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Transcript of João Fernandes jaff/cv_en.pdf · PDF file Apache Struts 2, JSP, EclipseLink JPA,...

  • João Fernandes Coimbra, Portugal 30/01/84 969360244 [email protected] joao.ferro.fernandes /in/joaoandrefernandes

    Software engineer / web developer


    05/2016­02/2018 Online store manager and I.T. Department at Metro Kids Company Online store management: planning and maintenance of new features, plus customer

    contact. Order shipment. Digital marketing and communication department: social

    network management, newsletter/SMS campaigns planning, assemblage and sending

    to customers. I.T. department: database querying and interaction, internal/external

    application and network support, internal system promotion management. Several

    content production (mostly in English, but also in Spanish and French): social network

    publications, writing and translation of official documents (such as contracts) and

    description of children's clothing collections. Communication with franchisees abroad.

    OpenCart, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML5/CSS3, XML, Ubuntu, UltraVNC, Teamviewer

    11/2016­03/2017 Front end development on a Wordpress­based website for an advertising company.

    Implementation and update of several front­end/design functionalities.

    Wordpress (including WP Editor, Duplicator and What The File plugins),

    jQuery/JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, PHP

    Web developer at freelance collaboration project

    Web application development (GCI Web). Telephonic customer service. Helpdesk and

    technical assistance (both live and remote) for software/hardware troubleshooting and

    delivery. Writing of daily working reports.

    COBOL, JSP, jQuery/JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, WordPress, isCOBOL

    Evolve IDE, Grunt, SVN, Trello, TeamViewer

    11/2015­03/2016 Software engineer and helpdesk at Coimfor

    Researcher on the iCIS project. Study and development of methods to allow bit­flip

    injection on CPU registers. Design and development of a web application to manage the

    injection of hardware faults. Writing of technical documentation.

    Apache Struts 2, JSP, EclipseLink JPA, MySQL, jQuery / JavaScript, HTML5 / CSS3,

    Ink (CSS framework), Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, Git, C, KGDB

    07/2014 ­ 06/2015 Researcher at Centre for Informatics and Systems (CISUC)

    03/2012­05/2014 Researcher on the Energy Box project. Development, management and maintenance of

    web experiences. Organization of the 4th Meeting of Information Integration Theory and

    Functional Measurement. Development/management of the event website. Research

    Researcher at Institute for Cognitive Psychology (IPCDVS)

    Web developer at MediaPrimer03/2018­06/2019 PrimerCore and PrimerCOG projects. Front­end (mostly) and back­end (REST API

    communication and database) development on a operational management application.

    Testing and writing of technical documentation. Maintenance of the company's website


    jQuery/JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Bootstrap, FullCalendar, OpenLayers, AJAX, JSON,

    REST, C#, PostgreSQL, SVN, Wordpress, Redmine, Celoxis

    mailto:[email protected] tel:351969360244 skype:joao.ferro.fernandes?userinfo

  • and script development for slab3d software. Implementation of new functionalities and

    options on C# standalone betting simulation software. Writing of technical

    documentation. Work developed under the guidance of professor Armando Oliveira.

    C#, JavaScript / jQuery, HTML / CSS, Perl, PHP, LimeSurvey, SSI Web


    Further study on the technical skills acquired and covered in the BSc.

    Adaptative computing, design and multimedia, communication networks, business

    management and semantic web. Annual traineeship on the subject "Automatic Playlist

    Generation via Music Mood Analysis", under the guidance of professor Rui Pedro Paiva.

    10/2006­09/2010 Master in Informatics Engineering (MSc.) at University of Coimbra

    Experience with the Java programming language, some experience and knowledge with

    the C, C++, HTML / CSS, Python, MATLAB, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, XML and

    SQL programming languages. Knowledge using JSP, JavaBeans and web services

    technologies. Experience handling Linux & Windows operating systems.

    09/2002­07/2010 Bachelor in Informatics Engineering (BSc.) at University of Coimbra

    • Attended and successfully completed Google's Digital Garage certified training course

    on online marketing.

    • Attended and successfully completed Radio University of Coimbra's Programming

    course, becoming a radio partner between October 2012 and July 2015. Broadcasted

    and created both author and track program as a radio member.

    • Performed the duties of enumerator in the 2011 National Census on behalf of INE

    (National Statistics Institute), in Coimbra, between February and May 2011.

    • Member of the Computer Science Students Association (NEI) for more than 4 years.

    Organization of the 5th National Meeting of Computer Science Students (ENEI 2010).

    • Organization of the Coimbra Saudável 2007 ("Healthy Coimbra 2007") event in the

    scope of the Process Management and Innovation course unit.

    • Volunteer work on behalf of IPJ (Portuguese Youth Institute): Voluntariado Jovem

    para as Florestas ("Young Volunteering for Forests") and on behalf of Agir Pelos

    Animais ("Act For Animals") association.

    • Experience with Scribus (open source desktop publishing software).

    Portuguese (native) English (proeficient) French (basic) Spanish (basic)

    Technology, ecology, programming & software development, mobile, photography, (web)

    design, cinema, books, music, soccer, running, swimming, astronomy, writing, radio

    broadcasting, videogames, opensource, volunteering

    Categories B1 and B

    Teaching of Object­Oriented programming lessons to a class of the Informatics

    Management course. Use of the Visual Basic .NET language on the practical exercises.

    03/2009­07/2009 Teacher of Programming Languages discipline at Profitecla vocational school