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Open Educational Resources Pros and ConsBy: Robin Greene Walla Walla Community CollegeCopyright CC by nc sa

OERDefinition:Open licenses and free or low cost educational resources and materials developed and shared in research and development, for instruction and students, companies and training, and many other uses. Opinion:The Web was designed to share freely. Knowledge should not be held in a box, lets share it!2/2/2017OER 101 Robin Greene

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Uses of OERProsAffordableFreedom to CustomizeGrowing ResourcesAnyone can contributeAnyone can use the resource.ConsTime to find what you want/needKnowledge to modify to needsQuality404 Error Cant find serverNeed Internet accessOER 101 Robin Greene2/2/2017

Pro - AffordableAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college textbook costs have risen 88% since 2006.So if a book cost $100 dollars in 2006, that same book costs $188 nowWhere the cost of OER is minimal and declining with more connectivity.OER 101 Robin Greene2/2/2017

PRO - Freedom to CustomizeSome OER materials will fit perfectly with current curriculum.Most materials will need to be FIXED to work within your own class.Most OER materials licensing allow you to do just that2/2/2017OER 101 Robin Greene

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Pro The Last 3OER 101 Robin Greene2/2/2017Growing ResourcesMore and more individuals and parties are contributingMore technology and accessibility are availableAnyone can contributeProfessionals, retired specialists, educators, classes, institutions, companiesAnyone can use the resourceThe list is endless

Cons First TwoTime to find what you want/needFor help see video at rightKnowledge of customization to fit your needsThis is a technical obstacle. Many times one is required to learn several tools to make EVERYTHING work and flow as needed.

OER 101 Robin Greene2/2/2017

Con - QualityUnlike publishers who monitor the quality of there product, there is very little monitoring for quality assurance.Anyone can provide a resource.Several hundred rules or criteria have been collected and they are available for a structural approach to creating quality OER if creators care to follow these criteria. Most do, but there is very little over sight.Who will keep the resources updated? Still many ?sOER 101 Robin Greene2/2/2017

Cons Last Two404 Error Cant find serverLinks are no longer availablePower outagesWeatherConstructionConnectivityNeed Internet access

2/2/2017OER 101 Robin GreeneClick on image for resource location. Owner: Paul Lloyd Modified by cropping CC BY SA NC Copy right