. For this purpose, they have to refer Annexure-I

    and pay the application fee using State Bank Collect facility available in the State Bank of

    Indias web page On successful payment of application fee, he has to

    print a copy of the e-Receiptand enclose the same with the application as proof of payment.

    The e-Receiptcontains a Reference Number starting with DU which the candidate may

    quote for all future correspondences in this regard with the University. Please refer Annexure-

    II for a sample copy of e-Receipt.


    7.1. The candidates are advised to send the application form complete in all respect, to The

    Director, College of Basic Science & Humanities, OUAT, Bhubaneswar-751003

    through Regd. Post/ speed post/Courier Services on or before 24rd June, 2014 till

    05.00 pmfor Masters Degree and 26thJuly, 2014 till 05.00 pmfor Ph. D Programme, along

    with the self attested copies of the following documents.

    7.2. The following documents are to be enclosed with the application as relevant in the individual


    a. Photo copy of e-receipt of payment of application fee of Rs. 1000.00

    b. Photo copy of HSC/Equivalent Certificate

    c. Photo copy of date of birth certificate from the Registrar of birth & deaths if the HSC/

    Equivalent certificate does not indicate it.

    d. Photo copy of the mark sheet from BSE, Odisha, or its equivalent

    e. Photo copy of +2 Sc certificate from CHSE, Odisha, or its equivalent

    f. Photo copy of the mark sheet of +2 Science, CHSE, Odisha or its Equivalent

    g. Photo copy of the Bachelors Degree Certificate

    h. Photo copy of the mark sheet of Bachelors Degree

    i. Photo copy of SC/ST Certificate from Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tahasildar/

    Additional Tahasildar in case of claim for SC/ST Category.

    j. In case, Odia is not M.I.L , in BSE, Odisha, or its equivalent, photo copy of certificate

    of permanent residency of parents in Odisha, as relevant in individual cases or the

    competent authority.


    Photo copy of certificate from the District Magistrate of the concerned district in case of an

    Odia permanently residing outside Odisha, who did not have Odia as M.I.L in HSC /Equivalent


    [ 4 ]

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus



    Service certificate (original/ attested copy) of parent(s) from the head of the office/ institution

    as relevant in individual cases.

    k. Photo copy of certificate(s) relating to special claims like Sports/NCC/NSS.

    l. Two self addressed unstamped envelopes of size 24 cmx11cm

    Note:Photo copy must be signed in full by the candidate.

    7.3. Incomplete applications and applications received after the closing date owing to postal delay

    or otherwise will not be considered. Candidates are advised to send their applications

    sufficiently ahead to avoid such eventualities.

    7.4. No application by person will be received at any cost

    7.5. The University Authorities shall not be responsible for loss or delay in receipt of the application

    form by post.


    8.1. There shall be an admission Board for the Academic Session with Dean, Post Graduate

    Faculty-cum-Director Resident Instructions as Chairman and Director, College of Basic

    Science & Humanities as one of the members. Three teachers, from the College of Basic

    Science & Humanities as nominated by the Vice Chancellor shall be the members of the

    board. The admission board will scrutinize the application forms, prepare the merit list and

    will conduct the admission of the candidates.

    8.2. The selection for admission into different Post Graduate programme except M.Sc.

    Microbiology will be based on entrance examination and merit of the candidates.

    Entrance Examination

    The entrance examination shall be carried out in the College of Basic Science & Humanities,

    OUAT by the Director on the date & time approved by the Academic Council.

    All candidates fulfilling the minimum eligibility shall be issued admit card for appearing the

    entrance Examination. No candidate shall be allowed to enter the examination hall without

    admit card. A candidate failing to receive the Admit Card may approach the Director one day

    prior to the examination for receiving the same.

    The duration of the Entrance Examination shall be of 2 hours and the examination shall be

    held for 100 marks.

    The questions shall be of objective types (40 marks) and short answer types (60 marks)

    covering the subjects in Bachelors degree level.

    The minimum qualifying mark in the entrance examination will be 50%. For SC/ST

    candidate it will be 40%.

    8.3. Merit list of the candidates shall be drawn up on the basis of the total score (Entrance mark

    + Career mark + Extra weightage, if any)

    [ 5 ]

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    8.4 Academic career

    The following percentage of marks secured by the candidates in different examinations shall be

    added to the marks of the entrance examinations to compute the merit of the candidate as following.

