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  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:00 Jesse_Eisenberg:I am here in space.

    10:00 [Comment From ilovejesse]

    i have stuff to do today! how long is the chat? :)

    10:00 [Comment From anastasia_stels]

    Jesse, I very much like that you do. Thanks you!=*

    10:00 [Comment From Simi]

    okay, 2 more minutes

    10:00 [Comment From K August]

    Test 2

    10:00 [Comment From owner-duck]

    so excited!

    10:00 [Comment From Andrea]


    10:00 andrew_garfield:hello

    10:00 [Comment From steve]

    Who else is going to pick up the blu ray on tuesday??? I will , so excited, such a great movie

    10:00 [Comment From hattie]

    ;D how much of this do you think is going to be


    10:00 [Comment From Eliza]

    can this start now adasfasd

    10:00 [Comment From Simi]

    why scared?

    10:00 [Comment From Emmy]

    will they be chatting from the same place?

    10:00 [Comment From M.]

    this is going to be legendary lol

    10:00 andrew_garfield:so hows it going?

    10:00 [Comment From Simi]

    yeah, im east coast too

    10:00 [Comment From Crystal]

    Can we all be respectful and normal please. Nothing embarrassing and


    10:01 [Comment From Andrea]


    10:01 [Comment From Becky]


    10:01 [Comment From Robin]

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    ^ im definitely scared for these boys

    10:01 [Comment From Ritaaa]

    lol same

    10:01 [Comment From Rocio]

    lo I don't even have a question

    10:01 [Comment From Shirley]

    Hey Patrick, where are they chatting from and will they see everything

    that's been posted so far?

    10:01 [Comment From Mel]

    lol well this will be interesting

    10:01 [Comment From Kristie]

    Me too Berlynn

    10:01 [Comment From Eliza]

    When will this start?

    10:01 [Comment From Letcia]I have a few...

    10:01 [Comment From aleah]

    oh man. i woke up just in time

    10:01 [Comment From Robin]


    10:01 [Comment From Angie]

    Supporting Robin's Abraham moratorium

    10:01 [Comment From Rocio]

    T U M B L R

    10:01 [Comment From Joan]Steve, I had problems with the time too, I'm from Brazil haha

    10:01 [Comment From Mirka]

    I'm from Slovakia, it's 7 pm here...

    10:01 [Comment From Emily]

    Please don't break the fourth wall

    10:01 [Comment From Abraham]


    10:01 [Comment From Berlynn]


    10:01 [Comment From Brandon]


    10:01 [Comment From Simi]

    i dont know what to ask though

    10:02 [Comment From Jenny]


  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:02 PatrickDay:Hey Jesse and Andrew! Thanks for joining us. One of the biggest questions everyonehas is whether you two are in the same room right now...

    10:02 [Comment From steve]

    i am i the only dude hear, i guess i have a man crush on jesse

    10:02 [Comment From Eliza]


    10:02 [Comment From Kristie]


    10:02 [Comment From Maria]

    okay, so no video? I FEEL BETRAYED BY THE INTERNET

    10:02 [Comment From Anisha]

    Hi everyone!

    10:02 [Comment From Becky]


    10:02 Jesse_Eisenberg:We are in different rooms, but they look the same

    10:02 [Comment From Simi]

    i feel i know enough i guess

    10:02 [Comment From Rocio]

    why is the chicken not nominated for a golden globe I am just wondering

    10:02 [Comment From Dee]

    you guys can hear each other?

    10:02 [Comment From ilovejesse]


    10:02 andrew_garfield:i designed my room to look like his kitchen

    10:02 [Comment From Letcia]

    Stop playing u______u

    10:02 [Comment From Brandon]

    they here

    10:02 [Comment From Mallaurie]

    lol abraham

    10:02 [Comment From Lo]

    lol abraham

    10:02 [Comment From Alice]


    10:02 [Comment From Andrea]


    10:02 [Comment From Victoria]

    Having a tumblr should be a prerequisite for uh, not, being in this chat.

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:02 [Comment From Natalie]

    Ri, I think so. ?

    10:02 [Comment From Mika]

    Abraham is not that man

    10:02 andrew_garfield:the chicken got shorted

    10:02 [Comment From hattie]

    I'm making a beard hat to pass the time

    10:03 [Comment From Rachel]


    10:03 [Comment From Andrew W.]

    Mention Chickens or Abraham in one minute, and someone will hurt someone, probably.

    10:03 PatrickDay:Facebook has been in the news quite a bit since the movie came out. Developmentswith the Winkelvoss twins, etc. Have you two followed the latest or have you been busywith your own careers?

    10:03 [Comment From Kristie]


    10:03 [Comment From Ali]

    BRB thinking of a proper question to ask

    10:03 [Comment From Karen]

    Congrats to both Jesse & Andrew on their brilliant performances & success in "The Social Network",

    Andrew, your performance in "Never Let Me Go" blew me away. As an acting coach you totally moved me.

    What type of preparation as an actor do you do to bring about such emotionally moving characters?

    10:03 andrew_garfield:

    well karen thank you

    10:04 [Comment From Becky]


    10:04 [Comment From Emmy]


    10:04 [Comment From april]


    10:04 [Comment From Bailey]

    seen their movie four times so excited

    10:04 [Comment From Ali]haha

    10:04 Jesse_Eisenberg:I follow the facebook news as a layman. I'm interested like everyone else is, and I don'tfeel that I have any special insight into their business.

    10:04 [Comment From Angie]

    hi jesse!

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:04 [Comment From charlotte]

    hi jesse!

    10:04 andrew_garfield:i find it very difficult to be an actor to be honest. to access emotions on cue is aninhuman thing to achieve. so its never simple

    10:04 [Comment From steve]

    hey dude

    10:04 [Comment From Kim]

    What is the strangest thing a role required you to do?

