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 By: Jeremy Stone Table of Contents I. Introduction II. The Object of the Game III. Controls (NES, PlayStation 2, and Game Cube) IV. The Basics V. The Robot Masters VI. Walkthrough a. Air Man b. Crash Man c. Flash Man d. Quick Man e. Bubble Man f. Heat Man g. Wood Man

Transcript of Megaman II

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By: Jeremy Stone

Table of Contents

I.  Introduction

II.  The Object of the Game

III.  Controls (NES, PlayStation 2, and Game Cube)

IV.  The Basics

V.  The Robot Masters

VI.  Walkthrougha.  Air Man

b.  Crash Man

c.  Flash Man

d.  Quick Man

e.  Bubble Man

f.  Heat Man

g.  Wood Man

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h.  Metal Man

i.  Wily Stage 1

 j.  Wily Stage 2

k.  Wily Stage 3

l.  Wily Stage 4

m.  Wily Stage 5n.  Wily Form 1

o.  Wily Form 2

p.  Wily Stage 6

q.  Wily Form 3


Mega Man 2 is the sequel the super smash Mega Man. It originally debuted on the

Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1988 and then released on the Sega Genesis

in 1994 called Mega Man the Wily Wars. Mega Man 2 was also seen on the Game cube

and the PlayStation 2 consoles in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. The version of 

this walkthrough is done on the old tried and true NES version but I will also include

the control scheme for the PlayStation 2 and Game Cube versions as those are the

obvious changes. I didn’t include the Genesis control scheme as of the time of this

writing because I didn’t have access to The Wily Wars. The rest of the game is 100%

true to the original so you can actually use this guide on the Game Cube or the

PlayStation 2 as well. Isn’t that special? Well that’s enough with the blab so we willcontinue. Enjoy the Game!


You play as Mega Man. If you have played the original Mega Man the mechanics are

still the same. Dr. Wily is out for revenge against Mega Man for ruining his plans

previously. This time he created eight different robots to counter Mega Man. Youmust battle each and every one of them and then navigate through Wily’s castle and

defeat him. The good thing about this game is that once you defeat the robot masters

you get their weapons and one robot’s weapon is a weakness against another’s. That

will be explained more at a later time.

Controls (Getting Mega Man to Do What You Want)

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Nintendo Entertainment System

Sony PlayStation 2 Computer Entertainment System

Nintendo Game Cube Video Game Console

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Mega Man II is a side scrolling platform action game much like its predecessor. The

mechanics have all stayed the same except you have new enemies to defeat. This

section of the Walkthrough will introduce to you the weapons you will obtain as well

as the various enemies you may run into.

This is your energy meter. As you know when you take damage your energy

meter depletes. Once your energy meter is f ully depleted Mega Man blows up. It’s

cool to watch sometimes but it can get annoying. Since you have a limited number of 

lives you might want to keep this entertaining detonation down to a minimum.

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This is your weapon energy meter. This meter changes colors depending on the

weapon you choose. Every time you use your weapon you will deplete your energy

meter. Each weapon’s energy depletes differently so keep an eye on it.

This meter is the Robot Master’s energy meter. Hit the Robot Master witheverything you’ve got to get this meter down to zero before he does the same to you.

Pressing the Start button will open up a submenu that gives you access to your energy

tanks as well as your auxiliary weapons. They display also how much energy these

weapons have left.

Pressing start on this option will take you to the next page of the


This is your primary energy. You see this on the main screenbut you can quickly refer to the status of your energy here as well.

This is the energy bar for Atomic Fire.

This is the energy bar for Air Shooter.

This is the energy bar for Leaf Shield.

This is the energy bar for Bubble Lead.

This is the energy bar for Quick Boomerang.

This is the energy bar for Time Stopper

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This is the energy bar for Metal Blades.

This is the energy bar for Crash Bomber.

This is the energy bar for Item-1.

This is the energy bar for Item-2.

This is the energy bar for Item-3.

This tells you how many lives that you have left. When this reaches 0

it’s Dr. Wily or bust … or until you find another one.

This tells you how many energy tanks you have in reserve. You

can hold up to 4 energy tanks at once.

Now that we understand the gauges we will now get to the good stuff: The Weapons


As you progress through the game and defeat the Robot Masters you will inherit their

abilities (so to speak) in the form of a weapon. Each Robot Master has a unique

weapon and that weapon can be used against other masters (It is up to you to find out

which weapon to use on which robot).


This weapon sends three tornados out at a 45 degree angle.

This weapon is useful against Crash Man


8/3/2019 Megaman II 7/46

This weapon fires a fireball at your enemy. If you hold down the

fire button you can charge this weapon and release a more powerful blast. This

weapon is useful against Wood Man.


This weapon will create a leaf shield that circles around you. This will

protect you from minor attacks and will destroy minor enemies. If you press a

directional button the shield will fire in the direction you press. This weapon is useful

when you have a group of small enemies coming at you.


This weapon fires a bubble that travels along the path of the

floor or up the wall for a limited distance. This weapon is useful against Heat Man and

also will find holes in the floor.


This weapon fires boomerangs in an oval pattern.

These weapons are quick and you can fire quite a bit of them. This weapon is useful

against Bubble Man.

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This weapon will cause time to stand still. All

enemies and traps will be frozen solid and unable to move. This weapon is extremely

useful in Quick Man’s stage and against Quick Man himself.


This weapon fires metallic blades at your enemy. The good thingabout this weapon is that you can fire it in eight different directions.


This weapon will fire a bomb that will cling to a wall and detonate

with devastating force after a few seconds. This weapon is useful against Flash Man.

This weapon has also the least amount of ammo as you only have 7 shots per energy

bar. Use it wisely.


These are the various items that you will see and use throughout the game.

This is Item-1. No I am not numbering them all this is just what it is called.

