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2016 PORTFOLIO Natasha Janssen

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  • 2016 PORTFOLIO

    Natasha Janssen




    FATIMA HOUSEMexico City



    Architect: Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

    Location: Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico

    Design Team: Abraham Ornelas, Javier Pichardo, Carla Celis

    Project Year: 2014

    The location in Mexico is central and part of the urban areas.

    The streets are wide and trees line both sides. The area has

    many parks and green areas. The property itself reflects a lot

    of green space.

  • | First Floor

    The place was designed for a young couple. The first

    floor contains much of the regular living area used to

    entertain guests.

    This includes:

    A large living room Medium size dining room TV area Large dining room Kitchen Powder Room Grand Entrance Hall

  • | Second Floor

    The second floor contains the familys sleeping area.

    This includes:

    2 bedrooms with 3 piece bathrooms Master bedroom with large walk in closet area Seating area

    A special feature on the second floor is a large covered

    balcony to enjoy the outdoors.

  • | Exterior

    The exterior is comprised of a few different materials.

    Concrete PEIFS Wood Composite Panels

  • | South Elevation

  • | East Elevation

  • | Interiors

    Living Room


    TV Room


    Location: Mississauga, ON

    Design Team: Natasha Janssen, Farwa Alsam, Thao Trinh

    Project Year: 2016

    The location of this centre is in Mississauga. The

    City of Mississauga has been constantly growing

    so there is a new demand for a Community


  • | First Floor

    The first floor includes the main library and then some smaller offices

    and a back of house area.

    Layout includes:

    Front of House Grand Atrium Library Customer Service Kid-zone Washrooms

    Back of House Loading Area Storage Utility Room Library Staff Work Room Managers Office General Managers Office

  • | Second Floor

    The second floor is more classrooms, meeting areas

    and common spaces for people to enjoy.

    Layout includes:

    Art Gallery Multi-Purpose Room Multi-Use Storage Maker Space Classroom Screening Room/Lecture Theatre Meeting Rooms (Large and Small)

  • | Site Features

    The site is also filled with activities for the


    Layout includes:

    Splash Pad Playground Gazebo Soccer Field

    It also includes a storm water management pond

    and a green roof terrace that has some seating.

  • Playground

    Green Roof Terrace

  • | Interior

    Glass Wall between Library and Atrium



  • | Natasha Janssen

    [email protected]