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Master Class Consultancy Fundamentals. Attendants: Young Professionals. Topics: Block, Schein, Drucker, Bazerman, Kubr, French & Raven, Novak, Quinn, Scheepers a.o. Topic at hand: succession as well as personal branding.

Transcript of MC Consultancy Fundamentals 0913

Consultancy Fundamentals

M.. M Young Professionals September 2013


Dagdeel 1 is vooral het elkaar leren kennen en het leren reflecteren door de student.Dagdelen 2 en 3 zijn er vooral om dieper in te kunnen gaan op de theorie.De PowerPoint loopt in elkaar over zodat je zelf je breekmoment kan bepalen.

Your Tutor


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Personal Brands

2 Elevator Pitch

Manage Oneself.

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity: If youve got ambition and smarts, you can rise to the top of your chosen profession, regardless of where you started out.

Manage Oneself, Peter Drucker. (1999)


What do you want to learn?What are you: salesperson, adviser or consultant?Consultancy in 1 word!Skills of the Consultant


Het is een aftrap.Deze onderwerpen vragen ieder om een antwoord, een dialoog. Hoe ziet men zichzelf? Wat zijn de essentile verschillen?Voor consultancy in 1 woord zou je een (aangepaste) Open Space kunnen gebruiken: 5 groepen, iedere groep plaats een kernwoord op een flipover, de studenten plaatsen met post-its likes e/o dislikes. De laatste bulletpoint gaat over op de volgende sheet.

Commitment in a Formula

C = (V x L) + B

CommunicationVocal, what you tell peopleListening or be able to Listen (first you have to listen, then you can talk)Behavior, its the main part of all that you communicate

Consulting Skills according to Peter Block

Contracting for the work.Making your own diagnosis of the problems.Giving feedback about personal and organizational data for facilitating decision making.Carrying out the plan.Evaluating the main events.

Block: Flawless Consulting


Five Phases in Consultancy according to Kubr.

Bron: Management Consulting, a Guide to Profession; Milan Kubr Het laatste pijltje staat bewust naar buiten: het is goed als de extern consultant weet wanneer te stoppen.


House of Lies@HBO

Ethics in Consultancy

Ethiek is een kernbegrip in zaken doen, nu meer dan ooit.Het onderwerp kan een interessante dialoog opleveren: waar leg je je grens?


Ethics in a Financial Crisis

Met Lehman begon de crisis. De vraag is dan ook interessant: wat ging daar zoal mis?


March 2010: The VALUKAS ReportFindings

Most crucial: In 2006, Lehman made a significant change in its business strategy from a lower risk brokerage model to a higher risk, capitalintensive banking model. March 20, 2007 a meeting was planned with the Controlling Committee. Lehmans controllers had find out that the risks of the new business model were too high for the company, they wanted to inform the committee on that. But hours before the meeting they received this message:The Committee is not sophisticated around subprime market Joe (nb; Joe Gregory, former CEO) doesnt want too much detail. He wants to candidly talk about the risks to Lehman but beoptimistic and constructive talk about the opportunities that this market creates and how we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of them. The controllers decided, afraid of loosing their jobs, not to inform the Committee.Lehman had a series of Board meetings in the fall of 2007. At these meetings, Lehmans management continued to report on the firms elevated risk profile and concentration of real estate and leveraged loan risk, but did not present the Board with additional negative information concerning the firms risk and liquidity profile.The rest is history..Question: what would you do?

Bron: Deze druk van buitenaf kan je overkomen, zowel als intern als als extern adviseur.


Ethics in Consultancy: Five Barriers to an Ethical Organization according to Bazerman c.s.

Bron: Ethical Breakdowns; Harvard Business Review 2011


Consultancy = Continuous Improvement

Plan DoReview

Het karakter is het KAIZEN teken, de natuurfilosofie die representatief is voor continue ontwikkeling: winter, lente, zomer, herfst.Deze Plan Do Review cyclus is afkomstig van het Investors in People ManagementModel: continue ontwikkelen.Met PDR kun je ook denken aan modellen als Deming.


How would you Consult the successor of Steve Ballmer?


