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  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    Vocational Qualifications,

    our Strength, your Future...

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    About ABMA

    ABMA is an internationally recognised awardingorganisation, based in the UK, which offers awide range of Certificate, Diploma andAdvanced Diploma level qualifications andprovides education management services topartner institutions worldwide.

    As an awarding organisation with a wealth of

    experience in both further education andinternational job markets, ABMA understandsthat education is not simply the writing of anexam and the achievement of a grade. Rather,as the variety of employment opportunityincreases and the diversity of skills that can beacquired is developing, choosing the direction inwhich you want your career to go can be adaunting prospect.

    ABMA also understands that you value therelevancy and recognition of the qualificationsyou obtain. ABMA qualifications are developedwith the support of industry leaders andinternational employers, ensuring that the ABMAqualification you choose will equip you with theskills and knowledge needed to begin yourcareer.

    No matter how the world develops around you,you can be assured that the ABMA qualification

    you are undertaking is founded on principles oftraining excellence and is devised to developnot just relevant knowledge but also the skillsto help drive industry, and your career, forward.

    A brief history of ABMA

    The education experts that formed the ABMAAdvisory Board have been helping students toreach their job aspirations since 1963. Drawingfrom almost 50 years of experience in furtherand higher education, ABMA has developed arange of qualifications that offer morespecialised alternatives to traditionaleducational programmes.

    ABMA's early vocational programme portfoliofocused on business management and followinginitial expansion, developed to include humanresources, sales and marketing, computing andleisure and tourism. As the organisationdeveloped and following feedback from partnertraining organisations worldwide, additionalqualifications such as shipping and journalismhave been added to ABMA's ProgrammePortfolio.

    Subsequent developments of the ABMAProgramme Portfolio have followed with thedevelopment of two programmes within thehealth care and public service sectors as well asa business programme designed to develop astudents entrepreneurial skills.

    Today, ABMA provides school leavers andprofessionals with qualifications that enable

    them to attend university or gain a manageriallevel position in a broad range of industrysectors.


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    Preparing you for success

    A route to higher education

    Drawing from experience in the furthereducation field, ABMA recognises the need toensure that all qualifications match thedemands of an increasingly complex andcompetitive job market. ABMA syllabi areregularly reviewed, ensuring the contentsurpasses the expectations of employers andindustry. ABMAs new programmes, such as the

    recently devised Entrepreneurship programme,have been developed in order to address thegrowing global demand for vocationalqualifications.

    ABMAs vocational programmes are designed toenhance your career prospects, making youmore attractive to potential employers whileremaining flexible enough to tailor your studiesto suit your individual circumstances. Whetheryou wish to complete your studies at ABMACertificate level or progress through to Diplomaor Advanced Diploma level, an extensive choiceis available.

    As well as preparing you to enter directly intomanagement level employment, ABMAprogrammes also give you the opportunity toenter university with possible exemptions from

    the first two years of a degree. With increasingnumbers of universities in the UK, the USA andacross the world recognising ABMA programmes,there are a wide variety of options available inhigher education open to ABMA students.

    Developing your career

    Effective learning

    ABMA qualifications are devised to be flexible,enabling you to adapt your personal andprofessional life around your studies. ABMAqualifications remain a preferred choice forpeople already employed but looking to furthertheir careers by supplementing their skills.

    If you are already in employment you may be

    eligible for exemptions which will enable you totailor your ABMA studies to suit your own levelof experience. A qualification undertaken withABMA will further develop the skills you havealready learnt on the job and introduce highlyrelevant and sought after training, enhancingyour promotion prospects or even affording youthe opportunity to take your career in a newdirection.

    Embarking on an internationally recognisedqualification is an exciting prospect. Studyingwith ABMA ensures that all the information yourequire is accessible and makes learning thedetailed qualification content manageable.

    You can find helpful information on our websiteat www.abma.uk.com, including a dedicatedStudy Skills section to help you achieve the

    best grade possible and also provide you with allthe details you need to achieve your ABMAqualification. Regular support is also availablefrom your dedicated ABMA Co-ordinator anddirectly from ABMA.


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    Progression 7

    ABMA programmes have been devised to progress your knowledge and skills from an initialunderstanding of the subject area through to an ability to evaluate complex themes. Eachqualification level serves as the entry requirement for the next and builds on the training you havereceived.

    There are exit points at each qualification level designed to enable you to adapt your studies

    around your career path, allowing you to complete your ABMA qualification and give you the choiceof entering directly into the job market or continuing your studies. No matter how you choose toprogress your studies, ABMA qualifications provide the necessary, industry relevant, trainingwithout restricting your future development.

