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Transcript of Electoral Programma Eindhovense VVD

  • The Eindhoven

    VVD works

    Election Programme of the Peoples Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD)

    City Council 2014-2018

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  • 3Table of contentsForeword p. 5General p. 6Eindhoven and p. 7 Its inhabitants p. 7 Scaling up p. 7Municipal Organization p. 8 Our own organization p. 8 Services p. 8 Deregulation p. 8Municipal Finance p. 9 Municipal expenses p. 9 Land and real estate p. 9Safety p. 11 Secure living environment p. 11 Crime p. 11 Coffee Shops p. 11Economic significance of Eindhoven p. 13 Business climate p. 13 International Eindhoven p. 13 Brainport p. 14 City Economy p. 15 Inner City p. 15 Local Economy p. 16 Design p. 16Work and income p. 17 Assistanceandbenefits p.17Education and Youth p. 18 Adolescents p. 18 Student City p. 18Mobility and accessibility p. 19 Car p. 20 Eindhoven cycling city p. 20 Public Transport p. 20 Airport p. 21Care and health p. 22 WijEindhoven p. 22 Decentralization p. 22Participating in society p. 23 People with disabilities p. 23 Senior citizens p. 23 Integration p. 23Housing and neighbourhoods p. 24 Neighbourhoods p. 24Sports and recreation p. 25 Accommodation and rates p. 25 Professional versus recreational sports p. 25Culture p. 27 Cultural Entrepreneurship p. 27 Knowledge transfer p. 27

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  • 5ForewordThis is the election programme of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy in Eindhoven for the municipal elections on March 19, 2014.This document features the views of the VVD on politically relevant issues.

    The election programme highlights the liberal vision of the VVD based on freedom of choice, personalresponsibilityandconfidenceinthecity.

    This election programme was adopted by the General Meeting of the VVD as the basis for the campaign, the formation / coalition negotiations and the actions of the VVD Fraction in the City Council for the period of 2014-2018.

  • 6GeneralAs a liberal party, the VVD is open to anyone who shares our conviction that freedom, responsibility, tolerance, social justice and the equality of all people are the foundations of our society.

    OptimismThe VVD is a party focussed on opportunities and solutions, not on threats and problems. We look at what a person can do rather than focusing on what they cannot do. We are there for anyone who wants to make something of his or her life, regardless of gender, sexual orien-tation or religion. We do not look at where a person is from, but instead choose to focus on where they are going to instead. This is why we want a municipal government which focuses primarily on ensuring that every individual is given the space to make optimal use of their abilities.

    We want you to excel. If someone sticks their head above the parapet, they shouldnt be pulled back down. On the contrary; talent should be nurtured and encouraged. The talents of todayareourstarsoftomorrow.Thisistrueinthefieldofscience,business,education,culture, sports, etc. These stars are the leaders of our economic and social growth. They inspire others to make the most out of themselves. This is why we invest in strength, not in weakness.

    Above all we remain critical of the role of the municipal government. A municipality should only interfere in those matters which are actually their responsibility, and leave as much as possible to the people, businesses and organizations in our city. Therefore the municipality should always ask itself during any of its actions and decisions if this is what we are about. And if it is what we are about, then we look at how the municipality can most effectively reachthegoalstheystandforwiththemostefficientuseofpublicmoney.

    Most recent historyThe second largest party in Eindhoven, a coalition partner and with two vice mayors recently the VVD was strongly represented in the City Council. Our liberal voice can be clearly heard inthecoalitionagreementandwefindthatthisvoiceincreasinglyresonateswiththeotherparties.Duringthesefinanciallydifficulttimesourcoalitionpartnersbecameconvincedthatpeoples own strengths and a critical eye on the part of the Council should be paramount. Thiswastranslatedintoafirmbuthealthyfinancialpolicy,areductionofbureaucracy,adifferentwayofcooperatingwithpartnersinthecity,significantchangesinthe way the City Council works, as well as new ways to rein in enormous cutbacks in munici-palexpenses,insteadofaggravatingthefinancialburdensonresidents.

    TheVVDmaybeproudofthatbutwearenotfinishedyet!Wearefacedwithgreatchallen- ges,bothinourworkandourfinancialtasks.Thereforeitisstillnecessarytocutbackcostsand to give more responsibilities to the city itself; in this case, sustainability and innovation are a matter of course for the VVD. We always check whether this is something that we, as the Council, are about, whether it is sustainable and if there are more innovative ways of doing it.

  • 7Eindhoven and its inhabitants

    InrecenttimesthemunicipalityofEindhovenhasmadegreatstridesinthefieldofcivicparticipation. This means that the inhabitants of Eindhoven increasingly involved in the Councils plans. The VVD will take this another step further.

    1. The VVD will introduce governmental participation. If you have a plan, you start it up, and the government will participate when you want it to.

    We will continue to involve you in the other tasks, but we are also clear about how far this involvement goes. This means that we will make the maximum use of the initiatives and strengths of the city, but without creating false expectations. When a number of interests clashandpartiesinthecitycantcometoanagreement,wewillmakethefinaldecisionbyweighing the different individual interests against the general interest.

    scaling upResidents and companies in Eindhoven and surrounding municipalities dont think within municipal borders. We all live, work and relax across and over municipal borders. One municipality is distinguished by facilities and vibrant city life, another offers a peaceful environment full of quiet and good living. Nevertheless, all of these municipalities have their own town hall, their own local government, their own City Council and their own civil service, and for the most part all do the same kind of work.

    Joining Eindhovenand the immediately adjacent municipalities is a logical development. Notonlyisthismoreefficientinservicingourowninhabitants,butitwouldalsomakeusthe fourth largest city in the Netherlands, which would seriously improve our position in provincialandnationalpolitics,asbefitsourpositionasthesecondlargesteconomyintheNetherlands.

    For this reason, it is imperative that Eindhoven gets the status of central municipality. In this way we can represent the region in discussions at a provincial or national level. Eindhoven has no objection to maintaining supra-regional facilities, but agreements with the region will have to be revised.

    2. Joining Eindhoven and its adjacent municipalities is the dot on the horizon. In the coming period cooperation with the adjacent municipalities will be further strengthened to approach this aim, and this cooperation needs commitment on all sides.

    3. Cooperation within the urban area (Eindhoven and its adjoining municipalities) has to be strengthened with regard to industrial estates, office locations, retail business, construc-tion, land allocation and (regional) facilities; in this case, every municipality will have to live up to the agreements made.

  • 8Municipal OrganizationThe traditional role of the municipality is changing from a municipality that manages the city from an ivory tower to a municipality that services the city. The City Council is there for the residents and current and future businesses not the other way around. The municipality reports on its actions, is transparent in the disbursement of public moneys and the associated criteria. Naturally, we favour integrity in the way we work as a matter of course, for our civil servants as well as for managers.

    The spirit of the times makes it impossible to maintain the exceptional position of civil servants. The time when a job in the civil service was a job for life, with ironclad working conditionsandlifelongjobsecurityislonggone.Wewantamoreprofessional,efficientandflexiblepersonnelpolicyandforthatreasonwewanttoreviseouragreementswiththeUnions.

    Our own organization4. If the municipality does not follow through on its agreements it will bear the conse-quences; for example in the event that the terms of a legal authorization are exceeded.

    5. Regarding sustainability the municipality has to lead by example. Therefore we want to give a strong new impulse to the sustainability of municipal buildings and our own automobile fleet. We will follow the direction of The Natural Step, an international way of thinking about sustainability, and keep a critical eye on the profitability of the measures taken.

    Service Theabovechangesareaimedatrealizingaspeedy,efficientanddecisivemunicipality.Apartfrom digitalized services, which are also emphatically aimed at expats, it will also be possible for residents to come to our counters at practical times, and service will be prompt. It is no longer acceptable to have to wait for months for a licence or permit to be authorized.

    6. The VVD wants flexible but clear opening hours of the services, such as the City Office and the recycling centre, consistent with the needs of the working Eindhoveners.

    7. We will enhance the capacity of the recycling centre if the waiting period increases to an unacceptable leve