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  • 8/9/2019 INT American Music


    American MusicTeacher Day Time Branch TA Class

    - Pictures of artists/bands

    - Pictures of Instruments- CD soundtracks of music- American Music handout- Pieces of paper with an instruments and music styles written on them

    Aim: By the end of this stage students will have participated in reading abasic article on American music

    Stage: Warm-upPage:

    Time: 8-10 min

    Method: Group reading

    - Teacher will pre-teach questionable vocabulary in the handout

    - Students will take turns reading the handout until every student hashad a chance to read a part of it.


    Aim: By the end of this stage students will have brainstormed a list ofwords that directly relate to this subject.

    Stage: ProductionPage:

    Time: 15-20 min Method: Vocabulary Map- In the middle of the board, draw a circle, Inside the circle write the

    word American Music

    - Stemming off the large circle, draw 5 smaller circles. Inside thecircles write musical instruments, types of music, opinions on

    American music, ways to listen to American music and ways to learnhow to play American music.

    - Divide students into 5 groups and assign each group one of thesubtopics to brainstorm and give them 4-5 minutes to list as many

    subtopics to the subtopic they were assigned

    - For example, types of music: rock n roll, country and western.- After 4-5 minutes, get feedback from the students and write their

    words on the board


    Aim: By the end of this stage students will have been introduced to the

    different types of American music and the popular bands and musicians

    who perform it.

    Stage: Practice


    Time: 15-20

    Method: Pictures and sound tracks/Role playing

    - Teacher will hold up many different pictures of various popular musicgroups/bands and ask the students for the name of the groups.

  • 8/9/2019 INT American Music


    - Students will be divided up in groups of 5 (depending on the numberof students in the overall class) and given a picture of a band. They

    will brainstorm to determine the type of music they perform, i.e., rockn roll, country/western, classical, jazz, pop.

    - Teacher will play a portion of music corresponding to each band for

    each group.- Students will brainstorm which band member they will emulate and asoundtrack of music will be played from the special music and the

    group will act out the band in front of the class, i.e., one will be theguitarist, the bass guitarist, vocals, drums, keyboards, horned

    instrument, etc.


    Aim: By the end of this stage students will have analyzed the possible

    psychological effects certain types of music have on people

    Stage: Practice


    Time: 10-15 min Method: Sound tracks- Students will be divided up into 2 groups.- Teacher will alternately play music sound tracks and each group will

    discuss with each other how the music is making them feel at the

    moment and the type of mood it puts them in . Each group will writetheir findings down on paper.

    - A spokes person from each group will randomly be asked to share allthe emotional feelings their group got out of the experience and whatit made them feel like doing.

    - Teacher will ask the group whether it was something the singer wassinging about or whether it was the type of music that affected them.

    - Students will be asked if they were going out on a Friday night tolisten to one of these musical groups, where would they most likelyfind them performing?


    Aim: By the end of this stage students will have an idea on how to learnhow to play a musical instrument.

    Stage: PracticePage:

    Time: Method: Group debate over learning from others or self-taught- Teacher will ask the students if they know of any popular musicians,

    present and past, who were self taught and cant read a bit of music. If

    they dont know of any, a few names will be provided.- Teacher will separate students into 2 groups and ask them to

    brainstorm the two different ideas of either learning music through

    reading and writing it through lessoned instruction or playing by

    ear. One group will be assigned learning music through readingand writing by professional lessons and the other group will be

    assigned playing by ear being self taught). The groups will be

    given about 10 minutes to brainstorm and write down their ideas.

  • 8/9/2019 INT American Music


    - Each group will debate the other group on why they think theirmethod would be more beneficial.


    Aim: By the end of this stage students will be knowledgeable on the

    various types of musical instruments used in the production of music

    Stage: Production

    Page:Time: 15-20 min

    Method: Act it out

    - Each student will be given a piece of paper with a musical instrumenton it.

    - Each student will be randomly called up to the front of the class andask to pantomime to get someone in the class to guess exactly what

    kind of instrument they are playing and also the style of music.


  • 8/9/2019 INT American Music


    A M E R I C A N M U S I C

    To most of the people in the USA there is just nothing like American style

    music, just like any other country and culture would embrace that which they

    have been taught and become accustomed to over the years. Surely the four

    that would top the list are rock n roll, country and western, soul and pop.

    The other less popular kinds of music would be classical, jazz, and rhythm

    and blues.