    An ABMA qualification is not the only accepted form of previous study that allows you to registeronto an ABMA qualification. ABMA entry requirements allow for entry onto a particular qualificationlevel based on previous study or experience, with exemptions where applicable, to enable you todevelop your skills without covering aspects learnt previously.

    ABMA has links with many universities worldwide and ABMA Advanced Diploma qualification holders,

    that meet their chosen universitys requirements, can look forward to gaining entry into leadinginstitutions, with possible exemptions from the first and second year of study.

    Student meetsCertificateentry requirements

    Student doesnot meetCertificateentry requirements

    Student can enteremployment havinglearnt thefundamentals oftheir chosen subjectarea.

    ABMA Diploma canbe completed at alater date whilstemployed.

    Student can enteremployment with abroader knowledgeof their chosensubject area.

    ABMA AdvancedDiploma can becompleted at a laterdate whilstemployed.

    Student can enteremployment with awide understandingof complex conceptsin their chosensubject area

    demonstrated withpractical experiencemaking the studentvery appealing toemployers.

    CertificateNQF Level 3


    NQF Level 2

    AdvancedDiplomaNQF Level 6

    University(With exemptionswhere applicable)


    DiplomaNQF Level 5

    ABMA will consider granting exemptions to those candidates who can

    demonstrate they have studied the same subject material within an alternativeprogramme or have the required work experience.

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    Admissions 8

    How to apply

    Entry Requirements

    Foundation Award (NQF Level 2)

    Certificate (NQF Level 3)

    Diploma (NQF Level 5)

    Advanced Diploma (NQF Level 6)

    Before you can register with ABMA, you must enrol at an ABMA Affiliate Centre. All ABMA AffiliateCentres will be able to provide you with the ABMA Registration and Examination Forms needed inorder to begin your studies. Alternatively, you can print these directly from the Examination Formssection of the ABMA website. When submitting the completed registration form, remember toinclude 2 passport photographs, documentary evidence of your previously achieved qualificationsand the registration fee.

    No formal entry requirements

    An ABMA Foundation AwardFour GCSEs at Grade C or above, including EnglishA BTEC First Diploma or Certificate at NQF level 2

    Any NVQ Level 2 qualification in a relevant subjectA national or international qualification equivalent to the above

    An ABMA CertificateA BTEC Professional Diploma, Certificate or Award at NQF level 4Any NVQ Level 4 qualification in a relevant subjectA national or international qualification equivalent to the above

    An ABMA DiplomaTwo 'A' Level passes at Grade C or above in related subjects, with GCSEEnglish at Grade C or aboveA BTEC Professional Diploma, Certificate or Award at NQF level 5A national or international qualification equivalent to the above

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    Why Choose ABMA? 9


    University entrance

    Excellent value

    Diverse portfolio

    ABMA is registered and accredited by the Officeof Qualifications and Examinations Regulation(Ofqual), the examinations regulator in the UKas well as many other accreditations bodiesworldwide.

    ABMA is represented as a recognised awardingorganisation and is listed on the Register of

    Regulated Awarding Organisations andQualifications in the UK.

    ABMA has links with many leading universitiesworldwide affording you, as an ABMA studentthat has met the requirements of your choseninstitution, the opportunity to progress ontodegree level education with possibleexemptions from the first two years.

    ABMA Registration and Examination Fees areamongst the lowest for an internationallyrecognised qualification.

    ABMA qualifications are considered by many

    employers and industry to be a benchmark fortraining excellence. Our diverse portfolio ofprogrammes will provide you with theprofessional knowledge and skills to accessmanagement level roles across a wide range ofindustry sectors or give your career a boost.

    Flexible learning

    Post study support


    The length of an ABMA programme can bespecifically tailored to suit your requirements.The qualification can be completed in a shortspace of time and further develop an alreadyestablished career. An ABMA qualification canaccommodate you if you are intending to spreadthe duration of the qualification to match aspecific or limited budget.

    ABMA is committed to the continued success ofits students. As part of the support provided toall ABMA students, ABMA will forward letters toyour future employer or chosen universityoutlining the qualification in detail to supportyour application. In addition, we will be happyto discuss the possibility of your chosen

    institution offering ABMA qualificationswherever you wish to study.

    We maintain an extensive network of majorglobal employers from varying fields and look tocollaborate with them by producing high calibrecandidates who are capable of taking upchallenging and rewarding roles.

    ABMA is widely acknowledged by employersworldwide as a provider of recognisedprofessional qualifications that help preparestudents for competitive and demandingindustries.

