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EUDAT services

Schets van het landschap

Deel CPresentatie EUDATSync and Exchange Research Datab2drop.eudat.euwww.eudat.euEUDAT servicesA brief introductionMagchiel BijsterboschSURFsaraUKB themasessieUtrecht, 17 september 2015EUDAT receives funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - DG CONNECT e-Infrastructures. Contract No. 654065www.eudat.euEUDAT project overviewServicesHigh-level overviewB2SAFEB2DROPB2SHAREU2ConnectConclusions

AgendaEUDAT (FP7)3 years (2012-2014)23 participants16M

EUDAT (H2020)3 years (2015-2017)33 participants19MEUDAT History[] integrated, cost-effective, and sustainable pan-European solution for sharing, preserving, accessing [] research data.

Support the European Commission policy on Open Access to Research Data []

[] interoperability between existing European e-infrastructures []

Collaboration with the Research Data Alliance (RDA) []

Engage research communities []EUDAT Objectives5EUDAT ParticipantsA consortium of high performance computing (HPC) / data centres, libraries, scientific communities, data scientistsEUDAT Participantse-Science Data FactoryDisciplines and CommunitiesWho can use EUDAT services?

Upload, add metadata and downloadUpload, add metadata, share, downloadPeriodic transfers, quality checks Single researcherTeamCommunityDifferent strategies for different usage scenariosJOIN or USEWho can use services:Single researches and teams: Safely store data, add metadata and (privately) share it with other researchersFind and download other data setsCommunity:Store community data at specific repositoriesMake it findable through connected servicesEnsure quality and enrichment of data through standardised metadata schemasJOIN: contribute resources and become part of the CDIUSE: consume the services provided by the CDISteer developments through feedback and interaction. 9B2 SERVICE SUITE CS:The figure on the right suggests, that B2DROP also attaches PIDs to data. This is NOT the case!Also keep in mind that the orange arrows between B2DROP, B2SHARE and B2SAFE are not implemented yet. As are the red arrows from B2SAFE to B2FIND and B2FIND and B2STAGE.10A service to:Store and exchange data with colleagues and team Synchronize multiple versions of dataEnsure automatic desktop synchronization of large files

B2DROP storing, synchronising and exchangingA service for storing, synchronising and exchanging dynamic research data with colleagues and team membersOwnCloudWeb portal (accessible via HTTPS)

11B2DROP and SURFdriveEUDAT AAI20GBCurrently free

SURFconext100GBPaid (by institutions)

12A solution to:Store: facilitates research data storagePreserve: guarantees long-term persistence of dataShare: allows data, results or ideas to be shared worldwidePublish: each record receives a globally resolvable PID which enables data citations

B2SHARE storing, sharing and publishingUser-facing service which provides an easy way to upload, tag and share research data.Invenio plus EUDAT customisations.Web portal (accessible via HTTPS).

Comments CS:- Again the paragraph on top of the page conveys very little extra information. I would add this extra information (user-friendly since web-accessible, reliable and trustworthy) as an extra bullet point and delete the paragraph. Makes the slide clearer.13Why B2SHARE?B2SHARE target audienceGeneric repository for data publishingMetadata always open, data may be closed accessRepository of last resortCurrently: long-tail dataFuture: Big Data

Valid alternativesRDNL (i.e. DANS, 3TU.Datacentrum, SURFsara)Community specific repositories (e.g. EBI, MPI Language Archive, Beeld&Geluid, )

14A solution to:Provide an abstraction layer which virtualises large-scale data resourcesGuard against data loss in long-term archiving and preservationOptimise access for users from different regions Bring data closer to powerful computers for compute-intensive analysis

B2SAFE safe data replicationCore data management service allowing for the automatic, rule and policy-driven replication of data across a federation of EUDAT CDI data centres (either community or non-specific)iRODS (v3.x and v4.1); EUDAT iRODS microservicesIRODS-to-iRODS (via microservices); federation controlled by iCAT databases; iCommands interface to users (console)

Guard against data loss in long-term archiving and preservationOptimal access for users; implement B2SAFE in research workflowOptimal location for data close to data centers15B2SAFE featuresBased on auditable data policy rules and the use of persistent identifiers (PIDs)

Data owners define access rights for data and when it is made publicly referableData policy manager: centrally manage data policies, distribute to and enforced by site-local rule engines

Aggregate data from different disciplines into a storage system of trustworthy and capable data service providers

Support for repository packages (e.g. DSPACE, FEDORA) and a lightweight HTTP-based interface

iRODS integrationACLs (Access Control List) integrationData Policy Manager, local rule enginesData aggregation from TDR


Build upon the EUDAT services to facilitate researchers to manage research data and to collaborate on research data across universities and research institutes.Extend and integrate EUDAT into the universities data infrastructure.


Introduce relevant university central staff to EUDAT technologies and servicesDevelop and implement front end services to be used by university researchersDevelop a blueprint for a common data infrastructure implementation U2CONNECTPublish results and findings to the field


ICTLibrary17ActivitiesMonthly meetingsWorkshops on specific subjects (e.g. iRODS, PID, AAI)

Concrete collaborations (WIP)UU: Project Yoda with B2SAFEUvA: B2SAFEDonders Institute: B2SAFE pilot

Concrete collaborationsYoda project (UU): scaleout of multimodal datasets from longitudinal research through B2SAFEUvA: B2SAFE [check Robert]Donders Instituut: B2SAFE pilot

Outside U2Connect- KNMI in relatie met de EPOS community voor het repliceren van de ORFEUS data repository- MPI-PL in relatie tot de replicatie van de The Language Archive data repository. Deze wordt gerepliceerd van MPI-PL naar RZG en dan naar SURFsara.

18EUDAT develops services and building blocks to support the data life cycle

EUDAT services are targeted at the European Research Communities

EUDAT technology can be adopted by Institutes and tailored to their specific needs

SURFsara can support and deliver services based on EUDAT-technology for Dutch data projects, repositories and libraries (e.g as seen in Yoda)


www.eudat.euVragen en discussieVragen?Sync and Exchange Research Datab2drop.eudat.euwww.eudat.euVragen en discussieEr is een groot en groeiend aanbod van producten en diensten, maar deze worden door onderzoekers nog maar beperkt gebruikt.

Er is vanuit onderzoeksondersteuners behoefte aan een helder beleidskader, waar de diensten langs gelegd zijn inclusief de totale kosten. DoDo doet hier lokaal een eerste aanzet toe.

Vraag: Hoe gaan we verder? Wat zijn de pijnpunten om het komend jaar concrete vervolg stappen te zetten? Wie neemt de leiding? Wie is verantwoordelijk? Beheer?Sync and Exchange Research