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Presentation ContentsCompany Overview, Structure and HistorySummary of Services OfferedEnvironmental and Quality SystemsProduct Design FeaturesTower CasingDrift EliminatorsForced Draught DesignOther Important Design PointsWatermiser installation works & servicesWatermiser Photo GalleryFD v ID & GRP v SS information

Company OverviewWatermiser have been designing, manufacturing installing and maintaining glass reinforced plastic (GRP) cooling towers for over 45 years.Our aim continues to be the production of a high quality, non-corroding, low maintenance unit, offering longevity and excellent value for money.

Our Vision Watermiser will be the UK and Irelands 1st choice, cooling tower manufacturer and provider of bespoke industrial cooling water and smart energy solutions

Our Values Greatness! Create and bring out greatness in all areas.Respect! Ownership, responsibility and accountability.People! Our staff, Our families, our customers, our community.

Our Mission To take the heat out of the situation by providing complete industrial water cooling solutions

Structure and HistoryCompany established in 1971Company manufacturing facility in Newmilns, AyrshireWatermisers structure is flat and reactive, encompassing:Expert Technical skillsDesign, refurbishment and servicing expertiseHighly skilled manufacturing and installation team

Services OfferedPackage GRP Cooling Towers (Leasing Available)Closed Circuit Cooling Towers and PackagesDry Air Coolers, with Wetted Surface OptionUpgrade and refurbishment Service for any type of towerHigh Efficiency Cooling Tower InternalsSidestream Filtration Complete Cooling Systems and projectsService Contracts to Suit Customer RequirementsHeavy Duty GRP Process Tanks

Contract Management

Detailed Design

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Product Design Features

Cooling Tower Casing

Watermiser employ a unique method ofmanufacture, utilising latest techniques andmaterials, to ensure high and consistent qualityThe external surface of the casing has a gelcoat finish. Internally, a resin rich finishgives a smooth surface with high resistance to impact and abrasionGRP tower casing are completely non- corroding and do not require any routinepainting etc. GRP is inert to attack fromaggressive water treatment regimes andsterilising chemicalsEach tower casing is manufactured in a maximum of two mouldings, minimising joints and crevices.

Spray Distribution

Non-clog, hollow cone, spray distributionis used in all Watermiser GRP coolingtowers. Systems can be provided in PVCor polypropylene / C-PVC material,dependant upon application. This type of spray system provides an efficient,uniform distribution of water. It operates at relatively high velocities, and hence isnot as prone to fouling as gravity troughand weir type systems. The pressurerequired at the nozzle can be as low as0.07 bar (1 psi).

Drift Eliminators

All Watermiser GRP cooling towers arefitted with type AZD4 high efficiencyPVC drift eliminators. The material hasbeen independently tested, resulting ina carry over of 0.00024% of thecirculating water flow. The efficiency of any eliminator material is only as good as its installation within a cooling tower.Any gaps between blocks can result inmajor carry over problems. Type AZDeliminators have a unique interlockingarrangement to ensure a seal betweenindividual blocks.

Forced Draught Design

In forced draught design the fan is at a low level for ease of inspection or maintenance, and the motor is outwith the saturated atmosphere. The basetank is enclosed, shielded from direct sunlight, with no water loss due to windage.

Important Points to Remember

Watermiser GRP cooling towers have clean smooth lines, are rigid and robust, and have an extremely high strength to weight ratio.All Watermiser GRP tower casings carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for structural integrity.Towers can be installed in parallel to form multi-cell units with no limit to size or thermal performance.Special designs are available. A choice of silencers can be fitted for low noise applications.

Watermiser installation works & services

Old timber non compliant cooling tower before the installation of new Watermiser multi cell tower.

New Watermiser Model No.72 GRP (6 CELL) FD AXIAL During installation

Watermiser staff are fully trained and experienced in all crane lifting procedures :-Crane appointed person -trained staff.Lift supervisor - trained staff.Slinger signaller - trained staff.Over 30 years experience, removing and installing cooling equipment by crane.

Watermiser can offer full cooling tower maintenance / service contracts, for any type of cooling tower, including:Pre and post disinfectionsFull cooling tower cleans (including removal of all internals, clean and refit)Inspection reports that cover all cooling tower componentsAny required repair works

Watermiser Photo Gallery

Timber cooling tower overlade, before the installationof a new Watermiser GRPcooling tower.New Watermiser GRP 3 cellcooling tower over lade,After the removal of the oldtimber cooling tower.