Consulting Yourself according to Peter Drucker

What Are My Strengths? (5 Max.)How Do I Perform? (scale 1 5: very poor very well)What Are My Values?Where Do I Belong? (in a broader sense)What Should I Contribute? (to your family, your company, the world)

Bron: Managing Oneself, Peter Drucker Harvard Business Review (2005)Motivatie voor Drucker: als je jezelf niet kan leiden/managen/consulteren, dan lukt je dat ook niet met anderen.Tot slot kun je hen nog vragen: Wat word je Actieplan?


Flawless Consulting: 8 Steps in the Consulting Process

CONTACT: starting the relationship,CONTRACTING: formal' working agreement,DATA COLLECTION & ANALYSIS,DIAGNOSIS & FEEDBACK: to the project owner,DECIDE ON THE WAY FORWARD: together with the client,DESIGN THE INTERVENTION,IMPLEMENTATION,EVALUATE & LEARN!

In groepjes kan er over de verschillende stappen worden gediscussieerd over de (toegevoegde) waarde van ieder. Waaraan zou men de meeste aandacht geven?


Consultancy according to Edgar Schein

The Purchase of Expertise.Doctor-PatientProcess Consultation

Consultancy according to Schein: The Purchase of Expertise.

The purchase-of-expertise model is one in which the client hires the consultant to bring a separate and autonomous perspective on the industry or company setting to the issues that exist.The benefits of this type of model are that it is of short duration and often the least costly of all types of consultation. Because this type does not require that the consultant have a considerable level of knowledge about the organization itself or specific understanding of the functions of the company, the output of resources is usually less than in other consulting models.

Edgar Schein Process Consultation Revisited.Toelichting vind je o.m. op


Consultancy according to Schein: Doctor-Patient

The doctor-patient model is based on the initial process by which a consultant focuses on the problems that exist in an organization and the factors influencing these problemsThe doctor-patient model allows the consultant to use their existing experience to diagnose the issues for the company and introduce potential methods for change.One of the greatest benefits of this type of model is that the relationship between the consultant and the organization change with changes in organizational need.

Consultancy according to Schein: Process Consultation

In the process consultation model, the consultant acts as a facilitator by providing the client with methodological tools for assessing or defining the problem and locating the best potential solutions. The consultant works with the organization to find internal methods for resolving the issues and for implementing change, utilizing existing resources within the organization.Process consultation takes the Chinese proverb past the point of simply teaching a man to fish; the consultant facilitates a process of discovery through which the man can build his own fishing pole or choose a net, while understanding the patterns of fish and using the correct types of bait.

French and Raven on Power.

Coercive power (The main idea behind this concept is that someone is forced to do something that he/she does not desire to do.)Reward power (To grant another person things which that person desires or to remove or decrease things the person does not desire.) Legitimate power (People traditionally obey the person with this power solely based on their role, position or title rather than the person specifically as a leader.)Referent power (This type of power is strong enough that the power-holder is often looked up to as a role model.)Expert power (The ability to administer to another information, knowledge or expertise. The expertise does not have to be genuine - it is the perception of expertise that provides the power base.)Informational power (Informational power is based on the potential to utilize information.)

Zie o.m.'s_five_bases_of_power (wat er inmiddels dus 6 zijn)Informational Power is/wordt de meest interessante ook omdat er steeds meer informatie via social media GRATIS beschikbaar komt: Big Data.


Being a Professional means you can be a Leader.

Leaders are at the top of their game when they act from their deepest values and instincts. Usually they tap into these fundamental qualities during a crisis, but its possible to do so anytimein the right frame of mind.

Robert Quinn, Moments of Greatness; HBR 05

Being a Professional means you can be a Leader.

When leaders do their best work, they dont copy anyone. Instead, they draw on theirown fundamental values and capabilitiesoperating in a frame of mind that is true to them yet, paradoxically, not their normalstate of being. I call it the fundamental state of leadership.

Robert Quinn, Moments of Greatness; HBR 05

Moments of Greatness.


To enter the fundamental state of leadership, follow these steps:

Recognize youve already been there. Youve faced great