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this is my architecture portfolio

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  • R PR P

    PortfolioRobin Portier

  • R PR P

    inhoudstafel CAAD - Webtutorials Achitectural Computing

    Rhinoceros ArchiCAD

    Studio Architecture ASRO Revisited

    Studio Photoshop Santiago de Chil skyline elements

  • CAAD - Webtutorials

    November 2011 created I a facebook-page, CAAD-tutorials - RPortierPro-ductions, to help fellowstudents with learning ArchiCAD/BIM-modelling for there was a lack on easy real-time tuto-rials on the net. On this page i post the links with the tutorials which ive posted on the popular filmsite youtube. For the moment there are over 20 tutori-als circling around which reached over 17000 watchings (on youtube alone).

  • Achitectural ComputingRhinocerosDuring the courses of Architectural comput-ing we had to make a variation of our project of the second semester of the first year which was house in the cityscene.We had to add some inter-esting freeform modelling. Afterwards id made the lava composition to car-acterise the smooth sub-stantial-like facade of the design and to emphanize the alienating character.

  • Achitectural ComputingArchiCADI think i can say that BIM-modelling made the most radical change in way i work this year. However i was very critical (as a autoCAD-adept) to make the step from autoCAD to ArchiCAD i may have recognise the fast way of working and other advan-tages of BIM-modelling. It makes that nowadays i al-most exclusively work with the program. This is only a florelegium from what i made as studymaterial while learning with it dur-ing the Archcomp-lessons.

  • StudioArchitectureASRO RevisitedASRO Revisited was a large project we had to do for the course architectural design-ing in the second semester of the second year. It con-tained a faculty-building for the education of the civil-engineer-architects. The site was localized on top of the head of kessel-lo next to what have to become the belle-vue park of Leuven. The Belle-vue park which was a great inspiration for the de-sign of the project, reflected in the green hill which is kind of a lathe for the circulation and living in the universityfaculty.

  • left: a sight when approxi-mating the ASRO-site walk-ing out the Belle-vue park.

    right: classroom 1 on the first floor, covers place for 46 students. The spe-cial form room around the mid-wind-ing staircase (which provides the main circulation) create a very nice and also intense experience of the spatial entity.

    left: a sight of the workplace(studio) on the second floor. The use of au-thentic materials must bind the archtitecture students with their history, while the modus of its placing, must make them aware of the abil-ity to think out of the box.

  • StudioPhotoshopSantiago de Chilthe previous page shows the photoshop project ive made for this portfolio. Its from a pho-tograph my sister made in Santiago de Chil in februari 2012. First ive photoshopped the pic-ture (lens-correction, image-settings). Then i went further and made some radical changes to its skyline, by plac-ing new skyline-defin-ing elements/buildings. I think you will recog-nise some of them.

    Boerentoren - Antwerp

    Searstower - Chicago

    the Empire State Building - New York

  • Cathedral - BarcelonaCostanera Center - Santiago de Chil

    Eiffeltower - Paris

  • Robin PortierKU Leuven 2012

    robin portier@student.kuleuven.bewww.student.kuleuven.be/~r0252241

    youtube facebookas rportierproductions