NCOSM - TU Delft Open Strategie

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06-06-2022 Challenge the future Delft University of Technology Open Onderwijsmateriaal Van Strategie naar Praktijk
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Presentatie over TU Delft OpenCourseWare en iTunesU op het Nationale Congres Onderwijs en Social Media op 31 mei 2012 in Diemen.

Transcript of NCOSM - TU Delft Open Strategie

  • 1. Open OnderwijsmateriaalVan Strategie naar Praktijk30-5-2012 Delft University of Technology Challenge the future
  • 2. Willem van Valkenburg Projectleader TU Delft OpenCourseWare Assistant to the President of the OpenCourseWare Consortium Projectleader EU-project OCW in the European HE
  • 3. AgendaWhat is happening around the world?What is Open?What is TU Delft doing?What are we planning to do?
  • 4. 1. What is happening around the world?
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  • 11. 2. What is Open?
  • 12. 12 OpenFlickr @mag3737 cc-by-nc-sa
  • 13. Open? Free Quality assurance Shared Varied availability by Choices disciplines Ability to adapt Available to anybody Cost effective Digital Ability to tailor & build Often multimedia your own Accessibilitymore Creative Commons accessible to some and less Freedom of info and use to others CC-BY Brandon Muramatsu:
  • 14. OCW part of the Open Movement OCW is only one type of Open Open Content Educational Resource (OER). Open OERs are only one type of Open Educational Content. Resources We have much to share with OCW each other.
  • 15. What is OpenCourseWare?High quality educational materials organized as courses A course is package of educational materials starting a particular point in the knowledge spectrum, designed to lead to greater understanding of the issue or topicOpenly licensed for distribution, re-use and modification, available to all on the internet
  • 16. Over 260 institutions and organizationsworldwide supporting open sharing in education
  • 17. Number of courses from members25000 21,05620000 18,135 16,574 15,885 16,12315000 10,55010000 7,591 6,023 5000 4,634 3,845 3,188 1,747 995 1,306 511 550 760 0
  • 18. 18OCL Logo Credits: Timothy Valentine & Leo Reynolds CC-BY-NC-SA Content Open Moving Forward Snippets Courses
  • 19. Comparing OCW to Open Education OpenCourseWare Open Education Syllabi, Lectures notes & Complete learning Videos experience Sample homework & Scored homework & exams exams Textbooks Community /Discussion No grade / certificate Grade / Certificate
  • 20. Importance of Open Education Open is a means to an end:Potential for Improved learning Changing the nature of the educational experience Smaller chunks, focused objectives MOOCs, alternate credentialing Limit costs while improving quality Student and institutional Reclaiming control From publishers, from static content Enabling flexibility to mix and match
  • 21. 3. What is happening at TU Delft?
  • 22. ICT in education: TU Delft
  • 23. TU Delft Open Content OpenCourseWare iTunes U / Youtube Edu Realistisch beeld onderwijs Met name marketingfunctie OER binnen context van een OER zonder context cursus, programma, etc. Collegerama opnamen Collegerama opnamen (Mediasite) (Mediasite)/Flitscolleges Lecture slides Engineering Challenges Literatuur Campus life & Student Projects Opdrachten Tentamens Uitwerkingen/antwoorden
  • 24. 2007 TUD start met OCW, waarom? Universiteit: Reputatie Open academische community: open kennisuitwisseling binnen wereldwijde netwerken. Onomkeerbare trend Verbetering onderwijs Faculteit: Exposure/zichtbaarheid/reputatie Faciliteren Life Long Learners Aantrekken nieuwe studenten en onderzoekers Gemakkelijke toegang: combined educational programs Mogelijkheid tot nieuwe samenwerkingsverbanden wereldwijd Voorbereiding voor toekomstige studenten
  • 25. Results Quality of educational resources have improved More focus and attention for the quality of education TU Delft national and international recognized for our OCW Increase in new students and PhDs Grant from Ministry of Economic Affairs for a project with ITB Bandung Nuffic grants for projects with South Africa and Mozambique SURF (Dutch JISC) starts with a national programme for OER/OCW EU-grant for international project OCW in European HE-context
  • 26. Cursussen52 mastervakken en 28 bachelorvakken van 30 opleidingenEnkele voorbeelden
