Download - 'a aqq 'aCu rn 'ns~ I *= Xafrom 1730-1830. Reports were asked for at P.O. Ehx 574, Colombo. (NZDXRA) noted both Sat 1/25 and hbn 1/27, AN. IJo other British Island stn noted w/this

  • -ap ayq uo 1~?%s a~,Xay% os 'au-pah? &pa u~ pue sss %a L~quaoa~: aqrnb praay uaaq an,Xay% saqou &o,q 'poraad auFq $eyq u: a%aanoo

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    *a~q~ssod Xa yonu loU 0s 'ZVXM 5' 'rtVI '~OIOM '~88~ PaPnT3uT E/Z 056 uo 3?JJeJ% I.&! 'y3ab:

    X~na aoj suo-ttoaCoad ~uyL'uo ayq JOJ ahes uanqaa sqy 0% ahpe1aa pahTaoaJ uaaq sey ~IOM aayqanj ON *= ay% uo aray aoua1Ts ~$7 sanu-rluoo ejyd7:apaTrw O$+Ngm

    t 'ME4 a0 38LX 30 S~OplnrlS

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    ar1% ur MLY aroe~da~ 0511 0% ahou TTY (J~w%&P e) 09v-3~~~ *=our ou aq T-CW I uo uo auroo =TI+ aa~qbp nau a aEyM 'ueuq-m~ 'ns~ qqq quawaa~3e aurt~-paaey~ ' y3jyM 2kr-yeTda.I '065~: UO a3ej~nsa.1 pi my *qjjqs Xouanbaxj aIqq'eag ao~eur -e Zurpuad are am JJO XTTU~JJ~~ sr aT%%eas u? O~ZT-IUR %BY% sn TTe% 83211 uro~~ sa%oN

    'TeJP 'b18 s~qq daa~se sae~naaa 3m ON *SIN .re~tGaa--pas e auro3aq sey sryq s~aodax ko~ *'lacod

    'ydr 'azd 'BCU JoJ KQ JO Y3nW Taumyo do18 OE9-13d3 '9ZfO JZ /I+ JJo/s HO '096-dSiX *qqno~ .re3 og qayfiawos 8uydoo7: +~~-SEEO ,ralu aIun WE pay rn 9 XCX 'm-7x aqLeu

    ca7:qapaa~ om q,uaJaM qoy1.1 'S~I apo3 Xddo7:s pry 'lacod '~CH '1.u Xq pxy %ou 096-~~?)1 ''lacod 'aCu JOJ yonw 00% xm~ *'JJO/S ~vm J~%P 1u 4 PJY ~~ET-)I~T!I fzC8 a kod 4

    ;XD.l >!l Bq:3 'UX~ WrIT pry SR;M 'TEW Ny'J 1U xq PI9 06E7:-Boa1 fs01 aTzu?C ?2 ae o-gauoyd aa?on /M (NO 'yd~an~) uosu!!-ttrfi uro~ 72 'kod '3C8 Lq pq 065-myL :E/z

    3XIlH3nS 'B Sdll HSW4

    *1Tan se sanssr naj qsed ayq xano paqoC aajoyn asoyq JOJ saoS qayL 7 3m ayq cy autay.7 amoo-ya~ oq nos Jeau ahT7: oy~ saaqaur nau ano ~po qou Lyn cLqnau GATT oy~

    saaquraur ,,p7:0,, Ouaqjo eTnq-FJquoo T~,nolF adoy afl ;uawa~uaS 'a aqq oq aurooTaM


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    * X-

    ri FRIDAY a a :D?DAY 17




    Brewster, IfY 1;Tisconsin Dells, Apple Valley, CA :.It. Pleasant, I A Torrineton, CT Scranton, PA :!illiamsburg, VA :lastiin.~ton, I!J ( X i tman. :IS

    1000 D rn.irrchJRC i.rr 500 D rmc

    5CO0 D NRC 250 D ImC

    l0oo/~OO u IJRC 500 D IRCA 500 D IRCU'IJRC

    10CO D I R C A 1000 D NRC

    Reno, rrG 50000 u IJ~TF.C Auburn, Ff 500 D IT;xC Thennopolis, VX 100C/250 3 IRS 11. !Iartford, CT 1000 D rr;m Parker, AZ D F!RC :redford, tlI 1000/250 U 3R.C k r n e t , TX 1000/25C U lX: 'Jinter Park, FL 5000/1000 U IF.r!?C :Jilliaxsbury, VA 500 D IRCA/I:FV: Poynette , !:.T 1000/250 U IT'IRC Wausau , ::$I 5000 U ? T ~ C : lilriau!:e e, :JI 50000 U 1J:mC :fichigm C i t j r , IT1 5000/500 U N'RC Ilaterto~m, TX 5000/1000 U :i'mC Xonroe, iiC 500 D lac


