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Zion National State Park

Zion National State Park

The Virgin River sits at the base of Angels Landing. The summit towers 1,488 ft. above the river at its base.

The summit of Angels Landing is pictured below on the large rock to the right. Rock-climbers enjoy scaling these sandstone rock faces.

The path up to the top begins at a very low incline, sandy walking path. With the hike taking an average of 1.5 - 2 hours, this is just the beginning.

It does not take long to get very high above the Virgin Rivers level. Take your time and dont forget to hydrate on the way!

As the paths incline increases, the trails begin to cut into the rock faces so you are literally walking under rock jut-outs!

Walters Wiggles make for the most steep and exhausting part of the trek up the back of the rock face.

Chains staked into the canyon help at the most steep and dangerous parts of the hike.

You made it to the top! Time to have snack and check out those pines and firs at the summit.

Check out that view!!

Bighorn sheep lurk around the park, try to keep an eye out for them on your way down!

Carvings from the early settlers can be found hidden in the park. Do your research and try to find them!

Hope you enjoyed your hike up to Angels Landing!