Gastric Ulcer

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  • 1. Gastric Ulcer FATIMA AL-AWADH

2. Introduction T H E S TO M AC H I S T H E F I R S T I N T R A -A B D O M I N A L PA R T O F T H E G A S T R O I N T E S T I N A L T R AC T. I T I S A M U S C U L A R , H I G H LYVA S C U L A R B AG - S H A P E D O R G A N . T H E S TO M AC H L I E S I N T H E L E F TUPPER QUADRANT OF THE ABDOMEN. 3. Objectives Mention the anatomy and histology of thestomach. Define and display the morphology ofgastric ulcer. Mention the risk factors & causes ofgastric ulcer. Explain the pathophysiology of gastriculcer. 4. Anatomy of the stomach 5. Histology of the stomachGastric pitsMucosaGastric glands Muscularis mucosa Blood vesselsSub-mucosaOblique muscle layer Circular muscle layerMuscularisLongitudinal muscle layer Connective tissue layerSerosaVisceral peritunium 6. Ulcers An ulcer is a medical condition caused by a break in abodily membrane. Common forms of ulcers include:GenitalMouth Skin ulcer ulcer ulcer Peptic VenousUlcerativeulcerulcercolitis 7. Gastric ulcer A break in the normal tissue that linesthe stomach. A type of peptic ulcers. 8. Morphology Gastric peptic ulcers are predominantly located near theinterface of thebody and antrum. 9. Statistics per 100,000 inhabitantno dataless than 20 20-8080-140140-200more than 200 10. Risk FactorsNon- Helicobacter Smoking Increasing Alcoholsteroidal(H) Pylori ageabuseanti- infectioninflammat-ory drugs 11. PathophysiologyNSAIDs; CigaretteH. Pylori Corticosteroids AlcoholAspirin abuse smoking 12. Pathophysiology Cl KH Na ClClClKNa HCl ClClH KNa Cl Cl 13. The increasing acidity Activation 14. Pathophysiology DecreaseinEpithelialMucosaHCO3Bloodtransportsecretion secretionflow 15. Pathophysiology 16. Pathophysiology 17. ReferencesClinically Ordinated Anatomy, 6th ed. Anatomy of thePg233,Figure2.37.B. stomach Histology of theStructures-of-the-human-stomach-The-stomach-has- stomachthree-layers and typesof ulcer Risk factorseptic_ulcers_000019_5.htm Pathophysiology