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"Michelle, come down here dinners ready!" Aunt Carrol shouted. The smell of bacon and sousages ravined up my nose, I crept out of bed put my slippers on and walked quietly downstairs, "You sit there" paul said pointing to the corner of the room, paul was a close friends of Aunt Carols he was a nasty man and Aunt Carol did what he said and was always at his beckam call, he walked towards me "do you want this!?" "do you want it, huh!" he shouted in his usual angry voice. I didn't dare speak back to him so he threw the plate of food at the wall and threw a glass of milk at me I ran upstairs into my room and shut the door behind me and

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"Michelle, come down heredinners ready!" Aunt Carrol

shouted. The smell of bacon andsousages ravined up my nose, Icrept out of bed put my slippers onand walked quietly downstairs,"You sit there" paul said pointing

to the corner of the room, paulwas a close friends of Aunt Carolshe was a nasty man and AuntCarol did what he said and was

always at his beckam call, hewalked towards me "do you wantthis!?" "do you want it, huh!" heshouted in his usual angry voice. Ididn't dare speak back to him so

he threw the plate of food at thewall and threw a glass of milk atme I ran upstairs into my roomand shut the door behind me and

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wept under my pillow. Time wentslowly paul didn't come to my

room that evening I was relieved.I'm glad nobody knows that I had aphone that a old lady gave to mebefore she went away to thecountry with her life-long husband,

she left alot of credit on for me, Ifound a chatsite that people myage all around the world goes on Igo on it every chance I get it'scalled qeep and I talk to manyinteresting people, one inpaticular a boy he's 17 his name is nigel helives a few miles away from me,he's a black guy he lives with his

parents who have strict rules. Iwent online the second after nigelcame online which I was pleasedabout because I like him very

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much. "hello beautiful, how areyou? and how was your day? xx"

nigel text thats when I getbutterflys in my stomach. "hey myday was ok and i'm fine thankyou,what about you? xx" I replied Ididn't want to worry him about

Paul so I didn't mention him. Wetalked all night every night untillearly hours of the morning, so hecan have a little sleep beforehelping his dad out in the garagewhich he doesn't like doing."sweetdreams honey, talktomorrow night xxx" he text me Ismiled and replied back "good

night sweetheart xxx" after all thatI closed my eyes and slept untill11:25am, My sister Anne came inthe room "Pauls mad with you"

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she said. I felt a big lump in mythrought "Why what have I

done??" I mumbled shaking allover. "Because he woke up to amess and he left you incharge"she told me and walked out theroom. I forgot all about that god

what am I going to do... I heardfootsteps getting closer to myroom I knew it was Paul becausethey was loud and he was a bigguy.I clinched my eyes hoping hewouldn't come in but then the door handle went down and he came inand looked at me "Come with me"he said queitly. I was terrified of 

what he was going to do. He tookme outside there was a big scruffyvan. "How much?" paul shouted toa oldish looking man in the van.

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"40 pound a hour" the manshouted back. "Make it 50 and we

have a deal" paul said. "alrite deal"the man in the van said with aslight smile. I didn't have a cluewhat was going to happen but Iwas petrerfied. Paul took me to

the back of the van and opened itup. "Get in!" he yelled. I managedto get myself in and looked aroundthere was loads of men agedabout 25 to 65 they looked at meup and down, I sat down and thismiddle aged man started feelingmy leg. I was scared, the van wasdriving pretty fast and we got

bumped around alot. Soon itstarted to slow down. The vanstopped I heard the man jump outthe front he came to the back and

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let us all out. "Whats going on?" Iwhispered to one of the men. "You

will see" he said with a grin. All theguys went into this big house Ifollowed. it was full of young girlsand older guys kissing I was tooyoung to understand it all. A guy

came up to me "Hello i'm Jerry, doyou wanna go up stairs?" he saidqueitly while touching my neck."What for?" I whispered. "Comeon" he said. So I followed him upthe ragid stairs and into this smallfilthy room. He closed the door and smiled at me I just stared athim, I didn't know what was about

to happen... He started touchingmy face I knew it was wrong but Icouldn't do anything about it I washelpless. He undone my jeans and

