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Teacher: Maia Teliashvili Region and school : Samtskhe-Javakheti, Akhaltsikhe, Vale Public school No 1Lesson Topic: ProfessionsGrade 6Overall Objective: Students will be able to work in pairs to find main ideas, details and discuss job businessLanguage Objective: Students will be able to identify appropriate vocabulary to understand the textCivic Education Objective: Students will be able to practice pre-reading, while reading and post-reading activities on a textCurriculum connection: B VI.7. VI.10. VI. 15 Class context and needs: beginners Sequencing: students can develop important reading skillsMaterials: AttachedActivities: warm up, , matching new words with their definitions, pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading activitiesAssessment: self- assessmentReflection:

Overall Objective Students will be able to speak about professions, read the text and analyze it, work in pairs to find main ideas, details and discuss job businessLanguage Objective: Students will be able to identify appropriate vocabulary to understand the textCivic Education Objective: Students will be able to practice pre-reading, while reading and post-reading activities on a text

Stage of Lesson/ timeStage aimTeacher activityStudent activityresources

Warm up/4 min To revise profession vocabularyTeacher distributes sheets of papers to the students and asks them to write one kind of profession word. Then come to the board and stick this paper on the board around the main word professions that is written on the board. Finally she makes the class repeat all the words togetherEach student writes one profession word, then goes to the board and sticks it on the board. So they create Mind Map. When all words are on the board the whole class repeats and names them.Sheets of paper, board

Activity 1/ 3 minTo improve speaking skillsTeacher distributes handouts 1 and asks students to speak in pairs and discuss their favorite profession:

Students use the questions that are given on handouts1 and speak in pairs Whats your favorite profession and why? My favorite profession is.. because.Handouts 1

Activity 25 minPre-reading activity. To have an idea about a milkman and a lollipop person professions.Teacher distributes handouts2 (pictures of milkman and lollipop person), handouts3 (the names milkman lollipop person) and handouts4 (explanations of these professions) and asks Students guess in the groups what profession the people in the pictures have and then match the professions with the correct pictures and also with definitions. she asks: How can you guess that he is a milkman? What does a milkman do?Then she shows the pictures of a lollipop and a sign stop and asks:

Is there any similarity between them. How can you guess that this man is a lollipop person? What do you think why this person is called a lollipop person? What does a lollipop person do?

Students match the pictures of a milkman and a lollipop person with their names and their definitions as well. After that they answer teachers questions. possible answers:

He is holding a bottle of milk He delivers milk, juice, cram, yogurt to his customers house

They look like each other He is holding Sign stop He is holding sign stop that looks like a lollipop He helps schoolchildren to cross the road while they are going to schoolHandouts2 handouts3 handouts4

Activity 3/5 minTo introduce new words Teacher distributes several pictures of unknown words, (e.g. sign, cram, yogurt, truck, traffic, customer ) she also gives the words and asks students to match the words with their images in groups. then asks them to name each word and show its imageStudents try to guess the meanings of each word and match the pictures with words.Pictures, words

Activity 4/5 min+10 minWhile-reading activity. To improve silent reading, scanning, skimming skills, to identify specific information in the textTeacher shows the students handouts5 (the text) and says to them to read it silently, after that she shows handouts 6 ( the chart) and explains that while reading they should pay attention and underline the facts that are given in the chart ( names, professions, working hours, duties likes and dislikes). After giving instructions she delivers handouts 5 and 6. She also tells them to fill in the chart in pairs after finishing reading the text.Students read the texts silently individually, underline the main facts and then they fill in the charts in pairsHandouts5 handouts6

Activity 5/10 minTo check up students understanding of the textAfter filling in the chart teacher asks comprehension questions to find out how well the students understand the text. Then she asks if there are the same kinds of professions in Georgia and if there are the similar kinds of professions.Students answer the questions and then discuss the similar kinds of professions. Possible answers are: policeman, babysitters, mandatories, milkmen, matsoniman, people selling clothes, fruit, vegetable, sweets, ice-cream and so on.

Assessment /3 min3 minTeacher delivers self-assessment schemes and asks the students to fill in them Students fill in self-assessment schemes and realize their strengths and weaknesses about reading skillsHandouts7

Handout 1

Student A What is your favorite profession and why? My favorite profession is because

student B My favorite profession is because . Whats your favorite profession and why?

Handout 2

Handout 3


Lollipop person

Handout 4This person helps schoolchildren to cross the road while they are going to school. He has got the sign STOP and when drivers see this sign, they stop the cars

This person brings milk and other items such as juice, cram, yoghurt, bread and potatoes to his customers house.Handout 5 Read the text about Ernie Wilkins and Penny Wilcox. They have specific jobs in England.Ernie Wilkins, MilkmanErnie Wilkins has been a milkman for 20 years. He loves his job, but not everybody can understand why. For a start, he has to get up early every day. He gets up at one oclock in the morning and starts working at two oclock. Then he puts all the mild onto his electric milk truck or lorry. And nowadays milkmen dont just bring you milk. They often sell juice, cram, yogurt, bread and potatoes. It usually takes him three quarters of an hour to prepare his truck or lorry. Then he drives round the streets in his town and leaves bottles of milk and other items at his customers doors. When they wake up, everything is waiting there.Ernie loves the peace and quiet of the early morning. He loves being outdoors, but he doesnt like when its very cold in the winter. Watching the sun come up is always a special moment for him. Ernie is very caring. He loves the fact that everybody knows him and old people often ask him for help. When Ernie finishes work at 9am, he is tired but happy.Penny Wilcox, Lollipop personPenny Wilcox is 55 years old. She doesnt want to work long hours and so the job she started last year is perfect for her. She just works for half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon. The official name for her job is a School Crossing Guide. She works outside the school at the times when students arrive in the morning and leave in the afternoon. When there is a group of students waiting, she walks into the middle of the road and stops the traffic. She wears bright yellow jacket and carries a sign which say STOP. The sign looks like a lollipop thats why everybody calls Penny and her colleagues lollipop people. When drivers see her and her sign, they must stop and let the children cross. Penny is a very sociable person and she loves talking to the children each morning. The only thing she doesnt like is that some drivers get angry and shout when they have to stop. Penny thinks that in the past drivers were friendlier. She's unhappy that there have been some serious accidents and lollipop people have been hurt. But Penny knows a lot of children and wont stop working if they need her.

Handout 6Fill in the chart according to the textNames professionWorking hoursDuties- what do they do every day?Likes-what do they like about their job?Dislikes- what do they dislike about their job?

New words:lollipop sign STOPTrafficyogurt customercolleagueElectric milk truck or lorry


Handout 7Fill in a self -assessment test about yourself.

I understood the main idea easily when I first read the text

I found the main facts and necessary information easily

I knew the most words in the text