Watermiser Model No.84 GRP (8 CELL) FD AXIAL Cooling Tower Complete with GRP upstand barrier on 3 sides on each bank of cells

Corroded galvanised steel cooling tower with numerous panel flanges, fixings and sealant before being replaced by a twin cell Watermiser GRP unit.

New Watermiser Model No.8 GRP (2 CELL) FD AXIAL/900 complete with galvanised steel baseframe and high level access platform

2 off Watermiser Model No.6 GRP FD AXIAL / 900 cooling towers

Watermiser Model No.21 GRP (2 CELL) FD AXIAL / 900 cooling tower.

FORCED DRAUGHT.INDUCED DRAUGHT.Carry over (or Drift)Drift eliminators are installed at the top of the cooling tower and hence water droplets from all parts of the cooling tower are captured.Eliminators are positioned below a plenum area. Water droplets formed by condensation on the surfaces (possibly contaminated) of this plenum and on the fan set components are carried to atmosphere.Air flowIn generic forced draught towers air flow tends to the rear of the tower. In Watermiser towers the pack is stepped, being of greater depth at the rear of the tower. The pressure drop at the rear of the tower is hence increased and air flow is more evenly distributed through the tower. Air flow tends to core the majority of air passing through the centre of the tower. Coring increases as the ratio of the tower plan area to the fan cross sectional area increases.Fans / motorsFans and motors are at low level for ease of inspection and maintenance. Motors are outwith the saturated atmosphere and have extended operating lives. Impellers are directly driven no gearboxes or belt drives. Fans are at high level maintenance and inspection is more difficult. Motors and impellers are in the saturated airstream and are open to attack by the chemistry of the process water. Motor failure and down time is increased.BasetankBasetank is closed and shielded from direct sunlight, with no water loss due to windage. Ingress of debris is minimised. No air inlet elements requiring ongoing maintenance and replacement are necessary. Basetank is accessible via a quick release access door.Basetank requires air inlet elements to prevent entry of sunlight and to reduce water loss due to windage. Air inlets elements require regular cleaning and sterilisation. Elements will require to be renewed several times during the operating life of the cooling tower.Access for maintenance & inspectionComplete area of eliminators can be inspected from the top of the tower. Regular inspection is recommended in H&S guidelines L8.The full plan area of the internals is easily accessed via the top of the tower.Eliminators cannot be adequately inspected from outwith the tower. Internals are only accessible via an access door or panel.NoiseBasetank is enclosed therefore water noise is minimised. Fans can be orientated away from noise sensitive areas.Basetank is 'open' hence water noise is greater. Noise level is equal in all horizontal directions.VibrationLow vibration due to the fan position close to the base.Vibration amplified due to the fan position at high level.

Advantages of Watermiser Forced Draught Cooling Towers over Induced Draught

Glass Reinforced Plastic versus Stainless Steel as a construction material for cooling towers.

Stainless Steel (SS) is being used by cooling tower manufacturers who specialise in fabricated steel construction, in an attempt to match the acknowledged qualities of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

SS is without doubt a quality material, but it is not without a corrosion rate.

The normal resistance of SS to corrosion lies in a surface film, composed of oxides of iron and chromium, less than one micron thick. Once this film is formed and preserved, it protects the metal beneath it from further corrosion and the surface is said to be in 'passive' condition.

However this protective skin may be attacked in several ways, e.g. mechanical scraping, or wire brushing, electrochemical reaction, or dissolving by corrosive chemicals. If the protective skin is damaged, corrosion will take place.

Scraping and wire brushing are not uncommon when cleaning a steel cooling tower. SS is attacked by a group of chemicals known as the halogens. Sterilising chemicals such as chlorine and bromine are halogens widely used by water treatment companies. Hydrochloric and sulphuric acid are often used in chemical cleaning.

GRP does not corrode. GRP is inert to water treatment and sterilising chemicals and can be acid cleaned it required.

The resin finish with the casings of Watermiser GRP cooling towers has an extremely high impact strength and abrasion resistance, and can be wired brushed if necessary, without compromising its integrity.

SS is subject to pitting, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion, and 'preferential' corrosion, where two dissimilar metals are incontact, e.g. carbon steel fan casing and SS cooling tower.

SS is a relatively new material for the cooling tower industry, and is disadvantages are not fully realised.

Over 25 years evaluation, based on the continuous service of several known cooling towers, confirms the long life cycle of Watermiser GRP cooling towers.

Contact us at:E-mail: [email protected]: 01560 320762