This is an item that you will carry with you and will share a weapon bar like the other

reserve weapons that you have in your arsenal. This item when launched will create a

platform will slowly rise up. You can fire three of these at one time. These are useful

for getting across large gaps to reach something above however they will disappear

over time so make sure that you move quickly.

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This is Item-2. This is another item that you carry with you once you

acquire it. You can only call on one of these platforms at a time. This item creates a

platform that will jet across a vast area. However the energy in this item is limited and

it will continue to go until it hits a wall. This item is useful when you want to cross an

extremely huge gap or when you want to get across an annoying area with little to nofoot holds (cough Heat Man cough).

This is Item-3. Yet another item that you can carry with you once you

acquired it. This item creates another platform that will bounce along the ground until

it reaches a wall then it will start to levitate upward. You can only fire one of these at

a time and like Item-1 this will disappear over time so you need to move quickly.

This is a small energy module. This will fill a little bit of your health meter.

This is a large energy module. This will fill up roughly ¼ of your health meter.

This is a small weapon module. This will fill a small portion of your weapon energy.

This is a large weapon module. This will fill roughly ¼ of your weapon energy.

This is an extra life. These are scattered throughout the various stages and

sometimes enemies will drop these. Get these bad boys whenever you can.

This is an energy tank. This can be used to refresh your energy when you are

running low. It won’t automatically fill your energy when you are low so you still have

to keep an eye on your energy gauge and use it ONLY when you need it. Remember

you can only carry 4 at a time so don’t be greedy with the energy tanks.


These are the various enemies that you will encounter throughout the stages. I don’t

know their official names so I will just explain their behavior.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 10/46

This guy populates a lot of stages. He has the habit of hiding under his hat.

When he does he is invincible to attack. You have to wait till he comes out of his hat

which he will do once you get close enough to him. He will shoot three shots out at

you in three different directions. You can kill him with one shot.

This is a robotic drill that will come at you from both the ceiling and the ground. If 

you encounter into these guys you will run into a whole lot of them at once and they

keep coming however this could work to your advantage because these guys drop a

lot of items.

This little guy slowly runs across the floor until you get near him. Once you are

near him he picks up the pace and then springs up at you like a slinky. A specialtyweapon will dispatch them. All you have to do is find the right one.

This guy waits for you in the halls of various stages and continuously shoots

at you. He takes a moment to change trajectory of his shots. It’s during this time that

you can shoot him and take him out.

This is an electrical current that kind of represents a wiggling worm.

Nevertheless these things pop out of their metal base at three to four at a time. You

can blast these till you are (ahem) blue in the face but unless you take out the base.

This annoying thing populates a few of the stages and drops eggs. These eggs

explode when they hit the ground and release baby birds that will come at you.

This is the annoying little bird that drops out of the egg. There are about eight to

ten of these that come at you with every swarm.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 11/46

This is an annoying rabbit that hops at you and also throws metal carrots.

Jump over the carrot and then quickly shoot at him.

This bat inhabits a couple of stages. He is sometimes tricky to spot at first

because he has his wings folded up and looks like a black berry hanging in a tree.

When you get close he comes at you. You can destroy him with one shot so end him

quickly. When his wings are folded he is invincible.

This tubby robot is in Air Man’s stage. He will constantly be blowing

strong wind gusts at you. The tricky part is that he is placed right behind a platform

that you need to jump to. What you need to do is jump at him and fire at him like mad

to take him out making sure that you don’t fall when he is destroyed.

This tin can looking thing inhabits a couple of stages where tricky jumping is

needed. They die in one hit however they keep coming back making it very difficult to


This is another inhabitant of Air Man’s stage. He rides on a cloud and

hurls lightning bolts at you. Just blast him with your primary weapon and then you can

 jump on his cloud to ride it yourself.

Talk about a chicken on a mission. This guy comes at you full speed

however if you stand still he will jump over you which is much easier than fighting him.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 12/46

 This joker inhabits Metal Man’s stage. He will run at you until you shoot the

gear he rides on. He will then chase after you on foot. Just shoot him before he hits

the ground.

This frog resides in Bubble Man’s stage. He doesn’t move but he will spit

out baby frogs to come attack you. It’s really creepy seeing it but he’s really easy to


This is the baby frog. Looks cute but can be very annoying and damages you.

This is another inhabitant of Bubble Man’s stage. This guy will just patrol the

platform that he’s on. All you have to do is shoot him once or twice and he will be

destroyed. If you are on the difficult setting then you will just destroy the shell and

will need to use a secondary weapon to finish him off. Metal Blades usually does the

trick if you have them.

This hot head resides in Heat Man’s stage. He will attack you by hurling

fireballs at you. You can take him out with a couple of shots from your primary

weapon however once you do that the lights will go out leaving you in complete


This guy represents a suction cup … a robotic suction cup. He will stick to

the floor and then come at you after releasing himself from the spot he is stuck too. It

8/3/2019 Megaman II 13/46

takes him awhile to do this so make sure that you are out of his way. A good way to

confuse him is that he will fall in the location that you were last in. So if you stay still

until he lunges at you and then move forward he will land behind you making it easier

to avoid him or just blast him a few times to get rid of him once and for all.

Sniper Joe’s Mech. This is the Mech that Sniper Joe rides on to come at

you. He will jump at you three or four times and then unleash a barrage of fire on you.

Use Quick Boomerang to get rid of this mech and then take on Sniper Joe without his

additional fire power.

This is Sniper Joe. He will either come at you with his Mech or just be waitingto ambush you. He has a shield that he uses which makes him impervious to your

attacks. In order to attack you he needs to move his shield. Quickly dodge his fire and

then fire with some of your own. Quick Boomerang is also pretty effective against him.

These kind of remind me of Metroids. Ah those were the days. Anyway these

inhabit Bubble Man’s stage. They float at you and that is pretty much it however they

usually appear in an area predominant with spikes. Use caution when dealing with

these baddies.

