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  • 8/2/2019 Timmerman Squadron - Jan 2009


    January 2009

    Volume 3, Issue 1 The TICKER

    Must Read Articles:

    AerospaceEducation in 2009 The Mission, Goal,Staff, and Program

    Page 4

    A West PointSummer

    Page 5

    Upcoming EventsPage 9

    Individual Highlights:

    Promoted to Captain 2

    TCS Semi-Annual

    Cookout 2

    SLS and TLC Class 2

    WIWG CadetCompetition 3

    AE in 2009 at

    Timmerman 4

    Hals Harley Davidson 4

    A West Point

    Summer 5

    Golf Anyone? 5

    Veterans Day Parade 6

    Boston Store

    Community Days 6

    Corporate LeadershipCourse 7

    ICS 300 & 400 7

    ES Winter Survival

    Training 8

    Upcoming Events 9

    Fourth Quarter Parent

    Meeting 10

    Christmas 2008 10

    Serving the People of Our Nation

    From the Cadet Commanders Desk:by C/Lt Col Heather Martin

    Another year has passed while another one is just beginning. First off, let me start thanking everyone for their hard work that has resulted in multiple successes within the uand the program. I look forward to seeing continued dedication from the cadets. Parentcant begin to thank you enough for all of your hard work, support, patience, aunderstanding. If it wasnt for you, the Cadet Program wouldnt run as smoothly as it doWe as staff hope to see more family involvement as well this year.

    Over the past year, the squadron achieved many successes of which the most exciting wthat the drill team received a first place win at Wisconsin Wing level back in April, 2008 alater placed second at Great Lakes Region in May. Due to a scheduling change, tWisconsin Wing 2009 Competition was held in October and we once again placed first awill be heading to Region Competition in May, 2009 once again. Thank you parents, cadeand officers for your commitments thus far as well as future ones.

    Applications for National Cadet Special Activites were due January 15, and this year had one cadet apply for Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training Familiarization Cou(SUPT-FC). C/SMSgt Josh Gonwa, who attended last year, has applied to be on staff, ahis interview will be held on January 24 in Madison. In March, C/SMSgt Gonwa will find oif he was accepted.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to yet another year as a cadet. This quarter as was future ones will prove to be interesting and worthwhile as we will be participating in mohands-on activities. Continue to work hard and enjoy your cadet experience.

    A Friendly Reminder:This is just a reminder to please sign up for and visit the Timmerman Composite Squadrowebsite. Though you may view a few things just by visiting the website, you will have acceto much more information if you are registered as a parent or squadron member. Suinformation as the Roster and Calendar are only seen by staff, cadets, and parents. Detaabout events are also posted. This is done in order to protect your privacy. The TimmermComposite website is: www.timmermancap.org.

    Thank you for your patience in the changes that so far have occurred on the website, athroughout 2009, we hope to continue to make more changes in order to better serve yoWe intend to add pictures and information especially for parents. There are many questiothat a new recruit and their parents have, and we hope to address those issues in what athe most frequently asked questions. Should you have any suggestions that you would lto see up on the website, please let me know and we will see what we can do.

    Right now, most pictures are being posted on my personal Facebook account and you caccess them there. We are starting to put them up on the Timmerman Composite SquadFacebook however, and will eventually post all pictures there. Facebook has become means by which most cadets communicate by and parents can keep up with their teens.

  • 8/2/2019 Timmerman Squadron - Jan 2009


    Civil Air Patrol Page 2 of 10

    We added a twist this time to the cookout by incorporating a parents meeting of thecadets of TCS. Since we have many new cadets, we thought it to be a good thing tomeet quarterly with the parents to keep them informed of upcoming events and alsoto teach them the basics of the Civil Air Patrol. Many times new parents find it hard toknow where to go for information, uniforms, and to just know what to expect fromCAP. A handout was provided for the parents which gave them information as to theSquadron, Wing, and National Websites. It also touched on the different missions ofCAP and why they are all important for the cadets to be involved in.

    Capt Kondziella led the discussion with approximately 20 parents in attendance,along with 1

    stLt Kopp speaking about Emergencies Services and the importance of

    cadets making it out to the monthly ES training sessions. As Public Affairs Officer, I

    informed the parents of the Timmerman website and the importance of utilizing it sothat they can keep current with the activities of TCS. As a parent of a couple cadetsas well, I was also able to share with the parents my perspective of CAP and howmy sons have benefitted from the program.