    ?.PUT - Pop mx, I D S , t r i l l use 3T.P of 895 watts, plus b.2 (% 5'0-watt PSAs. V/s: Shris Lucas, A; Prospect l I i l l Rd., 10509. Arr: Ohris Lucas, !JF!C/IPXC.

    :r?PJO - rTo program detai ls . V/s: John Taylor, TI; P.O. Box 990, 53965. Rrr. Skip Dabelstein, NRC.

    LAVP. - No prosram detai ls . V/s: '.!ape Dillard, CE; T.O. Box 960, 32307. Xrr. Slcip Dabelstein, FIRC .

    KXSI - 1 kHz. TT & narch mx suggested. CG would appreciate tapes. ~ / s : Carney, P 6. 0:I; Zip 51641. Arr. Skip Dabelstein, ERC.

    !EIL - Frequent voice IDS, chi mx. No ca l l s . V/s: Jim Thompson, CE; 154 Z. Sim- mons St., 61L01. br. Lou h e h l e r , :l:RIl:.

    ?JSiI; - Begins ~ - r / regular .f/c, then ET'inz w/ rr, TT, voice 13s. ~ / s : S ~ U Leland, CZ; Box 657, 06970. Arr. Ron ;.hsco, !EC.

    KOTE: TESTS l i s t e d f o r !flmB-asO i n DXll ;flL & WELL-1310 i n DXIi $15 have since been deleted, as they were l i s t e d here tentatively and were subsequently cancelled by the stations.

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    international dx digest editor.. Alan Merrirnan P. 0. Box 6 Fairfax, Va. 22030

    9 Phone 703-354-2135 Before 2200 EST * All Times Are GMT 9 Deadlines Are Friday * Well, here we go with another IDXD. Support remains l igh t , and conditions must be poor. New WRTH arrived today from C;ilfer - I haven't had time ye t to really go through it and see if there's anything of real i n t e r e s t o r importance. Will t r y .fo do t h i s some time during the next two weeks (next week is a skip). Here i s what material is on hand.

    New s tat ions, changes, schedules, etc. . . . . . . AUSTRALIA - 255 *ABC b c k Radion commenced 21( hour operation on 1/19/75 on 1540 khz with 10 kw (believe location i s Canberra, H)). 2CN Canberra has now moved to 1U0, ex-1 540 khz. (NZDXRB)

    CHILE - Radio Magellanes, Santiago, CB138 has a new name "Radio Colo-&lom. 1380 khz, 50 kw, 24 hour sked, owned by Radio National. (MHC)

    G m N D m C R A T I C REPUBLIC - The 250 kw s ta t ion on 1570 khz often moves o r d r i f t s to 1580 khz. (WC)

    GRFAT BRIWIN - Radio Forth, %kinburgh is due on the air 1/22/75 on 1546 khz. * ?he new IPndon IBA stat ions a r e due on in March, Capital on 1546 khz with 25 In and LBC on 1151 khz with 8 kw. * A new 150 kw transmitter located a t Croiner, Norfolk is on 692 khz carrying h d i o 4. (Brownless)

    HOLIAND - The IXltch P.T.T. is tes t ing with an experimental 1 kw transmitter on 944 khz a t Drevmel (25 lan west of Nijmegen) and the reason f o r the t e s t s i s t o t r y to increase s ignal qual i ty i n the border areas which suffer from foreign s ta t ion QIM. More t e s t s a l so on 9 U with 1 kw were due in November from a location in the Plevo- polder area (east of Amsterdam). The plan i s to s e t up a new MH relay away fmm the IPpik area. (MWC)

    I R A N - Teheran Program 2 is now being heard on a new s ta t ion on 557 khz. hwer may be i n the 1000 kw range. (WC)

    ~ L I -/The d r i f t e r tha t has been on 141 5/1435 khz i s now on 1457 khz- (WC)

