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  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG


    Seminar Reporton

     Tungsten inert gas welding

    Session- 2015-16


    Rahul Shaw (12/MM/27)

    Department of Metallurgical and Materials ngineering

     !ational "nstitute of #echnology$ Durgapur 

    Mentor% Dr& S& '& Mitra


  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG



    Sl No. Title Page No.

    1. Certifcate 0

    2. ntroduction 1

    !. "elding #peration 2-$

    $. T%pes o& Tungsten 'lectrodes 5

    5. T( S)ielding (ases 6

    6. *ses +

    +. ,dantages

    . /isadantages

    . ,pplications

    10. Re&erences 10

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG



     T)is is to certi&% t)at t)is report on Tungsten nert (as"elding )as 3een carried out 3% Rahul Shaw4 fnal %ear

    undergraduate student o& t)e /epartment o& etallurgical and

    aterials 'ngineering at NT /urgapur under t)e superision o&

    t)e undersigned.

    Dr. S.K. Mitra

    rofessor/epartment o& etallurgical and aterials 'ngineering

    NT /urgapur

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG




     Tungsten nert (as T(7 is an arc welding process t)at uses a

    non-consuma3le tungsten electrode to produce t)e weld. T)e

    weld area is protected &rom atmosp)eric contamination 3%

    an inert s)ielding gas argon or )elium74 and a fller metal is

    generall% used. ,lso re&erred to as (T," or (as S)ielded

     Tungsten "elding.

    , constant-current welding power suppl% produces electrical

    energ%4 w)ic) is conducted across t)e arc t)roug) a column o& 

    )ig)l% ioni8ed gas and metal apour 9nown as a plasma. (T,"

    is most commonl% used to weld t)in sections o& stainless steel

    and non-&errous metals suc) as aluminium4 magnesium4 and

    copper allo%s. T)e process grants t)e operator greater control

    oer t)e weld t)an competing processes suc) as s)ielded metal

    arc welding and gas metal arc welding4 allowing &or stronger4

    )ig)er :ualit% welds. ;oweer4 (T," is comparatiel% more

    comple< and di=cult to master4 and &urt)ermore4 it issignifcantl% slower t)an most ot)er welding tec)ni:ues. ,

    related process4 plasma arc welding4 uses a slig)tl% di>erent

    welding torc) to create a more &ocused welding arc and as a

    result is o&ten automated.

     (T, welding can 3e used to &or nearl% all t%pes and t)ic9nesses

    o& metal. (T, welding is ?u< less4 slag less4 and smo9eless.

    "elders )ae fne control o& t)e welding process. (T, welding

    is ideal &or close-tolerance welds. Some (T, welds ma9e t)ecritical root pass. (T, used w)en appearance is important.

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG




    !.anual Torc) oement

     Torc) and fller rod must 3e moed progressiel% and smoot)l%so t)e weld pool4 t)e )ot fller rod end4 and t)e solidi&%ing weld

    are not eected 8one.

    ")en arc is turned o>4 post?ow o& s)ielding gas s)ould s)ield

    t)e weld pool4 electrode4 and )ot end o& t)e fller rod.

    @ig 1A Torc) moement

    @ig 2A Torc)





  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG



    ". Torch !n#le

    ,s close to perpendicular as possi3le. a% 3e angled 0-15

    degrees &rom perpendicular &or 3etter isi3ilit%. ,s t)e gas ?owsout it &orms a protectie 8one around t)e weld. Too muc) tilt

    distorts protectie s)ielding gas 8one. Belocit% o& s)ielding gas

    a>ects protectie 8one. ow-pressure area deelops 3e)ind t)e

    cup w)en elocit% increases. S)arper angle and )ig)er ?ow

    rate increases contamination.

    C. $iller Ro% &ani'ulation

    @iller rod must 3e 9ept inside t)e protectie 8one. & fller rod is

    remoed &rom t)e gas protection4 it o

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG



    @igure $A Too muc) fller rod angle )as caused o

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG



    (. T)'es o* Tun#sten


    • ure tun#sten+ Green

      Pure Tungsten is an e

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG




     Tungsten 'lectrodes

    /. TIG Shiel%in# Gases

    1. !r#onA t )as good arc starting4 good

    cleaning action4 good arc sta3ilit%4 &ocused

    arc cone4 lower arc oltages and 10-!0 C@;

    ?ow rates.2. 0eliu,A t gies &aster trael speeds4

    increased penetration4 3ut di=cult &or arcstarting4 less cleaning action4 less low amp

    sta3ilit%4 )ig)er arc oltages4 )ig)er ?ow

    rates 2

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG



    3. Uses

    • (as tungsten arc welding is most commonl% used to weld

    stainless steel4 mild steels and non&errous materials4 suc)

    as aluminum and magnesium4 3ut it can 3e applied to

    nearl% all metals.

    •   ts applications inoling car3on steels are limited not

    3ecause o& process restrictions4 3ut 3ecause o& t)e


  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG


    4. !%5anta#es• "elds more metals and metal allo%s t)an an% ot)er


    • ;ig) :ualit% and precision

    • ,est)etic weld 3eads

    • No spar9s or spatter

    • No ?u< or slag

    • No smo9e or &umes

    6. Disa%5anta#es• ower fller metal deposition rates

    • (ood )and-e%e coordination a re:uired s9ill

    • Grig)ter *B ra%s t)an ot)er processes

    • Slower trael speeds t)an ot)er processes

    • ':uipment costs tend to 3e )ig)er t)an ot)er processes

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG


    7. !''lications• ")ile t)e aerospace industr% is one o& t)e

    primar% users o& gas tungsten arc

    welding4 t)e process is used in a

    num3er o& ot)er areas.

    •  an% industries use T( &or welding

    t)in wor9pieces4 especiall%non&errous metals.

    • t is used e

  • 8/19/2019 Seminar Report TIG




      ,merican "elding Societ% 200$7. "elding )and3oo94

    welding processes Part 1.

       Ie>us4 arr% 20027. "eldingA Principles and

    applications @i&t) ed.7.

      innic94 "illiam ;. 167. (as tungsten arc welding


      "eman4 Jlas 200!7. "elding processes )and3oo9