    10:04 [Comment From carolyn]

    are you i palm springs for the festival award

    10:05 [Comment From Paula]


    10:05 [Comment From C Muggz]

    oh my god

    10:05 andrew_garfield:i trained at a great drama school and had great teachers and i am constantly inspired byother people s performances

    10:05 [Comment From Charlie]

    Crazy stuff. Oh my god. Hyperventilation takes over.

    10:05 [Comment From Curd]

    And it has begun!

    10:05 [Comment From Rocio]

    wait what

    10:05 [Comment From Mirka]oh gosh I'm smiling like an idiot

    10:05 [Comment From Dee]

    they're here, guys

    10:05 [Comment From freya]

    omg hiiiiiiiii

    10:05 [Comment From Joan]

    Hi Jesse! How do you do?

    10:05 [Comment From Claudia]

    Jesse! Andrew!

    10:05 [Comment From steve]

    i loved the scene when you smashed the computer, how much did you enjoy that, spidey??

    10:05 Jesse_Eisenberg:Hi Joan, I am all right. how are you?

    10:05 [Comment From Charlie]

    Would you ever do something particularly strange for a film or do you have a limit on what you would do in

    a film?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:05 [Comment From ally]

    Andrew, you were brilliant in Never Let Me go.

    10:06 andrew_garfield:and if you are in a scene with a great actor opposite you your job is easier. like jessewas incredibly useful

    10:06 [Comment From Annie]

    So can we start with questions?

    10:06 andrew_garfield:steve yes it was very fun.

    10:06 [Comment From Brandon]

    hey hows spider man andrew

    10:06 andrew_garfield:i have a lot of rage as a person which i didnt realize i had

    10:07 [Comment From Vik]

    You guys are wonderful! what were your favourite movie of 2010?

    10:07 andrew_garfield:brandon spiderman is great fun thanks. and really tiring, but mostly fun as hell

    10:07 [Comment From ilovejesse]

    I have already ordered the Blu-ray to see Jesse!

    10:07 [Comment From Lila]

    HELLO :)

    10:07 [Comment From Letcia]

    Hi Andrew, Hi Jesse!

    10:07 [Comment From Mallaurie]

    i'm extremely excited for the dvd

    10:08 Jesse_Eisenberg:i agree with Andrew; it is easier to act opposite someone who is good and taking itseriously. Performing can be such a strange and silly thing, but if you're working withpeople who treat it seriously and are thoughtful it can become wonderful and a lot of fun

    10:08 PatrickDay:Social Network seems to be a triumph for something people say was endangered inHollywood -- the adult drama. Did you guys ever wonder while making it if there was anaudience for this?

    10:08 andrew_garfield:

    vik i really loved the fighter, toy story 3, carlos, a prophet, how to train your dragon, thekarate kid........many more

    10:08 andrew_garfield:yes patrick constantly. we never thought anyone would watch it or see the point of it

    10:09 [Comment From K]

    I wonder why the release date of DVD/Blu-ray is so late in UK! cant wait to buy one!

    10:09 [Comment From Simi]

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    Is there any special director you would like to work with that you haven't yet? Either of you?

    10:09 andrew_garfield:maybe cos we were so close to it

    10:09 Jesse_Eisenberg:

    To Patrick: While we were shooting the movie, I thought it was going well and would begood (the script was phenomenal) but I was actually a bit concerned that it might be tooclever or too complicated/fast moving to be followed and enjoyed by many people

    10:09 [Comment From Andrea]

    Jesse, you said you listened to a lot of musicals growing up. What's your favorite musical?

    10:09 [Comment From Amy]

    For Andrew: I recently rewatched a lot of Doctor Who episodes, and noticed you were in Daleks in

    Manhattan - what was it like working on Doctor Who?

    10:09 andrew_garfield:simi i love ken loach, paul thomas anderson, mike liegh

    10:10 [Comment From Nora]How are your cats, Jesse?

    10:10 Jesse_Eisenberg:To Andrea: I like Pacific Overtures, Floyd Collins. You?

    10:10 andrew_garfield:amy, it was great fun, i love david tennant, hes so talented and i am a big fan of theshow so it was just pure fun

    10:10 andrew_garfield:how are your cats jesse?

    10:10 [Comment From SteveC]

    Reznor and Ross created an incredible soundtrack as the score, how did you feel about it in regards to thetone of the movie?

    10:10 Jesse_Eisenberg:Hi Nora, my cats are weird

    10:11 [Comment From Mel]

    Hey Andrew, how has it been working with Emma Stone so far?

    10:11 [Comment From Amy?!]


    10:11 [Comment From Novus]


    10:11 [Comment From carolyn]What films are you guys looking forward to seeing that you haven't seen yet?

    10:11 [Comment From Sarah]

    How do you guys feel about interacting with fans of your movies, particularly this one?

    10:11 andrew_garfield:mel she s very special. and hilarious and sweet. its been pretty great i really like d get on i think

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:11 [Comment From Sheree_WL]

    Hi! What was your favourite scene in the movie?

    10:11 [Comment From teapot]

    has there been any point where you've seriously reconsidered acting as your profession? i'm about to start

    uni this year, studying graphic design and have had a few doubts about starting a career in the creative


    10:12 [Comment From Michelle]

    Hello, Andrew and Jesse! Would you ever consider co-starring in another film together?

    10:12 [Comment From Erica]

    Jesse, what is you favorite Andrew Garfield film? and Andrew, what is your favorite Jesse Eisenberg film?

    (My favorite is Red Riding and Adventureland!) =)

    10:12 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Mel: the score perfectly suits the film and these characters. There is a strange and offputting musical buzz through a few of the tracks that coincides with mark's inner life --never shutting down and a bit dark

    10:13 andrew_garfield:teapot. yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesy all the time. i always have doubts about what to doeverysecond of my life. read if you havent already, letters to a young poet by rainemaria rilke

    10:13 andrew_garfield:that helped me......a bit

    10:13 Jesse_Eisenberg:To Michelle and Erica: I would love to be in another movie with Andrew! It was athrilling and challenging experience. I love andrew in everything I've seen him in.

