Zing Open Platform APIs

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Nguyn Minh Tú Zing Platform Dept. Zing OpenPlatform APIs

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Transcript of Zing Open Platform APIs

Page 1: Zing Open Platform APIs

Nguyễn Minh TúZing Platform Dept.

Zing OpenPlatform APIs

Page 2: Zing Open Platform APIs

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SocialAPI (OAuth-2.0 + GraphAPIs)


ZingCredits Payment APIs




ZingMe Social Plugins4

5 Tips : when building app/game on ZingMe

6 Case study

Page 3: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Zing OpenPlatform APIs help your app/game :

– Authorize ZingMe users

– Access to ZingMe user’s resouces

– Gain money with ZingCredits payment platform

– Integrate your app/game into ZingMe platform

– Reach to ZingMe user’s easily



User/Owner Resource



Grant Permissions


Page 4: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Authentication :

• Comply with OAuth-2.0 flow

• Support in-canvas and out-canvas context

• GraphAPI (user’s graph)

• Profile

• Friends

• Feeds

• Fans

• Next : photo, stats of feed, game notify,….

ZingMe SocialAPI

Page 5: Zing Open Platform APIs

• SDK language support :


• Java

• C++

• C#

• Android (new)

• iOS (new)

• Fully document

ZingMe SocialAPI (cont’d)

Page 6: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Flow to integrate app/game on ZingMe

• Register app/game for sandbox/dev env

• Register app/game for live/production env

• Which info to register app/game

ZingMe SocialAPI (cont’d)

1. appname (only letters a-z,0-9,'_','-' and not include special characters such as *,&,^....)2. title of app (will be displayed on caption of browser)3. callbackurl of your app4. programming language of game in back-end so we can deliver the client library.5. game short description or user guide of game (if any)

Page 7: Zing Open Platform APIs

• ZingMe user had pay-letter

• Input : Zing card, SMS, Internet banking …

• Payment method :

• Easily

• Security

• User confirmation flow

• APIs for app/game :

• ZingCredits endcode/decode library

• Check balance / Request billing

• Implement updateResult callback

ZingCredits Payment APIs

Page 8: Zing Open Platform APIs

• ZingCredits user’s flow

ZingCredits Payment APIs (cont’d)

Zing Credits

Client Browser

App/Game Server

1. Build billing URL

2. GET pay-credits-me.zing.vn/billing...

3. Update Result

(Commit transaction)

Page 9: Zing Open Platform APIs

• ZingCredits APIs language support

• PHP (linux centos-64bit)


• C#

• C++

ZingCredits Payment APIs (cont’d)

Page 10: Zing Open Platform APIs

• ZingCredits APIs : app/game info to register onsandbox/live env

ZingCredits Payment APIs (cont’d)

1. Title of App/Game : will be shown on UI, the length of title less than 256 characters.2. Description of app/game : the length less than 1024 characters.3. App URL of ZingMe4. UpdateResultURL : the url which ZingCredits call request UpdateResult

(commit transaction) after process payment confirmation from user.5. Icon of app 64x64 pixels

Page 11: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Login widget plugins

• Fanbox widget plugins

• ZingLive Topic box

• ZingLive News box

ZingMe Social Plugins

Page 12: Zing Open Platform APIs

• 4 key notes when building app/game

– User like webgame/hardcode game but also likeminigame, specific apps (like app “sach”, “sharefile”),e-commerce (like app “nhommua”), utility (like app “e-card”)

– Build your app ASAP

– Users ready pay money on mobile env

– Performance is very important

Tips : when building app/game on ZingMe

Page 13: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Session managements

• Caching data (profile, friends) to improveperformance

• Refresh caching data by user manually

• Design app/game can be upgraded/scalable

Tips : when building app/game on ZingMe

Page 14: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Games : chanlong + happycity

Case Study

Page 15: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Apps : sach + nhommua

Case Study

Page 16: Zing Open Platform APIs

• Marketing + fanpage :mof + hulashops

Case Study

Page 17: Zing Open Platform APIs

Nguyễn Minh Tú

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