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Experience efficiency that puts time backon your side.

M.A.P. Webware

For more information visit us atwww.myappraiserpanel.com


24/7 Online access

Supports multiple users

Integrates multiple offices

Emails appraisers invitations

Registers appraisers online

Manages appraiser contacts

Provides 1099 reporting Provides 1099 reporting

Manages appraiser fees

Maintains appraiser qualifications

Maintains HVCC compliance

Manages appraiser panel

Customizable order management

Streamlines communication

Automatically updates associates

Streamlines entire process

Tracks appraiser billing

Stores reports online

M.A.P. Webware Benefits

Increase Your ProfitsBy streamlining your entire appraisal process you will significantly increase your teams efficiency. Our web based system seamlessly connects all of your associates across geographical boundaries. Moreover, our system will greatlyaid in reducing distractions which will translate into far better focus. The more focused your team is on the things that really drive your business... the more profit.

Manage Your AppraisersInvite your selection of appraisers to register online with your customized web contract. Easily track your appraisers Invite your selection of appraisers to register online with your customized web contract. Easily track your appraisers licensing, E&O, and qualifications. Work out your appraisers compensation directly with your appraiser. Monitor all appraisal orders company wide with the click of a button. Know which appraiser has outstanding invoices and when they are do. Enjoy complete control of your appraisal operation.

Strengthen Your IndustryMost standard AMCs today are currently demanding 50% or more of the appraisal fee. We have also found that it is very common for an AMC to select their appraisers on the basis of price alone, since the less they pay the appraiser, the more they make. This spells havoc on appraisal qualitthe more they make. This spells havoc on appraisal quality. And, given the incredible amount of regulatory leverage they have recently been handed, appraisers are bidding themselves into bankruptcy across the nation. By getting involved and determining your appraisers compensation, you are providing appraisers hope and restoring a trade youwill be depending on for years into the future.

CustomizableOur technical team will even work with you during your trial period to customize the system to meet your needs because weare confident that you will see immediate results.

Our M.A.P. Webware package empowers you with the tech-nology that you need to successfully control every aspect of your appraiser panel and easily track the entire appraisal ordering process; STRESS FREE!

This package is truly setup to meet your needs by seamlessly connecting managers, loan officers, processors, compliance officeofficer, and appraisers. You will be able to drastically increase efficiency, all while greatly reducing paperwork, logistics, human error, and most importantly your operating costs! Here is a list of benefits our package provides: