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Your weekly magazine Fr Issue # 143 ISSN: 1821 - 8075 June 24 - 30 / 2015 Free Copy Conversation begins here WWW.iPLAY8CASINO.COM INTERNET CASINO | SPORTS BETTING

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  • Your weekly magazine


    Issue # 143 ISSN: 1821 - 8075 June 24 - 30 / 2015



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  • P U B L I S H E D BYP R I M E LO C AT I O N I N V E S T M E N TS L I M I T E DTe l : + 2 5 5 7 6 7 7 1 1 1 2 0Te l : + 2 5 5 2 2 2 7 7 2 4 9 4

    E m a i l : a d ve r t i s e @ p r i m e l o c a t i o n t z . co m

    D e s i g n & L a yo u td ev m a b l og @ ro c ke t m a i l . co m

    A l l r i g h t s re s e r ve d .W h i l e eve r y c a re h a s b e e n t a ke n i n t h e p re p a ra t i o n of t h i s p u b l i c a t i o n , t h e p u b l i s h e r c a n a cce p t n o l i a b i l i t y fo r a n y e r ro rs o r o m i ss i o n s t h a t m a y o cc u r. T h i s p u b l i c a t i o n i s t h e exc l u s i ve p ro p e r t y of t h e p u b l i s h e r a n d n o p a r t o f t h e co n t e n t s m a y b e re p ro d u ce d i n a n y fo r m p r i o r w r i t e p e r m i ss i o n of t h e p u b l i s h e r. Terms and conditions apply.


    H o t s p o t s & N i g h t l i f e E a t O u t - E a t W e l l

    F i t n e s s C e n t r e G e n e r a l

    B u y & S e l l

    B e a u t y P a r l o u r T r a v e l & H o l i d a y s

    R e a l E s t a t e












    7 DAYS

    Ramadan Mubarak

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    Wed: 8pm-10pm: Bosphorus Cash Draw up to 1,700,000/=

    Fri: 2pm-9pm: Live Tables Sat: 12pm-07pm: Live Tables

    Sun: 5pm-7pm: Kilimanjaro Cash Draw up to 1,200,000/=

    Weekdays: 2pm-40m: Live Tables


    Call: +255 22 211 0100

    Night life &

    HOTSPOTSLounges | | Casinos | Shisha | Live Bands | Night Clubs | Bars

    Largest and oldest nightclub,

    some may say legendary,Indira Gandhi street,

    Dar es salaam, TanzaniaWed-sun 20:30-06:00Car park & drinks are


    Tel: +255 767 711120 whatsapp +255 755 686868 Email: [email protected]

    Daily opening Hours:Sun-Sat: 17pm- 1.00am Every Saturday night 17.00pm 22.00 pm Dusk to DJ. Soul full set Gourmet buffet Premium wine.Every Friday nights: 21.00pm 23.00pm Roof Top Jazz, live band.

    Location:24 Kivukoni FrontHyatt Regency, Dar es Salaam+255 764 701 234


    A Moderate Drinking Plan1. Set a realistic goal for your alcohol use2. Keep an honest journal of your drinking3. Start with a non-alcoholic drink to quench your thirst4. Dont drink on an empty stomach5. Alternate alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks6. Avoid heavy drinking situations.

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    Call us: +255 68309 4935 / +255 65398 0745



  • Eat wellEat outMexican | Ethiopian | Chinese | Indian Japanese Pizza

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    Open Tuesday - Sunday, from 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM.Location: 520 Haile Selassie Rd., Masaki Dar es salaamCuisines: Breakfast, Caf & Coffee House, Lebanese, Pizza, Sandwiches & Subs

    We supply fresh vegetables, fruits & more food items to home /businesses door steps.

    Just contact us to give you our prices.

    Cell: +255 715 363 800/ +255 754 363 800/ +255 789 363 800Email: [email protected]

    Opening Hours: 24 HoursMore details: Air Conditioning, Serving Alcohol, Occasional Music, Smoking Area, Non Smoking Area, On-site Parking, Indoor, Outdoor, Vegetarian Meals, Wine List.Cuisines: BBQ - Nyama Choma , Breakfast, Fast Food, International - Continental, Italian, Pizza, Take Away Location: Oysterbay/Masaki Dar Es SalaamCall: +255 (0) 784 888 830

    Experience American style Lunch and dinner daily and a wide selection of snacks and meals. Diners have choice of seating arrangements, either outside, upstairs on the open rooftop, or indoors. Located on Chole Road, Msasani Peninsular. Tel: +255 718 999 888

    Come and try the best coffee,cakes,snacks,juice,smoothies and understand our passion about

    coffee Opening hrs:Mon-Sun 7am-11pmLocation:Dar es salaam,mlimani

    city Contact:0772553319



    NUTRITIONAL TIPS FOR RAMADAN For balanced nutrition, try not to rely solely on Iftar to give you all your nutritional requirements. You can have other light meals before bed time such as low fat yoghurt and a whole-wheat cheese sandwich, or some dried fruits and nuts. Not to forget your Suhour that can include a glass of low fat milk, whole wheat

    bread and some legumes.

    From sunset until 10:30 pm - TSH 65,000. Break your fast with traditional Arabic Ramadan cuisine. Special Iftar party packages also available: Menu options from USD 38 inclusive of soft drinks. Complimentary private venue and prayer room. Our Events team will be delighted to arrange for an extravagant private Iftar buffet.Location: Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam Hotel Restaurant -Kivukoni Street


    IFTAR buffet for Tshs 25,000 per person , Booking essential.Location: Sea cliff Hotel, Toure Drive, Msasani Peninsula.City center, 2nd Floor, Haidery Plaza Kisutu street


  • Buy a& Sell

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    Cars | Computer & Laptop | Homes Appliances | Furniture | Cloth...


    The Broken Glasses

    My friend Asha was throwing a very grand party and wanted to borrow from me 100 wine glasses. I decided to send them through my boy servant, Harish. Just to give an incentive to Harish to deliver the glasses intact I offered him 3 paise for every glass delivered safely and threatened to forefeit 9 paise for every glass he broke.One settlement Harish receive Rs. 2.40 from me.How many glasses did Harish breakk?


    PUZZLE No. 10

    To confirm your answer please send to Magazine Manager Whatsapp

    No: +255 755 686868

    Tel: +255 767 711120whatsapp +255 755 686868

    Email: [email protected]


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    Page ISSUE no 14317Your FREE Copy

    Mon: 7:00am-8:00am Total Body Workout (Ladies Only)12:00pm-1:00pm Aerobics (Ladies Only) Tue: 7:00am-8:00am: Aerobics-- (Ladies Only)12:00pm-1:00pm: Work That Body (Ladies Only) 6:00pm-8:00pm: Salsa Wed: 7:00am-8:00am Total Body Workout (Ladies Only) 10:00am-12:00pm: Salsa 12:00pm-1:00pm: Aerobics (Ladies Only) Thu: 7:00am-8:00am: Aerobics (Ladies Only)12:00pm-1:00pm Work That Body6:00pm-8:00pm: SalsaFri: 7:00am-8:00am: Total Body Workout10:00am-12:00pm: Salsa12:00pm-1.00pm: AerobicsSat: 6:00am-7:00am: Yoga2:00pm-4:00pm: Salsa Social

    Location: DON BOSCO YOUTH CENTER UPANGA, ISEVYA STREET DAR ES SALAAMCall: +255 784 307 307Email: [email protected]

    Mon: 6:15-7:00am: Spinning Double Impact-Petros7:00-7:15am: Abs-Petros5:30-6:30pm: Low/high Beginners-Ibadi6:15-6:30pm: Abs Boost-Magnus6:30-7:30pm: Step Six-MagnusTue:6:15-7:00am: High Impact Aerobics-Yassin7:00-7:45am: Circuit Mix-instructor 25:30-6:30pm: Body Shape Up-Hussein6:30-7:30pm: Aerobic & Toning-YassinWed:6:15-7:00am Spinning-Petros7:00-7:15am Abs Challenge-Petros 5:30-6:15am Power Spinning-Marius6:15-6:30am Abs Mix-Magnus6:30-7:30 Classic Steps-Magnus Thu:6:15-7:00am: Challenge Body Shape-Yassin7:00-7:15: Abs-Yassin5.30-6.16: low & high impact beginners-Yassin6:15-6:30: Abs: Yassin6:30-7:30pm: Boot Camp Fat Burn-YassinFri:6:15-7:00am: Core Workout- Mohamed6:30-7:30pm: Tai Boo-Mohamed