    American music caters to a wide variety of people and their lifestyles. Even

    each style can take a mild or extreme approach within the boundary of their


    - Rock n roll can go from a more southern style rock with popular bands

    such as Leonard Skynard, Steve Miller Band to a classic rock style ofLed Zepplin and Van Halen, and then to heavy metal styles of Kiss and

    Metallica. Rock n roll appeals more to the younger generation however

    there are plenty of mid-age people who have a deep appreciation for

    rock n roll. This kind of music is fast and tends to energize and give the

    audience a feeling of euphoria. Electric guitars, drums, keyboards and

    some horned instruments are primarily used in this style.

    - Country and Western music also has its extremes. There are manycountry and western legends who have had their time in the spotlight

    such as Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton to

    the more modern styles of Garth Brooks, Toby Keith and the Dixie Chics.

    Country music affects the psyche in different ways because the message

    it seems to convey is that of a sad emotion where someone has lost their

    love, etc. But not always. It is just the label that some people have given

    it who happen to not like it. Some call it cry in your beer type of

    music. Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, violins, harmonicas, drums,

    steel string guitars, keyboards and some horned instruments are also

    used in the production of this music.

    - Soul music is very energetic and stems primarily from the blackpopulace. Legends such as Diana Ross and the Supremes popular n the

    60s for their Motown style, opened the door to the American

    marketplace for this style and introduced other styles such as rap artist

    50 Cent, Ice T and Foxy Brown, and The Fugees for hip-hop style.

  • 8/9/2019 INT American Music


    Electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and some horned instruments

    usually produce this style of music.

    - Pop music is very upbeat and appeals to a wide and very young audience.It seems like you can hear this music about anywhere you go in

    businesses, restaurants, stores, etc., because it is a universal type music

    which seems commonly accepted. Pop music stars can range from artists

    such as Brittany Spears, Madonna, Avril Lavigne and Christina

    Aguilera. Electric and acoustic guitars, drums, keyboards and horned

    instruments also seem to be the primary make up of this style music.

    Pop music is upbeat and energetic.

    - Jazz music is a unique style and when people think of it they think ofNew Orleans where some of the finest jazz artists have launched their

    careers. When you listen to jazz music sometimes there does not alwaysseem to be an end or pattern to its make. Although it sounds orderly it is

    almost like an anything goes type of tempo where you just sort of get

    lost in the music. Some of the famous jazz musicians would include

    people like Miles Davis, The Dave Holland Quintet, Dave Douglas and

    the Thomasz Stanko Quartet. Electric guitars, stand up bass guitars,

    drums, piano and of course horned instruments like the saxophone are

    common instruments used in its formation.

    - Classical music is comprised of much piano, brass, horned typeinstruments. You can hear this kind of music being piped in to

    professional type office environments, etc. Some of the younger

    generation refer to it as elevator music. It primarily appeals to the

    older generation and is used in businesses as music that calms the

    Elite establishments, opera houses, and broadway plays are a few

    examples where someone might go to specifically hear this kind of music.

    Some radio stations may also play it in larger cities where there may be

    more of an audience for it. Some of the renouned classical music artists

    may include Roberto Alagna, Janet Baker, Joseph Calleja and classical

    music bands and orchestras such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.Although classical music may not necessarily be considered an American

    style music, many Americans would tend to think that it is.

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    Van Halen

    l Lynard Skynard Steve Miller Band

    Kiss Metallica

  • 8/9/2019 INT American Music



    Dolly Parton Waylon Jennings

    Loretta Lynn Garth Brooks

    Toby Keith Conway Twitty
  • 8/9/2019 INT American Music


    Miles Davis Dave Douglas

    Thomasz Stanko

    Jazz Artists,news-125&usg=__p5WO5cfHYsRxjnsS8w_LP95mTXI=&h=1632&w=2464&sz=1089&hl=en&start=3&um=1&tbnid=eCanLsEAsa6upM:&tbnh=99&tbnw=150&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddave%2Bdouglas%26hl%3Den%26um%3D1%26newwindow%3D1
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    Soul Music Artists

    Diana Ross Ice T

    Foxy Brown

    Soul Music Artists
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    Britney Spears Madonna

    Avril Lavigne Christina Aguilera

    Pop Music Stars
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    Bass Guitars

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    Stand-up Bass Accoustic Guitar

    Fiddles and Violins

    Steel String Accoustic Guitar