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    This scenario generator creates mini scenarios such as might occupy timebetween major campaign sections or quickly come up with side quests. Itsespecially good at developing adventure seeds for sessions where players areabsent and the GM wishes to provide a short adventure for the playersseparate from the main story. The locations and named N!s mentioned inthe tables are designed for the world of "uvernais# but can easily be

    substituted for locations and N!s for another setting.

    " note on the canonical roles of some of the named N!s$ The %ing is largelydistracted by parties and balls and parades# leaving the !ardinal to largelyrun things. The !ardinal is currently focused on rooting out revolutionaries.

    The &ueen is an idealist conspiring with revolutionaries. The Grey 'minenceis the chief inquisitor# hard# cruel# feared# and very likely insane. (a)oche isthe enemy who regularly invades and gets repulsed. The *andits are agrowing threat in the countryside whose numbers are swelled by out of workmercenaries and accused revolutionaries +eeing for their lives.

    !ommon Tables

    ,irst roll on Table I to -nd out the general category of scenario. Make note ofthe lettered section that corresponds to the category as well as the items inbrackets which refer to other common tables.roceed to the lettered Goal ection and follow the instructions found there.,inally# assemble the pieces together into a quick adventure.

    Table I provides several standard adventure types that are common inswashbuckling adventure. GMs are encouraged to add additional tables toe/pand the selection.

    Table II determines how the scenario will get kicked o0. This is the hook thatwill start the player characters going.

    Tables III and Table I1 contain the 1ictims and ,oes that are involved in mostof the scenarios.

    Table I$ cenario Goal

    2d23 )oll cenario Goal2

    )escue the 41ictim5 from the 4,oe5. ection "6

    )ecover the 4Item5 belonging to 41ictim5 from the 4,oe5 ection *7

    8eliver the 4Item5 from 41ictim5 92 to 41ictim5 96 without being stopped by

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    the 4,oe5 ection !:

    'scort the 41ictim5 without being stopped by the 4,oe5 ection 8;

    'scort the prisoner and keep them from being rescued by the 4,oe5 ection'

    Interrupt an altercation between 41ictim5 and 2d23$ 2?; @ another 41ictim5#

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    Bow the cenario *egins2

    " lad runs up on the street and delivers a message6

    )eceive a mysterious letter containing instructions7

    Bired by someone at the Tavern on the Green:

    ummoned to !ourt to receive instructions from the %ing;

    Met by an agent in a dark alleyway @ " revered veteran oQcer# A?3 @ "nincompetent oQcer

    Bigh "dmiral Mirochal# Bead of the "dmiraltyA

    Kuliard# The !aptain of the !ardinal=s Guard

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    !ount de Grasy Dan important noble with plans to lead a coupE3

    GMs own invention

    Table selection$

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    'ither roll on Table I1 DaE to determine which ,oe list to )oll on# orThe GM selects a ,oe list based on the factional alliances of the characters.)oll on Table I1 DbE?DdE as appropriate to determine the ,oe.Note$ The implication of the choice of ,oes table is that the adventure ormission favors the indicated faction# hence the ,oe is someone against that

    faction. If the characters are also against that faction Dperhaps allied to theindicated ,oeE then they may be in a position where they don=t want to takethe mission. The GM may feel free to choose a more appropriate ,oe# or theGM may judge that the con+ict is an interesting one. The player charactersmay actually take the side of the ,oe in the given adventure.

    "s the campaign develops the GM should feel free to add new ,oes or evenswap ,oes between lists to re+ect events of play. The players may join orcreate their own faction with its own interests# and its own selection of ,oes.ther N!s Dlike perhaps the Grey 'minenceE may grow to greaterimportance in your campaign and warrant a ,oe list unique to them. Theselists should get you started.

