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  • 7/22/2019 Spring summer 2013 lia sophia jewelry


    SPRING / SUMMER 2013


  • 7/22/2019 Spring summer 2013 lia sophia jewelry


    Great design has never been more in ashion

    than in the new lia sophia Spring / Summer

    2013 collection and never more thoughtul.

    Weve loaded our latest style guide with

    tons o bright ideas that make perect

    ashion sense, rom built-in versatility with an

    exclusive new clasp, to earring jackets, slides,

    and an inusion o color nearly everywhere

    you look. Our cover shot tells a lively spring

    tale o mixed pattern and print youll want

    to dive right into - resh, bold pink gingham

    paired with gorgeous bright florals. Goahead, judge this book by its cover.



    sisters(pg. 12-15)

    Were all sisters in style at lia sophia,

    and our Sisters Collection keeps us

    young at heart. Sot color, delicate

    styles, youthul inspirations just

    the sort o pretty looks that are

    perect this season or you, your

    sister, your daughter, your motheror a special riend.

    SIMPLY PERFECT(pg. 16-17)

    The classics are classics or a reason,

    and the simple, timeless looks here

    ofer great style or a range o

    occasions. Weve just reshened these

    avorites with exclusive details available

    only through lia sophia. From sparkling

    crystal to dazzling CZ, these are looks

    to love or a long, long time.

    GAME CHANGERS(pg. 4-11)

    Color is still big news in ashion, and

    these bright pieces let you update

    any outfit in a snap. Fresh, un and

    ull o spirit, they lit your mood and

    get you noticed which is whatgreat style is all about.

    FOR NOW, FOR ALWAYS(pg. 18-29)

    Like a love that endures, the most

    beautiul jewelry is timeless. These

    graceul, romantic pieces and vintage-

    inspired styles light up your look with

    a sot glow, rom their opaque stonesand dusting o crystals to beautiul

    roses, pearls and Art Deco touches.


    FORALWAYSLikealove thatendures,the


    These graceful, romantic pieces


    upyour lookwith a softglow,

    fromtheir opaque stonesand

    dustingofcrystals to

    beautifulroses, pearlsand

    ArtDeco touches.

    PRETTY WOMAN(pg. 30-35)

    Why wait or a special occasion to

    look your best? We think daytime is

    perect or the style and impact o

    these elegantly eminine pieces. At

    the o ce, around town or around

    the house, when you look beautiul you eel beautiul.

    A PLACE IN THE SUN(pg. 36-47)

    Paradise comes in blues and greens

    this season, with styles that take you

    all the way rom island-hopping to city

    shopping. With more natural materials and

    a rereshing lightness and ease to each

    piece, you can adorn yoursel comortably

    and casually whatever the weather.

  • 7/22/2019 Spring summer 2013 lia sophia jewelry


    AN URBAN ACCENT(pg. 52-59)

    The best style is personal mixing

    diferent pieces and eelings to create

    a look all your own. Anyone can add

    a touch o downtown rom the

    selection in these pages, adding

    them to avorites or a look that has

    flair and individuality.

    Thebest styleis

    personal mixing

    diferentpieces an


    a look allyour

    own. Anyone canad

    d atoucho downt

    ownromthe select

    ioninthese pages, a


    avoritesor a look

    that hasflair and


    ACT NATURAL(pg. 60-71)

    Jewelry is an easy way or a woman

    to express the many aspects o her

    personality, and the relaxed vibe in

    these styles mixes with a range o

    diferent looks rom careree to

    contemporary to classic. See how

    these pieces, earth-born and natural,

    let you be you.

    PLAY FAVORITES(pg. 72-85)

    No time to think about what to wear?

    Weve done the work or you, with

    this collection o easy-to-love styles

    that look abulous with just about

    anything in your wardrobe. Youll find

    old avorites and new classics, ready

    or weekday mornings or a night on

    the town. Ready, really, or anything.

    No time to think about what to wear? Weve done theworkfor you, with this collection ofeasy-to-love styles

    that look fabulous with just about anything in your

    wardrobe. Youllfind oldfavoritesandnew classics, ready

    for weekdaymorningsor a nighton t he town. Ready,

    really, for anything.


    You won'tbelieve howmanyways youcanwear these pieces.

    jewelry thats

    JEWELRY THAT'S GENIUS(pg. 48-49)

    We build versatility into necklaces

    and earrings throughout our collection,

    but these pieces are airly revolutionary.

