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De evolutie van postale diensten in een Belgisch en internationaal perspectief

Transcript of Ronde Tafel met de heer Koen Van Gerven

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De uitdagingen van Bpost in het kader van de evolutie van postale diensten in een Belgisch en internationaal perspectief


Koen Van Gerven CEO

How to make elephants dance VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014

Ik kan de titel van het boek van Lou Gerstner parafaseren: who says Elephants cant dance?Over zijn transformatie van IBM

2Agenda bpost at a glance

Key figures

The journey we went through

The challenge The transformation Productivity and profits

The journey ahead of us

Focus on the core Innovate/ grow Productivity improvements Stakeholders

VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


1bpost at a glance4

Some figuresMass Retail & Channels669 post offices674 post pointsOthers: contact center, stamp shops, e-shop

Mail Service Operations~13,200 red boxes5 sorting centres, 280 operational platformsCollect and distribution 5x/week10,000 daily rounds5.3 million addresses~10 million mail items/day~105,000 parcel items/day EBITbpost at a glanceEmployeesAverage FTEsKey financial indicators (normalized)EUR millionTotal Operating income201020112012Total operating income (revenues)201385%2013+2.3% p.a.+11% p.a. VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


2The journey we went through6Transformation journey to turn around a challenging situation back in 2003Situation in 2003Loss making with EBIT of EUR -69m

Quality issues with only 85% of D+1 delivery of domestic items

Low customer satisfaction with only 75% of satisfied customers in 2004

Low operating efficiency with ratio of operating income/FTE around EUR 53,000/FTETransformation efforts20032004200720132011Started the continuousoptimization of delivery roundsBuilding of newsorting centers

Transformation ofthe points of sale networkAutomated roundsorting and mail sequencingNewdistribution structure with areduced number of buildingsNew strategicVision 2020 programto further increase efficiency

20092006IPO onEuronext

CVC and DanishPost enter into The capital

VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


Employee motivationPercentage of employees rating motivation with top scores (5, 6 or 7)11Customer satisfactionPercentQuality of deliveryD+1 delivery of domestic single piece items up to 2 kg, stamped at Prior tariff, Percent

201009082007 resulting in an increased productivity in a context of increasing quality of service, employee motivation and customer satisfaction



Operating income per FTEEUR thousand per FTE (end of year)+6.4% p.a.20030405060708091011201312961212 VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014

8 and significant profit improvementsEBIT EUR million2003200420052006200720082009201020112012

Normalized EBIT marginPercent13.810. VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


The journey ahead of us

our strategy310

Focused strategy as an answer to observed trendsContinue to focus on core mail business Innovate/grow within core competenciesGeneratecontinuedproductivitygainsKeep stakeholders on boardE-substitution


Services at home

Leading to value creation & rewarding of shareholders VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014

#Continue to focus on core mail business VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


Continue to focus on core mail businessspecific programs to support mail resilienceDM BoostRelatioMail

Proves effectiveness of Direct MailRe-design of invoiceto add valueWhile being impacted by e-substitution mail remains important90% of customers check their mail box every working day73% with internet connection prefer paper and we run marketing programs to defend the value of mail

DMXLetterbox touch-point combined with search VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014

13Innovate / grow within core competencies VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


Innovate/grow within core competenciesbpost has an established position in parcelsDomestic parcelsInternational parcelsB2C/C2X segmentB2B segmentOffer the best last mile and broadest delivery options through:Flexible at home delivery 6 days/week (incl. Saturday delivery)Densest network of pick-up and drop-off points in Belgium (1,100)~100 bpack 24/7: all-time accessible pick-up locationsUnique selling proposition


Others~50%~5%Market size: ~ 150-200m 2010-12 growth of 5% p.a.Capture share of e-commerce growthMarket size: ~ 750-800m2010-12 growth of 3% p.a.Double market share by 2017