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    Programmes 10

    Foundation Award

    Business Management


    Human Resource Management

    Leisure and Tourism Management

    Marketing Management

    Computer Engineering

    Computing and Information Systems

    Community Development

    HIV/AIDS Management

    Journalism and Media Studies

    Public Relations

    Clearing, Forwarding and Shipping Management

    ABMA Programme Portfolio

    Below is a list of the current programmes available to study from ABMA:

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    Business Management

    Programme Structure

    Modern businesses function in an increasingly

    competitive and internationally focusedmarketplace. The difference between successand failure in business is ultimately down to theeffectiveness of the management structure andoverall leadership of the organisation. Businessmanagers use their knowledge and leadershipskills to drive a business to compete, develop andsucceed.

    An ABMA Certificate, Diploma and AdvancedDiploma qualification will prepare you for

    a successful career in business management.These qualifications provide comprehensive andstructured learning on the purpose and practicesof business management as well as how to applythat learning to other business functions thathave important roles such as finance, law, marketing, human resources and business development.A business manager's success is dependent upon the varied skills they have developed and theexpertise to put the knowledge they have gained into practice to drive the business forward.

    ABMA vocational qualifications will prepare you to be able to take your new knowledge of thesubject and apply it to the industry in which you would like to build and develop your career.

    Diploma Advanced Diploma

    Introduction to Economics Business ManagementAdvanced Business


    ICT for Business Introduction to Business Law People Management

    Introduction to Management Introduction to Marketing Business Efficiency

    Business Communication Business Finance Business Growth

    Synopsis Synopsis Dissertation


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus




    Programme Structure

    Entrepreneurs are bold and daring individuals

    who can identify business opportunities, evaluateand anticipate risk and work independently toachieve their business goals.An ABMA Certificate, Diploma and AdvancedDiploma qualification in Entrepreneurship focuseson developing an entrepreneurial mindset on thefoundations of a comprehensive understanding ofbusiness management.

    The qualifications associated with this

    programme have been designed to develop yourknowledge and skills and enable you to be able toapply a variety of the fundamental aspects ofbusiness management to entrepreneurial activity,arming you with the necessary acumen to steer aa new business venture to success.

    The significant opportunities for entrepreneurs, and increasing demand for business professionalsto have entrepreneurial flair, means that there is a new-found emphasis on entrepreneurial abilityand you, as an ABMA Entrepreneurship qualification holder, will benefit from being able to competein a highly competitive business environment.

    Diploma Advanced Diploma

    Introduction to Economics Effective Customer ServiceAdvanced Business


    ICT for Business Introduction to Business Law People Management

    Introduction to SalesManagement

    Enterpreneurship Business Efficiency

    Principles of Entrepreneurship Business Finance Business Growth

    Synopsis Synopsis Dissertation


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    Human ResourceManagement

    Programme Structure

    Any business is dependent upon the skills of itsworkforce to enable it to compete in themarketplace and adapt to future changes. Humanresource managers are not only skilled inunderstanding the needs of the business but alsostrive to recruit a wealth of diverse talent todrive the business forward and set professionalstandards.An ABMA Certificate, Diploma and Advanced

    Diploma qualification in Human ResourceManagement, offers you the opportunity topursue a career that has a vital function withinbusiness. From the foundations of humanresources practice in the Certificate levelqualification, to more complex themes in theAdvanced Diploma, ABMAs Human Resource Management qualifications will provide you with skillsthat surpass industry expectation.

    These qualifications ensure that you have the necessary skills to advance your career and have animpact on the careers of others who are striving to make an organisation successful.

    Human resource management professionals provide the organisation with the right employees tohelp the business thrive. Regardless of which industry sector you wish to work in, an ABMA HumanResource Management qualification will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need toinspire and develop staff members and enhance the future of an organisation at managerial level.


    Introduction to Economics Business ManagementAdvanced Business


    ICT for Business Introduction to Business Law People Management

    Introduction to Management Introduction to MarketingStrategic Planning

    and Analysis

    Human ResourceManagement

    Business Finance Business Growth

    Synopsis Synopsis Dissertation

    Certificate Advanced Diploma

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    Marketing Management

    Programme Structure

    Customers are increasingly overwhelmed by the

    variety and choice of products and servicesavailable to them. It is the task of the marketingdepartment within an organisation tocommunicate to its customers the attributes ofits brand and the benefits of purchasing itsproducts or services. An organisation also relieson the marketing department to build sustainedand positive relationships and identify potentialbusiness opportunities.