These crabs also patrol the areas of Bubble Man’s stage. They typically

patrol back and forth but will speed up once you are near them. Take them out with a

blast or two from your primary weapon.

This robotic seahorse swims at you and tries to hit you. Just take him out

with a few shots from your primary weapon.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 14/46

 Meet Magilla Gorilla’s cousin. This swinging ape will wait until you areclose and then he will lunge at you. Time your shots to nail him before he reaches you.

This junkyard dog is anything but cute. He spews flames in a “u”

shape at you. He means business and it takes quite a few shots to put him away early.

This big fish is in Bubble Man’s stage. He lies in wait

for you and spews out seahorses. The little bulb on top of his head is his weak point.

Take it out with Quick Boomerang or your primary weapon if you want a challenge.

This massive robotic piranha resides in stage 3 of Dr. Wily’s fortress.

There are no ways to kill it as far as I know of. I just go passed it as soon as it goes back

down the hole.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 15/46

I wouldn’t really classify this as an enemy as it is more of a

giant platform however it will spit out miniature versions of itself in order to prevent

you from reaching to the next platform. These appear out of nowhere in Air Man’s

stage so be careful. Also the drills that come out of the top of its head will damage you

and knock you back potentially causing you to drop in a hole.

This is the miniature version of the giant platform.

This beastie is the dragon that you will encounter

at the end of Wily Fortress Stage 1. I have included instructions on how to defeat himfurther in this walkthrough. What I will tell you at this point is that this boss is more

annoying than anything due to the lack of adequate footing.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 16/46

This boss waits for you at

the end of Wily Fortress Stage 2. Again the instructions on dispatching this enemy are

explained below.

This is essentially Guts Man on

steroids and a LOT of upgrades. He is the boss of Wily Fortress Stage 3.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 17/46

This is the

final boss in Wily Stage 4. Basically this is the main defense unit before you can enter

Wily’s lair. Yay! 

Ah yes we all know who this is. The scum of the earth himself: Dr. Wily.


Here are the various hazards you will encounter during the game. I don’t believe I

have them all here but these are the biggest majority of them.

The spike is EXTREMELY painful. In fact it kills you on contact. Spikes come in all

shapes and sizes but they all do the same thing: Instantly kill you!

This is a collapsing platform. Once you jump on them you have about one

second before they fall out from under you. Be quick when you traverse these


8/3/2019 Megaman II 18/46

Ah yes the spike chain. This will slowly rise and quickly collapse. If you

happen to be underneath them they will greatly damage you. Move quickly when the

timing is right.

This is a crash barrier. These resemble collapsing platforms only they are turned

vertical. The only way to get rid of these is using Crash Bomber. Usually I tend to go

around them just to save Crash Bombs.

This annoying block is what I call a pain in the royal rump. This block is part of a

series that appear and disappear in a pattern. They are often used to traverse a tricky

chasm. I say tricky because you have to know the pattern to keep from falling into the

great abyss. If you can get around them then do so. It’s SO much easier than to try and

navigate them.

These are bars of pure energy that come shooting out

of the walls in Quick Man’s stage. These, like the spikes, will kill you on contact. Be

sure to navigate quickly and carefully or just use Time Stopper to keep them from

hitting you. Although make sure that you build your Time Stopper energy back up so

you can fight Quick Man efficiently and quickly (so to speak).

This is a conveyor belt that can be found on Metal Man’s

stage. This will usually carry you to an open trench. Also when you face Metal Man he

will change the direction of the conveyor belt at random times. Be sure to watch for


8/3/2019 Megaman II 19/46

This is a platform that will glide on a guide

track . Usually when you ride these there are tin man

guys trying to knock you off of the platform and also there are spikes waiting to catch

you if you do fall. Be sure you are using Leaf Shield while riding the platform will

protect you from the enemies that come at you.

This is a false floor. You only run into these in Wily’s Fortress butthey are a nuisance and can lead you to … yes more spiky deaths . The trick to these

however is to use Bubble Lead to find them and then either jump around them or fly

over them using Item-2. By the way don’t look for subtleties in the floor to distinguish

false floors like you find in most games … they aren’t in this game.


And now Ladies and Gentlemen: Allow me to introduce your main contenders for the


8/3/2019 Megaman II 20/46


All these guys have a short fuse and one objective: To terminate Mega Man with

extreme prejudice. Each one of these guys is in charge of an individual area. You have

to navigate their terrain with their own baddies at their command. Once you get

through their stage you have a one on one with each one of these guys.

This is Bubble Man. He is in charge of the underwater marina.

This is Air Man. He is in charge of the world in the clouds.

Quick Man is in charge of the electrical facility.

Heat Man is in charge of the fire harnessing plant.

Wood Man is in charge of the lumberyard in the jungle.

Metal Man is in charge of the Steel Mill.

Flash Man is in charge of … well some kind of stage I really don’t know

what it is. It’s slippery whatever it is.

Crash Man is also in a stage that really doesn’t make sense to me. All I

know is you go into space … or it becomes night. I really don’t know.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 21/46

Now that we know the key players in this sci-fi party lets get to the meat of this

walkthrough; the walkthrough itself.



Airman is the first one that we should fight. He is the easiest and his world is a great

way to get the feel for the mechanics of the game. When you start the stage you head

from left to right. The first obstacle you come to is a giant head that appears out of 

nowhere with little creatures flying out of it and drills that come out of both sides of 

the head. The trick is to land on this thing when the drills sink back down into the

head. You will encounter about five of these. As if that wasn’t bad enough now you

come across some dudes that fling lightning bolts at you. The object here is to shoot

down those guys and take over his platform.

Dispatch these guys and steal their platform.

