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  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    This venture on OSS aviation would not have been possible

    without the help of many people who supported and gave

    their generous contribution to me.

    My teacher for her guidance, support observation and

    suggestion have been priceless.

    I would like to give my sincere thanks to OSS aviation. Thank

    you for helping me spout around the academy providing

    information, various training material and amazing meeting

    with 20 many people.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    I hereby declare that the project entitle have been completed

    by me partial fulfillment of requirement for second year, IV

    semester. B.A. Mgt submitted to Barkatullah University,


    The project is my own work and hence is not prepared

    for any other work.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    This is to certify that Mr. Abhishek George visited at our

    office regarding data collection for his project report on

    aviation industry. He visited on 16th Apr 2010 and 10 Apr


    For : OSS Aviation Pvt. Ltd. Date L 20 Apr 2010

    Authorized Signature

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    The explanation of the aviation industry is rapidly changing

    our liver and has brought the world closer than ever before

    teading to job opportunity globally and breaking all

    geographical barriers. The aviation industry is today being

    seen as the sunrise sector of country.

    With seamless connectivity bring the order of the day

    thousand of ground jobs at for airport present existing

    opportunity for your future.

    India is the biggest market for the world renowned

    hospitality and tourism industry. It is the largest established

    industry in the world and it is highly respected.

    My aim of opting this topic is that make up of the course

    is truly international giving you a unique opportunity to mix

    with a diverse rage of nationalities allowing you to increase

    your intercultural competence.

    This course will give you a detailed understanding of the

    international tourism and hospitality business and their

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    importance within the global economy, developing your

    knowledge and skills to progress future into a successful

    career in this dynamic sector.

    We can develop appropriate analytical and manageriala

    competencies which will enable us to respond to strategic

    issue as well as developing in response to current and future


  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    The project provider a snapshot of the Indian aviation

    industry and the dynamic that drive the sector. It cover the

    size and segments of the market, the existing industry

    scenery, and major trade in the sector. It also seek to

    highlight the key challenge that are found by the industry.

    The competitive (Landscape provides an overview of the

    major participate in the sector) Including the interplay

    among full service and low cost careers, the changing

    market scenario.

    The project also provides a brief snapshot of the careers

    and airport operators. Airports are often compared to

    business because they were so busy aviation management

    major learn management principal that keep major learn

    management principal that keep these achieve , places as

    well as airlines running reply and smoothly. They study

    everything from hiring employees to meeting government

    security regulations to marketing sure passengers luggagegets to the right place.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    Aviation management and operations major learner the

    business and management skills they will need to run the

    complex activities of the aviation industry.

    Earlier, air travel was a privilege only a few could afford, but

    with the commencement of operations by the low cost

    careers, new large number of people can afford air travel. At

    present Indian aviation industry is one of the fastest growing

    industry in the world. With the liberation of the Indianaviation sector, aviation industry has undergone a rapid


    General aviation also increasing its air transport

    activities is also increasing its air transport activities last.

    Helicopter operation have become very popular and are in

    great demand particularly in the election periods. Helicopter

    new find increasing role in tourism security related activities

    also. Small jet aircraft are now being imported increasingly

    by corportaors general aviation is now becoming a major

    activity in the country.

    Indian airport handled about ten million domestic passengers

    a year a decade ago that figure has new crors 25 million. It

    is expected to reach 100 million in two years. This exclusive

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    growth in aviation sector along with planning in techniques is

    also opening new avenues young airports.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    About the company

    OSS Air management Pvt. Ltd. Has been the face of

    Augusta helicopters in India for almost half an decades.

    They provide service to a whole gamut of aviation services

    to a highly diverse and distinguished clientele. Its office and

    major basis are in Delhi and Mumbai, the company has

    already launched 21 world class Augusta products.

    OSS Aviation academy is an education service provider

    delivering education and training to young aspirants in the

    felid of aviation, hospitality travel and tourism.

    OSS academy has developed an expertise over years in

    designing and implementing effective programme for the

    aviation and travel tourism industry.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    Aviation Manager has to manage air traffic control

    operations at the best conditions, clear on the working and

    schedule of the ffighoto. Aviation manager have to manage

    all away from home.

    The aviation manager looks after all the process related

    to aviation administration and flight regulation. The aviationmanager performs staff handling and aircraft serving and

    plane routine aircraft. Inspections and aviation executive

    duties. They also have to be on fees in checking of aircraft

    engines for any damage evidence and to determine whether

    change and repairs are needed. The aviation manager

    checks on employee maintenance check are performed at

    scheduled in travels.

    They opinion rule changes policies, standards and

    regulations based on knowledge of operation condition,

    executive look and other factor. Knowledge of practical

    application of engineering and technology in necessary for

    being a aviation manager. First level university degree in

    aviation engineering or graduation from equivalent military

    establishment is desirable professional pilot license of

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    engineering license is necessary with a minimum of seven

    years technical experience in an air traffic control.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    The aviation manager has to perform staff landing and

    aircraft servicing, aviation manager has to manage air traffic

    control operations at the best conditions. Check on working

    and schedule of the heights. By having in depth knowledge of

    aviation market and strong relations with major operations.