    Location: GYMKHANA CLUB- GHANA AVENUE DAR ES SALAAMTel: 022 212 0422/ + 255 719 709 923

    Email: [email protected]:

    Mon: 8:30am: Slip way & 5:15pm: Golden Tulip Tue: 6pm Azura Gym, Wed: 8:30 am Yogalates (Slipway), Thu: 8am: Slipway & 6pm: Fitness Center Fri: 8:30am Slipway Sat: 8am-10am: Fitness Centre & 3pm: Azura Gym

    Call: +255 754 666 010

    The Gym at Oyster Bay offers Cardio, Cross and Weight training to individual and corporate clients. All our machines are from Life Fitness unless otherwise stated.Location: Ruaha House, Oyster Bay Shopping Centre.

    combines Martial Art, Dance and Music while providing you with an excellent workout.

    Dress code: white shirt and pantsMon: 6:30pm-8:00pm: The Russian Cultural Center Sea View, Thu: 6:30pm-8:00pm: Slip way Studio

    Email: [email protected]


    Only The Strong Shall SurvivePeople! this is as good as it gets! Come play PAINT-Ball and decide for yourself and see how good of a game it is.Location: Hekima Garden, Eyasi Street Mikocheni B Dar es salaam

    Tel: 0713 171751/ 0655 923210



    Monday09:00-10:00: Pilates-Glyniss12:00-13:00: Mens Yoga with Satya17:00-18:00 Adulty street Jazz with Fenella17:30-18:30 Pilates-Liqman18:30-19:30 Zumba with ShirinTuesday08:30-10:00 Hatha Yoga with Andrea09:30-10:30 Get Fit (all level) with Haroub14:00-15:00 Taekwondo Kids, age 4-6 with Abdullah14:30-15:30 Ballet, Pre-Primary & Primary, Age 5-7 years Fenella15:30-16:30: Junior jazz with Fenella16:30-17:30 Taekwondo Kids, Age 6+-with Abdulla16:30-17:30 Yoga for kids age 5-7 with Andrea16:00-17:00 Karate Kids age 7+ with Ruta17:30-18:30 Taebo with Shirin17:30-19:00 Ashtanga Yoga with AndreaWednesday08:30-10:00: Iyengar Yoga practice10:30-12:00: Power Yoga with Satya (Book in Advance)12:00-13:00: Boys Boogie, age 3-5 years (45 min class) with Fenella15:15-16:15: Junior Street age 6-12 with Fenella15:00-16:00: Taekwondo for girls age 11+ with Abdullah16:15-17:15: Ballet, Pre-Primary/Primary. Age 5-7 years with Fenella.17:00-18:30: Pregnancy Yoga with Andrea17:30-19:00: Power Yoga with Satya


    Tel: +255 767 711120whatsapp +255 755 686868

    Email: [email protected]


    Rules1. No junk food2. Low GI Carbs3. Be natural4. No snacks5. Less Alcohol6. Early Night7.Exercise Often8. Reduce Stress9. Build Muscle10. Get Fitter11. Have a Plan12. Start Now!

    Ways of reducing fat fitness

  • GENERALShopping | Suppliers | Hotel | Career growth | Jewelry

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    4 7 2 66 9

    8 7 4 13 9 7

    1 6 45 2 89 4 7 5

    1 43 5 9 2

    Lets Play Soduku No 14

    To confirm your answer please take a photo after filling and send to Magazine Manager Whatsapp No: +255 755 686868

    Tel: +255 767 711120whatsapp +255 755 686868

    Email: [email protected]



    Are you worried of your childs academic performance at school, and you have been looking for a committed teach-er to help you out? Then worry no more. A professional and dedicated teacher is available to help/guide, monitor and im-prove the progress of your child at your doorstep,

    Contact Teacher Nixon0762 339016 /0654 050 729


    +255 714 168971 / 0689 552131

    [email protected]

    Insurance Services Offered:- Home & Property Insurance- Fire & Perils Insurance- Life Insurance- Medical Insurance- Motor Insurance- Contractor all Risk- Travel Insurance- Goods in Transit Insurance- Professional Indemnity- And Other Product

  • palour

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    Page ISSUE no 14322 Your FREE Copy


    Tel: +255 767 711120whatsapp +255 755 686868

    Email: [email protected]



