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  • *Proteccin contra infrarrojos (IR). Test Vitro.

    INFORMACIN CONFIDENCIALUso exclusivo interno Prohibida su reproduccin

    Derechos de imagen protegidos

    The most advanced sun care technology

    *Infra-red protection (IR). Vitro test.

    CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATIONExclusively for internal use. Reproduction forbidden

    Protected copyright

  • The sun and its energy

    The sun is a life source that aids the correct development of people, animals and plants, however its radiation can prove harmful to the skin.

    For safe protection, it is essential to learn about the different types of solar radiation to which we are exposed. All the energy that reaches the Earth is made up mainly of the following:

    Infra-red rays (IR): they provide the feeling of heat and are responsible for sunstroke. They accelerate skin ageing.

    Visible light: this modulates the hormone functions thanks to its anti-depressive effect, but also accelerates skin ageing.

    UVA rays: these penetrate the deepest levels of the dermis and are directly responsible for photo-ageing and co-responsible for skin cancers.

    UVB rays: thanks to these, the skin tans but they penetrate at epidermis level and are the direct cause of skin damage (solar erythema and skin cancer).

  • Radiation and its effects

    Type Effects + Effects -

    Infra-red HeatSkin ageing


    Visible lightAnti-depressive

    Modulates hormone functionsSkin ageing

    UVA TanningSkin ageingSkin cancers


    Vitamin D Synthesisanti-rackets

    Sun burnsSkin cancers

  • Factors influencing solar radiation

    There are other factors that directly influence solar radiation. It is important to know all about them, so that we can protect ourselves correctly.

    Altitude: the higher the altitude the greater the solar intensity.

    Climate: clouds and damp weather absorb solar radiation, but do not block its passage.

    Obliquity: Solar intensity varies according to the angle of incidence on the Earth's surface.

    Time of day: between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm solar radiation is at its height.

    Season: the angle of incidence of solar radiation on the grounds surface is different depending on the time of the year or season.

    Surface: the reflection of the sun's rays varies according to the ground surface:

    Snow Sand Water Grass Asphalt

    85% 17% 5% 3% 2%

  • The skin and tanning

    Tanning is the skin's natural response to exposure to UV rays(particularly the UVB type).

    It is a cellular mechanism that begins when the UV rays pass through theepidermis and activate the melanocytes. These go on to produce melaninin large amounts. This natural protection is not enough to prevent thesun's harmful effects, as it does not stop all UV rays.




  • Skin phototypesThere are different skin phototypes that define our sun tolerance. The different skin

    phototypes are grouped according to the Fitzpatrick scale criteria.

    There are 6 different phototypesPhototype Hair Skin Tendency to burn Tanning

    I Red MilkyConstantly high


    II Blond LightConstantly average


    III Chestnut Light Frequently Clear

    IV Dark Chestnut Matt Not frequently Dark

    VVery darkChestnut Matt Exceptionally Very dark

    VI Black Black No Black

  • The importance of choosing the photo protector well

    When choosing the correct photo protector, it is important to bear in mind the skin type and the conditions of sun exposure. We recommend following the table below:

    *Protection against infra-red light (IR). Vitro Test..

    SkinsOpen sea, mountains, tropical


    Beach, long periods of activity in the open air

    Moderate, open air activity

    IntolerantChildrenType I and II

    Very high protection

    Type III

    Type IV

    Types V and VI

  • Skeyndor has developed Sun Expertise, a complete range of specific sun care products. Sun Expertise provides three internal and external protection barriers, protect&tan formula and a workshop of gallenic textures, adapted to the skin's protection needs.

    The most advanced sun care technology

  • Sun Expertise: the 5 key points

    First photoprotection barrier: UVA+UVB. A system of filters that helps to preserve the skin's health and prevents solar erythema.

    Second photoprotection barrier: IR*. Protects against skin-ageing caused by the free radicals produced by UV and IR. Protects the DNA of stem cells**.

    Third barrier: Action against overall photo-ageing. Prevents the formation of wrinkles and blemishes caused by the sun, and also stops the skin losing its firmness.

    protect&tan formula: faster, more intense and long-lasting tanning, complete with maximum protection.