    An ABMA Certificate, Diploma and Advanced

    Diploma qualification in Marketing Managementfocuses on developing the managerial skills andknowledge needed to organise and implementstrategic and professional marketing campaigns.The qualifications are specifically designed todevelop your fundamental business skills and to introduce elements from other relevant businesssectors including sales, public relations, law and business strategy.

    The increasing reliance on marketing to promote business development reflects the need to keep anew, more demanding customer base satisfied and loyal. ABMAs Marketing Management programmeoffers you the opportunity for a rewarding and creative career in a dynamic and challenging areaof business.


    Introduction to Economics Effective Customer ServiceLegal Concepts in


    Theory and Applicationof Marketing Practice

    Advertising Sales Management

    Introduction to SalesManagement

    Principles ofMarketing Management

    Strategic Planningand Analysis

    Business Communication Public Relations in BusinessInformation Technology


    Synopsis Synopsis Dissertation

    Certificate Advanced Diploma

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    Computer Engineering

    Programme Structure

    Computers have transformed business. Whether

    you work for a small company or a largecorporation, computers are essential to anyorganisation and must be upgraded, modified andrepaired to maintain optimum performance. Withthis increasing reliance on technology comes anecessity for trained professionals in computingwith the knowledge to design, implement andmaintain systems that will maximise theefficiency of any business.

    An ABMA Certificate, Diploma and Advanced

    Diploma qualification in Computer Engineeringprovides the skills necessary to embark on acareer that involves the building, maintaining andmanaging of computer hardware equipment andsystems. These qualifications will enable you toapply your skills in a continually evolving and dynamic industry.

    Expertise in computer engineering is highly valued by employers who rely on the IT infrastructureat the heart of the organisation. As an ABMA Computer Engineering qualification holder, you canlook forward to a career that will allow you to work independently designing, implementing andmaintaining the systems relied upon by many modern organisations.


    The Computer Information Systems Web Technologies

    Introduction toComputer Programming

    Computer Programming Database Systems

    Small Business Systems Computer Security Software Development

    Introduction to Networking Networking TechnologyAdvanced Networking


    Personal ComputerHardware Support

    Personal ComputerSoftware Support


    Certificate Advanced Diploma

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    Clearing, Forwarding &Shipping Management

    Programme Structure

    The shipping industry is an essential componentof international trade and it has played animportant role in establishing global ties betweenbusiness organisations. Businesses rely upon theefficient distribution of their products in order tocompete and meet customer demands.

    ABMAs Clearing, Forwarding and ShippingManagement Certificate, Diploma and AdvancedDiploma qualifications will prepare you for a

    diverse and challenging career in the transportand logistics industries.

    The programme focuses on establishing afoundation of knowledge of shipping and officepractices as well as practical elements includingthe storage of goods and will develop your critical awareness of the fundamentals of the shippingindustry. You will continue to explore these concepts more thoroughly at an Advanced Diplomalevel, as well as adding to your knowledge of shipping practice by studying shipping operations andship management.

    A role within the transport and logistics industries will be challenging and this reflects thesatisfaction that can come from contributing to international and global business partnerships.


    Introduction to Shipping Shipping Practice Advanced Shipping Law

    Customs OperationsEconomics ofSea Transport

    Advanced Marine Insurance

    Clearing and ForwardingPractice

    Handling Cargoand Freight

    Shipping Operations

    Cargo Storageand Warehousing Marine Insurance and Law

    Ship Management

    Health and Safety Logistics Dissertation

    Certificate Advanced Diploma

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus




    Programme Structure

    The concept of community development evolvedfrom the geographical term 'urban regeneration'in the 1960's. Today the phrase is used to refer toissues related to social justice, sustainability,community participation and healthcare.

    Development in communities and nations all overthe world is the focus for charities,Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs),religious foundations and governmental bodies,

    all of which employ millions of people worldwidein the pursuit of a more developed world.

    An ABMA Certificate, Diploma and AdvancedDiploma qualification in Community Developmentis designed to enable you to be able to work at amanagerial level in international development, the health and social care sector, charitableorganisations or NGOs.

    These qualifications enable you to reflect critically upon social development, issues surroundingpoverty and community health, as well as tackling community issues with a business focus such as

    project management and the legal framework associated with social and community work.

    As a student with an ABMA qualification in Community Development, you will be able to have animpact on the growth and development of your local community, your nation as whole or across theworld by working for public, private or charitable organisations.