    10:13 PatrickDay:Fincher's talked about making actors shoot scenes until they flub up and createsomething spontaneous. Can you both give an example of a "flub" that made it into themovie?

    10:13 [Comment From Ally]

    Were there any scenes you were scared to film or that were difficult for you guys?

    10:13 andrew_garfield:erica i feel the same way

    10:14 [Comment From Joan]

    I'm doing well, thank you!! Just wondering, what are you doing next on movies?

    10:14 [Comment From Berlynn]

    OH MY GOD I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH MEDICATION FOR THIS. Hyperventilation in 3...2...1

    10:14 [Comment From gaby]

    how both of you feel with the possibility of being nominated for an oscar?

    10:14 [Comment From owner-duck]

    hello Jesse and andrew . i'm thai fan ... I'm so glad to meet you in space ^ ^

    10:15 [Comment From Amy]

    What's it like experiencing this sudden explosion of fame? Is it overwhelming, or fun (or both)?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:15 Jesse_Eisenberg:To Patrick: We would do many takes of each scene, but it was more about being ableto try many different things, rather than trying to screw up in an interesting way. Wesaid every line in the script word for word, so there are no improvised lines and veryfew improvised moments.

    10:15 [Comment From lex]so excited that TSN got nominated for so much this awards season, i hope you guys win some, 'cause you

    really deserve it.

    10:15 andrew_garfield:ally i was scared to film the scene where i smash the computer, and the scene wherebrenda song goes down on me.

    10:15 [Comment From Jenina]

    how many takes did the laptop smash scene take?

    10:15 [Comment From Allen]

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there were any paricular rituals you went through to get in the mindset of Mark

    or Eduardo while filming? What types of activities get you in the role or scene?

    10:16 andrew_garfield:jenina, a bunch. all told in the 60 s probably???

    10:16 [Comment From Victoria]

    How many computers were harmed in the making of this film and did you hear from any computer rights


    10:16 [Comment From Ali]

    do you ever suffer from character bleed when filming? like fi you're character is in a bad headspace, that

    follows you out of the studio? or are you quite good at shutting off from your character?

    10:16 [Comment From alice]

    how your lives changed after the social network? I mean, you guys were famous already, but that was

    kinda huge.

    10:16 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Allen: I liked to listen to mark's voice during the day on an ipod. He speaks with suchassurance and conviction that it helped me get into that mindset

    10:17 [Comment From Sapna]

    How did you both bond on set? Did you both hang out a lot?

    10:17 andrew_garfield:allen, i danced alot. in my trailer before most scenes. and i listened to alot of sambamusic and the city of god soundtrack

    10:17 PatrickDay:And playing off Alice's question: judging by the attendance in this chat, you guys havea lot of female fans. Have you noticed a lot more female attention in real life?

    10:18 andrew_garfield:ali, i find it hard to drop the scenes from the day, especially if we hadnt completed ascene and were gonna shoot the next day. that was hard.

    10:18 [Comment From Jenn]

    Did you guys ever met Trent Reznor, or you didn't have that chance?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:21 [Comment From Karen]

    to both Andrew and Jesse : What was your very first acting experience ? As a young one ?

    10:21 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Laura: The first scene we shot together was exiting the Bill Gates speech (although itwas reshot several months later). The last scene was the final deposition room scene.

    10:21 andrew_garfield:laura my first scene was with the silly hat outside the carribean party, and my last scenewas getting the phoenix envelope slipped under my door

    10:21 [Comment From fede]

    i have to ask this to jesse, How was shooting with flip flops? seems brutal with the weather

    10:21 andrew_garfield:jesse you lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10:21 Jesse_Eisenberg:i stand corrected

    10:21 Jesse_Eisenberg:I'm now standing

    10:21 Jesse_Eisenberg:its harder to type

    10:21 andrew_garfield:hahahahaha

    10:21 [Comment From Andrea]

    Did you make up that little dance you did Andrew?

    10:22 [Comment From karatesluts]

    Andrew, do you know that most of Tumblr refer to you as Bambi? How does that make you feel inside?

    Warm, I hope.

    10:22 [Comment From freya]

    IF you had the choice, would you swap lives with your character for a day to see how their lives really are?

    10:22 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Fede: running with flip flops is painful and dumb. my legs hurt for months.

    10:22 andrew_garfield:andrea, that was coreographed by the bolshoi ballet

    10:22 [Comment From Simi]

    Oh Andrew, what dance you did in the carribean party...your trademark!!!!!

    10:22 [Comment From Joanna]

    Have you ever had any fan experiences that kinda made you go, "Hmm, I should install more locks on my


    10:22 [Comment From Lillie]

    Jesse, how has the experience of being mobbed at Whole Foods changed your life?

    10:22 Jesse_Eisenberg:i was stalked by a locksmith

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:22 [Comment From lindsey]

    i'm laughing so hard right now

    10:22 [Comment From atiqah]

    hahaha, u guys 2 cute

    10:23 [Comment From anna]

    Is JT actually that suave or is it all an act

    10:23 andrew_garfield:bambi? like the deer? cool

    10:23 [Comment From Jenina]

    Who would you cast to play yourselves in a movie about your life?

    10:23 [Comment From Sheree_WL]


    10:23 [Comment From Ali]

    jesse ever thought of a career in stand up?

    10:23 andrew_garfield:jenina, i would cast fela kuti

    10:23 [Comment From Seonaid]

    Andrew - is it true you're going to play Robert Capa alongside Gemma Arterton?

    10:23 [Comment From Cimarron]

    Andrew and Jesse: what has been the highlight of your careers so far?

    10:23 [Comment From Bailey]

    I'm loving the conversation between you two.... start your own reality show please.

    10:23 [Comment From Mirka]

    Andrew, what was the last time you hung out with the brit pack? don't you miss it?