    W(IC0 - Radio Distr i to Federal, a six s ta t ion group i n Mexico City, b r ie f ly r e named Csupo Oro, is now Organization Radio Formula, and a l l stat ions have new me- r i c a l slogans: 66(1--, Radio Uno (Juventud); 710 - =, Radio Dos (lo mejor de l a m s i c a romantics moderna); 970 - XEDF, Radio Tres (la crema de l a musica rnoderna en ingles); 1220 - XEB, Radio Cuatro (...moderno en espanol); 1470 - XESM, Radio Cinco, ( m i c a mexicana); 1500 - XEFN, Radio Seis ( t ropiw). The 1500 ou t le t con- tinues t o be relayed i rregular ly on SW 11880 and 15110 khz. (Hauser)

    MONACO - The T W R x m t r a t Fontbonne, France on 1466 khz has been test ing i ts new mtrs, and expects to be up to 1200 kw by "early spring1I. (TWR "DX Specialn, 1 /25/75 v ia Hauser)

    MOZAMBIQUE - Radio Clube Wzambique relays "R. kzambique Libre" on 737 and 1223 khc i n PP. On 917 khz RCM has Ehglish/Afrikaans service but there are some RHL anmts in EE and PP. (WC)

    NORTHERN IREIAND - BBC Radio 4, renamed Radio Ulster on 1/1/75. Win transmitter is s t i l l on 1340 khz, but londonderry has now moved to 719 (ex-1340), p e r believed t o be 250 watts. This i s the transmitter t h a t was used f o r Radio 3 i n Belfast on 647 khs. Service on Radio 3 is s t i l l available on VHF and via Daventry-647. (&ownless)

    SPAIN - A l l reports f o r RNE (SW o r IW) should go t o Radio Television &panola, Director de Relaciones Internacionales, Casa de l a Radio, F'rado d e l Rey, Madrid 24. IRC not necessary, but if one i s sent you get a quicker reply. (MWC)

  • SOUTH AFRICA - G M Radio (~ozambique) is already being carried on sme of the old SABC MI channels. The complete list: 701 Grahamsh; 719 west -; 728 petow ow"; 820 -COLOMBIA H J E I Cali, Ia Voz d e l Rio Cauca. Tropical s t y l e mx U/WW a t 0901 782 Eiloanfontein; 800 brban ; 1115 Pietersburg; 1286 &st bd (glad to see this one with ID in anmt a t 0908 on 1/19. (Heald)

    s t i l l on a s was the only South African heard with any r e g h r i t y in NA, m); 1313 835 -UNID: Oriental male ancr, sounded l i k e CC, nothing l l s t e d here f o r China. Port Elizabeth. mere is no sign of reactivation i n Pietermaritzburg, ~~t Iondon Weak and fading a t 1402 on 1/9. ( ~ e a l d )

    or' Kimberly. m e relays a r e taken off SU, and no powers exceed 5 h, so reception 840 -COLOMBIA HJBI Santa %rta, Ondad d e l Caribe very weak and f a r u/WHAS a t 0922

    is not the best even within South Africa. (Gerry Wood i n Radio RSAls DX Corner, on 1/19. (Heald)

    1/22/75, v i a Hauser). This is contingent, of course, on L-M Radio continu- as an 860 -DCWNICAN REPUBLIC HILR Radio C3arin is now AN-6, off W. (Cooper) SkFC subsidiary even a f t e r f u l l independence scheduled for 6/25h5. (&user) 9 All 870 -HAWLII BIM Honolulu excellent w/extended news a t 0945, Hawaii news 0950,

    GLBC out lets , except the ones l i s t e d above closed down for good on 12/31hl+. (WRB) s/off 1OOO w/2 choruses of Nil. (Heald) 885 -MONTSERRAT WB Plymouth. See St Kitts, 555 khz. This s t n Program,