You will need to do this about five more

times and then you will get to the next set of platforms. The fourth one is a little tricky

because he goes behind the cloud. If you manage to kill him before he reaches the

cloud then you can just safely drop to the left and you will land on his platform. After

you deal with that you will continually head to the right. There are about four birds

that drop eggs at you. These eggs will break and spew out little baby robot birds

(Don’t ask; I am still trying to figure that one out) who will bombard you. Successfullydodge and shoot and then head behind the clouds. Keep heading to the right and you

will fall safely to the area below.

Once you drop down you will encounter some work looking electric currents bounce

out at you. You can shoot these but they will keep coming back so it is best to ignore

them if you can. Proceed to the left and drop again where you meet more metal heads

that you have to jump on to. There are about two of them and then some small

8/3/2019 Megaman II 22/46

platforms you have to traverse across. The next area consists of who I like to call

tubby typhoon man. He will constantly be blowing air forcefully back at you knocking

you back. The trick is to keep on heading forward and occasionally jump to gain

ground quicker. Then while you jump shoot at him to take him out.

Once you pass him you will encounter some

more birds only this time the platforms are narrower making it a little more dangerous

this time around. Tread carefully and you will be just fine. After the birds you will

encounter another tubby typhoon man. This time you can just run at him and

continuously shoot and he will be destroyed. After him it’s a series of more platformsand then you will reach the gate where Airman is hiding out. It’s show time! 

Unless you know Airman’s attacks he may appear a little intimidating at first but he

really is a pushover. One of his attacks, well actually it’s his main attack, is he will

shoot out a series of tornadoes at you. Not only will these come at you but you will

also be blown back to the wall. If you can successfully navigate around the tornadoes

shoot at him. If they hit you it’s no big deal as your gun will d o more damage and you

will win eventually.

Dodge these bad boys

by jumping over them and unload on Airman.

The other attack that he will do is jump at you. This is simple to dodge. After defeating

him you will earn Air Shooter and Item 2. Our next stop is Crash Man.


8/3/2019 Megaman II 23/46

 This is the little guy that mostly appears in this stage … that and those annoying

birds that drop the eggs. Anyway back to the guy to the left. I call him a tin can with

eyes. Anyway they come out of holes on the side of the screen and they come out in

droves. They go down with one hit but there is a lot of tricky platform jumping that

you need to accomplish and these guys seem to get in the way. Climb a set of ladders

avoiding the tin can guys and you will be able to finally start heading to the right but

not before encountering this guy. He may seem like a little dome but once you

start to get close he will lift his hat fire at you. The only way you can shoot him is

when he lifts his helmet. Once you defeat him then it’s of f to the right. You will face

three of these guys while proceeding to the right and … oh look another ladder. Climb

this ladder and you will come to an area with a platform that revolves around a square

track and the tin can guys. You need to hop on this platform and ride it to reach the

ladder. Once you reach the top of the ladder you will reach another platform riding on

a track:

Again you need to ride the

platform until you can reach the ladder and then climb up all while avoiding or

shooting the tin can guys. Once you climb the ladder you come to yet another track.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 24/46

 You’ve got to be

KIDDING me! You have more of a track to ride and you have more tin can guys to deal

with. You can dispatch them quickly with Air Shooter but beware as you need thisweapon for Crash Man so use it wisely. Ride the platform and climb the ladder to


ALRIGHT no more kooky tracks and tin can guys but what in the world is this freak?

Once you proceed a little bit to the right you will encounter this:

Now this I just can’t explain. You have to shoot him in the

eyes to dispatch him. It takes only one shot. Now once he is out of the way proceed

further to the right and you will encounter ANOTHER ladder. You will be climbing this

ladder for a couple of screens and you will reach an area with three small platforms

and a little helmet guy waiting on the last platform.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 25/46

Hop onto the second

platform to get him to lift his helmet. Once he does that quickly shoot him and dodge

the shots that come at you. If you fall you will have to do this all over again. It took me

a couple of tries to do it. Once you take care of him you can proceed to yet another

ladder. Once you reach the top of this one now you have two ladders to choose from.

If you take the one to the left it will lead you to an energy tank however it is really

tricky to get to as you have to avoid birds and a robot that continuously fires at you. If 

you get hit you are knocked off of the ladder and drop back down. Quickly grab the

ladder on the way down to keep from dropping to the level below. Not to mention

that once you get the energy tank you will have to drop back down to the beginning

and take the ladder to the right to proceed through the rest of the level. It’s worth the

aggravation so go ahead and grab it but it is ultimately your choice. Once you head up

the ladder and reach the top you can again proceed to the right. You will then

encounter several robots that resemble suction cups as they stick to the ground for a

bit and then jump at you. Quickly run to avoid them and head through the gate. Nowit’s time to party with Crash Man. 

Crash Man is pretty straight forward. He fires bombs at you that will explode once

hitting the wall and also will jump and throw bombs. When the bombs hit the floor

they quickly detonate. Use Air Shooter to bring him down in two hits or less.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 26/46

Watch out as he jumps to avoid the bombs that he

drops. A couple of shots with Air Shooter and he is down for the count. Once he is

defeated you will get Crash Bomber. Now it is on to Flash Man.


Flash Man’s arena consists of slippery floors and a catchy tune (well I think it is catchy

anyway). A quick note on the slippery floors is that if you jump while sliding you will

not continue to slide when you land. Start out by heading to the right and you will

encounter some forks in the road. Go ahead and take the lower path and dodge the

bullets that fly at you. Continue heading to the right and you will see that the path

starts heading upward and also an extra man sitting on a high platform. To this day I

still haven’t been able to get it taking this order. There are some barriers in this stage

that look like in which you can blow up using Crash Bomber. Continue along the

path and drop down to the level below. Once you get there you will be greeted by

Sniper Joe from the original Mega Man. However this time he has a mech that he rides

in. In order to take him out you need to unload on this mech and thendefeat Joe himself. You can take out the mech in a couple of hits using Crash Bomber.