    10:24 andrew_garfield:anna, jt is the best.

    10:24 [Comment From Mariel]

    Have you both written your awards acceptance speeches for the Golden Globes?

    10:24 [Comment From Diigii]

    Hi jesse, hi Andrew....

    10:24 [Comment From Jenny]

    Andrew, did you get to learn anything about Brazil/Portuguese? And Jesse, did you learn anything about

    programming? Also, your opinions on Persian cats, please.

    10:24 [Comment From Kitt]

    Good Luck to all of you in the upcoming awards. Congrats on all

    10:24 [Comment From Diana]

    andrew: congrats on that hair award you got from esquire!

    10:24 [Comment From Sara]

    Jesse, did you get to keep any of the clothes from TSN?

    10:24 andrew_garfield:diana thanks x

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:24 [Comment From Kate]

    Hi guys! What kind of research did you do for your roles in the social network?

    10:24 [Comment From plugga]

    ok guys you are absolutely HILARIOUS. never change lmao.

    10:24 [Comment From steve]

    how was it working with a guy who had to act as two people in the movie? how was that experience?

    10:24 Jesse_Eisenberg:Hi Jenny, I tried to learn about computer programming, but it is very difficult. I stoppedtrying early on and just focused on mark's walking style, which is less difficult

    10:25 [Comment From Mel]

    Jesse, are you excited for the Golden Globes next weekend and is there anyone you would like to meet


    10:25 andrew_garfield:jenny, i hung out with a bunch of brazilians in la before shooting, i went to somecapoiera classes and learned a tiny bit of the language

    10:25 [Comment From Patrickk]

    Andrew, what was the fire scene with Brenda like to film?

    10:26 [Comment From Alina]

    Shalom from Israel. Jesse, I saw Holly Rollers you were great in it like everything else you're in

    10:26 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Steve: Armie Hammer worked with another actor named Josh Pence to create thetwins. They are both great actors, though Josh's face was replaced by a computergenerated Armie's face. It was confusing a bit for me, but far more difficult for Armie andJosh

    10:26 [Comment From jennifer]

    Jesse, was it challenging being socially awkward and starring in a movie about social networking? Howwas that self-discovery process?

    10:26 [Comment From Ella]

    Jesse, since I saw the movie, I want to do computer programming lol

    10:26 [Comment From Cara]

    Does it bother you guys when people stop and ask for a picture? or an autograph

    10:26 [Comment From dana]

    hahahahaha i love you guys !

    10:26 [Comment From Eliza]

    What was it like making a movie about *Facebook*?

    10:26 andrew_garfield:patrickk, it was really fun. shes so adorable, and yet so terrifyingly intense, so my jobwas really easy. i just watched her

    10:26 [Comment From Patrickk]

    Both of you have worked with Emma Stone now, what is she like?

    10:27 [Comment From Stan]

    Andrew, what's it like going from a film like Never Let Me Go, with a 15

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    million budget, to a film like Spider-Man?

    10:27 [Comment From Adriana]

    Jesse, do you find it easier to play an emotionally restrained character like Mark or does that makes things

    more difficult?

    10:27 [Comment From set]

    hi! I saw what looked like a scanned copy of an early TSN script draft where mark is smoking a cigarette

    during the first erica scene? didn't seem plausible, any truth to it??

    10:27 [Comment From starwarsfan013]

    what are your favorite books?

    10:27 [Comment From Mia]

    Jesse. Are you filming anything right now?

    10:27 andrew_garfield:stan. its not that different. only i feel alot of pressure and responsibility and i have neverbeen this busy or tired. but im really enjoying the challenge

    10:28 [Comment From Michelle]

    What was it like filming the scene with Aaron Sorkin?

    10:28 [Comment From cassie]

    you guys are perfect

    10:28 [Comment From Annie]

    Is the story about educating the chicken on Russian history true?

    10:28 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Jennifer: mark does not fit easily into the normal social structures of school (and life)but because of his alienation, was able to develop the perfect insight into how otherpeople want to interact with each other. It is not paradoxical or ironic -- it is totally fittingthat he would create this site

    10:28 [Comment From Jess Argentina]

    zombieland is back?

    10:28 [Comment From Nora]

    with great power comes great responsibility, andrew

    10:28 [Comment From Andrea]

    andrew, were you nervous going into Never Let Me Go with two academy award winning actresses? Were

    you ever intimidated about it?

    10:28 [Comment From Sara]

    Would you guys ever like to one day work behind the camera? Director? producer?

    10:28 [Comment From april]

    jesse i love you

    10:29 andrew_garfield:starwarsfan, i love catcher in the rye, amazing adventures of kavalier and clay. i amreading a book by elia kazan right now, which is great

    10:29 [Comment From Anisha]

    Andrew, how draining was it working on such an emotional movie like Never Let Me Go?

    10:29 Jesse_Eisenberg:

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    to Michelle: Aaron was very funny in his scene. he's a good actor and actually began histheater career as an actor.

    10:29 andrew_garfield:nora, i know. i really know. it sucks

    10:29 [Comment From Sara]Jesse, when will we see you on stage in a play in NYC?

    10:29 [Comment From Nicka]

    Do you guys find it weird watching yourselves on screen? I feel like that would take some getting used to.

    10:29 [Comment From amanda & sara]

    What was it like working with Justin Timberlake?

    10:30 [Comment From Jennifer]

    Is it hard to go from seeing your co-stars every day while filming and having that bond with them, to not

    seeing them after you wrap?

    10:30 [Comment From Alice]

    Gosh, Andrew, we have similar taste in books :)

    10:30 [Comment From john]

    jesse, have you ever been to denmark? i used to live there. i remember hearing you like to travel.