    ASM can assist to provide clients with air charters for

    both passengers and cargo world wide. ASM optimizes

    fuelling and fuel management processes for its clients. It can

    arrange credit worldwide and after a single point of contract

    and compute price transparency.

    ASM has a team of dedicated professionals,

    including pilots, navigators ATC controllers flight engineers

    and marketing gurus, insuring excellence in everything we


  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    The applicant should have a degree in an aviation related or

    similar technical field. A post graduate (MBA or MAS) is

    preferred, but not required. A private pilot certificate (or

    higher) is also preferred. The manager of operation should

    have a minimum of two years of work experience with an

    exposure to regulation work. Strong writing and

    communication skills are required.


    Cabin Mechanic :-

    Performs aircraft maintenance and/or repairs within

    budget time within TIMCO, FAA and our waste and delivering

    a quality product on time.

    Qualifications :-

    1. High School diploma or equivalent.2. Must provide own took as indicated on

    company tool list.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    3. Must be able to read, write and understand the

    English Language.

    Preferred :-

    Two (2) years aircraft maintenance experience


    Sheetmetal Position :-

    Aviation maintenance staffing is an aeroplane

    staffing company specializing in the placement of contract,

    contact to perm and perm placement of structures

    machines, A& P machines, Interior machines, Avionics


    Qualifications :-

    Two years experience performing maintenance on

    commercial aircrafts.

    FAA airfame and power plant license must provide own

    tool /drug test.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    Duties :-

    Understands how to read a micrometer depth

    gauge or dial caliper Auomplience simple sheet metal repairs

    or simple replacements of structural parts.

    Management & Executive Aviation Jobs :-

    (a) Customer service representatives :- Assists

    customers with requested service such as fuel,

    catering, hanger, space, hotel, accommodationground transplantation etc. Resolve ustometer

    request, questionnaire and complaints.

    (b) Requirements :- High School Diploma excellence

    interpersonal verbal and written communication

    skills must posses a valid state drivers license.

    Previous uptometer service experience preferred.

    (c) Field Service Manager :-

    Qualifications You must be current with aircraft

    mechanics maintains certification and optionally

    current with inspector aircraft license. He is to

    schedule personal.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    (d) Duties : -

    i. Work with engineers during periodic system

    upgrader or replacements.

    ii. Interviewing and assisting with the hiring of

    field service personnel.

    iii. Providing performance reviews information

    to be used for either merit rains at

    termination when necessary.

    iv. Providing whatersd feedback to appropriatepersonnel to help ensure customer ratially.

    v. Providing interface between field personnel

    and factory personnel as required.

    (e) Financial Resource Advisor :- Significance &

    Minimum requirements Bachelor degree in finance,

    counting, business management or other related

    field plus 15 years demonstrated experience in

    progressively more responsible related petitions.

    Knowledge of commonly used budgetary methods,

    practices, procedures, regulations, policies and

    process to issue instructions an and review the

    formulation of communication system budget.

    Knowledge of cost- benefit analysis methods, and

    analysis of performance data to prepare budget.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    Duties/Responsibilities provide support to the air

    force global strike commend, provide budget

    execution branch which involves the petition of cost



    The aircraft planner provider provides technical estimationand recommendation for all aircraft maintenance and

    modification projects requested by marketing in the scale of

    man hence, materials etc. Accomplishes the planning and

    communication for all maintenance projects contracted.

    Permanent position qualifications 3-5 years commercial

    aviation, preferably repair station oriaented, families with all

    phases of A/c.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    Employment opportunity in OSS aviation

    Option is related to which area.

    OSS aviation is related to the private sector.


    Proficiency and Safety of flight training management main

    priority at ATMs (A ctivation training management) are

    emphasize is to ensure pilots computing training are

    competent proficiency and confidence in their air-craft


    The aviation management programmes were developed in

    response to industry need and provide you with the ideal

    combination of professional and management education. It

    prepares you to be an effective manager, as well as

    upgrading your activation industry skills. Whether you are

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    striving to advance in your organization are striving to

    advance or selking other options within the industry,

    The combination of topics from aviation human factors

    and management is relevant and the programme cab be

    adapted to for your interest, regardless of were in the

    industry you are currently employed .

    Applicants may commence their studies in the matterprograme (students that have completed the certificate

    programme will receive four criteria toward their masterio


    To identify for the master of aviation management, a

    student must successfully uptake a total of eight (8) causes.

    Student must complete all four aviation courses and four

    management courses.

    Aviation Course Management Course

    AVIA 6110 human factor in

    aviation system.