Then unload on Joe with your primary weapon while his shield is away. Now hear you

have two possible paths to take; the one on the far left or the one right underneath

you if you are good at trick jumping. I recommend just going to the left because then

you have the ability to charge your Crash Bomber if you used it on Sniper Joe’s mech

and also have the ability to pick up some other items like an energy restore disc.

However if you do take the alternate path you will have the ability to get an Energy

8/3/2019 Megaman II 27/46

Tank again if you are really good at trick jumping as there are some pretty small

platforms that you have to jump on. You can also avoid the other Sniper Joe’s waiting

to pounce on you. Now if you have the weapon energy available we can take on Flash

Man as he is just around the next bend (so to speak).

When it comes to Flash Man his primary ability (and the only one that he uses) is hisability to freeze you where you stand. He then unleashes a fury of shots. If you can

manage to be out of his line of fire when he freezes you then his shots will miss you

completely as they only fire in a limited fan pattern.

Once he uses his freeze ability you are incapacitated for a few seconds.

There is no avoiding this. He then fires at you as explained above. Use Crash Bomber

to take him out quickly or if you have them you can use Metal Blades. Once you

defeat him you will gain his Time Stopper ability and Item 3. Time Stopper comes in

handy in many stages especially the one we are now going to and also against this

upcoming boss.


This stage is in some sort of power or electrical plant I am not sure which. From the

start use your newly acquired Item 3 to get that extra man laying on the ledge to the

left. Then continue downward. You will wind down some passageways inhabited by

those wiggly electric worm things and then you will encounter something totally

different. They are beams that come from the sides of the wall. These will kill you on

impact so it is imperative NOT to touch them. To ease the challenge of this area youcan use Time Stopper to keep the beams from coming at you. The only drawback is

you can’t turn off Time Stopper once you start it nor can you access your menu while

it is active so it will drain your weapon energy completely.


You will encounter three screens with these nasty traps on your way down but make

your way to the right because if you make it you will be rewarded with a weaponreplacement, an extra life, and an energy tank. Continue along your way down and

you will end up in a section where it becomes dark and then it lightens up again by

these guys. Once you kill them the lights go out and you must navigate

8/3/2019 Megaman II 28/46

in the dark. However there is no need to worry as there are no pitfalls to avoid just

keep heading to the left occasionally jumping so you can get onto the upper ledges as

this area progresses. Once you drop down you are in for seven more screens of those

beams coming at you. If you have any Time Stopper saved up now would be the time

to use it however you might want to wait to use it until the second or third screen

because about the fifth one down there is an opportunity to gain an extra manhowever if you don’t want to do that or take the risk that is absolutely up to you.

Now that you have made it through that mess you now have to contend with Sniper

Joe again. Take him out the same way you handled him in Flash Man’s stage and he

will be a cakewalk. There are two of these guys that you have to contend with. Once

you take care of both of the Sniper Joes you can then proceed to the right and you will

be in front of Quick Man’s gate. Now would be the time to replenish your Time

Stopper energy if you used it trying to navigate the death beams earlier by just

running back to the left and taking out Sniper Joe again. He will keep coming back if 

you keep going to the left and back to the right so if you need to replenish energy now

would be the best time to do it. If you conserved your Time Stopper energy and

managed to get passed those beams without using it (I tip my hat off to you) then you

are all set.

Quick Man is just that: Quick. He is fast and throws boomerangs at you that also fly

quickly. Use Time Stopper to stop him and drop his energy by half. Since you can’t

shoot him you have no choice but to watch. Once the action starts again do your best

to dodge his attacks and hit him with your primary weapon. Once you do that Quick

Boomerang is yours and now it is off to the underwater deep to confront Bubble Man.


This stage is mainly underwater. You start out by navigating across a series of 

platforms. There are three robotic frogs waiting to knock you off of those platforms.

They also spit out three little baby frogs to hurt you as well. You will then come across

a series of platforms that look like this. These kind of resemble the gates

that you can destroy with Crash Bomber only these are horizontal. If you step on them

they will drop after one second so you need to hop across these as quick as possible.

There are about five or six platforms that you have to navigate. Once done you drop

down to the next level and encounter these guys. Just shoot them and be

about your business. Continue on your way down and you will end up underwater.

Here you will be extremely buoyant and can jump extra high. While this could be fun

there are spikes to look out for. These spikes will kill you on contact so you need to

watch how you jump. The longer you hold the button down the higher Mega Man will

8/3/2019 Megaman II 29/46

 jump. Continue on and you will come to a huge fish that shoots out mechanical

seahorses. The bulb that floats over top of him is his weak spot so hit that with

everything you got and take him out. I find that the Quick Boomerang will dispatch

him pretty quickly. Continue heading to the right and you will encounter some

creatures that kind of resemble metroids and a lot of spikes. Watch your jumps as you

continue. You will then reach an area where you have to go downward to continue.The problem is the area has spikes lined all the way down the left and right side and

the middle section is narrow. The trick is to jump high enough to clear the spikes and

stay in the center of the area so you can safely float downward. With time and

patience it won’t be a problem. Continue heading downward and then onward to the

right where you will encounter another huge fish and those frogs. Dispatch them using

Quick Boomerang and plug away heading right. You will then be able to get back out

of the water and head again to the right. Mega Man might feel a little different

 jumping since you spent a while in the water so take some time to get used to him

 jumping normally and continue. Watch out as you navigate the platforms for the little

crabs that drop down on you. Once you traverse those platforms you will be in front

of Bubble Man’s gate.

Bubble Man isn’t all that difficult to handle. He fires bubbles and a powerful water

blast at you. He also jumps around a lot. There are also spikes along the ceiling so if 

you do jump be sure to not jump too high or else you will make Bubble Man’s job a lot

easier. Use Quick Boomerang to end him quickly and to get Bubble Lead. Now on to

Heat Man.


