DE Conferentie 2006 Mark Vanderbeeken

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Transcript of DE Conferentie 2006 Mark Vanderbeeken

  • 1. Mark Vanderbeeken Experientia Playful media interactions Een presentatie voor Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie 2006Experientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 2. Mark Vanderbeeken Strategic communicationsSenior partner in charge of visioning, identity Work experienceand strategic communications at Experientia IEDC-Bled School of ManagementMark Vanderbeeken is a specialist in visioning, identity Michelangelo Pistolettodevelopment and strategic communications Foundationand worked in Italy, Denmark, the USA and Belgium. Wetlands InternationalHe was communications manager of the Interaction Design Interaction Design Institute IvreaInstitute Ivrea (Ivrea, Italy), European communications WWF, World Widecoordinator for the World Wide Fund for Nature (or WWF, Fund for NatureCopenhagen, Denmark), marketing director of Gwathmey Siegel Gwathmey Siegel && Associates Architects (New York, USA) and chief press officer Associates Architectsof Antwerp 93, Cultural Capital of Europe (Antwerp, Belgium). Antwerp 93, Cultural Capital of EuropeHe is the author of Experientias successful experience designblog Putting People First.Experientia | May 2006 2006 Experientia
  • 3. What is Experientia?An international experience design consultancy, Our visionhelping companies and organisations to innovate People and their experiencestheir products, services and processes by putting are at the heart of our innovation approachpeople first. Our servicesExperientia is based in Turin, Italy, and is a Conduct researchmember of the Finsa Group. Develop strategies Create solutions Design prototypes Test resultsExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 4. People-centred design A design philosophy and a process in which the needs, wants and limitations of people are given extensive attention at each stage of the design process of a product, service or environment.Experientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 5. Experience design The approach of designing products, Sources Cognitive and perceptual processes, services, events, and psychology environments as the design of a human Cognitive science Usability experience that takes into consideration Environmental design peoples needs, desires, beliefs, Product design Information design and knowledge, skills, experiences, and information architecture Interaction design perceptions. Service design Ethnography Brand management Storytelling HeuristicsExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 6. Putting people first desirable CULTURE feasible TECHNOLOGY sustainable BUSINESSExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 7. Communicating innovation desirable CULTURE Experience Brand feasible TECHNOLOGY Products & sustainable services BUSINESSExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 8. A diagramme People Understand In-depth understanding of user needs through observation and analysis User profiles Context Ideas Foresight Design Research and scenarios User-centred on future developments design concepts and strategies Scenarios Design specification Experience Touchpoints Test Prototypes Comprehensive usability analysis Strong user experiences Implementation support Iterative prototypesExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 9. Playful learning The experience is the goal: Applications Research institutions learning is fun and fun is learning Colleges and universities Self-explaining and self-learning Business innovation International policy organisations (serious The learning becomes engaged learning games) Museums and cultural spacesExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 10. Playful learning: researchExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 11. Playful learning: business innovationExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 12. Playful learning: serious gamesExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 13. PeaceMakerExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 14. Food Force (UN WFP)Experientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 15. A Force More PowerfulExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie
  • 16. Darfur is DyingExperientia | December 2006 Digitaal Erfgoedconferentie