    Gender Issues Community Health Community Development 2

    Community Development 1 Sociology Project Management

    Social Work andCommunity Welfare

    Community Response Business Practice

    Population, Poverty andHuman Development

    Community EmpowermentLegal Framework in

    Community Development

    Synopsis Synopsis Dissertation

    Certificate Advanced Diploma

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    HIV/AIDS Management

    Programme Structure

    The HIV virus and the immune deficiency

    syndrome AIDS affects communities all over theworld. National governments organise the supportof HIV/AIDS sufferers and their families throughthe health and social care sector. As well asgovernment-based support, other organisationssuch as Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs),global health bodies such as the World HealthOrganisation (WHO) and charities assist with thetreatment and care of HIV/AIDS sufferers.

    An ABMA Certificate, Diploma and Advanced

    Diploma qualification is structured to provide youwith the experience and expertise necessary towork at a managerial level within the health andsocial care sectors. ABMAs HIV/AIDS Managementqualifications develop a critical understanding ofthe evaluative methods used in response to HIV/AIDS and the social implications of themanagement and treatment of HIV/AIDS sufferers. A career in HIV/AIDS management will berewarding and challenging and will involve liaising with national and international governments,global NGOs and charitable organisations as well as addressing the needs of local communities.

    An ABMA qualification in HIV/AIDS Management will provide you with the necessary skills andknowledge to help reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS locally, nationally or in the wider globalcommunity.


    HIV/AIDS Management HIV/AIDS Management 2 HIV/AIDS Management 3

    Community DevelopmentSocial and Corporate

    ResponsibilitiesProject Management

    Health and NutritionEducation

    Counselling andSocial Work

    UNAIDS Policy, Organisationsand Initiatives

    Population, Poverty andHuman Development

    Responding to HIV/AIDSLegal Framework in

    HIV/AIDS Management

    Synopsis Synopsis Dissertation

    Certificate Advanced Diploma

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus



    Public Relations

    Programme Structure

    The public relations industry plays a significant

    role in maintaining and communicating thefeatures of the profile, image and brandattributes of a variety of organisations inbusiness, the non-profit sector and increasingly atgovernmental level.

    Maintaining corporate reputation, image andcommunicating brand values and other messagesare important to the success of organisations thatare seeking to engage with potential and existingcustomers.

    ABMA's Public Relations qualifications, availableat Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diplomalevels, feature a wide range of business-focusedlearning applied to public relations. You willaddress the foundations of business management, economics and law and will gradually develop anincreasingly critical understanding as you advance through the qualification levels. You will alsodevelop a thorough theoretical grounding in public relations and its role within a variety oforganisations providing you with access to a complex and demanding career.


    Introduction to EconomicsManagement of

    Business RelationshipsAdvanced Business


    The Role of Public Relations Introduction to Business Law Advanced Public Relations

    Public Relationsand the Media

    Customer Service inPublic Relations

    Business Efficiency

    Business CommunicationThe Theory of

    Public RelationsBusiness Growth

    Synopsis Synopsis Dissertation

    Certificate Advanced Diploma

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    Frequently Asked Questions 24

    What is the duration of an ABMA qualification?

    The duration of an ABMA qualification will vary depending on the teaching structure of theinstitution where you wish to undertake your studies. ABMA qualifications are devised to be flexiblegiving you the opportunity to undertake an internationally recognised qualification whether youare leaving school and studying full-time or undertaking your studies while employed on apart-time basis.

    ABMA qualifications are available at Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level and each levelhas assigned Guided Learning Hours (GLH). An ABMA qualification can typically be completed within

    6-9 months. To find out more about the teaching duration, contact the ABMA Co-ordinator at yourlocal ABMA Affiliate Centre.

    ABMA programmes are taught through recognised ABMA Affiliate Centres and not viacorrespondence or distance learning. This ensures that the content of the syllabus is deliveredthrough qualified lecturers enhancing your knowledge and skills.

    Exemptions are available from ABMA and applications are submitted to the ABMA ExaminationTeam, supported by previous qualifications, once you are enrolled at one of our many approvedABMA Affiliated Centres. Should you already be in employment, previous experience can also betaken into account and an assessment of all previous learning is undertaken during the exemptionapplication process.

    In order to enrol for an ABMA programme you will need to speak to the ABMA Co-ordinator at your

    local ABMA Affiliated College. ABMA qualifications can be undertaken at many institutionsworldwide. Should you wish to find out which colleges in your local vicinity are offering thisprogramme please let us know where you reside as well as the town or city in which you areintending to study.

    Are ABMA qualifications available through distance learning?

    Can I apply for an exemption from certain units or a whole qualification level?

    How do I enrol onto an ABMA programme?

  • 7/27/2019 ABMA Student Prospectus


    ABMAVenture House42 London RoadStainesMiddlesex

    TW18 4HF

    [email protected]