    Table I1 DaE$ Hhich ,oe (istJ

    2d23 )oll

    Hhich ,oe (istJ2?:

    ,oes of the %ing;?>

    ,oes of the !ardinalA?C

    ,oes of the &ueen3

    ,oes of the *anditsTable I1 DbE$ ,oes of the %ing

    2d23 )oll

    ,oes of the %ing2

    " group of bandits from )ork=s Gang6

    " new upstart bandit gang looking to make a name for themselves7

    Individuals believed to be connected with the hadow Guild

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    oldiers from (a )oche Dan enemy cityE are behind it.;

    "n ambitious noble looking to increase their power

    " revolutionary leader whose agenda runs counter to the &ueenA

    " courtier# engaged in their own petty intrigues# threatens the &ueen=sagendaC

    " con-dant of the &ueen looking to betray her.3

    GMs own invention# or L roll twice# it=s a conspiracyRTable I1 DeE$ ,oes of the *andits

    2d23 )oll

    ,oes of the *andits2

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    " company of the %ing=s soldiers6

    "gents of the !ardinal looking for leverage7

    " band of the %ing=s Guard:

    The Town Hatch;

    oldiers of (a )oche?A @ a -ne vintage# C?23 @ a tool or device


    2?7 @ ,ood tu0s# :?< @ )aw Materials# >?A @ ,inished GoodsA

    " *odyR U )oll on Table III to determine who.C

    2?7 @ " family heirloom# :?A @ " large quantity of gold A?C @ roll again on thistable# but the item rolled is a fake or decoy3

    GMs own invention

    ection ". )escue the 41ictim5 from the 4,oe5

    )oll on Table II to determine how the characters -nd out about the adventure)oll on Table III to determine who the 1ictim is that needs rescued)oll on Table I1 to determine who the ,oe is who=s imprisoned the 1ictim)oll on Table "D2E to determine the ,oe=s motive.

    Table "D2E$ Hhy were they taken prisonerJ

    2d23 )oll

    Hhy were they taken prisonerJ2


    They=d previously wronged the ,oe and now must pay7

    They know something about the ,oe and need to be silenced:

    They know something the ,oe wants to know;

    To gain leverage over someone more important?A @ the recipient was not at thedelivery spot and there are signs of a violent struggle# C?3 @ the recipient wasfound dead at the delivery site.C

    It=s all been just a test. ome powerful patron or potential patron wanted totest the characters= ability and character.3

    The deliverer is supposed to be shipping the Item on the behalf of someoneelse Droll on Table IIIDaE with a V7 to the roll. Bowever he is betraying hisemployer and has given the character=s bad instructions. They are deliveringthe Item to the wrong party Droll on Table IIIDaE to determine the right partyE#and the deliverer will attempt to frame them for the theft.

    ection 8. 'scort the 41ictim5 without being stopped by the 4,oe5

    )oll on Table II to determine how the characters -nd out about the adventure)oll on Table III to determine who the 1ictim is who needs escorted)oll on Table I1 to determine who the ,oe is who=s trying to stop them)oll on Table 8D2E to determine why the 1ictim is traveling)oll on Table twice to determine the origin and destination locations.

    Table 8D2E$ Hhy is the 1ictim travelingJ

    )oll 2d23

    Hhy is the 1ictim travelingJ2

    They are racing to see their lover and need protection from those who wouldprevent or e/pose them.6

    They are an oQcial courier of the king delivering important documents. )ollon Table IIIDeE for the recipient# and the document entry of Table 1 for thedocument.7

    They are delivering something important and need an escort. ,ollow steps6#7 ; and < from ection !# only instead of making the delivery thecharacters are escorting the 1ictim who is making the delivery.:

    The 1ictim is a traveling merchant delivering goods . ,or step ; roll on table once to determine the origin. Then roll 2d23P6 more times to determinethe number of destinations. "dd 2 scene to table 2 for each destination.;

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    The 1ictim is revolutionary delivering coded messages to secret locations.,or step ; follow the directions for the traveling merchant# 9: above.?3 the ta/es are collected without a hitch. n any roll of 2 through :# roll on

    Table D2E with the usual branching negative modi-er for a scene branch.>

    They are going home and are afraid of banditsA

    The 1ictim is an aristocrat in disguise taking vacation. ,or step 6 re?roll forthe escort 1ictim on Table IIIDeEC

