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BRAM STOKER Ana Castro Cobo Iman khaled Ouahab

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BRAM STOKERAna Castro CoboIman khaled Ouahab

Full NameHis name was Abraham Stoker

Born (Place and date)November 8, 1847Clontarf, Flag of Ireland

Died (Place and date)April 20, 1912(64 years)London, England, UK

EducationAlma mater, Trinity College.(College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin)

JobsIn 1878 Stoker accepted a job working in London as Irving's staff secretary.

WorksAbraham "Bram" Stoker it was a NovelistThe Primrose PathUnder the Sunset (1882)The Snake's Pass (1890)

Most famous workHis famous work is Dracula

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