    10:30 andrew_garfield:anisha, it was great actually. the extreme emotional scenes are fun once you ve shotthem. you feel a sense of release and relief

    10:30 [Comment From Ruslan Sharifov]

    Hello from Moscow

    10:30 [Comment From Mel]

    Andrew and Jesse, are you both excited for the Golden Globes and who would you like to meet while


    10:30 [Comment From Jennifer]

    Jesse, are you still working on your musical?

    10:30 andrew_garfield:jennifer, i miss jesse

    10:30 Jesse_Eisenberg:Dear Nicka, it's very strange to watch yourself in a movie. Andrew says it's like hearingyour voice on an answering machine times a thousand. I try to avoid it as much aspossible. we have seen this movie one time.

    10:31 andrew_garfield:alice, cool, maybe we should meet and get married

    10:31 Jesse_Eisenberg:i also like those books!

    10:31 [Comment From John]

    Jesse is Zombieland 2 happening?

    10:31 andrew_garfield:mel, id love to meet christian bale. he blew me away in the fighter

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:31 [Comment From Sara Jabeen]

    Hey, Andrew. :) Can't wait to see you in Spidey

    10:31 [Comment From hayley]


    10:32 [Comment From Deirdre]

    Jesse and Andrew, who were some of your favorite actors growing up?

    10:32 PatrickDay:As the stars, are you guys usually privy to all the storyboards, plans, etc. Or does thefinal form of the film come as total surprise?

    10:32 andrew_garfield:sara, thanks i hope i do you proud

    10:32 [Comment From Charlotte]

    Is it difficult to be working on a movie and promoting another? I can imagine it's strange being asked to talk

    about a film you completed a year ago.

    10:32 [Comment From amanda]

    jesse, of all the characters you've played. who can you relate too the most?

    10:32 andrew_garfield:deirdre, michael j fox, daniel day lewis, tom hanks,

    10:33 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Patrick: the final product of a movie is always different than I pictured it to be whilefilming, so it's a jarring thing to watch something you've seen a million times in yourhead in a completely new way

    10:33 andrew_garfield:charlotte, yes. its difficult for men to multi task

    10:33 [Comment From Vicki]none of my comments are showing up and i am crying

    10:33 [Comment From Erica]

    Jesse and Andrew should get married. You guys make adorable babies.

    10:33 [Comment From Kendra]

    Pictures from set look lovely! Where all have you been shooting Spiderman at?

    10:33 [Comment From Jenna]

    For Andrew, did you read Never Let Me Go? If so, how did you feel about the adaption? Also, what was it

    like working with Carey and Keira?

    10:33 [Comment From Patrickk]

    andrew, have you got a twitter account?

    10:33 [Comment From Tommy]

    Jesse, I've been told that you are a huge fan of broadway shows. Anyone in special?

    10:33 [Comment From lisala]

    do either of you have a particularly spiritual philosophy that informs your work, i.e. buddhist, agnostic,


    10:33 andrew_garfield:

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    vicki, dont cry. we are here for you

    10:34 [Comment From Maya]

    I felt embarassed because I was the only one crying at the end in the theater. I was just really powerful


    10:34 [Comment From Shirley]

    Andrew, hi! Can you reveal anything about the Spiderman plot yet? Like villains and such? Pretty please.

    Also, I love your work. Keep it up!

    10:34 [Comment From NICOLE and chloe]

    Andrew when I finished reading Never Let Me Go I watched it instantly after and your performance with

    Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley had me in tears almost instantly. I have such love for the way you all

    portrayed the characters.

    10:34 [Comment From Charlie]

    Do you ever regret going into acting because of the publicity side etc?

    10:34 [Comment From NIna]

    What's the question you two get asked most?

    10:34 andrew_garfield:thanks shirley. of course i cant say nothin

    10:34 andrew_garfield:thanks nicole and chloe. i love your work too

    10:34 [Comment From lisa]

    andrew, what is your response to people who say you are too old to be playing a high schooler version of


    10:35 [Comment From kim]

    funniest moment that happened on the set?

    10:35 [Comment From Adriana]

    Jesse, I'm a big fan of yours and my sister is a big fan of Andrew. We really hope to see you guys tonight in

    Palm Springs.

    10:35 Jesse_Eisenberg:hi Charlie, the public part of this is overwhelming and strange and uncomfortable. itmakes me question several life choices that were made by a teenage me

    10:35 Jesse_Eisenberg:why does your sister not like me, Adriana?

    10:35 [Comment From David]

    How grueling is awards campaigning?

    10:35 [Comment From Ray]

    To both Jesse and Andrew: what made you decide to become actors?

    10:36 andrew_garfield:lisa, my response is you are entitled to your opinion, and thanks for your thoughts.have a nice day, eat well, and get enough sleep to be effective in the life of your familyand friends. and climb trees as often as possible

    10:36 [Comment From Patrickk]

    Andrew, do you find an American accent hard?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:36 andrew_garfield:patrickk. yeah i find most things hard.

    10:36 [Comment From Letcia]

    You shouldn't question yourself, you're such a talented actor. I think It's all worth it if you get to do what you

    like, right?

    10:36 [Comment From Marella]

    What were your reactions when you guys found out you were nominated for a Golden Globe?

    10:37 PatrickDay:Hey everyone, some of you are upset that your questions and comments are notdisplaying. There are so many that we can't have all of them go through. But we'll doour best to make sure as many appear as possible.

    10:37 [Comment From Paulette]

    Andrew, just read and watched Never Let Me Go. Every aspect was perfect. I'm sure you'll be a great

    Spider Man

    10:37 [Comment From Danielle]

    Do you still get the chance to hang out even if you're not working together anymore?

    10:37 [Comment From Ashley]

    Rooney was able to do so much in such a short amount of screen time in TSN. All of her scenes were

    amazing. Are you guys looking forward to seeing her in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

    10:37 [Comment From Sophie]

    Jesse, I can't wait to see Rio. What's it like doing voice acting?