    It was good to be able to relax and just have a time to get to know each other a littlebetter outside of the normal Monday evenings, which can prove to be pretty hectic asthere is much that gets accomplished in a two and a half hour span. We look forwardto the next cookout which is slated for spring.

    Promoted to CaptainIts been a long time coming, but on December 1, 2008, Lt Col Trossen had the privilege ofpromoting then 1

    stLt Jonathan Baseheart to the rank of Captain. He joined the Civil Air Patrol

    when he was seventeen, thus getting a later start in the program then most cadets.

    The last four years he has had the grade of 1st Lt, only having to finish the required CorporateLeadership Course in order to promote; which he did in November. It is hard to catch CaptBaseheart at CAP due to his demanding job as a web designer, but he works behind the scenesand puts his talents to good use in CAP as he has helped design the Wing Website as well as ourvery own Timmerman Composite Squadron website - www.timmermancap.org.

    When at CAP, you can find him helping with the Cadet Program and testing. Congratulations!

    Squadron Leadership Course & Training Leaders for Cadets

    In order for Senior members to advance in grade and have more involvement with cadets, they like the cadets, must reacmilestones, attend certain seminars and classes, and have time in their specialty track to prepare them for the task ahand. This ensures the cadets, and their parents, that the Senior members are well educated in the area they are teachingthe cadets.

    The Kenosha Composite Squadron hosted a Squadron Leadership Course and a Training Leaders for Cadets class oOctober 17 19, 2008. Capt Jonathan Baseheart, 2d Lt Jeri Gonwa, and SM Rae Ellingson were among the 12 students tattend this weekend event. The two courses are actually two different sections of the Civil Air Patrol ProfessionaDevelopment program that seniors must go through in order to advance in grade and to learn more about CAP.

    All 12 students signed up for both classes which required a Friday evening and two full days on Saturday and Sunday tcomplete both classes. Congratulations to all 12 students who passed and received their Certificates of Completion.

    Timmerman Composite Squadrons Semi-Annual Cookout

    Monday, October 6, 2008 Timmerman held their semi-annual cookout. Lt Col Trossen and his trusty assistant, Lt CoLange helped cook the many brats and hamburgers on the grill. Approximately 100 people attended the event where not

    only were the cadets invited, but their families as well, along with other CAP members from around the state.

  • 8/2/2019 Timmerman Squadron - Jan 2009


    Civil Air Patrol Page 3 of 10

    It is unusual to have two Wing Competitions in one year, but that is exactly what happened in 2008 due to a schedulingchange at the National level. This could be either a good or a bad thing, though for the Timmerman CompositeSquadron, it proved to be a benefit to them since it hadnt been too much earlier that they came out of not only the 2008Wing Competition, but the 2008 Great Lakes Region Competition in Dayton, Ohio.

    The 153rd Madison Composite Squadron Color Guard and the Timmerman Composite Squadron Drill Team fromMilwaukee, WI, both of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), took first place in the 2009 Wisconsin Wing Color Guard/Drill TeamCompetition at Volk Field, Wisconsin. Five Madison-area and ten Milwaukee-area teens comprised the teams, whichcompeted in several categories, including standard and innovative drill, panel quiz, and the mile run.

    Madisons CAP unit, meets at the National Guard Armory in Madison, took home first place in Color Guard competition infive categories, with one cadet receiving an individual award. Kenosha Composite Squadron placed 2nd overall andSheboygan Composite Squadron placed third.

    Timmermans squadron, based at Timmerman Airport on the Northwest side of Milwaukee, took first place in ninecategories, with four cadets also achieving individual awards. Timmerman Composite Squadron has more than 60members, including some 40 young adults, ages 12 to 18, living in and around Milwaukee. Many come from low incomefamilies, and for all of them the CAP provides an opportunity to grow and flourish as leaders to serve in the community

    Racine Composite Squadron placed second overall.

    Most of the cadets from the winning color guard and drill teams volunteered more than 500 man hours this past June aspart of the CAPs flood relief efforts in Sauk County. In addition, many of the young people participate throughout theyear in actual and practice search and rescue operations.

    The two te