    ExaminationFor P.G. Courses For Ph.D. (Microbiology)

    % of marks % of marks

    HSC or equivalent 5 5

    +2 Science or equivalent 15 10

    Bachelors degree (Hons. Mark) 30* 15*

    Masters degree - 20

    Total 50 50

    * For agriculture and allied subjects aggregate marks secured in Undergraduate Programme

    shall be taken into consideration.

    ICAR Nominee / NRI / Foreign Nationals and candidates opting for admission to cost sharing

    seats of M.Sc. Microbiology shall be exempted from entrance examination and for them the careermarking will be for 100 marks. Out of the 100 marks, H.S.C., +2 Science / Equivalent, Bachelors

    Degree will be given maximum weightage of 20, 30 and 50 respectively, basing on the percentage

    of marks secured in each examination.

    8.5 Weightage for Extra Curricular Activities.

    Extra weightage will be given to the candidates with outstanding records in extra curricular

    activities as detailed below. The following percentage of the computed score (Career marks)

    will be added extra to compute the mark of the candidate. This is not applicable to cost

    sharing courses & Microbiology.

    Extra Curricular Activity Percentage of score to be added

    N.C.C. Candidates who have passed B

    Certificate at graduate level.10%

    N.S.S Volunteer(s) who have

    i) Represented the country in N S.S. at Straight Admission without Entrance

    International level Examination subject to eligibility.

    N.S.S. ii) Received National Award 7%

    iii) Received State N.S.S. Award 5%

    iv) Found to be the best at University level 3%

    Candidates who represented the country Straight Admission without Entrance

    in any sports events at International level Examination subject to eligibility.

    at U.G. Career

    Candidates represented University at

    National level in U.G. Career5%

    SPORTS Candidate who represented the state

    in any sports event at All India Level-U.G. 10%


    Candidates who represented the country Straight Admission without Entrance

    in sports events at International level at Examination subject to eligibilityU.G. career.

    [ 6 ]

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    a. The students participating in the games and sports events duly recognized and certified

    by the Director of Sports for such purpose shall be eligible for consideration to get

    weightage in the marks.

    b. The students will submit a separate certificate of the participation of the games/ sports

    from the Director of Sports and Youth Services for taking advantages of weightage in

    marks for admission.

    c. A student who is desirous of availing such concession either in sports and games or

    other extra curricular activities must have achieved the distinction at U.G. level.

    d. One cannot claim weightage for more than one category.

    e. The number of seats filled up with weightage shall be limited to 10% only.

    8.6. In case of candidates having the same computed score, the tie shall be resolved and theirmerit position will be decided on the basis of higher marks in the Degree Examination.


    9.1. Admission into all Post Graduate subjects and Ph. D. will be conducted centrally by the

    Admission Board in phased manner as per the programme finalized by the academic council.

    9.2. The merit list of the candidates for admission will be notified in the University and College

    notice boards by the Dean, PGF cum DRI and will be floated in OUAT web

    9.3. In the event of any change in the scheduled date of admission the same will be notified in the

    Notice Boards of the University and the College as well as in the website for information of

    the candidates.

    9.4. A candidate who fails to appear for admission on the scheduled date, time and place will

    automatically and irrevocably forfeit his/her claim for admission.

    9.5. The candidates coming for admission should bring with them all the original certificates and

    mark sheets for verification at the time of admission. They have to submit their college

    leaving certificate and conduct certificate (if the same is not mentioned in the CLC) in original

    from the head of the institution last attended.

    9.6. Candidates who passed their Bachelors degree from any university other than OUAT willhave to submit their Migration certificate within 3 months, failing which they will not be allowed

    to the final examination of 1stsemester of 1styear Master Degree.

    9.7. Candidates who fail to submit their college leaving certificate/ conduct certificate will be

    provisionally admitted and will be allowed five working days following the date of admission

    on an undertaking for submission of such documents failing which their provisional admission

    will be cancelled if not decided otherwise. Candidate coming from Universities outside the

    state of Odisha will be allowed for the purpose, ten working days following the date of

    admission on the same condition as above.

    [ 7 ]

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    9.8. All candidates selected for admission to P.G. course programme shall submit the Medical

    fitness certificate in prescribed form at the time of Admission.