    10:37 andrew_garfield:ray, i wanted to pick up girls. then i realised acting can be agenerous act

    10:37 [Comment From SharonS]

    Aw, you guys are so sweet! I hope to see you in upcoming projects! :) xo

    10:37 [Comment From teapot]

    andrew, have you worked with rhys ifans yet? is he as awesome as he seems? :D

    10:37 andrew_garfield:paulette thanks alot

    10:37 [Comment From Emily]

    Are there any questions that you've wanted people to ask (while promoting a film or campaigning for

    awards) but never have been asked?

    10:38 [Comment From Simi]

    On Tumblr, us users will have a tumblr party each time you guys win an award!!!!! golden globe and oscars


    10:38 Jesse_Eisenberg:Hi Ray, I did children's theater when I was very young (8 years old) and found it to be acomforting way to avoid having to see friends on the weekends.

    10:38 andrew_garfield:teapot, hes rad. so funny, and warm and talented

    10:38 [Comment From summer]

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    did you ever try on justin timberlake's glasses?

    10:38 [Comment From Judy]

    Hi! My comments are that I thought Jesse did a great job of acting, especially learning the mannerisms and

    gait of Zuckerberg, it looked very authentic. You both did great! I'm hoping Social Network and Jesse &

    Andrew pickup many awards this season. It's great seeing some fresh faces this year!

    10:38 [Comment From Kimmy]

    any favourite perks of being an actor?

    10:38 [Comment From Katy]

    Jesse, can you do a british accent?

    10:38 [Comment From teapot]

    do you play any pranks on set? best prank you've pulled?

    10:38 andrew_garfield:kimmy, you get to sit around alot

    10:38 [Comment From dan]

    what is the one song that you guys jam out to in your car or at home?

    10:39 andrew_garfield:dan, month of may, by arcade fire. and anythng by louis prima

    10:39 Jesse_Eisenberg:to emily, every question I wanted to have been asked was asked by the journalists in

    japan. without exception they asked the most probing and psychologically astutequestons about the characters

    10:39 [Comment From Allie]

    Do either of you have any tips for people that want to become actors themselves, or any suggestion as to

    where to begin?

    10:39 [Comment From Carolina]

    Great. I've been having a terrible week, but you guys have definitely cheered me up.

    10:39 [Comment From jennifer]

    Getting mobbed in Whole Foods, obviously

    10:39 Jesse_Eisenberg:hi Katy, I'm doing a british accent right now, I am.

    10:39 [Comment From Barbara]

    Who has been your favorite director to work with thus far in your career?

    10:39 [Comment From Emma]

    Arcade Fire! Nice choice, Andrew! They're my favorite :)

    10:40 [Comment From Ibbs]was there anyone you guys got to meet this year who left you


    10:40 [Comment From amanda]

    when would a typical day on set begin and end?

    10:40 [Comment From Linda]

    Jesse and Andrew - how do you choose the movies and roles that you appear in?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:40 [Comment From F]

    Jesse what's the story about you and the cats?

    10:40 andrew_garfield:allie. find out why you want to be an actor maybe. and take some classes with a greatteacher that suits you instinctively and study plays. read shakespeare and miller and

    chekov. read all the great playwrites.

    10:40 [Comment From Tammy]

    I'm really sick right now and being in this chat is making me feel better. I love both of you guys, never stop

    making movies.

    10:41 [Comment From Kara]

    Jesse, I can't wait to see you in 30 Minutes or Less. The script was outrageous

    10:41 andrew_garfield:tammy, get better

    10:41 Jesse_Eisenberg:hi Allie, my advice would be to try to be involved in as much as possible. local theater,

    friend's readings, improvisation groups, etc.

    10:41 [Comment From Linda]

    Andrew and Jesse - Did you both do the commentary track for the DVD?

    10:41 [Comment From marilynmay]

    Is there a person you'd love to portray in a movie?

    10:41 [Comment From Jaime]

    Andrew- Never Let me Go. Brilliant role ever. It was simply amazing. (:

    10:41 [Comment From Anna]

    What's a movie that changed your lives?

    10:41 Jesse_Eisenberg:Andrew and I did a commentary track, but he recorded it from different rooms. He madehis kitchen look like my bedroom

    10:42 [Comment From uncleleo]

    who was your favorite costar to work with?

    10:42 [Comment From Steph]

    Besides each other, who has been your favourite co-star in your career so far? Who would you like to star

    alongside in the furute?

    10:42 andrew_garfield:marilyn may, id love to have a crack at portraying denzel washingtons life

    10:42 Jesse_Eisenberg:the early years

    10:42 [Comment From Marisa]

    andrew and jesse has there ever been anything you have turned down in a film because you simply did

    not want to do it?

    10:42 [Comment From freya]

    Favourite quote from the film?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:42 [Comment From Angela]

    Hi guys! Jesse, did you have to learn how to type quickly for The Social Network?

    10:43 andrew_garfield:steph, i love jesse, peter mullan, robert redford, heath, tom waits, carey m

    10:43 [Comment From Amy]

    So it seems both of you are into music (albeit, different genres); would you ever consider putting out a

    record or track (like how Carey Mulligan did a brilliant song with Belle & Sebastian)?

    10:43 [Comment From Azyadeth]

    Andrew the screaming scene in Never Let Me Go was brilliant. It was a complete release of emotions

    you're so talented.

    10:43 [Comment From Tom]

    What is the one classic film you wish you could have starred in, and why?

    10:43 [Comment From Shannon]

    Jesse, you seem to be a fan of both musicals and cats. By association, are you a fan of the musical, Cats?

    10:43 andrew_garfield:

    amy, we have been working on a rap album. neuroses based rap

    10:43 [Comment From Yiannis]

    Jesse, is Zombieland 2 happening?

    10:43 [Comment From alexis]

    Any websites you guys go on daily...that are just your favorites

    10:44 andrew_garfield:tom, would have loved to have been in kes by ken loach

    10:44 Jesse_Eisenberg:hi Yiannis, I really don't know. Hi Alexis, yes go i started this site afew years ago.