Heat Man’s stage is an industrial furnace and can be difficult to navigate in someplaces. The fire will ultimately kill you so be sure to stay out of there. If you have been

following this guide to the letter then you have the equipment necessary to make this

level a whole lot easier. Let’s start by heading to the right and you will encounter

more of those suction cup guys that you encountered in Crash Man’s stage. Take care

of them and keep heading to the right. You will then encounter more tin can guys and

now will have to navigate some tricky platform jumping. You can use Item-2 here as a

surfboard to sail right through this area but I highly recommend NOT doing so as you

will need this item later in the stage. Just rely on your platform jumping skills (I know

you can do it) to get across and to safety. You will also come across a big chasm that

you will have to jump across by hopping from platform to platform ultimately beingchased by the tin can guys. Fun isn’t it? Continue onward and go around the slinky

robot guy and drop to the next level.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 30/46

Here you will encounter a tricky area. These

blocks disappear and reappear in a certain order. You will have to time your jumps

and land on the blocks as they appear to go forward. However you can use Item-3

here and just use it to go over the wall. Climb down the wall and you will encounter

some more block jumping events only this time you will need to scale the walls to

proceed forward. Using Item-3 here is a bit tricky so learn the timing of the blocks and

 just traverse the normal way. This is the easiest way I found to get through this area.

There are also a couple of areas where you can use Crash Bomber to blast through

parts of the wall to get through. You will know these areas because they look like

metal gates in the wall. As that wasn’t bad enough all the while you are doing this tin

can guys are coming after you making this area of the stage really challenging.

Continue heading to the right doing the best that you can and then you will reach a

spot that has nothing but lava under you and disappearing blocks above you. What

you NEED to do is jump across the blocks to traverse the fire pit. Remember earlierwhere I stated to you to conserve your Item-2 energy? Well this is where you need it

because what you are GOING to do is use Item-2 and skate across this fire pit and to

heck with those blocks. There are a couple of things to consider though about this

strategy. Item-2’s energy MUST be COMPLETELY full in order to do this as you will

burn all of the energy. If you have less than full power you will not make it. Secondly

there is an extra man lying on an island about 2/3 through this. If you get it you will

need to time the block disappearing at the right time to continue or else the block will

knock you off of Item-2. Once you reach the end of the fire pit drop down and face

Sniper Joe again. Once you finish him off drop down to Heat Man’s gate.

Heat Man has some pretty nasty attacks. He will attack with walls of flame

continuously that will hit you if you are not in the right spot. Despite that if you hit

him he will teleport to where you are standing and if those pillars are still there you

have no choice but to jump into the pillars to avoid Heat Man still taking damage.

Heat Man is really vulnerable to Bubble Lead. If you do this fight right Heat Man won’t

even touch you. The trick is that every time you hit Heat Man he will begin to teleport

to where you are. Jump over him and hit him again and he will teleport again. If you

8/3/2019 Megaman II 31/46

can keep that up you won’t even take a single point of damage and Heat Man won’t

even be able to get a single attack off. Once you are done toying with Heat Man you

will earn Atomic Fire which is quite a nice weapon. You will also get the Item-1

upgrade. Now we are ready to take on Wood Man. (*giggles* … wood).


Wood Man’s stage is the forest. The first thing that you will encounter in this stage is

some annoying metal bats. They look like black berries until you come close. They will

them come at you. If they hit you they will retreat back up to the trees waiting to do it

again. Take them out with one shot and then proceed to the right where you will

encounter an evil counterpart of Bugs Bunny. This bunny tosses carrots and jumps at

you. Take him out and then quickly head right again. You will encounter yet some

more bats and rabbits and then a ladder heading downward. Descending down you

will encounter three more bats and then another ladder heading downward. When

you come to the next area you will encounter a big dog with a real bad attitude. He

will continuously shoot a chain of fireballs at you in a wide “U” pattern. Avoid the

fireballs and unload on him with your primary weapon. Once he is out head (you

guessed it) to the right. You will encounter two more of these doggies in the next two

areas however the areas are narrower than the previous one. So in order to avoid the

fire balls you will have to get a little closer to this snarling beast. After knocking these

other two out you will then see a ladder heading upward. Once you head up and to

the right you will encounter a gorilla who wants to talk to you. He will swing on the

branch and then lunge at you. When he lunges unload on him with your primary

weapon and proceed to the right. You will take out two more magilla gorillas and also

the birds that hatch more baby robot birds. Descend the ladder and take out the

lonely bunny and then head downward again. You will encounter some more bunniesonly you will be fighting them at an angle making it a little bit tougher hitting them

while dodging the carrots they throw. You will then descend another ladder and are

able to proceed through the rest of the stage. You will then encounter runaway

chickens. The thing about these is you can just stop moving and they will jump over

you. So have them jump over you and then keep heading to the right. You are now in

front of Wood Man’s gate. Bust out Atomic Fire and let’s go to work.

Wood Man is annoying at best. He starts off creating a shield of leaves around him in

which he is invincible at this point. That shield will then launch into the air and leaves

will float down in a zigzag pattern toward you. He will also jump toward you while youare dodging the falling leaves. Since you have Atomic Fire you can destroy him in one

or two hits. Atomic Fire can be charged up to release a HUGE fireball but it takes quite

a bit more energy then firing normally. If you charge up the weapon fully it will deal

devastating damage to Wood Man you just have to make sure that his leaf shield is

away from him. Once you have taken him out you obtain the Leaf Shield and are now

ready to face Metal Man.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 32/46


Metal Man’s stage takes place in a metal mill of sorts. You start the stage with a series

of conveyor belts. These belts are through a good portion of the stage. Also pay

attention to the arrows as they will tell you which direction the belts are going. When

you proceed through the first part of the stage you will notice an energy tank. Goahead and get this one as there is no immediate danger. Just make sure that you don’t

fall off of the conveyor belt and into the hole. Also to kind of go faster on the

conveyor belts that run in the opposite direction of where you are heading just jump

to move a little faster however do USE CAUTION.