    SRI UNKA - Tests have recently been heard from the Home Service, using 1290 kha ! shallow modulation, mybe a SWpickup from some other country or i s m , from 1730-1830. Reports were asked f o r a t P.O. Ehx 574, Colombo. (NZDXRA) noted both Sat 1/25 and hbn 1/27, AN. IJo other British Island s t n noted

    w/this game/games. (cooper) * On e a r l i e r than sked 1/27 0912; seemed to be SWAZIIAND - 4razi Music Radio is scheduled on 1376 khz with 50 kw 0400-0530 and r e m t e broadcast; was i n EE. (Hauser) 1600-2200. (DSWCI) * A f i n a l decision has not been made ye t on Wib-Sazilandls 895 -HAITI Per RFS ID in recent IRCA DXW, t h i s is the unid FF looping t h i s way

    application f o r a W station. @FIB) hrd 2303-2320 1/9 w/mala ancr, moderate-tempo mx. RFS says WRH Uts it incorrectly a s 805 and t h a t it is in Conaives, and ID8 a s nArtibonite*. No

    T A H I T I - Radio Tahiti is scheduled on 740 khz a s follows: Weekdays, 1545-2330 (On c lea r IDS heard here, but wouldn(t have taken the preceeding f o r w!ID The to 2400), 0245-0700; Sat 1545-0700; Sun 1800-0700. (DSWCI)

    anyhow. (Mmunds and ~ a y l o r ) 1010 - W C O XML. k s t have been my typo in q report of this s t n on 1140 khz on

    Sow, notes on Caribbean s tat ions from Richard Clark who has been i n the Dominican 1/6. 'he time was 1 140 and I must have mistakenly t m p o s e d this to the

    Republic : 670 HIJB San Pedro de Facoris CP f req also. So sorry ! ( h b e l )

    775 Radio Constanza, Constanza ex-780 1020 -TENZUEU YVRS Ia Ascuncion, Radio hrgarita ( tentat ive) 1/26 could have been

    990 Eadio Cacique, krt-au-Prince ex-1000 th i s , male ancr i n SS, heard *Radio ... itan 00 the famous Qckoo clock, then 1060 HIJB Barahona CP uptempo U mx. Faded often, only nuc heard 0950-0958, s e a l y mixing w/

    ZGBC Dominica, 1 kw, sign off 6 PM (&ST? ED) other unid s t n and D K A . (Vernon) /(-par)

    1200 Radio 23, San Pedro de h c o r i s 1040 -COEHBIA H J A I b r ranqui l l a , Radio R ' o p i d . lhis a t n has been heard on about

    1210 Radio Progres, Port-au-Prince ex-860 1042 khz the l a s t 2 Sat AMs, but r i g h t on frequency on Sun/bn AM8 - do t h q 1230 Radio Ideal, Moca have a second mtr w/a fau l ty xtal, or do I have too much beer on Fri n i b s ?

    131 0 RTVD, Pedernales, on the air -HAWAII KHVH Honolulu 1/27 s/on 1458 then SSB followed by CBS nx 1500 . (~emn)

    1360 RTVD, fink* Cdabb,,on the a i r 1070 -COLOMBIA (Harmonic) Bnisora Atlantic0 1/27 1045 t ropical mx, SIO 354 on 2140; 1420 Radio Oro, Cotui 1108 Barraqquilla ad; still in a t 1 152, gone by 1200. Also 1/20 0801 U3 en 1450 Radio U t i l , Tenares punton, IQaisora Atlantic0 jingle. (Hauser)

    1460 AFCN, CBmp (Brbia, Vieqiies Island, Puerto Rico 1100 -NICAIUCUA (Itarmonic ) La IiLder 1/27 1108 l e t t e r s from Ison, just below 2200 1550 Radio Maiba, Santiago ex-1560 khz, and het t ing presumed Chatanalan; SIO W. (Hauser) 1592.5 Radio Femina, Santo Ibmingo 1180 -EWZIL Radio Globo, Itio b r ie f ly a t good l e v e l SM 1/26; man in PP, SID by woPon,

    l i g h t PP rock; l o s t t o HJ 0726 and gone f o r good. ( ~ e b r e n ~ o ) And now, whata actually being heard . . . . . -COLOMBIA HJOV Neiva, Radio Surcolombiam f a i r atop channel 0630 1/26, dominant

    most of AM. (DeLorenzo) /(k-r)

    540 -NICARAGUA YNW IQinagua, "Radio Corporacionn dominates channel a f t e r s/on; on 1190 -WID (Harmonic) 1/27 U mx noted on 2380; R. Cordillera IDed previously. 1/20 was on before 1005, TC and ID 1008. (Seaver ) 1210 -HAITI (Tentative) 1/27 0840 FF, ballads, armnts; ad f o r ( w a n t ? ) Wit 8.