    Our new infinity clasp lets you

    rearrange the chains, add a pendant

    or even position the clasp so its

    decorative, not just unctional. Thats

    more lia sophia style, and theultimate in lia sophia value.

    Kiam Collection(pg. 86-91)

    Eternally elegant Ellen Kiam, mother

    to Tory and grandmother to Lia

    and Sophia, guides and directs the

    design o this collection rom her

    own impeccable, singular style.

    These stunning statement pieces are

    crated rom natural materials and

    accented by cut crystals.

    important notesOur SPRING / SUMMER 2013 Collection ...

    Features over 500 styles

    Each chapter is packed with new styles

    Over 60% o the jewelry is priced $50 and under

    30% o the jewelry is priced $35 and under

    Over 70 styles priced at $98 and above perect

    or booking

    All jewelry in the Style Guide (with the exception

    o the lia sophia Red Carpet Collection and ring

    pages) is shown at actual size

    All stud earrings have surgical steel posts

    and butterfly clutchesposts are notched so

    the clutches are secure.

    Necklaces attach with a lobster claw clasp

    unless otherwise noted.

    Our jewelry is designed and sae or children

    ages 13 and up.

  • 7/22/2019 Spring summer 2013 lia sophia jewelry




    Versatility is the key to fashion, and now you can

    wear our jewelry in a number of thoughtful ways.

    Check out pages 49 and 72 in the Spring / Summer

    2013 Style Guide for a variety of ways to wear some

    of our newest pieces.


    Our Birthday Party studs get dressed up with

    detachable jackets, perfect for changing up your look.

    Petal Pusher earring jackets,

    available in matte gold and silver


    Hematite ball studs

    are instantly dressed

    up when you add

    flirty multi-huedchain tassel jackets.

    Face-Of earrings


    Wear either pair of studs with a simple metal

    jacket or on their own to create 4 individual looks.

    Network earrings, available in matte gold, silver & hematite


    Pay special attentionto the letter key notes

    throughout the Style

    Guide. These special

    callouts indicate

    versatility, like

    detachable and

    reversible necklaces,

    toggle claps, earring

    jackets and multi-part

    earring styles.


    All of our necklaces that feature a

    toggle clasp can be worn short or

    long, for a dose of versatility.

    Anchored necklace

    See a list of all

    versatile pieces

    featured in theSpring / Summer 2013

    Style Guide on

    page 5 in

    Fashion Focus.

    1jewelry thats geniusA


  • 7/22/2019 Spring summer 2013 lia sophia jewelry


    2elenas essentials

    Creative Director Elena Kiam outlines her

    6 Essentials or Style on pages 50-51, so

    youll know what to reach or in your jewelry

    box season ater season.

    14 6



    Add our floral-shapedjacketstotransformthese studs to anotherlook entirely.

    Im often asked which jewelry looks

    are stylish year ater year, no matter

    what trends come and go. So, Ive

    brought those six essential looks

    together here. Season ater season,

    lia sophia ofers many, many choices

    in each o these looks to help you

    build your jewelry wardrobe your

    own way.


    1. Glitter Ball necklace (pg. 17),

    SaltwaterTafy necklace & Cumulus necklace (pg. 7)

    2. Birthday Party earrings & PetalPusher earringjackets (pg. 15)

    3. Persimmon ring(pg. 61)

    4. Compass necklace (pg. 24)

    5. Knotical earrings (pg. 93)

    6. Interval bracelet (pg. 100), Spry bracelet (pg. 31), Full Bloom bracelet (pg. 33),

    Format bracelet (pg. 54) & Pacifico bracelet (pg. 31)



    Mix metals, play with

    scale, add a pendant

    you cant get more

    versatile or change

    your look more easily. COCKTAIL RINGS.

    Despite their name, these

    are great anytime, not just

    or parties. Their unexpected

    style is actually easy to pull

    of and un, too.


    Here's a simple, staple style or

    your jewelry box, and like your

    avorite lipstick, you shouldnt

    leave home without a pair.

    HOOPS.I love this style o

    earrings. They come in all shapes

    and sizes and they look great on

    any woman, any age, with an easy

    sense o un that dresses you

    up instantly.



    Just like necklaces,