This tank is easy to get so just reach out and grab it.

Watch out for these! They will cause major damage if you touch them and if 

you are standing under them the damage multiplies. You will dodge about five of 

these bad boys. You will then come across an area where there are many drills that

will come at you from above and below. You can stand and shoot these things

because sometimes valuable items will fall. After getting passed the hallway you will

come across a tricky gap in which you will have to jump from belt to belt. At the last

belt you will notice one slightly above you. You can use Item-1 to get to that platform

and follow it for an extra man. Then go back and get on the lower platform and head

forward to proceed to the next area of the stage. You will then head to the left and fall

down yet another hole. The next area you will encounter these annoying (yet

talented!) things. They will drop down and roll after you. Take out the metal gear that

they are riding on and they are done. You will encounter about 3 or 4 of these guys

and then encounter a tricky jump. Jump the chasm and head further to an energy tank.This tank is reachable however it requires a tricky jump. When you obtain the energy

tank use Item-2 to proceed safely across the chasm and reach the next platform. From

here on out it’s pretty straightforward. Just keep heading to the right and avoid the

slinky guys and you will reach Metal Man’s gate.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 33/46

Metal Man’s attacks consist of him throwing blades and jumping at you. Not to

mention the conveyor belt that you are on changes directions. You will notice a quick

flash before the belt changes directions. Now you would think that you can use Leaf 

Shield to quickly dispatch Metal Man; well you’d be incorrect. To quickly get rid of 

Metal Man use Quick Boomerang. Once he is defeated you have successfully

vanquished the Robot Masters. Now it’s time to hunt the big tamale.

Time to storm Wily’s fortress 


Here is where all of your skills are going to be tested. The stages coming up are full of 

things to kill you and they don’t let up. The first stage is gaining entry to Wily’s

fortress. Start out by again heading to the right dodging the flying birds (use Leaf Shield to protect you from both the eggs and the hatchlings however you need to

stand still until they are all gone and then move). Use Item-3 to scale the tall building

like things. You will then encounter more of those electric worm things. Use Quick

Boomerang to get rid of them and the thing they spawn from. Use Item-3 to ascend to

the upper ladder however making sure that you get the extra man laying there. Once

you scale the ladder you will encounter Sniper Joe. Take him out from the ladder with

Quick Boomerang and then use the energy module to replenish some of your Item-3

energy. Once you reach the next area you will have to take out yet another Sniper Joe.

This guy is too far away to take him out from the ladder so hit him when his shield is

down and then quickly get back onto the ladder to dodge his shots. Once he is takencare of climb the ladder to access the area above. Watch out for slinky man and then

climb the ladder. Once you reach the next area you have to traverse another chasm.

This time Item-2 won’t work nor will Item-3. Bust out Item-1 and place the platforms

strategically to get to the ladder. It may take a bit of practice but it’s not too hard.

Now you will climb a long ladder to reach the next area while tin can guys come at you.

Just keep climbing because they won’t hurt or reach you if you keep moving. Once you

reach the top of the ladder head to the right and start jumping across the platforms.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 34/46

After a while a giant dragon (the boss of this stage) will pop up and begin chasing you.

Keep jumping as hitting him won’t do any good and touching him will instantly kill you

at this point. Eventually you will come to the end of the path and are able to attack

him. I just use the primary weapon on this guy as it deals some pretty crucial damage

to him. Keep in mind that he has a fire attack that has a pretty wide area. You can try

to jump over it and land on another platform or you can take the hit just make surethat you don’t get knocked off of the platform you are standing on.


This stage kind of reminds me of Metal Man’s stage only without the conveyor belts.

Anyhoo head to the right and you will encounter more suction cup guys and then a big

area of spikes. Take out the suction cup guys and quickly use Item-2 to get across the

spikes. If you wait till the last possible second you will be rewarded with an energy

tank. Once you grab the tank head down the ladder. You will then be rewarded by an

extra man and a lot of small weapon modules. Use these on the weapon that you have

the least amount of energy of. Then head down the ladder here you can get another

extra life and another energy tank (sometimes it pays to be gutsy). Head down the

ladder after you get your goodies however when the screen moves to the next area

DO NOT DROP from the ladder. You will notice that there are spikes directly below

you. Instead hold down right on the control pad and press the jump button. Keep

holding the right button down as you will drop to the right and avoiding the spikes.

Drop down in the area between the spikes and you will land safely below. Continue

heading to the right (like you have another choice?) and take out the drillers that

spring out of the ceiling and floor and then you will encounter a spike chain. However

if you need to replenish your weapon energy taking out some drillers will be a good

thing to do. Use Item-3 to lift you up to the next platform and be careful as there is aspike chain up on top as well. Navigate passed it and you encounter yet MORE of 

those spike chains. Get passed all of them and you come to another ladder so we need

to head downward. It’s time to do some more trick jumping because there are spikes

everywhere. If you can manage to land on the small platforms you can then judge the

best way to go. If you need to you can grab the Power Module to replenish your

energy you can get to it by using Item-2.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 35/46

This is the boss of the

second area. It’s quite simple. Just take out the creatures that come at you. You can

use your primary weapon to dispose of them. That way you can conserve your

weapon energy for the battles ahead. Or if you are dead set on using one of your

alternate weapons you can use Bubble Lead. Once you get this guy out of the way we

are now ready for Wily Stage 3. If you notice the creatures come out of the sections of 

the walls and floor. To avoid possibly getting hit by another spawning creature stand

in the “damaged” areas to avoid this happening.