    10:44 Jesse_Eisenberg:to Andrew: you would have been a great kes

    10:45 [Comment From betsy j.]

    do either of you plan on making a twitter account to please your large fanbase ?

    10:45 andrew_garfield:jesse would have liked to to have played the eponymous kestral

    10:45 PatrickDay:Jesse, in talking to people about Zuckerberg, have you found opinion split by age?(Younger find him admirable and exciting. Older find him selfish and petulant?)

    10:45 andrew_garfield:betsy, i dont know about twitter

    10:45 [Comment From Claudia]

    Jesse, The best part of your act ing is when you weren't speaking...I could see into your soul and you were

    doing an exceptional job of portraying a boy who couldn't get everything he wanted...the nuances, facial

    expressions, mannerisms, etc and that's exactly why you will get nominated for an Oscar! Are those kinds

    oft hings hard to do? Meryl Streep is good at that too
  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:46 [Comment From Mica]

    have you ever had facebook?

    10:46 [Comment From Pao]

    Zombieland 2!

    10:46 [Comment From Kimmy]

    Are there any personal favourite films you'd consider to be guilty pleasures?

    10:46 [Comment From Shannon]

    Jesse, what was it like working with Aziz Ansari and Danny McBride on the upcoming film?

    10:46 [Comment From Emily]

    Andrew, can you come back and do another episode of Doctor Who please?

    10:47 andrew_garfield:kimmy, i love TEEN WOLF!!!!!

    10:47 Jesse_Eisenberg:the reaction to zuckerberg in the movie is all across the board. my mother said shewanted to slap me and then hug me. this has been the most common reaction. It makesme happy to hear that because it means people are invested in the character in a veryreal way

    10:47 [Comment From Diana]

    To Jesse and NAdrew: Any favorite foreign films of yours? :)

    10:47 andrew_garfield:emily, i love matt smith so maybe

    10:47 [Comment From Victoria]

    TEEN WOLF is not a guilty pleasure! It is straight up pleasure!

    10:47 [Comment From Amy]

    Yes! More Doctor Who please Andrew!

    10:47 [Comment From Charlotte]

    What attracts you to a role? Do you choose projects based on your interest in a particular character's

    personality or do you feel that there is a part of you in each role?

    10:47 andrew_garfield:diana, i love michael haneke, i love audiard,

    10:47 [Comment From Michelle_E]

    Have either of you seen any of Sorkin's other works? Thoughts? I'm particularly fond of Studio 60 and I felt I

    saw a lot of the same struggles in both

    10:47 [Comment From Marah]

    i'm confused Andrew forgive me you dont know about twitter, does this mean the Andrew Garfield on twitter

    is fake?

    10:47 [Comment From Kim]

    Andrew, to prepare for your role as Peter Parker have you read Amazing Spider-Man comics that have

    been made in the recent years? J. Michael Straczynski's run is a really great read.

    10:47 [Comment From Annie]

    Jesse, recently saw the Rio trailer. How is voice acting different from regular film acting?

    10:47 andrew_garfield:

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    victoria, hells yes

    10:47 [Comment From 30 minutes or less]

    jesse, did you improv a lot on this movie?

    10:48 [Comment From Nikki]

    Oh, yes, Jesse! Can you give us more information on Zombieland 2?

    10:48 [Comment From Sara]

    Can you both PLEASE give a shoutout to the people in Pakistan!?

    10:48 andrew_garfield:kim, ive been reading em all. i love it

    10:48 [Comment From Camila]

    guys, whats next in your carreers?

    10:48 [Comment From Aimee]

    What were your favourite films while you were growing up?

    10:48 andrew_garfield:

    sara, ok. i love pakistan!!!!!!!!!!

    10:48 [Comment From n.]

    Andrew - you should guest star on Dexter. You'd make an excellent badass.

    10:49 [Comment From Shannen]

    Andrew and Jesse do you guys google yourself?

    10:49 [Comment From Laura]

    Jesse, I had the same reaction as your mother, I have to say.

    10:49 Jesse_Eisenberg:hi Michelle_E, I used to watch sports night all the time. I would video tape the episodesso i could re-watch them multiple times to catch all the wonderful dialogue. I think

    people have had similar reactions to this movie, going back to it multiple times.

    10:49 [Comment From teapot]

    are there any accents you'd like to try in a film? as an aussie, i'd love to hear the both of you tackle our


    10:49 andrew_garfield:shannen, i try not to. cos people hate

    10:49 [Comment From Stephanie]

    Hi Jesse and Andrew :) Greetings from Peru!

    10:49 [Comment From Olivia]

    How can a socially awkward person get involved in acting? Any tips?

    10:49 Jesse_Eisenberg:thanks Laura, please do not slap me at a whole foods though

    10:49 [Comment From Arielle]

    What do you think about the people you were portraying in the movie?

    10:50 [Comment From Sara C]

    Where do you guys see your self in 10 years?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:50 andrew_garfield:staephanie, hey peru

    10:50 [Comment From Patrickk]

    Andrew, have you put on the Spiderman costume yet?

    10:50 [Comment From Justin]

    Andrew, what's Marc Webb like? I'm really excited for you and Marc's version of Spider-Man! I'm a huge

    Spidey fan!

    10:50 [Comment From Yiannis]

    Andrew, how different in tone will the new Spiderman film be?

    10:50 andrew_garfield:olivia, i think being awkward helps greatly in being an actor, it means there is alot foryou to discover with in yourself.

    10:50 Jesse_Eisenberg:hi Olivia -- you are the perfect person to act! One of the wonderful things about acting isthat it can allow someone who is a bit uncomfortable to take on a persona that is

    different from yourself. it's a nice respite from your ego

    10:50 [Comment From Marisa]

    jesse, would you ever like to play a superhero?

    10:51 [Comment From Carolina]

    Jesse, Andrew, are you Tarantino fans?