    )e?roll plus there=s a twist. )oll on Table 8D6E3

    GMs own inventionTable 8D6E$ " TwistR

    2d23 )oll

    " TwistR2

    2?; @ The 1ictim is not who they seem# they are someone important indisguise. @ lus# not even the ,oe knows the truth. )oll on Table IIIDfE6

    "llies or a character=s faction leader is looking for the 1ictim. If thecharacters complete the mission they are helping the 1ictim escape. The ,oeis in the employ or service of the ally attempting to recover the 1ictim.7

    The whole adventure is a sham. The escort duty is just a red herring to getthe characters out of "uvernais while someone plots against them or theirfaction:

    The reason given in 8D2E is a lie. The 1ictim is on the run and# unknown tothem# the characters are helping them escape.;

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    The characters have been set up. The destination is a trap and the 1ictim isin on it. D)oll on Table ,E?3 they succeed# the 1ictim is killed and thecharacters hear about it later Droll on Table II to determine howE.>

    art way through# one of the characters recognies the 1ictim as being eitheran enemy or someone important or related to an enemy and may be temptedto confront them. If not appropriate# re?rollA

    No delivery. 2d23$ 2?6 @ Hhen they reach the destination the residentswon=t let the 1ictim stay# 7?: @ someone else is at the delivery site whom the1ictim doesn=t e/pect making them fearful and nervous# ;?< @ the parties the1ictim was e/pecting to meet are all dead. >?A @ the location the 1ictim washeading towards has been destroyed. It is now in ruins# C?3 @ the 1ictimchanges their mind and wants to go somewhere else. D)oll 2d23$ 2?: back towhere they started#

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    )oll 2d23

    Bow Important is the prisonerJ2

    " favorite sycophant6

    " servant7

    " new recruit:

    " hired mercenary;

    " common soldier or agent @ The prisoner is not who they seem# they are someone important indisguise caught in the midst of illicit activity. The F,oe is attempting to setthem free before their identity is revealed. A@3 @ lus# the Farresting partyknows and is trying to e/pose them. )oll on Table IIIDfE# or choose anappropriate party based on the ,oe.6

    The prisoner is an important agent of an ally or faction of the characters.They are being entrusted to deliver the prisoner# but their patron e/pectsthem to help the prisoner escape.7

    The crime is a frame. The prisoner is completely 1ictim but is being set upfor political reasons.:

    The prisoner is actually a mole in the ,oe=s organiation. Their Farrest ismeant to solidify their cover. The characters are e/pected to allow anyrescue attempt to succeed# but sell it in a convincing manner.;

    The characters have been set up. " traitor has informed the ,oe of the e/actroute and itinerary of the journey. The ,oe will strike in force at a weak point.

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    ?C @ the prisoner has already beenlynched and is now dying# 3 @ the prisoner is already dead.


    ne of the characters recognies the prisoner as being$ 2d23# 2?7 @ a familiaracquaintance# :?< @ a close friend# >?C @ a hated enemy# 3 @ a familymember.A

    2d23$ 2?6 @ Hhen they reach the origin the residents won=t release theprisoner L they are protecting him# 7?: @ The residents deliver a secondune/pected prisoner for the characters to escort. )oll on Table III ;?< @ thereare additional guards waiting to help the characters escort the prisoner. D)oll2d23$ 2?6 @ they are legitimate# 7?: they will run at the -rst sign of trouble#

    ;?3 they are plants who will help the prisoner escapeE# >?A @ the prisonerhas already escaped and needs to be tracked down -rst. C?3 @ the prisonerhas already been rescued# the characters -nd their initial captors have beeninjured or killed.C

    The prisoner will use promises of money# power# favors# or some other thingimportant to a character to get the character to help him escape. This is notsurprising# but the twist is that the prisoner is a fake and the character=sreliability and loyalty are being tested.3

    Hhen the prisoner is delivered to the prison# the warden will set them free.2d23$ 2?6 @ the characters were escorting the wrong person# 7?: @ thecharges have been dropped# ;?< @ the warden is being blackmailed by the,oe# >?A @ the warden is working with the ,oe# C?3 @ the prisoner is beingparoled.