    555 -ST KITPS ZIZ Bssseterre, noted ANing on Sat 1/25 a t 0800 and carrying some s o r t (name i n EE), phones 22323, 20123; mentioned several s tyles of mx available, of sporting event, r e s c e n t of a few years back when the W.I.B.S. s ta t ions and ha i l t i en came f i r s t ; 0845 into 5 mins of talk; 0859 TC f o r !!A heures81,so did likewise. Report sent. (Cooper) Probably cr icket test. matches. $'

    Haitimore l ike ly than Iesser Antilles. If R h g r e s l i s ted , must have 655 -EL SALVADOR YSS San Salvador, "Radio Nacionalfde El Salvadorm IDed 1 20 a t raised power. (Hauser)

    1115, "655 khz onda median and 5980, 9555 khz "onda cortan. (Seaver) - U N D (Harmonic) 1/25 1240 rapid SS, but 2-way QRM on h i s ide of 2420. Pro- -NORTH I(Dm Fyongyang. Hale ancr w/what sounded more l i k e J J than KK, 1420 bably Q ~ a t a a h . (Hauser)

    1/9. (Heald) 1220 -MEXICO XEB nor IDs a s m b d i o lhatrom+ noted 1/27 1000, 1101 giviug numerical 700 -AUSTRALIA 2NR M t o n , NSU, 1/17 fady signal. 1 240 band mx, 1250 talk believe 4 names of f i v e other s t n in ax-R. Distrito Federal group and formats. ( k u s e r ) religious, 1255 news then strange anthem a t 1301 mixing w/unid NBC nevs. Any- aThis ownership seems to have revamped all t h e i r stns. Re 1/20 IDXU on XE€iH,

    ans know the t i t l e of t h i s anthem? (Vernon) this corresponds. XEB now using c a l l R. b t r o , XERH R Seis, and a t 1153 on -COLOMBIA HJGX Cali, Radio a t a t e n z a very dominant br ief ly, seemingly talking 1/25 prom f o r all 6 stna and t h e i r fomats . XEBwas playing SS versions of

    about coins i n SS. 1038. Radio Sutatenza ID heard clear ly as male and femme r US Top 40. A l l s t n calls given as b d i o 1 thru 6. ( ~ e a l d )

    u c r s alternoted a t 1040 on 1/18. (Vernon) / (vernon) 1228A -CUB% The marching Cuban Minute Mm, a f t e r climbing frcm~ 1235 khz to 1265A, 710 -FIJI (Very Tentative) Suva, 1/27 1040-10564 w/very strange mr w/male then fe- f e l l off his ladder and is s ta r t ing up again, beginning here? b t e d on t h i s

    male singers. Mx featured what sounded l i k e a hollow drum being bashed to channel Sun 1/26. (cooper) death. Female ancr between nx. OC a t lO5O briefly, faded 1056 finelly. 1246 -CUM Reloj mcional ou t le t here a t f a i r l e v e l 06&CY700 1/15. (Dehrenzo)

    720 -CHINA Chinese s ty le opera, certainly bet ter than l is tening t o t h e i r news. 1280 -COLOMBIA HJKN Bogota, is now h d i o Sonorama, B-R. Metropolitans. (Cooper)

    Weak but steady a t 141 5 1/9. (Heald) 1340 -UNID On 2680, 1/27 1049 part of a TC i n SS f/up o/rumble; Honduras here 750 -NICARAGUA YNX Managua, "La F on 1/20 by 1014, ID a s "La X" a t 1016; OC only before. (Hauser)

    a t 1037 recheck, t e s t tones a t 1117 recheck and carr ier cut; on R.5 a t 1145 1375 -ST PIERRE FP MIQUELON ORTF. This should be easy almost coast to coast, a s recheck. (Seaver) they now s/on on a wide open c lea r spot on SKI M s a t 11000. This time of

    778.2-CUBA Ihe variant measured here 1/27 0918. (&user) year, thats darkness a l l the way, so get Ism now! (Cooper) HOF'F, TO SEE A BUNCH OF YOU AT THE YAD THING I N MARCH OR !d'RIL - SHOUII) RE A B I A ~ ! 1430 -WID Noted on 1/24, SS mx, announccnnent taped a t 0700 "This is ACVR (I(TV&.

    KCVR ??), Anatma, Sm Josem. ( ~ r m ;g ) Can anyone help Warren w/this? (ED)