    9.9. In case the candidate for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is

    noticed that (s) he has indulged in ragging, admission will be refused or (s) he shall be

    expelled from the college and University.

    9.10. The original documents submitted at the time of admission as required will not be returned

    to the candidates even temporarily under any circumstance. However a certified copy of

    the same may be given on payment of Rs. 10/- for each such document. The caste certificate

    in original will be returned to the candidate concerned retaining Xerox copy duly attested by

    a Gazetted officer or a Teacher of the University.


    10.1. Duration of Course

    10.1.1.A Masters Degree programme is a full time study of two years which includes both course

    work and research for dissertation. The maximum permissible period for completion of a

    Masters degree is four consecutive years.

    10.1.2.The Doctoral Programme is a full time study of three years which includes both course work

    and research for thesis. The maximum permissible period for completion of the course is six

    consecutive years for direct students and eight consecutive years for in-service students.

    10.1.3.An academic year consists of two semesters each having about 95 to 105 working days

    out of which teaching programme shall be at least 95 net instruction days excluding

    examination days.

    10.2. Course Programme, Instruction and Evaluation

    10.2.1.The instruction is offered in English under course credit system. Each course is divided

    into distinct course units of courses. Each student admitted into a course programme shall

    take course as per the plan of course programme.

    10.2.2.The course programme and examination will be regulated by the Semester regulations for

    Masters and Doctoral Programme of OUAT.

    10.2.3. A student is required to have a minimum of 85% attendance in each course failing which

    he /she shall not be allowed to appear at the final Examination and will be detained in thatsemester, subject to regulation for condonation up to 15% by the Director of the College of

    Basic Science & Humanities.


    11.1 Hostel accommodation shall be provided to P.G. and Ph.D students on merit basis subject

    toavailability of seats. After admission, the students shall apply to the Dean, Students

    Welfare (DSW) through the concerned Dean/ Director of the college for their stay in a

    hostel. However, a studentwhose parents are staying at Bhubaneswar may be allowed by

    the DSW for permission to stayoutside the hostel during the course of his/her study.

    [ 8 ]

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    11.2 The University runs a Dispensary managed by experienced doctors and it provides outdoor

    treatmentto students of the University.


    12.1. Students union: The students union comprising of students representatives is formed

    every year in the college to organize cultural/ athletic / sport activities. The students are also

    allowed to participate in various inter college and inter university competitions at state and

    national level to show their performances in extra curricular activities.

    12.2. Students welfare: The Dean of students Welfare looks after the extra curricular activities

    of the students. The university Employment information and Guidance Bureau acts as a

    useful channel of communication between the students and employment organizations.


    A student shall abide by the disciplinary rules and Regulations of the college and the University

    and shall not involve himself / herself in any objectionable conduct such as violation of

    discipline, disobedience of instructions of authorities, immoral conduct or disorderly behaviour

    including ragging. In case a student is found to be involved in any of the above undesirable

    activities, he/she shall be liable for expulsion from the College if the offence is grave. The

    expulsion from the College shall be ordered by the Director College of Basic Science and

    Humanities with the concurrence of the Vice Chancellor.


    Sl. No. Nature of Assistance Value Funding Agency

    1. Post-Matric Scholarship Tuition fee + Maintenance SC & ST Development and

    cost + Development fee Minority & Backward classes

    Welfare Development,

    Govt. of Odisha

    2. Loan Stipend Rs. 12000/- per annum Dept. of Higher Education,

    Govt. of Odisha

    3. National Merit Scholarship Rs. 7500/- per annum Dept. of Higher Education,

    Govt. of Odisha 4. Sports Talent Scholarship Rs. 900/- p.m. Dept of Sports & Youth

    Services, Govt. of Odisha

    5. National Talent Scholarship Rs. 1000/- p.m. ICAR

    6. P.G. Merit Scholarship Rs. 10000/- per annum Department of Higher

    Education, Odisha

    7. Scholarship for Rs. 24000/- per annum Institution of mathematics &

    meritorious students for applications, Govt. ofOdisha

    Post Graduate studies

    [ 9 ]

