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Mastery by Robert Greene

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Masteryby Robert Greene

Return to your OriginsThe primal inclination strategy

Childhood is when we are drawn to what inspires usPinpoint what attracts us the most and by following that path could lead to Life Task

Occupy the perfect nicheThe Darwinian strategyFind a niche that best suits your interestsIt is harder to thrive in a field that is saturated by others trying to stand outTwo pathsLook for side paths along your chosen fieldCombine fields that you already know or pick up a new one to add to it might lead to a whole new field

Avoid the false pathThe rebellion strategyParents, family and peers can be a counterforce against what your ambitions might beGoing down the wrong path based on what other might say can lead to an unfulfilling careerMost of our lives are spend working so we should like what we do

Let go of the pastThe adaptation strategyBe willing to adapt to changes or circumstances because that may lead to something elseThe past is the past we cannot change it but learn from it and use it to move forward

Find your way backThe life-or-death strategyDo not get distracted from your pathThere will be sacrifices and patience neededFull of challenges but also pleasures