Rasa Lila In Brief: Saptasloki Rasa Lila

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The twelve Cantos of the Srimad Bhagavatam can be likened to the twelve limbs of the body. The tenth Canto, which describes the glories of Lord, is the heart. In this tenth Canto, five chapters, from 29 to 33, describe the Raas-Leela (or Rasa Lila). These five chapters of the Raas-Lila represent the five life breaths of this Divine Leelaa. Five slokas from these chapters are given here, along with the first sloka of the first chapter (no. 29) and the last sloka of the last chapter (no. 33).

Transcript of Rasa Lila In Brief: Saptasloki Rasa Lila

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