    ection ,. Get attacked by the 4,oe5=s men

    8o not )oll on Table II to determine how the characters -nd out about theadventure. They=ll -nd out when they get attacked.)oll on Table I1 to determine which ,oe is attacking. The GM may wish tochose an appropriate F'nemy of table based on the !=s own factionleanings.)oll on Table once to determine where the !s are when the attackhappens. If this is not a location that the characters would reasonably be at#reroll a whole new adventure starting with Table 2. 'nsure that at some pointduring this second adventure the characters will need to be at this location.

    The attack occurs then# in the middle of and wholly unrelated to the secondadventure.

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    )oll on Table ,D2E to determine why the ,oe is attacking the characters. If the,oe is one that the characters have clashed with before# then# instead ofrolling# tie the justi-cation for the attack back into a previous confrontation.)oll on Table ,D6E to determine how the ,oe attacks.8etermine the strength of the ,oe by the strength of the characters and howdiQcult an adventure the GM wishes to make this.

    There is no need to roll on Table or T for cenario tructure. The scenariohas no structure# it is a single -ght scene.

    Table ,D2E$ Hhy is the ,oe attackingJ

    )oll 2d23

    Hhy is the ,oe attackingJ2

    ne of the character=s lovers was important to one of the ,oe. 2d23$ 2?6 @pouse# 7?: @ ibling# ;?< @ !hild# >?A @ lover# C @ unrequited lover# 3 @enemy. )oll on Table 'D2E to determine who among the ,oe.


    They believe the characters have important information.7

    To take their belongings:

    They were hired to kill them. )oll on Table I1 to determine who hired them.;


    To leave the characters broken and humiliatedA

    They=re ,oes# why do they need a reasonJC

    )e?roll plus there=s a twist. )oll on Table ,D7E3

    GMs own inventionTable ,D6E$ Bow does the ,oe attackJ

    )oll 2d23

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    Bow does the ,oe attackJ2

    "n honorable challenge to a duel6

    " full frontal attack7

    (eaping from ambush:

    ,rom a distance# sniping with muskets;

    !onfronts them with a -ring squad of muskets at close range

    Hhile the characterDsE are$ 2d23 2?6 @ eating# 7?: @ sleeping# ;?< @engaged in an amorous liaison# >?A @ on duty# C?3 @ GM=s inventionA

    Hith a knife in the backC

    Hith sabotage$ 2d23 2?6 @ setting o0 a bomb# 7?: @ crushed by a collapsingbuilding unit# ;?< @ poison in the wine# >?A @ trapped by arson# C?3 @tampering with a carriage3

    GMs own inventionTable ,D7E$ " TwistR

    2d23 )oll

    " TwistR2

    The ,oes are not who they seem. They are disguised as another ,oe Drollagain on Table I1E in an attempt to attack one enemy while framing anotherfor it.6

    The ,oes are not who they seem. They are disguised as soldiers or agents ofone of the character=s allies or faction in order to frame them and sowconfusion.7

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    The ,oe made a mistake. They actually meant to attack someone else.:

    The characters were alerted to the attack in advance and can plan for it asthey wish.


    The ,oe actually wished to parley but an over eager subordinate launched anattack

    ne of the characters recognies someone among the ,oes as being$ 2d23# 2?7 @ a familiar acquaintance# :?< @ a close friend# >?C @ a personal enemyunrelated to these ,oes# 3 @ a family member.


