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  • AIESEC Wageningen

    LC 2012-2013

    AIESEC Wageningen


  • AIESEC Wageningen

    LC 2012-2013

  • Voorwoord

    Lieve Liselotte, Gerjon, Tjeerd, Rianne en Irene, Hierbij willen we jullie een overzicht geven van de prestaties van LC 2012-2013. Mede door de inspiratie en het enthousiasme wat we persoonlijk van jullie hebben mogen ontvangen hebben we dit kunnen bereiken. Bedankt voor jullie inzet, support en vertrouwen! Naast actieve RavA leden vinden we jullie ook ontzettend toffe personen en we vinden het geweldig jullie (beter) te hebben leren kennen dit jaar. Marieke, Anne, Geeke, Rivka en Nanette Bestuur AIESEC Wageningen 2012-2013


    What made us get up every morning This year was all about innovation and local relevance for our LC. Not just because we thought it was cool to try something new. Not because we had lots of money and didnt know what to do with it. No. We have innovated because we believe in the potential of Wageningen students and its region. We have innovated because we have strived to capitalize on that potential and to become a hero in our local network. Being able to do this required a new way of thinking. Moreover, it required action. We want to share with you not only our performance, but even more our good case practices.

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    Account Marion Tuinstra Katja Schuurman Acquisitie Koen Geenen Fleur Stevens Co Nanette van der Spek


    2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013

    # Getekende contracten 6 7 7

    # Matches 6 6 5

    # Gerealiseerde stages 6 5 5

    Voor eind van het jaar nog 4 afspraken 100% van onze trainees geven 8 of hoger op tevredenheidsonderzoek Onze online brand awareness strategie werd als nationaal voorbeeld gebruikt


    TOPIC KPIs Performance

    Sales & ER

    1. Growth in raises

    I) Absolute growth compared to 11/12 - 3

    II) % growth compared to 11/12 - 30 %

    III) % of ICX raised target achieved 58 %

    IV) Success in Hunting Season: # appointments & raises 12 app 0 raise

    2. Branding of ICX Online activities, offline activities, or corporate partnerships (e.g. network/umbrella organizations) (GCP)

    Next pages

    Delivery & Relationship Management

    3. Growth realizations

    I) Number of realized TN 11/12 minus 10/11 0

    II) % growth 11/12 0 %

    III) % of ICX realization target achieved 50 %

    4. Delivery Rate & Time I) % of Raises that got realized 40 %

    II) Delivery time (days between signing and realization) 13 #

    5. Re-raising I) % of all companies that wanted a re-raise in 12/13 43 %

    6. Quality of ICX

    I) Overall grade company surveys (1-6) 4,5

    II) Average grade of intern surveys, both (1-6) and NPS 100

    III) Special events organized for interns (GCP) Next pages

    Strategic Initiatives

    7. Special Strategic Innitives I) Projects or initiatives taken by your LC to improve ICX in your city in the long-term

    Next pages


    Online Branding

    In the beginning of the year, we as AIESEC Wageningen saw the importance of using online marketing in order to create more brand-awareness for AIESEC in the Netherlands. We used the Horse Race to set up a brand-awareness project which was especially focused on online marketing. As an example: we updated LinkedIn, created a Twitter account and asked our companies if they would put our logo on their website. One of the outcomes of this project was that we got in contact with Driek Geurtsen, owner of ICT Valley (a networking organisation for IT companies in our region). We set up a collaboration which enhanced a great deal of online marketing in order to send the AIESEC message towards the IT companies in our region and beyond. Last Thursday, at the second IT drink of this season in Veenendaal, I noticed what kind of influence this project had. A lot of people I talked to already knew AIESEC and were very enthusiastic. We already got appointments at companies like InfoSupport and Cegeka (large international IT companies) and are still in conversation about raising several TNs. I believe that with this collaboration we created the beginning of an online platform for AIESEC Wageningen, which can be enlarged next year!