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pulled them down, He was so ruff with me and he did alot of things

to me. After I felt very sore, hewent out the room I just curled upinto the corner and thought whatdid I do to desserve this. Threeother guys came in after about 20

minutes they was nice to me,saying nice words to me then theystarted to repeat the horriblethings Jerry the first man did to meI just shut my eyes and countedthe seconds in my head. Thenthey left to get the next victim. Iheard Pauls voice downstairs Ihope he's going to take me out of 

this place anywhere but here. Heran slowly up the stairs and flungopen the door. "Lets go" he saidgrabbing me by the arm. We got

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out of the house, Finally I thoughtthat was terrible I felt awfull and

dirty. We got into pauls car and hedrove us back to Aunt Carrols, thedrive was about 20 minutes. Whenwe got into the house Aunt Carrolkissed Paul and didn't take one

look at me she didn't ask if I wasok, I just want to get out of herethis is a living hell. I ran straightupstairs and got a drink of coldwater from the tap in the bathroomupstairs, I washed my face andtook one look in the mirror, "I hatemyself" I said to myself. I rushedinto my room and got my phone

out from under my matteress, myhands were still shaking I wentonto the chatsite qeep straightaway I found myself missing nigel

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I needed someone to talk to, hewasn't online that was really

strange because he's alwaysonline at this time. I waited a hour for him to come online but henever did so I tried to get somesleep but kept thinking about him

hope he's ok. The night wentround so fast i'm still really tiredfrom what yesterday left me buti'm trying not to think about it. Iwent downstairs to tidy up after paul, he's a acholic he drinks allthe time when he gets the chance.As I was on my way to the kitchenI saw Aunt Carrol sitting alone on

the sofa hiding her face. I walkedto her "Are you ok?" I asked in ahigh pitched tone. She answeredback seconds later "Yes fine, go

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and clean the mess" It wasobvious that she wasn't alrite, she

had a bruise above her eye. "Doyou like babies?" she asked,"errmm there ok I guess, why doyou ask?" I mumbeled, sheshowed me her belly "i'm 8

months pregnant and when I havethe baby you get to keep her" Iwas so shocked how could shehide something like this for solong. "I'm going out" she said. Ididn't say anything I just watchedher leave, blimey how did thishappen!.

Days pasted days turned intoweeks and it was Pauls birthday

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so everyone was around havingdrinks, I was upstairs thinking

about Nigel and if he's ok. I hearda scream I didn't come out myroom, "Aunt Carrols having thebaby now!" I heard my sister scream. I was 13 at the time and

didn't really understand what wasgoing on. Everybody went out of the house I was left alone all nightI was scared but atleast I didn'thave to see paul. Aunt Carrolreturned the next afternoon with atiny baby wrapped in a whiteblanket. "Michelle come downhere" Aunt carrol shouted, I ran

downstairs "look" she smiled, shepassed her too me I held her."Whats her name?" I whispered,"You decide shes yours now" how

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could I look after a baby I was stilla baby myself I thought to my self.

I held her close to me for hourstrying to think of a name for her,then she opened her eyes"Summer" I whispered to the tinylittle girl, that will be her name

Summer Grace. She was the onlyperson that made me smile. Theday turned to night and she fellasleep in my arms and soon Idrifted off too. I woke up to a notethat was placed beside me "Takecare of the baby" thats all it said,where was everyone I didn'tunderstand but I still carried on for 

Summer Grace's sake. I placedher in her cot and went over to myphone and went on qeep and nigelwas online! I couldn't believe it, it's

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been a while since we spoke, Ihad a message off him "I'm sorry I

left without saying family troubles,do you want to meet? xx" he textme, I thought for a moment "yes Iwould love to meet you, letsrunnaway xx" I said, he agreed,

we set a date for the following day.I started to pack some of mythings he knows everything now.The day went fast. I woke up earlyat 5:30 because Summer wantedher bottle, after that I got myself dressed and then got Summer dressed and sat around looking atthe clock for a while, just then my

whole world went crashing down,Paul and Aunt Carrol came threwthe door, Aunt Carrol came to meand picked the baby up, "Have

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you been looking after her?" shestutted, "Where have you been ?"