    The people in the location rise up and seek to drive o0 everyone who isdisturbing the peace.C

    The characters are aided or rescued by a mysterious stranger.3

    The characters are aided or rescued by a mysterious stranger who is a plant.The entire attack was staged to allow the stranger to win the character=s trustand become a mole for the ,oe.

    ection G. Interrupt an altercation between 41ictim5 and 2d23$ 2?; @ another41ictim5#

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    They are competing for the same lover.6

    They are arguing over the rightful owner of an Item D)oll on Table 1E.7

    It=s a robbery:

    It=s a -ght over an insult;

    The -rst party is out for revenge for what the second party did to them ortheir family D)oll on Table 7DbEE

    The second party is collecting ta/es Dor protection money as appropriateEA

    The -rst party is accusing the second of a crime Droll on Table 'D6E. Thesecond party L roll 2d23$ 2?7 @ is innocent# :?< is Guilty# >?A @ is innocentbut is being framed# C?3 @ is guilty but is just an accessory# the real criminalis someone more importantC

    )e?roll plus there=s a twist. )oll on Table GD7E3

    GMs own inventionTable GD6E$ " TwistR

    2d23 )oll

    " TwistR2

    The second party is not who they seem# they are someone important indisguise. The -rst party is unaware of the truth. )oll on Table IIIDfE6

    The party who is in the wrong is actually the L 2d23$ 2?7 @ servant# :?< @friend# >?A @ relative# C?3 @ lover of someone important D)oll on Table IIIDfEE7

    )egardless of the situation# both parties resent any interference and may wellattack the characters together.

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    The altercation involved hadow Guild business and the characters havemade an enemy by their interference. This may well lead to a future attackby Guild thugs.;

    The characters have been set up. The altercation is a ruse. It=s a trapR D)ollon Table ,E

    The altercation actually is about one of the characters. The -rst partyactually accused the character of the reason given in GD2E and the secondparty leapt to the character=s defense.


    Too lateR ne of the parties has been L 2d23$ 2?;$ eriously injured#

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    The ,oe killed someone important to the party D)oll on Table 'D2E todetermine whoE6

    The ,oe has acquired some sensitive information about the party and needs

    to be eliminated before it becomes known7

    It=s a periodic raid against a regular enemy:

    To capture someone important in the enemy hierarchy. D)oll on Table "D2E todetermine whyE;

    The ,oe has something important which the characters need to get withoutletting anyone discover who=s taken it D)oll on Table 1 and Table *D2E to

    determine the nature of the ItemE

    To prosecute a personal vendettaA

    They=re ,oes# isn=t that reason enough to attack themJC

    )e?roll plus there=s a twist. )oll on Table ,D7E3

    GMs own inventionTable BD6E$ " TwistR

    2d23 )oll

    " TwistR2

    The ,oes the characters are to attack have actually been lured to the locationfor a peaceful parley. The characters L 2d23$ 2?> @ don=t know thisO A?3 @have been informed of this.6

    The ,oe is not who they were supposed to be. The party has been bribed orblackmailed to attack them. )eroll on Table I1 using one of the other Fenemyof tables. The -rst rolled ,oe is who the party claims the characters are to

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    attack. The second rolled ,oe is who they are actually attacking Dwho maynot actually be enemies of the party attacking them.7

    The party L 2d23$ 2?: @ made a mistake# ;?> @ were betrayed by aninformant# A?3 @ were betrayed by one of their own trusted agents. The

    group at the location is not the ,oe the characters were told. )eroll on TableI1 to determine who they really are. The characters proceeding to attackthem may well cause a major incident.:

    The ,oe was alerted to the attack in advance and are prepared to ambush thecharacters.;

    The ,oe wishes to parley and surrender. The characters were ordered to killthem.

    ne of the characters recognies the ,oes as being of a group or faction thecharacter has been on friendly relations with. Hill the characters go throughwith the mission.A

    The town watch Dor a patrol of soldiers if in the countrysideE arrive to restorepeace by attacking both sides.C

    The characters are aided or rescued by a mysterious stranger who L 2d23$ 2?6 @ reports back that the characters were incompetent and unable tocomplete their mission without aid# 7?: @ disappears without a trace# ;?< @informs the characters that they now owe him their lives and he will becontacting them about how he e/pects them to return the favor. >?A @seems to be helping the characters# but really is helping to make sure theirultimate mission fails# C?3 @ becomes a fast and loyal ally.3

    The characters are given orders to leave no witnesses. )oll 2d23 P 6 todetermine the number of witnesses who see the character=s actions. )oll on

    Table III for each to determine their identity. The characters must decide howto deal with them.