    Workshop of gallenic textures: boosters, lotions, creams and oils. Different textures according to the skin type and application area. Fast absorption, easy to spread, low whitening effect and non-oily.

    *Protection against infra-red light (IR). Vitro Test.**Epidermal stem cells. Vitro Test.

  • Levels of action and active ingredients

    *Protection against infra-red light (IR). Vitro Test.**Epidermal stem cells. Vitro Test.


    Levels of action Sun Expertise active ingredients

    First photoprotection barrier: UVA + UVB

    Wide spectrum physical and chemical filters, UVA and UVB

    Second photoprotection barrier: IR*

    Ronacare AP. Enhances and stabilises sun filters. Protects against infra-red (IR*). Anti-free radicals.

    Third barrier:Action against overall photo-ageing

    Crambe Maritima extract. Protects the DNA of stem cells**, preserving the skins repair capacity.


    Myo-Inositol. Ultra tanning natural active ingredient, from the carob bean seed. It tans skin very quickly and more intensely and also lasts longer.

    Deep cell repairPlant origin proteoglycans.(SOS BOOSTER REPAIRER)

  • Description of active ingredients:Ronacare AP

    RonaCare AP is a synthetic substance developed specially for the so-called "second line of defense.

    Created to reduce the free radicals induced by IR radiation, its effectiveness against the radicals begins when conventional sun protection ends.

    RonaCare AP both effectively and continually prevents premature skin ageing over 24 hours.

    During the day, it alleviates the oxidative stress induced by the solar spectrum and at night, it provides prolonged protection against free radicals.

    RonaCare AP is an anti-oxidant as effective as Vitamins C and E, and it is resistant to UV rays.

  • Description of active ingredients:Crambe Maritima Extract

    Crambe Maritima is a halophytic plant and therefore it is subject to saline stress and dehydration.

    Due to their ecosystem, these plants have special defense mechanisms that allow them to survive in a hostile environment.

    These special mechanisms can be extracted in the form of an oily solution. They have the ability to protect the regenerative capacity of the epidermis against radiation, and therefore to protect their stem cells from UV rays.

    Indicated for calming and protecting the skin from premature photo-ageing and marine stress.

  • Description of active ingredients:Myo-Inositol

    Myo-Inositol is an active ingredient of plant origin, with an innovative melanin synthesis activating mechanism which, apart from accelerating natural tanning, also intensifies and prolongs the tan.

    Also, Myo-Inositol activates the synthesis of collagen I, and therefore it is useful for alleviating other effects of actinic ageing, such as flaccidity.

    This ingredient is obtained by concentrating, purifying and enzymatically deriving the carob bean fruit extract (Ceratonia Siliqua).

  • Description of active ingredients:Plant origin proteoglycans

    Biological photo protector that increases UV tolerance, counteracting serious solar damage and neutralising

    premature skin photo-ageing. It stimulates the natural protection system of the skins cells.

    It increases DNA repair, preventing the formation of sun-damaged cells.

    Clinically effective both in adult skin cells and epidermal stem cells.

    Plant origin proteoglycans (SOYA)

  • The product range

  • Very High Protection

    Tinted protective cream

    *Protection against infra-red light (IR). Vitro Test.**Epidermal stem cells. Vitro Test.

    Maximum UVA + UVB + IR* and stem cells**. Fights overall photo-ageing. Cream with a slight touch of colour. Recommended for use on: very high risk and contraindicated skins, extreme exposure.Water resistant. Presentation: 75 ml. tube (with box)


  • High Protection

    Protective compact make-up

    *Protection against infra-red (IR). Vitro test.**Epidermal stem cells. Vitro test.


    High protection UVB + IR* and stem cells**. Instant tanning make-up.Oil-free. Satin matt finish Recommended for use on: all skins types, daily application. Available in two tones: light skin and dark skin. Includes application sponge. Ideal for finishing booth beauty treatments. Presentation: 9 g. powder compact (with box)

    Protective sun emulsion


    High protection UVA + UVB + IR* and stem cells**. Fights overall photo-ageing. Tan enhancer. Recommended for use on: all skin types, all ages, winter sports. Easy to apply.Water resistant. Presentation: 200 ml. Spray (with box)


    02 DARK SKIN

  • Average Protection

    Tanning control cream

    *Protection against infra-red lig