I replied, she didn't answer meback she just went into the kitchenand put the baby down. If theyhave come back to stay then Ican't stay and what about Summer 

I kept worrying. There was a loudknock at the door Aunt Carrol wentto answer it, Paul was hidingupstairs, she let a woman and aman in and picked up Summer,"say goodbye now Michelle, thebaby has to go" she said, my heartwas beating extremly fast "What!!,were you taking her?" I screamed

and started sobbing, they left I fellto the floor as Aunt Carrol lockedthe front door and Summer Gracewent away. It was the Social

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Workers Aunt Carrol must of sentthem to protect the baby. Time

went by and I remembered that Iwas meeting nigel in half hour, so Igot my stuff together and ran outthe back door leaving the horriblepast behind with happy memories

with Summer. I waited for Nigel atthe bridge in blackburn, Iwondered if he was going tocome. "Michelle" a sweet voicewhispered tapping on myshoulder, I turned around "Nigel" Isaid with a smile, "lets go" hereplied, I couldn't believe howgood looking and kind he was. We

walked and walked for hours andtalked about wonderfull things thatwe both liked. Finally we got to asmall flat that we arranged to stay

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in for a while. He made biscuitsand tea and we talked all day

everyday we went out on longwalks he showed me his favouritemountain it was glorious timeswhen we was together.

By time I was 16 and Nigel justturned 20 I fell pregnant, I know Iwas young but I was thrilled andso was he and we decided to bringthe baby up together. Before thebaby was born we moved into alittle cottage house, ready for our new arrival. The day of the birthwas soon here and it was the best

experience of my life it was abeautiful tiny babyboy, he hadbrown curley hair and big lovelygreen eyes he looked just like

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Nigel, we named him - HarveyNoah - he weighed a healthy 7lb

4ounces, We took him home theday after and time flew by.

Nigel decided to go into the armyofcourse I didn't want him to go

but if he wanted to then i'll bethere for him. So he went out thereto Afganistan and he came homeevery 6months me and Harveymissed him like crazy everysecond. We both wrote to eachother writing heart-felt letters andpoems.

Nigel was home for Havey's 5thbirthday we had a great timeplaying pass the parcel and eatingcake. I thought of Summer Grace

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all the time it was her birthday onthe same day as my sons,

Summer Grace was 7 I needed tosee her. I rang every SocialWorker in brittain and found outthat Summer has a home with aloving family in Manchester so I

arranged a visit.

I kept counting down the daysuntill I could see Summer. The dayfinally came and I was at thefamilys door a young girlanswered the door she had longbrown hair and big brown eyes,"Hello" she said in the sweetist

voice, "Hello darling, are yousummer?" I said, "yes" shereplied, I was so over whelmed butI couldn't come into her life like

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this so I walked away withoutsaying another word, I had tears in

my eyes I was so glad that shehas a happy childhood. I wentback home to Harvey and Nigel,Nigel said he has to go away toBaghdad I was so shocked "Do

you have to go" I said "Yes I do, Ilove you and Harvey your myworld" he said and kissed me onthe for-head. Months went by.

I was expecting him back for Christmas but insted I got aTelegram, saying that "Nigel Noahhas been killed in action sorry for 

your loss", I fell to the floor "NooNo Noo!!" I screamed and criedand cried. Not my Nigel I wasdevastated and could hardly

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breath and was hoping he wouldwalk through the door any minute

but never again, I didn't get to saybye Harvey hasn't got a father i'velost my dear first love.

But I had to go on and be strong

for my son but my heart keptbleeding, as time went by, I cameto terms with his loss and movedout of the cottage and to a flat inliverpool. I got a job in a Hospitalas a nurse and Harvey startedhigh school. I met a gentlemencalled John we got married hewasn't the love of my life like Nigel

but I loved him very much. We hadtwo children Emily and Hayleythey were twins and Harvey wentout to america to make a fortune,

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that was like losing Nigel all over again.