    Table $ (ocation

    Table D2E$ Hhich (ocation TableJ

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    )oll 2d23

    Hhich (ocation TableJ2?7

    )oll on Table D6E$ Important !ity (ocations:?;

    )oll on Table D7E$ !ommon !ity (ocations

    )oll on Table D:E$ Important !ountryside (ocationsA?23

    )oll on Table D;E$ !ommon !ountryside (ocationsTable D6E$ Important !ity (ocations

    Table election$ 2?;

    )oll 2d23

    Important !ity (ocations 2 The alace$ 2d23# 2 @ private apartments# 6 @ a salon# 7@ servants quarters# : @ Ball of Mirrors# ; @ throne room# < @ Gardens# > @Golden avilion# A @ Ministers Qce# C @ 8ining )oom# 3 @ The )oyal tables6

    The rison Fle Maison de errures$ 2d23# 2?6 @ a guard tower# 7?: @warden=s oQce# ;?< @ a prisoner=s cell# >?A @ the yard# C @ the torturechamber# 3 @ court room7

    The !athedral$ 2d23# 2 @ the crossing# 6?7 @ the chapel# :?; @ The!ardinal=s Guard Beadquarters# @ the laa of (ights# A @ crypts# C @!ardinal=s Qce# 3 @ the steeple:

    " *ridge$ 2d23# 2 @ %ing=s *ridge# 6 @ &ueen=s *ridge# 7 @ !ardinal=s *ridge#:?; @ Bigh treet *ridge# < @ North *ridge# >?A @ 8ueling *ridge# C?3 @%issing *ridge.;

    The )oyal Theatre$ 2d23# 2?6 @ lobby# 7?: @ balcony# ;?< @ stage# >?A @ backstage# C?3 @ dressing room?A @ (obby# C?3 @ Maintenance shed>

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    The TriannonA

    The pera Bouse$C

    niversite du )oi3

    GM=s own inventionTable election$

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    !ommon !ity (ocations2

    " quiet "lley6

    " vender in the !lock laa7

    n board a ship:

    " private town home;

    " hotel in the Mansion 8istrict additional steps togenerate this scenario.=)oll on Table II to determine how the characters -nd out about the adventure)oll on Table III to determine who the 1ictim is who needs an Item delivered)oll on Table III a second time to determine who to deliver the Item to)oll on Table I1 to determine who=s trying to intercept the Item)oll on Table 1 to determine what the Item is)oll on Table !D2E to determine why the Item is important.)oll on Table twice to determine the pick up and delivery (ocations

    The ne/t step is to determine how the scenario begins. This is the set ofcircumstances under which the player robots will be introduced to thesituation and which will trigger their programmed response to participate init. He roll on Table II and get -rst a 7 and then a C which reads$ F" desperateman has nowhere else to turnHe then must roll twice on the F1ictims table# Table III# as noted above.)olling a 7 on Table IIIDaE we -nd this person is a commoner. Then rolling a :on Table IIIDbE tells us we are dealing with the person themselves. " -nal rollof > on Table IIIDcE for commoners gives us the identity of 1ictim 92.1ictim 92is F" faithful servantThe second roll also starts on Table IIIDaE. " roll of : tellsus this person is a member of the bourgeoisie. " roll of > followed by a : on

    Table IIIDbE tells us we are not dealing with the named individual but rathertheir daughter. " -nal roll of 7 on Table IIIDdE gives us a greedy banker.1ictim96 is FThe daughter of a greedy banker:E He then roll for the foe on Table I1 getting -rst a 6 telling us we=re dealingwith enemies of the %ing. He then roll a > which tells us our foe for thisscenario will be$FThe !ardinal=s Guard overstepping their authorityNe/t we roll on Table 1 to determine what the item is to be delivered and on

    Table ! to determine the reason for the delivery. n Table 1 we get a 2 thena 6 and on Table ! we get another 2.The item is F" (etter"nd it=s a FGiftbetween (overs