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    15. FEES


    Registration fee 100.00

    Recognition fee 50.00

    Library caution money 1000.00

    Laboratory caution money 1000.00

    Development fees

    For General Science (per annum) 5000.00

    For M.Sc. Microbiology (per semester) 30000.00

    For Ph.D. Microbiology (per annum) 20000.00

    Cultural fees 400.00

    Sports fee with yoga 400.00

    Accidental insurance fee

    2 Years Course 114.00

    3 years Course 162.00


    Athletic fee 150.00

    Literary fee 150.00

    Dramatic Society 150.00

    Students Aid fund 50.00

    College commemoration 150.00

    Students Union 150.00Identity Card 100.00

    College Calendar 75.00

    Seminar Fee 300.00

    Indian Red Cross society 50.00

    N.C.C. 5.00


    Admission 500.00

    Tuition Fee 3,000.00

    Internet/ computer lab fee 850.00Medical Fee 200.00

    Examination Fee 800.00

    College Development Fund 200.00


    For M.Sc. Thesis / Project Examination only in final Semester 1,500.00

    For Ph.D (Microbiology)

    Comprehensive Examination fees 2,000.00

    Thesis Examination 4,000.00

    [ 10 ]

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus



    a) Hostel Caution Money(Only once at the time of admission) 500.00

    b) Seat Rent (per semester/boarder)

    i) Single Room 1000.00

    ii) Double seated room 850.00

    iii) Three or Four seated room 700.00

    iv) More than four seated room 500.00

    v) NRI Student 4000.00

    c) Electricity Deposit (Actual to be collected at the

    time of next Registration) 1200.00

    d) Water charges (Per semester) 150.00

    e) Hostel Common Room (Per semester) 200.00

    f) Hostel Establishment (Per annum) 5000.00

    g) Hostel development fee (Per annum) 800.00

    h) Mess Advance (per semester)

    (Actual expenditure will be squired up

    at the time of Registration to next semester) 10000.00


    Original Duplicate

    Migration Certificate 100.00 200.00

    Provisional Certificate 100.00 200.00

    Mark Sheet (consolidated) 100.00

    Duplicate Identity Card 50.00

    Condonation fee for shortage of attendance 500.00

    Make-up examination / Special examination fee 500.00

    Semester Report / Grade sheet / Mark sheet 50.00

    Transfer certificate 50.00 100.00

    Conduct certificate 50.00 100.00

    Equivalent mark sheet 20.00Any certificate/document required by

    Registered post / speed post (towards postal charges) 50.00

    Degree certificate 400.00 500.00

    Preservation fees

    (100.00 per year and maximum of Rs.500.00)

    Revalidation of documents (TC etc) 150.00

    NOTE : The above fees clauses -15 and 16 are subject to change as may be decided by the

    Academic Council.

    [ 11 ]

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus



    A candidate once admitted to a course shall not be eligible to get refund of the fees except

    caution money deposits.

    18. STUDENTS AID FUNDThere is provision for reimbursement of expenditure towards tuition/ hostel/ examination

    fees and purchase of books/ clothing/medical expenses/boarding if their needs are

    considered genuine.

    19. ADMISSION CALENDAR 2014-15

    A. M. Sc. Programme

    Availability of Application Forms through 23.05.2014 to 23.06.2014 (upto 5 P.M.)

    online in

    Last date for receipt of application form by post only 24.06.2014 (upto 5 P.M.)

    Entrance Examination 03.07.2014 (Thursday)

    Date of Publication Result 10.07.2014

    Date of Counselling and Admission 25.07.2014 to 26.07.2014

    Admission to balance seat if any 08.08.2014

    Commencement of Class 11.08.2014

    B. Ph. D. (Microbiology)

    Availability of Application Forms through 08.07.2014 to 25.07.2014 (upto 5 P.M.)

    online in

    Last date for receipt of application form by post only 26.07.2014 (upto 5 P.M.)

    Entrance Examination 05.08.2014 (Tuesday)

    (10.30 am to 12.30 p.m.)

    Date of publication of result 07.08.2014

    Date of Counselling and Admission 14.08.2014 (Wednesday)

    Commencement of Class 18.08.2014


    1. All holidays notified by the University will be the holidays for Colleges under OUAT.

    2. The date of registration in each semester is the day on which all fees for semester are

    to be paid by the student(s).

    3. If any semester programme falls on the holiday(s), the said programme will be carried

    on the next working day(s).