    Chinese Massage Reexology

    Black spot, Agry importryOpen daily- from10:30am to 10:30pm

    Relaxation or Treatment Increase Energy for Beauty Increase Energy for better Job Performance

    Relief Tension, Street & Depression,Constipation Insomnia, Migraine,Neck, Back Pain, Muscle Firming Black Spot,

    Aging, Impotency, Sliming, Detoxification

    1) New Avon Hotel (city center)2) Fitness Center ( Oysterbay) Msasani road, Masaki3) Blue Pearl 4 stars Hotel Ubungo Plaza

    Sms/ Whatsapp 0756 501 137 / 0767 410007

    Addresses :

  • Mon-Sun: OpenSpecial offers @ Hyatt Regency, The KilimanjaroDouble your pointsBook the Double Your Points rate and get free nights faster. Advance purchase offerTake advantage of our Advance Purchase RateExploreExperience local life & all of its ingredients during your stay Breakfast daily for up to two people A four-hour city tourRomanceTake a time to reconnect

    Location: KIVUKONI FRONT,City Center Dar Es Salaam, TanzaniaTel: +255 764 70 1234Fax: +255 22 212 0777Email: [email protected]

    Mon, Wed & Fri: 7am: ZNZ/DARDaily: 11:30am: ZNZ/DARDaily: 6:15pm: DAR/ZNZ & 8:00am: DAR/ZNZDaily flights: ZNZ to DAR, Pemba & Arusha

    Tell: +255 24 2233670/2233768Email: [email protected]

    Daily Flights Dar/Joburg & Return: 9 Flights Per Week Mon-Fri: 7 FlightsSat & sun: 2 FlightsLocation: RAHA TOWERS DAR ES SALAAM Tel: +255 22 211 7055

    Daily09:00am: DAR/Arusha USD 26516:45pm: DAR/Bagamoyo USD 14007:30am: DAR/ZNZ USD 7009:00am: DAR/Tanga USD 190

    Daily flights: Pemba, Selous, Moshi, Rukwa, Mafia and ManyaraTel: +255 752 627 925Email: [email protected]/[email protected]

    Daily: SPECIAL FARES Kjaro-Nairobi: USD 328Mwanza-Nairobi: USD 420Dar-Nairobi: USD 438Fares are excluding all taxes

    Location: Coral Lane, Msasani Peninsula, Dar es SalaamTel: 255 784 260192Email: [email protected]

    Direct Flights from Dar es Salaam Mon-Wed: 16:45pm-23:20pm: DAR-DUBAI Flight: EK 726 Non Stop Boeing 777-300 (773)Fri-Sun: 16:45pm-23:20pm: DAR-DUBAI Flight: EK 726 Non-stop Boeing 777-300 (773)

    Location: S34, Haidry Plaza ComplexAli Hassan Mwinyi RoadDar es salaam, TanzaniaTel:+255 22 211 6100 / 1 / 2

    Tel: +255 767 711120whatsapp +255 755 686868

    Email: [email protected]


    Daily flights: DAR/ENTEBE: 87,500 Tsh. (exc. Tax charges) DAR/LUSAKA: 87,500 Tsh. (exc. Tax charges DAR/JOBURG: 87,500 Tsh. (exc. Tax charges

    Hotline: +255 784 108 900Email: [email protected] [email protected]

    Best Deals from Tanzania

    London: Economy from 887 USD Paris: Economy from 660 USD Mumbai: Economy from 543 USD Washington D.C: Economy from 1,020 USD

    Opening:Mon-Fri: 08.30am-05.00pm Sat: 08.30am-01.00pm Sun: closed

    Tel: 022 2198301-302-303-305Office Location: Junction of Zanaki and Bibi Titi RoadElia Complex Building, Ground Floor, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

    HolidayTravel &Hotels | Travel Agencies | Boats | Car Rentals | Airlines Rentals

    Tzs. 5,000/- only

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    Mob: 0759 887785 / 0767 711120

    Mob: 0759 887785, 0767 711120 ,Email: [email protected]


    House for saleIn Faru street, Kariakoo, Dar es salaam ( standalone). Nearby by a hospital. Price: Tzs 800 Million.

    Call: +255787528745

    A commercial plot for sale

    In Kibaha facing Morogoro main road. 7,000 square metres, suitable for petrol station or transport/logis-tics company. Price: USD 420,000.

