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Tour Report District Baran (23-27 Oct, 2013) Lalit Kumar Tripathi Consultant-Training

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Tour Report. District Baran (23-27 Oct, 2013) Lalit Kumar Tripathi Consultant-Trai ning. Places/Blocks Visited. Major Findings. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tour Report

District Baran(23-27 Oct, 2013)

Lalit Kumar Tripathi


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Places/Blocks Visited

S. No Facility Type Block Remarks1 Atru CHC Atru

All are

Delivery Point

2 Kelwada CHC Shahbad3 Kishanganj CHC Kishanganj4 Anta CHC Anta5 Koyala PHC Baran6 Palayata PHC Anta7 Bhanwargarh PHC Kishanganj

8 Bamla PHC Baran9 Miyada SC Baran

10 Bada SC Baran Delivery Point11 Mandola SC Baran12 Eklera SC Baran13 Nareda SC Baran May be developed

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Major Findings

Branding Tender: Institutional branding (L1, L2 and L3) tender is still pending. Although CMHO and DAM committed in meeting organized under the chairpersonship of PD-NRHM in 07 Oct, 2013 to complete it before 25th Oct 2013

Training Tender: Same with training tenders (Residence and Food)

Branding on 108/JE/MMV: Branding not done till the date although it is part of PIP conditionality

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Branding is still pending on MMVs

MMU-2 (Chabada and Kishanganj)

MMV-3 (Shahbaad, Chhipabarod and Atru).

Non-functional Equipments- X-ray machine, Portable ECG (CHC Kelwada) , AC, Glucometre Generator

Recommendations- State may revisit /check each MMU/

MMV camp plan. State may try to club camp day with MCHN session or fix day approach may also adopt.

MMU/MMVs may also used as contraceptive depot.

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104- Janani Express

Branding still pending on JE

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Cleaning Tenders:

District office transferred the amount to Block office but tender is still pending. Matter was discussed with DPM/MOI/c but not a single facility accountant was available although posted and not on leave.


Finance section should guide for all types of tenders.

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PHC - Bhanwargarh

Rusted labor table used in Labour Room


Issues of Labour Room

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Mekthantosh were not available or in very bad conditions.

Dirty bad sheet No proper cleaning

Issues of Labour Room

PHC Bhanwargarh

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Institutional deliveries

Deliveries Target Achievement % Remarks

Institutional Deliveries

23621 12758 39.11Seems under reporting

Home Delivery - 106 - -

Private - 236 - -


12864 12186 94.72Only 678 are pending

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Under Reporting in PCT software-

Entries in PCTS are under reported. Discussed with DPM and DNO they ensured but the matter is pending since long time.


Accountants and Asha Supervisors must be posted at delivery points and this should be done in defined time.

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Delivery Points must be equipped with SBA trained staffs – Many SBA trained staffs are posted at non-delivery points . State office has sent two letters to district – vide no-3379 dated 31/07/2013 and 5799 dated 04/10/2013 for deploying SBA staff only to delivery points.

Recommendation: SBA trained staffs should be posted at only delivery points, and this may be a regular part of DHS agenda

DPM requested to replace some delivery points, as already identified delivery points are underutilized.


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MCHN day-Immunization is ongoing, ANM was giving Immunization to pregnant women, child.

Due list-Due list was available with Asha-Sahoyogini

ILR-Temperature log-book was maintaining in almost all facilities.

Kalewa Scheme- Food is given by ICDS.

Payments –JSY payments and Shubh laxmi payments are given on time.


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Complaint Box

Complaint Box found but not operational

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Doctors/Contractual Staffs: Staff posts are vacant.

FRUs: Many FRUs are not functional due to un-availability of Trained MOs (EmOC and LSAS). Only Kelwada functioning as FRU.

Recommendation: Staffs should de deployed as per sanctioned post. DPM is sending nomination for EmOC and LSAS training as per requirement.

Post Sanction Posted

BPM 7 3

Accountants 36 21

Asha Supervisiors 36 26

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Establishment of 104 call centre: Call centre established at DH with two

desktops and one staffs. Landline phone is not working since 3-4

months 4 JE is off road out of 8 JE in the district. No GPRS on JERecommendation-Call centre staff may be used in some other

programme like PCTS entry in DH as she is having less work.

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JE Performance

No of JE Period No of Trips Avg trip per


(Per trip cost)

8 1-15 Sep 354 2.95

8 16-30 Sep 258 2.15

8 1-15 Oct 163 1.358

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Bio Medical Waste

CTF connectivity in CHCs but only one CHCs having log-book or register. (Copy)

Pollution board certification is under process

Dustbin Buckets are not available or not with the colored plastic bag.

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Bio medical Waste

Dump Bio medical Waste in open at PHC-koyala

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CHC Atru

Bio medical Waste

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WIFS Programme

Schools:-Visited three Govt Secondary Schools (Koyala, Mandola (found red strips tablets) and Nareda (not received). Koyala Secondary School sending monthly report to BEO (Copy).De-worming was done in all schools.

AWCs- WIFS tablets were available in AWC (Miyada).

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Child Health

NBSU: Established in Kelwada but not function- due to non availability of Pediatrician and nursing staff

In Anta- will established in a one month – work is in progress

5 Radiant warmers found packed in store at Kishanganj CHC.

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Malnutrition Treatment Corner (MTC)

MTCs functional in Atru, Kelwada and Kishanganj

Asha-Sahayogini motivational amount is not paid to Asha-Sahayogini.

Records editing /duplication in Atru MTC


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Radiant warmer dumped in store at Kishanganj CHC


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Family Welfare

Family welfare camp plan made, but till date not started even at a single facility.

OCP and Emergency Pills were not available at almost all facilities.

Activity TargetAchievemen



Vasectomy 788 7 0.89

Tubectomy 7088 149 0.51

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Good practices

C- section and CAC (MTP) was performing by CHCs-Kelwada (C-Section-43 and CAC-14)

Dr. Ravi Goyel (MO) of Kelwada providing one dress to each female child.

Since Nerada-SC have very good building, premises and two SBA trained staff posted who used to conduct 15-20 per month 3-4 months back, so this SC may be developed as delivery point.

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Cleaning work after OPD timing at Kelwada-CHC


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