To be or not to be in virtual reality and musea

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Transcript of To be or not to be in virtual reality and musea

  • Travel without movingTravel without moving

  • Laat het me zien en ik zal het onthouden.Laat het me ervaren en ik zal het me eigen maken.


    Detlef La Grand | Founder VRmaster

  • Check our workspace at Matterport

  • Storytelling is a fundamental human need

    We tell stories

  • We share experiences

  • Panorama Mesdag

    Hendrik Willem Mesdag (1881)

  • Stereophotography

    Holmes stereophoto (1861)

    The View-Master

    William Gruber(1938)

  • Close your eyes and go anywhere you want

  • Oculus Rift

    Kickstarter (2012)

  • Google Cardboard

    Google (2014)

  • Samsung

    Samsung S7 launch


  • From encyclopedia to Wikipedia

  • From television to teleporting

  • HistoryStep into a Brueghel painting

    ScienceLook around in the international Space Station

    EntertainmentTake a David Bowie train ride

    EducationStep into the artist footsteps

    SociologyVisit Aleppo

    GeographyDive into the ocean

    VR is a new way of telling stories







  • Virtual Reality is fantastic, but is expensive, difficult to make

    and hard to use.

    Develop a VR environment with special software is


    Expensive hardwarewhich is hard to get

    or use

    Publish in App Storescan take more than a


  • VRmaster offers, a browser-based virtual reality publication platform and CMS.

    Independent VR platformMobile first iOS, Android, Edge

    Mac, Windows, Oculus OS

    Generic VR features To create powerful VR experiences

    to present your company

    Track engagementIn VR analytics of behaviour

    and reach

    Launched in 2014


  • and theres more to come

  • 360 cameras

  • VR software

  • Real time 3D scanning VR wearables

    Free movementBrain control

  • 3D scanning by Project Tango

  • Welcome in Eindhoven

  • We bring VR to the web

  • Founders

    Detlef La Grand, Founder | CEOMSc Innovation Management/Design Academy and online concept developer.

    Freddy Snijder, Co-founder | CTOMSc electrical engineering and lead software architect.


  • On iOS devices, choose Add to homescreen to experience VR video on


  • Travelling without movingDetlef La GrandFounder [email protected]@detleflg