    Call: +255787528745

    Land for sale in Kibaha Kongowe Misufiri suitable for farming 20 acres.Price: 180 Million

    Call: +255787528745

    Luxurious beach resort for sale

    In Makumbusho, Zanzibar 12,000 sqm.Price: USD 1.1M

    Mobile: +255787528745Email for details:

    [email protected]


    At least 2000sqm. Should be prime lo-cated with easy road access and good neighborhood. Not far from the road.

    NICE HOUSE MSASANI BEACHSelf-contained, 2 bedrooms, sitting room, Dining, Kitchen, Toilet and Bath, Fully Air conditioned, Slide window, Servants quarter, Water and Electricity, Parking area.Price is US. 800PM, call 0715-607878

    BEAUTIFUL APARTMENTStudio furnished, 1 Self contained, Sitting room, Kitchen, Slide window, fully tiled, Water and Electricity, Park-ing areaPrice is US. 450PM, call 0787-6891291

    NICE HOUSE FURNISHED SHEARD COMPOUND MSASANI BEACH1 Self contained, Sitting room, Kitchen, Air Conditioned, Slide windows, Water and Electricity, Parking areaPrice is US. 800PM, negotiatable, call 0715-607878


    1 Self contained, 1 Bedroom, Sitting room, Kitchen, Toilet and Bathroom, Air Conditioned, Water and Electricity, Parking.Price is US. 1000PM, Negotiatable, call 0787-689129


    Three to Four bedrooms standalone house (single or double storey) in Miko-cheni, Kawe or Mbezi Beach. Should be in a good neighborhood, with good roads passable throughout the year. Ample parking space and must be fenced.

    Contact us 0754711120 / 0767 711120 Email: [email protected]

    APARTMENT FOR SALEThree bedrooms apartment in Mikocheni along Mwai Kibaki road, in the vicinity to Baraka Plaza, Shoppers plaza, May fair and Dar es Salaam International School. Other neighbors include Sanitas Hospital and high end community of Mikocheni. Amenities include Swimming pool, GYM, standby generator and 24hrs security. It is a walking distance to the beach. Cur-rently occupied with a long term contract tenant. Price USD 220,000.

    Contact us 0754711120 / 0767 711120 Email: [email protected]

    APARTMENT WANTED MASAKIShould be Two or Three bedrooms apart-ment in Masaki in a cool and secured neighborhood. Amenities should include swimming pool, GYM and 24 hours se-curity. Rent not above USD 2000 all in-clusive.

    Contact us 0754711120 / 0767 711120 Email: [email protected]


    In Mikocheni along Mwai Kibaki Road with a walking distance to the beach. Its neighborhood includes all big shop-ping malls (Baraka Plaza, May Fair and Shoppers Plaza), high end neighborhood of Mikocheni, academy schools just to mention a few. Amenities include Swim-ming pool, GYM, standby genrator and 24hrs security. It is currently occupied by a tenant.

    Contact us 0754711120 / 0767 711120 Email: [email protected]

    APARTMENT WANTED- END OF JULYShould comprise three bedrooms in the area of Mikocheni, Regent Estate or Msa-sani. Amenities should include swimming pool, GYM, 24 hours security and standby generator. Rent USD 1800-2000.

    Contact us 0754711120 / 0767 711120 Email: [email protected]

    OFFICE SPACE WANTEDWe have clients looking for office spaces in the sizes of 25sqm, 40sqm, 50sqm, 60sqm and 75sqm. Should be in prime areas with reliable security, easy access to the road and visibility. Areas should be Mikocheni, Morocco to Makumbusho and the likes.

    Contact us 0754711120 / 0767 711120 Email: [email protected]

    HOUSE FOR SALE IN MIKOCHENI BIn a prime area of Mikocheni B. Comprises of three bedrooms in good size compound with ample parking space. It is surrounded by good neighborhood with good road access throughout and facing a primary school. Asking price Tzs 300,000,000.

    Contact us 0754711120 /0767 711120 Email: [email protected]

    For Property buying/selling/rentingProperty ManagementLand development consultancy

    Tel: +255 715/754/789 363800 Email: [email protected]


  • Mob: 0759 887785 / 0767 711120

    Mob: 0759 887785, 0767 711120 ,Email: [email protected]