    Sustainable Offline Collaborations

    Besides online branding, we also paid attention to long term (mainly) offline collaborations. Up to this year, this was not done in Wageningen and we believed that this was very important for the on-going process and growth of AIESEC Wageningen in the future. We also saw the importance of focus, in order to set up efficient collaboration that would not be superficial. Due to this focus, we choose to set up collaborations with ICT Valley (IT sector), FoodValley (LifeScience sector), VNO-NCW and the University. These initiatives succeeded and we are currently in a collaborative relationship with these organisations. Next to that, we recently set up another collaboration with Bedrijvenkring Veenendaal, which can be very useful as a complement to the ICT Valley collaboration.


    Conclusions on strategic initiatives

    Concluding on this, we can summarize the acquisition of our year in the words online brand-awareness and collaboration. We thought of these two aspects as very important for the growth of AIESEC Wageningen and although this is long-term strategy and we do not see all the results yet, we are really happy about our choice and wouldnt have done it any other way. Our goal was to create a stable foundation for AIESEC Wageningen in order to have an exponential growth in the coming years. We believe that this growth will be very realistic for the future of AIESEC Wageningen!



    We organised a Sinterklaas / Goodbye party for our trainee Shahrukh who was here from September until December. We baptised him Zwarte Piet, made him a poem and played a Sinterklaas presents game with the whole LC. Was a lot of fun!!


    GCP: Buddy family activities

    We use buddy families for trainees. Every buddy family has its own trainee and takes care of them in the first weeks (organises a dinner, a tour, some activities etc.). This works really well! We do not have that many trainees, so every trainee gets enough personal attention. We take trainees to parties, Family Day, BBQs, reception weekends and they are attending the take over weekend. We are very lucky with our trainees, they are AWESOME!

    Eating Dutch sushi with Alan

    Taking him to (cross-dressing) parties

    Buddy family pictures with Sharukh

    Dancing Tunak Tunak together at the AIESEC Family Day with Mohammed, Agnieszka & Alan


    Marketing Aqua International Affairs Luca Peters External Relations Nienke Andriessen

    Online media Timon Weitkamp Co Rivka van Mastrigt


    2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013

    # Contracten getekend

    5 7 12

    # Gerealiseerde stages

    7 2 10 (5 in zomer)

    # Deelnemers nationaal programma

    35 33 38

    - Pilot voor langdurige partnership met Coca Cola Belgi - Pilot voor langdurige partnership met Knoel Consult in Duitsland


    TOPIC % of score KPIs LC answer/score

    1. Absolute and relative growth in raises 5%

    I) Number of Ra GCDP EPs 12/13 minus number of 11/12 I) 11 II) 120% III) 73.33

    II) % growth 12/13 in Ra EPs

    III) % of achieved GCDP Ra goals

    2a. Growth in GIP matching rate


    I) Percentage of GIP EP Raises which is matched in 12/13 minus that percentage in 11/12 I) 36%-12.5%=23.5%

    II)4-1= 3 III) 400% 2b. Growth in GCDP matches

    II) Number of Ma GCDP EPs 12/13 minus number of 11/12

    III) % growth 12/13 in Ma GCDP EPs

    2. Absolute and relative growth in realizations 15%

    I) Number of Re GIP EPs 12/13 minus number of 11/12 I) 4-1 = 3 II) 400% III) 80%

    IV) 1-1=0 V) 0

    VI) 16.7 %

    II) % growth 12/13 in GIP EP Realizations

    III) % of achieved GIP Re goals

    lV) Number of Re GCDP Eps 12/13 minus number of 11/12

    V) % growth 12/13 of GCDP EP Realizations

    Vl) % of achieved GCDP Re goals

    3. Customer Experience Management 15%

    I) Overall NPS grade in GIP OGX I) 9 II) 9 III) -

    IV) T V) 20.6 days

    II) Overall NPS grade in GCDP OGX

    III) Initiatives started by the LC to improve overall quality (taken into account when a tie takes place)

    lV) % of NPS surveys filled in

    V) Average delivery time

    4. International Cooperation initiatives 15%

    I) Number of projects run in the LC

    I) 2 II) 7 III) 1


    I.i) Number of raises for project

    I.ii) Number of realizations for project

    Note: Please include the EP-Ids of the realizations for the projects

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