    GSBS 6060 strategy


    AVIA 120 view resource


    Corporate finance

    AVIA 6110 human factor in Management information

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    aviation system. system

    Human factors in specialized


    E-business for manager


    Date wise Information Collected



    Date Name of





    of Work


    1. OSS


    Rajesh Jain



    about the

    project and



    of manager

    towards the



    2. OSS


    Rajesh Jain Gathered





  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    Company balance sheet

    As at 31 January 2009

    millions Notes 2008/09 2007/08Fixed assets

    Tangible fixed assets 3 1 1

    Investments 4 5,585 5,575

    5,586 5,576

    Current assets

    Debtors due within one year 5 2,719 4,284

    Debtors due after more than one year 5 187 67

    Cash at bank and in hand 901 25

    3,807 4,376

    Current liabilities

    Creditors: amounts falling due within one year 6 (3,232) (2,019)

    Net current assets 575 2,357

    Total assets less current liabilities 6,161 7,933

    Non-current liabilities

    Creditors: amounts falling due after more than one year7 (1,856) (1,564)

    Provisions for liabilities and charges 8 (4) (2)

    (1,860) (1,566)Net assets excluding net pension (liability)/asset 4,301 6,367

    Net pension (liability)/asset 9 (1) 2

    Net assets 4,300 6,369

    Capital and reserves

    Called up share capital 10 371 371

    Share premium account 11 2,188 2,188

    Non-distributable reserves 11 711 2,934

    Profit and loss account 11 1,030 876

    Equity shareholders funds 12 4,300 6,369

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    (Rs crore)

    Balance sheet

    Mar ' 09Mar '

    08 Jun ' 07 Jun ' 06Mar '


    Sources of funds

    Owner's fund

    Equity share capital 265.91 135.80 135.47 98.18 16.20

    Share application money 8.11 10.09 - - -

    Preference share capital 97.00 - - - -

    Reserves & surplus -2,496.36 52.99 249.23 125.95 -2.54

    Loan funds

    Secured loans 2,622.52 592.38 716.71 448.16 159.42

    Unsecured loans 3,043.04 342.00 200.00 3.50 125.06

    Total 3,540.211,133.26


    675.80 298.13

    Uses of funds

    Fixed assets

    Gross block 1,891.80 322.33 340.77 247.33 55.25

    Less : revaluation reserve - - - - -

    Less : accumulated depreciation 316.29 43.55 33.74 16.40 4.52

    Net block 1,575.52 278.78 307.03 230.93 50.73

    Capital work-in-progress 1,630.95 346.25 357.62 286.53 153.09

    Investments 0.05 - 0.41 0.41 0.45

    Net current assets

    Current assets, loans & advances 4,189.371,188.4



    8558.83 174.88

    Less : current liabilities & provisions 3,860.18 696.83 456.09 439.98 109.84

    Total net current assets 329.19 491.58 607.59 118.85 65.04

    Miscellaneous expenses not written 4.51 16.64 28.75 39.08 28.83

    Total 3,540.211,133.2




    675.80 298.13


    Book value of unquoted investments 0.05 - 0.41 0.41 0.45

    Market value of quoted investments - - - - -

    Contingent liabilities 27,468.706,797.11




    Number of equity sharesoutstanding (Lacs) 2659.09 1357.99 1354.70 981.82 31.06

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    Through this project I have got a lifetime experiment and

    knowledge about the aviation industry and its employee

    perform each day. Patience, determination, good

    communication skill and various other qualities which can not

    be enlisted are mandatory for working in an aviation industry

    by working with aviation industry one can get an opportunity

    to mix with diverse nationalities.

    One can also increase his/her intercultural competence.

    For computing this venture on OSS aviation I have taken

    information from internet and magazines. I have surved

    various aviation sites and also about OSS aviation.

    I appeal around the OSS aviation and gathered

    information from its staff. They provided me with the

    information and other written materials also like magazines

    and training materials. I have read magazines of other

    aviation also and have taken some information from them


  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project


    I have arranged meeting with the manager of OSS

    aviation Mr. Rajesh Jain who gave their precious time and

    generous contribution to me and told about the job of

    manager, his responsibilities, and qualifications for becoming

    a manager in any aviation industry and also the competitive

    examination/ trainings which have to be increased.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    India is one of the fastest growing aviation market in the

    world. With the liberation in the of the Indian aviation sector,

    the industry has witnessed a transformation with the entry of

    the previously owned full service airlines and low cost

    careers. The sector has also seen a significant increase in

    number of domestic air travel passengers. Some of the

    factors that have resulted in higher demand for air transport

    in India include the growing middle class and its purchasing

    power. The growth of the tourism industry in India

    increasing around travel from India and the overall economic

    growth of India.

    In addition to these factor, the emphasize on

    modernization of non metro airport, fuel expansion by

    airlines service expansion by state owned careers,

    development of the mantraine repair and overall industry

    opening up of new international routs by the Indian

    government, establishment of new airports and renovationand researching of the existing airports have added to the

    growth of industry.

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project



    The Indian economy is becoming with a strategy pace for

    quite some time. With this many job opportunities are being

    created in various domains. The aviation industry is one

    such domain. In early days, scope of a career in this sector

    was very limited. Now, due to the arrival of numbers of the

    domestic and international airlines with cheap airfares the

    need for airline staff has risen. The Indian aviation industry

    has shown continued growth in recent years with key driver

    bring positive economic factors (including High GDP growth),

    industrial performance, corporate profitability/expansion

  • 7/31/2019 Oss Project




    B.COM(COMP) IVth Semester

    Project report submitted to


    Signature (Guide): Signature (Student):

    Name of the guide Name of the student