    10:51 andrew_garfield:justin, marcs great, really talented and smart

    10:51 [Comment From nina]

    are you going to be wearing peter parker glasses at all in spiderman, andrew? from the on-set photos i've

    seen i'm a bit dissapointed not to be seeing any four-eyed love...

    10:51 andrew_garfield:carolina, yes

    10:51 [Comment From Novus&kyle]

    Jesse&Andrew : In Asia, you have so much fans. Please remember this.

    10:51 andrew_garfield:nina, i hate to dissapoint you

    10:52 [Comment From Raph]

    what are you guys doing now besides this?

    10:52 Jesse_Eisenberg:

    In Asia, there are so many more people. It's just a numbers game10:52 andrew_garfield:

    hahahahaha jesse made a funy joke

    10:52 [Comment From bonnie]


    10:52 [Comment From Sarah]

    Jesse makes a funny LOL

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:52 Jesse_Eisenberg:on the internet

    10:52 [Comment From mary]

    was the scene in the beginning of the movie hard, jesse? was all that shot in one take or was it split up?

    10:52 andrew_garfield:hahahahhahaha of all places

    10:52 [Comment From Paul]

    omg you're adorable

    10:53 [Comment From Winona]

    you guys are fast readers

    10:53 andrew_garfield:good job jesse

    10:53 [Comment From steve]

    jesse, i saw u on leno, what's up with the facial hair?

    10:53 andrew_garfield:winona, thanks alot

    10:53 [Comment From Therese]

    You guys are the most awesome people in the entire universe.

    10:53 Jesse_Eisenberg:hi mary, the opening scene was filmed 99 times, so there are lines and moments frommany different takes.

    10:53 andrew_garfield:jesse wut up wit de facial hairs?????????

    10:53 [Comment From Rivers]

    How do we know if you're really Jesse & Andrew?

    10:53 Jesse_Eisenberg:you dont

    10:53 andrew_garfield:me dont like thems

    10:54 Jesse_Eisenberg:how do we know if you're really rivers?

    10:54 andrew_garfield:rivers, this is in fact justin timberlake and armie hammer

    10:54 andrew_garfield:maybe im rivers

    10:54 [Comment From Laurie]

    Andrew&Jesse: Do you guys still hang out? I mean, besides going to film festivals and the what -not.

    10:54 Jesse_Eisenberg:maybe rivers is in all of us

    10:54 andrew_garfield:

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    maybe jesse is an automated joke machine

    10:54 [Comment From Marisa]

    you guys are just so perfect

    10:54 [Comment From Lex]

    i have a feeling that if you guys aren't friends forever the entire world will explode.

    10:54 andrew_garfield:laurie, no. jesse s disowned me

    10:54 Jesse_Eisenberg:thanks Lex!

    10:55 [Comment From Hannah]

    Maybe you guys should just talk to each other and we can sit back and watch the WONDERS UNFOLD.

    10:55 [Comment From Marisa]

    yeah you guys should have your own tv show or something

    10:55 andrew_garfield:

    silence ensues

    10:56 [Comment From steve]

    you guys should do a buddy comedy?

    10:56 andrew_garfield:i want to do a richard pryor gene wilder thing.

    10:56 [Comment From Janet]

    Andrew, which of the characters you have played thus far have you personally connected the most with?

    10:56 [Comment From Helen]

    were you friends before the film?

    10:56 andrew_garfield:both me and jesse will play the gene wilder role

    10:56 PatrickDay:Have either of you had a moment to relax or has it been go-go-go? Especially now that"awards season" is here?

    10:57 [Comment From Paula]

    Hello from the Philippines

    10:57 andrew_garfield:patrick, i am not relaxed. i am working out as i am typing

    10:57 [Comment From Ted Mosby]

    What are y'all most looking forward to in 2011?

    10:57 Jesse_Eisenberg:we have been traveling a lot in the last few months to promote the movie. but it will beover soon.

    10:57 andrew_garfield:doing deadlifts

    10:57 [Comment From sarahh]

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    my questions aren't showing up. so i'll just try again. what can i say to convince my friends, who don't value

    my opinion, to see the social network?

    10:57 [Comment From Paulette]

    Is it hard, after you finish filming, letting go of you character? Especially if it's an emotional role?

    10:58 andrew_garfield:ted, i wanna travel this year

    10:58 [Comment From Camillionaire]

    Hello from New Zealand!!1! I love you both so much

    10:58 andrew_garfield:sarahh, their loss

    10:58 [Comment From Shirley]

    To where?

    10:58 andrew_garfield:camillionaire, is that really you????????

    10:58 [Comment From Kit-Kat]Where do you want to travel?

    10:58 [Comment From Katy]

    Greetings from Israel :)

    10:58 andrew_garfield:kit kat, africa

    10:58 andrew_garfield:or south america

    10:58 andrew_garfield:or thailand

    10:59 [Comment From Kayleigh]

    Greetings from London.

    10:59 Jesse_Eisenberg:Hi Katy, thanks for logging on at 10:58

    10:59 [Comment From Lily]

    Greetings from Kuwait. You have a lot of fans here, the social network opened up to positive reception.

    10:59 Jesse_Eisenberg:it is nearing the end of this discussion. many truths were unearthed and stories shared.thank you for waking up early to be here, except novus&kyle who are in asia and have

    just stayed up late.

    10:59 [Comment From Sara]

    Do you have any TV shows or movies that you are just completely

    obsessed with?

    10:59 [Comment From Marisa]

    you guys have been amazing, good luck with everything thats to come

    10:59 [Comment From Robin]

    what's cooler than a million dollars?

  • 8/8/2019 Jesse Eisenberg & Andrew Garfield LiveChat


    10:59 PatrickDay:Thank you both for joining our chat!

    10:59 andrew_garfield:we love you all like you were our own mothers and fathers.

    11:00 andrew_garfield:good luck everyone.