Originated to protect Belgian home market by:Offering US and Chinese e-trailers solutions to ship products into Europe and other parts of the worldEnsuring last mile delivery into Belgium and injection into other postal operators delivery network for other countriesThe rationaleWe offer direct access to international postal networks and ratesAsset-light business model: outsourcing of air and road transport as well as last mile delivery outside of BelgiumDedicated international sorting centerStrategic presence in North America (Landmark) and Asia (Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore) driving flows towards EU Integrated service range: customs clearance, warehousing, pick & pack and last mile deliveryHow we do it

Domestic parcels VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


Innovate/grow within core competencies and several other sources of revenues besides mail and parcelsInternational mailValue added servicesBanking & FinancePayment services, cash at the counter, public finance solutionsContinuous development of innovative products and servicesDirect offering50% of revenueAssociate 50/50 with BNP Paribas Fortis (bpost is sole retail agent)Basic retail, investment and insurance productsEstablished footprint in Belgium through the bpost retail networkAgent of bpost bank50% of revenue (commissions)

Mail coming into Belgium from abroadMail originating from a foreign country and passing through Belgium on its way to another foreign countryWhat?Asset-light business model and fully variable costsActive in the US, Europe and AsiaBusiness modelCollect and handling servicesMeter readings at home (gaz, water, electricity)Customer specific solutions which leverage our key assets: last mile, retail network and financial backbone

bpost won the tender to deliver the European license plates in Belgiumbpost is piloting delivery of groceries at home


VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014

16Achieve constant productivity improvements VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014

17Systematic objectivization

Systems and metrics in place to objectivize workload Enabling accurate assessment and capture of productivity gainsIn every part of the organization (e.g., mail operations, retail network)No interruptionin the processNo interruption in the process of identification, preparation, testing, implementation and capture of improvement opportunitiesCritical improvement initiatives are shaped as a permanent and iterative cycle of successive waves every 18 months, e.g., GeorouteOptimized employment plans to keep average salary increase under controlAhead of the curveAll improvement programs prepared well in advance (3-5 years planning) so as toLeave sufficient time for piloting and testing before roll-out of stable solutionPerform change management in the organization

++Natural attrition as key enabler to effectively and efficiently capture the gains while maintaining social dialogueConstant dialogue with social partners and key stakeholders to avoid surprises hence manage timing of implementation+bpost has a proven track record and plans for further productivity gains

VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


bpost has a proven track record and plans for further productivity gainsHistoric FTE evolutionEnd of year FTEs, 00005070604200340-4.7% p.a.2013251110090812Age PyramidHeadcount per age, 31/12/20138,4698,91110,40737% of bposts employees are above 50 years oldbpost has a systematic, well-rounded approach to identify and capture cost improvements across the entire organizationbpost has plans for further productivity gains supported by natural attrition and Vision 2020

VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014

19Keep stakeholders on board VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


21We want to keep stakeholders on board

Distribution qualityCustomer satisfactionEnvironmentEngaged employer

EngagementWell-being20132012-15%# work accidentsRecognize experience: first 45 people graduated20132009#14#12011#82012#2

1ston the IPC Environmental Ranking

81/10020132004+112012 to 13:+3+11201320032012 to 13:+2PercentPercentage letters in D+1 VlerickAlumni, November 6th, 2014


Continuous dialogue with all stakeholders

No compromise on ambition but flexibility on timingPilot and roll out simple programsKeep the direction and overall ambitions, but be flexible on timingAdapt solution to local specificities without compromising the overall objectives by being creative in case by case basis

Alignment between shareholders on need to transform the companyAdapt structure / status of the company accordinglyRight mix of true Postiers and external talents hiredAlignment at the top

Role modeling of leadership involvement with high visibility action (e.g., Management on the floor to explain the strategy, participating in delivery rounds, etc.)Build compelling case for change (liberalization, volume decline etc.)Build skills required for change by investing in capability building of the change agents during