  • 27. Introductiecursus TB Bachelor TB Dr. Ir. Ivo BouwmansDeze introductiemodule biedt een weergave van de introductieweek van TechnischeBestuurskunde. In deze week worden colleges over vier verschillende vakgebieden gegeven. Diecolleges kun je in deze introductiemodule terugvinden, met daarbij steeds een casus(praktijkvoorbeeld), waaraan je tijdens de introductiemodule werkt. Soms vind je hieruitwerkingen, soms niet. Bijvoorbeeld omdat de casus geen eenduidige uitwerking kent. Door deopnamen van de colleges te bekijken en de cases uit te werken, kun je je een beeld vormen vande opleiding.
  • 28. Delft Design Guide Bachelor Industrieel Ontwerpen Ir. Annemiek van Boeijen Ir. Jaap DaalhuizenThe Delft Design Guide presents an overview of product design approaches andmethods used in the Bachelor and Master curriculum at the faculty of IndustrialDesign Engineering in Delft.FinalistProduct design at Industrial Design Engineering in Delft is regarded as a systematicOCW Peoples Choice Award 2011 Due to its complexity,and structured activity, purposeful and goal-oriented.designing requires a structured and systematic approach as well as moments ofBest OER (non-video)heightened creativity. In this guide we restrict ourselves deliberately to approacheswe teach in Delft.
  • 29. Sanitary Engineering Master Watermanagement Prof. ir. Hans van DijkThis course deals with the basic principles and designFinalistaspects of sanitary engineering infrastructure. ThisOCW Peoples Choice Award 2011Best Video Lectureswater supply and treatment,comprises: drinkingsewerage and wastewater treatment. Study goals:Winner in technological aspects of the urban waterInsight 2012infrastructureOCW Consortium Award for OCW ExcellenceMultimedia course
  • 30. Use and Re-use of OCWChoice of StudyStumble CoursesPrepare International StudentsUse in Developing CountriesSource of ReferenceExtracurricular educationOnline Education Images CC-BU-NC-SA:
  • 31. What do faculty member say?Since we publish our Engineering & Policycourses on OCW, we see an Analysis Dr. Ir. B. Enserinkincrease in the number ofinternational PhD students EPA wants to be recognized as an international education program. Watermanagement Dr. Ir. J.Q.J.C. Verberk With OCW we can!
  • 32. The students Erasmus Mundus student The participatory Egeruoh Chigoziri learning I experienced in TU Delft OpenCourseWare I never experienced before TU Delft content is almost as good as MIT, if not better
  • 33. Als directeur van organisatieadviesbureau Twynstra Guddemaakte () Van Terwisga zich de ins and outs van de waterwereld verbazingwekkend snel eigen: Ik heb meteen de collegedictaten drinkwater van de TU Delft opgehaald.
  • 34. Social MediaSlides op op opencourseware.weblog.tudelft.nlYoutube op op @TUDelftOCWLiken op
  • 35. Statistics Start integratie Social Media in website
  • 36. Statistics iTunesU
  • 37. 4. Future developments
  • 38. Changes in Sources of InformationMiddle Ages Source of information = ProfessorPrinting Press Source of information = UniversityDigital Age Source of information = Internet
  • 39. Implications for the institution? We are no longer THE source of information What does a university have to offer? Content: information Context: explanation, interpretation of information Feedback: examinations, assessment Reputation Accredited diploma Social networkFrom an information monopoly to learning facilitator
  • 40. TU Delft Policy (ICTO Plan 2011-2014)Personalisation Collaborative & Mobile Active Learning Systems & Resources TU Delft distance Next-generation & online Classroom Education Massification Face to face Virtual
  • 41. Collaborative & Mobile Active Learning Systems & Resources TU Delft Next-generation distance & Classroom online EducationTU Delft aims to have adistance & online educationprogramme operationalwithin 4 years.
  • 42. Distance & Online EducationBased on TU Delft OpenCourseWareMore focus on self-study and modularityMultimedia rich (video, webinars, etc)Full certification (MSc degree)3 pilots selected: Aerospace Engineering (LR) Engineering & Policy Analysis (TBM) Watermanagement (CiTG)
  • 43. The opposite of open isnt closedCC-BY Cable Green:
  • 44. The opposite of open is brokenCC-BY Cable Green:
  • 45. CC-BY:[email protected]/5065834411/
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