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    ,inally# the instructions for this plot tell us to roll twice on Table todetermine the location to start from and the location to deliver the item to.ur -rst roll gets us a 7 then a : which isF!ommon !ity (ocation$ " rivate

    Town BomeBowever# we=re starting to get a good idea for where thisscenario is going so rather than rolling a second time we select the deliverylocation to be$FImportant !ity (ocation$ The %issing *ridge

    That=s it for the -rst part of the generator setting up the general situation.Hhat we=ve wound up with is$

    F" desperate man with nowhere else to turn seeks the !=s help to deliver aletter from a faithful servant at a private town home to his lover at the%issing *ridge. "t some point the players will run afoul of overealous!ardinal=s guards seeking to thwart them.

    8etermine the cenario tructure

    ince we=re looking for a simple scenario to -ll some time within a largercampaign we choose to keep the adventure short# envisioning just three

    straight forward scenes$ getting the mission from the desperate man#traveling from the private town home to the %issing *ridge# and theencounter with the !ardinal=s Guards. "nything else can be adlibbed duringplay.

    utting it all together

    ,rom all of these elements we now set about putting together our scenario.He don=t want to get very convoluted# so the easiest thing to do is have the-rst scene start with our -rst location# the private town homeO and the lastscene be at our delivery location# the %issing *ridge.

    ,rom there we know that the -rst scene must involve meeting the desperateman who needs the characters= help and one of the scenes must include anencounter with our foe# the !ardinal=s Guard.

    o# step one in our thought process is to conceive of a situation that wouldget our characters to a private town home. ince it=s a simple scenario we=llwant all of the characters together throughout so we decide on an obviouspossibility# a party. ne of the characters will have been invited to a party atthe salon of a well known bourgeois hostess. The rest of the characters willhave come along for a suitable reason.

    To keep things basic we=ll make the desperate man the same fellow as thefaithful servant. It seems obvious and easiest for the man to be the servantof the hostess of the party. Be needs a letter delivered which is a giftbetween lovers. There could be all sorts of complications here involving thirdparties and mysterious callers# but for our purposes it seems simplest tosimply have the letter be a love letter from the servant to his amour thebanker=s daughter.

    That leaves only deciding why the man is desperate to solicit the character=s

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    aid in delivering the letter# why it would be delivered to the %issing *ridge#and why the !ardinal=s Guard should be involvedJ

    Hith no great stretch of creativity we come up with the following$ The manhad set a rendevous with his amour for this evening at the %issing *ridge.he will be waiting there for him. *ut unfortunately the lady of the house

    decided to throw an une/pected party for the same evening and in the rushto prepare for it he was unable to get word to her to postpone theappointment. The hour of their meeting is drawing near# he has no way toget out of his duties in time# and so he has written a letter pleadingforgiveness and o0ering assurances of his devotionO he desperately needssomeone to deliver it to her. This is straightforward enough. " simple hookcertain to stir a response in chivalrous characters.

    The !ardinal=s Guard are a bit more of a stretch# but we hit on the simplee/pediency of making them thuggish and drunk# prowling the streets lookingfor e/citement and easy women of loose morals. nfortunately they=veencountered our young and innocent banker=s daughter while she waits

    eagerly and nervously for her lover to call on her# all alone on the %issing*ridge at night. " perfect set up for heroic %ing=s Guards to prove theirmetal.

    It could be enough to just let the !=s simply leave the party and immediatelycut to the %issing *ridge# but that doesn=t really capture the sense of urgencyof the desperate servant running out of time to notify his amour. lus# thescenario might be too short to -ll the session# so we decide that since theservant is late and the lady is waiting for him what better transition then arace through the streets of the city to get there on time.

    8one and 8one. Hith that situation well established we set about writing upthe details of our scenario. He=ll come up with some names for guests at theparty and make note of some topics of conversation to keep the socialinteraction interesting. He=ll reincorporate a character or two the !=s knowinto the party mi/ to make things feel grounded. Then we=ll work up somestats for the !ardinals Guard. ,inally we=ll draw up a route to the %issing*ridge and come up with some interesting obstacles to make the race funand challenging and we=ll be o0 to the races.

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