    4. No fine shall be collected for Sundays and holidays for the purpose of late registration.

    5. Subsequent programme of the semesters calendar will be notified from time to time by

    the College.

    6. Any charge in semester calendar shall be approved by the Academic Council.

    OUAT Press

    [ 12 ]

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus





    Please read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

    Visit online banking website of State Bank of India by typing www.onlinesbi.comin the address bar of the

    internet explorer. Once the home page appears click on State Bank Collect tab.

    Accept the disclaimer clause and click on proceed.

    Select the State of Corporate /Institution as Odisha.

    Select type of Corporate / Institution as educational Institutionsand click on Go.

    Now select Educational Institution Name as Orissa University of Agriculture and Technologyand

    click on Submit.

    Select the appropriate payment category as per requirement from the drop down (either PG &

    Ph.D. under College of Basic Science - 2014 or PG under CPGS - 2014 as the case may be)

    Now a blank form appears. Carefully fill in the details as asked for about the applicant. The process will be

    completed only on payment of required application fee successfully. Hence carefully fill in the payment

    form with required information or select from the drop down options wherever available. Take adequate

    care while filling in (a) Name (b) Date of Birth (c) Mobile Number as asked for in the lower part of

    the screen. This information is important to reprint the e- Receiptfrom Payment History link of State

    Bank Collect subsequent to any successful payment.

    Once, the required data is filled in, click on Submit.

    The system will ask the applicant to verify the details entered and confirm the transaction in the next page.

    Verify the details and click on Confirm. The system will request the applicant to select the desired payment mode for payment of application fee

    from various options. Please note that the bank charges for various payment modes are also displayed

    which is to be borne by the applicant. Carefully examine the charges displayed since the charges for

    different payment modes are different. Select the desired payment mode.

    Now the system will guide the applicant through the payment process. Once the payment is completed

    successfully one e- Receiptis generated containing a Reference Number in PDF format. Ensure to take

    a print out immediately. The applicant may also save this optionally for future reference. The e-Receipt

    can also be regenerated / reprinted afterwards from Payment History link of State Bank Collect.

    If SBI Branch (cash/ cheque option) is selected as payment mode a Pre Acknowledgement Payment

    (PAP) form is generated which contains the relevant details for payment at any SBI Branch. The applicanttakes the print out of the PAP Form and visits any SBI Branch for payment thoughcash or cheque on SBI

    Branch. After the payment is successfully processed by the SBI Branch, the SBI Branch will give an

    acknowledgment of payment on the PAP Form. Now visit State Bank Collectlink in the home page of

    www.onlinesbi.comfor printing the e-Receiptfrom the Payment History link. To ensure successful

    remittance of application fee to OUAT print the e-Receiptimmediately.

    NB : i) Enclose a copy of the e-Receipt along with the application form.

    ii) While paying application fees online, if the account is debited but e- Receiptis not generated please

    wait till next working day afternoon before trying once again. This may happen due to failure in

    connectivity while paying. In all such cases the e- Receiptwill be made available from Payment

    Historylink of State Bank Collect

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus




    e-Receipt for State Bank Collect Payment

    SB Collect Reference Number DU

    Bank Refernce Number

    Category Masters & Doctoral Course Programme under College of

    Basic Science 2014

    Full Name of Candidate


    Date of Birth

    State of Domicile

    Mobile Number

    E-mail ID

    Application Fee 1000

    Transaction Charge

    Total Amount (In Figures)

    Total Amount (In Words)


    Notification 1 Enclose a copy of e-Receipt along with the Application Form

    Notification 2

    State Bank of India

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus




    This is to certify that, I have personally examined Shri/Kumari/Shrimati ______________________


    son / daughter of ____________________________________________________________________________

    Village / Town ______________________________________________________________________________

    in District _______________ of the State / Union Territory, whose signature is appended below and my

    findings are given below:





    It is further certified that he / she is Medically Fit / Unfit to pursue Higher Studies in Agriculture &

    Allied Sciences.





  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus


    APPLICATION FORM NO............................. ROLL NO..


    Name of the subject _________________________________________

    Last Date for receipt of Application form :24.06.2014 for M.Sc. & 26.07.2014 for Ph.D. Course

    INSTRUCTIONS: i) Please read the Prospectus carefully and fill up the application form avoiding

    correction and over writing.

    ii) Please strike out the portions which are not applicable.