You start this stage on a platform and you need to head downward to proceed. The

first area that you come to after falling is where you can get an energy tank if you

need one. If you miss the platforms just use Item-1 to navigate back up to it. Use Crash

Bomber to take out the gates. Another thing that you can find is a weapon energy

module. Head downward and you will have the opportunity to get two more.

Continue downward after obtaining the goods and you will be in water again. This

time there are spikes just everywhere. Head to the right but make sure to watch outfor the big fish that comes out of the last chasm. Use careful jumping techniques and

patience to make it through this area. After navigating the hall you encounter some

more trick jumping as the area down has spikes on the left wall and the right wall. Fall

down and slightly move to the left to avoid the spikes. This is a REALLY tricky area so if 

it takes you a couple of tries to navigate it don’t take it to heart. It took me a long time

to get this area down when I first played this game. Whew! Now that you got that

area out of the way it’s pretty simple here on out. Carefully navigate the spikes and in

8/3/2019 Megaman II 36/46

the next area you can finally get out of the water and the spikes. Proceed to the right

and you are ready for the boss of this level.

WHOA! Guts Man to the 100th


power! Believe me this guy isn’t a pushover. His main attack however is he shoots out

the dome head guys at you and they bounce in a pretty predictable pattern. Now the

trick is hitting him. You need to be standing on his base and strike him in that giant

mug of his. However while you are on the base of him he will shoot at you. I have

found that using Quick Boomerang is a good way to get rid of him. Once he is down

and out you can proceed to the next area. It’s getting close now to the final battle.

There are only a couple more stages to go before Wily.


You start this stage off by climbing a ladder and ascending to the next area. Once you

get up there you will notice an extra man on the left. You won’t be able to fetch it

right away. Take out the dome guy and then climb up the ladder to proceed. There is

something to consider. In this area there are many areas that have false floors which

will cause you to fall through the floor in some areas. A good trick to help me find

them is throwing Bubble Lead. The bubbles will follow the contour of the floor so if 

there is a false area the bubbles will fall through it too. Luckily though since you are

reading this guide I will show you where the holes in the floor are located.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 37/46

 You can’t always trust the floors in this stage. Many areas

have spikes and that spells instant death for you. To reach that extra man we saw

before you can just fall through the floor and then use Item-1 to lift back up and head

to the left. Fall back down to the area and retrieve it. Then climb back up the ladder

and continue heading upward.

The red

circles indicate the false floors (duh). In this area reach the ladder and then climb upto proceed.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 38/46

There is

only one false area here. Jump over and proceed. If you miss you are done for.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 39/46

Use the

technique that you used to get the extra man to get to the energy tank here.

The next areas involve some more moving platforms and tin can guys. Use your Leaf 

Shield to provide you protection while you are moving on the platform and safely

 jump to the next area when you have the chance.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 40/46

The red circles are where you

can jump from and make the ledge to the left.

This one is a littletricky. When the platform is by the ledge jump to get onto the ledge then ride the

platform when it comes back to you up to the platform on the right.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 41/46

This one is

annoying simply due to the tin can guys. Drop onto the platform and activate your leaf 

shield. The ride the platform jumping on the ledge then quickly jumping back onto the

platform and riding it the rest of the way to the bottom where you can safely fall


This one is really tricky.

You can’t fit in between the track and the ceiling. You have to jump on the block in the

middle and wait for the opportunity to jump onto the platform. Once you are on the

block don’t even bother waiting for the platform just use Item -2 to get across the

spikes. Descend the ladder and you will encounter Sniper Joe in a mech. Take him out

8/3/2019 Megaman II 42/46

and then proceed down the hall. You will encounter two more Sniper Joes for you to

take out. Then you are at the gate for the boss fight.

This boss

isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to destroy this boss with Crash Bomber and you only

have seven shots. Strategy is the key factor here. You don’t need to destroy all of the

barriers to defeat this boss. Not to mention that after a few seconds these drones willfire at you at the same time making it very difficult to dodge. The first one to take out

would be the one at the top. Use Item-1 to get up there to the ledge then unleash a

Bomb to get rid of it. Next would be the one to the left. Destroy the barrier and let the

drone have it with another Bomb. Fall to the bottom and unleash a bomb on the

barrier then the drone. Use Item-3 to get back up to the middle ledge then drop to

take out the drone. Use Item-3 again to float back up to the top. Then take out the last

drone to end the boss fight and proceed to the next stage.


It’s time for the final showdown however Wily is not going down without a fight. It

turns out that he had a backup copy of the robot masters that you took out earlier. So

now you have to fight these guys all over again. Use the same strategy as before with

the same weapons. They aren’t any different. Once you have those taken out then it’s

time to deal with Wily and put an end to this madness.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 43/46

For something

really interesting use Metal Man’s own weapon against him. One blade will kill him


The first form of Wily is pretty easy but he

has some nasty attacks. Attack him with Metal Blades while avoiding his shots. He

shoots out energy balls that fly at you in a “U” shape. Once you deplete the health

meter Wily will reveal himself and his attacks get deadlier.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 44/46

Now his shots bounce at you making them

harder to avoid. In this form defeat Wily by using Quick Boomerang. Once this form is

defeated you would think that Wily is gone for good. WRONG! That sneaky freak has

one more trick up his sleeve. You are taken to yet another stage. There is no need to

worry as this stage is really quick just avoid the various drops of red liquid that are in

this stage. You will then reach the gate where Wily reveals his true colors.


Once you navigate passed the red liquid drops (try to lose as little energy as possible

as there is no way to replenish it) you are at the gate to face Wily for the last time.

What in the world?! Wily’s final form is actually an alien. Use Bubble Lead

to take him out once and for all.

8/3/2019 Megaman II 45/46


watch the ending sequence and congratulate yourself on a job well done.


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8/3/2019 Megaman II 46/46

new to the game again I hope this helped enhance your experience. God bless and

keep on gaming.