    1. NAME OF THE CANDIDATE Mr./Ms/Mrs...............................

    (In capital letters) Tel/Mob.......................................................................................

    Date of Birth Age as on 31stDec., 2014


    (e.g. General Un-reserved/SC/ST/

    PH/DP/DDP candidates)


    Degree/Diploma Name of the Board/ Maximum Marks Percentage Division

    University Marks secured of marks /Class

    +2 Science/Equivalent

    B.Sc. (+3 Sc.)/



    * Only for Ph.D. Programme



    5. Are you employeed ? If Yes provide Yes/No

    a) Designation : ______________________________________________________________________

    b) Name and Address of the Employee ___________________________________________________

    c) No objection Certificate furnished Yes/No.Turn Over

    Affix attestedrecent colourPhotograph

    of the Candidate( 3 x 3 cm size)



    For the Year 2014-15

    Days Month Year Days Month Year


    (Excluding Extra Opt.

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus


    6. MARITAL STATUS Married / Un-Married (Tick Appropriately)

    7. NUMBER OF DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED ____________________________________________

    (Attach a list of the documents)

    i) STATE YOUR a) Religion_________________________ c) Nationality ____________________

    b) Mother Tongue____________________ d) State_________________________

    ii) a) NAME OF THE FATHER _____________________________________________

    AND PRESENT ADDRESS _____________________________________________

    Tel / Mob No. __________________ Pin code ___________________

    b) NAME OF THE MOTHER _____________________________________________

    8. PERMANENT HOME ADDRESS _____________________________________________

    OF THE CANDIDATE _____________________________________________




    STATE____________ Pin code ___________________

    9. ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE _____________________________________________

    (In Block Letters) _____________________________________________

    STATE____________ Pin code ___________________

    10. Details of Bank Chalan Number ____________________ Date _____________

    Signature of the Parents/Guardian Full Signature of the Candidate


    I hereby affirm that the information given by me in this application is complete and true to the best of

    my knowledge and belief and I have made the application with the consent of my parents/guardian.

    Full Signature of the Parents/Guardian Full Signature of the Candidate


    In the event of my being admitted to the college, I hereby undertake to abide by the disciplinary rules

    and regulations of the College and the university and not to involve myself in any of the indisciplined conduct

    such as violation of discipline, disobedience of instructions of authorities, immoral conduct or disorderly

    behaviour including ragging.

    In case of my involvement in any of above indiscipline conduct. I hereby undertake to abide by the

    decisions of the competent authority and to withdraw myself from the College and the University if in the

    opinion of the authority such withdrawal is necessary in the interest of the institution.

    Full Signature of the Parents/Guardian Full Signature of the Candidate

    OUAT Press

    ( 2 )

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus




    Entrance Exam.

    Roll Number

    1. Full Name of the

    Candidate ___________________________

    2. Course for which

    to appear at the

    Entrance Exam. ___________________________

    3. Centre allotted ___________________________

    4. Date & time of

    Entrance Examination ___________________________

    Director, CBS & H Full Signature of the Candidate




    Entrance Exam.

    Roll Number

    1. Full Name of theCandidate ___________________________

    2. Course for which

    to appear at the

    Entrance Exam. ___________________________

    3. Centre allotted ___________________________

    4. Date & time of

    Entrance Examination ___________________________

    Director, CBS & H Full Signature of the Candidate

    Affix attested Passportsize Photograph of the


    Affix attested Passportsize Photograph of the


  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus



    1. Please quote the Entrance Roll No. in all enclosures / correspondence.

    2. This admit card to be presented to the Centre Superintendent or any-body authorised by him

    whenever required.

    3. No candidate will be allowed to enter into the Entrance Examination Hall to sit at the examination

    15 minutes after commencement of the examination.

    4. All the candidates should continue to stay in the examination hall till the examination is over.

    5. Disfiguring of answer paper in any manner or putting up any symbol etc. therein will make in

    paper liable for rejection.

    6. Adopting unfair means or indulging in any reprehensible conduct in the examination hall will

    make the candidate liable to the debarred from the said examination.

    7. Affix a passport size photograph in the space provided.

  • 8/11/2019 Bs Prospectus