Engels Persoonlijke Brief

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  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    persoonlijke brief

    Let's go [email protected] !

    LET'S GO D'G'[email protected] ! - docentenhandleidinq - 4VMBO - TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief


  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    INTRODUCTIONHoe zlet een informele brief eruit??Je begint altijd aan de linkerkant van je blaadje te schrijven / typen.Je laat overa! tussen de opdrachten steeds 1 regel open.Als je een alinea schrijft, moet je de regel volmaken.Je mag nooit je naam boven een brief schrijven.Aan beide kanten van je brief moet een kantlijn staan.

    DE LAY-OUTYour address1st line: street + house2nd line: postcode + name of town, village3rd line: Holland or The Netherlands

    Datenumber of day: dus 1,2, 3 etc.number of month; with capital January, February, March, April, May, June, July,

    August. September, October, November, Decembernumber of year: always full: 2003, 2004, 2005 etc.

    Salutationalways DEAR + the name of the person you write to + comma

    Bodythe info you want to send: a letter is divided into paragraphs, a new subject means a new paragraph after every paraqraph you leave one line open

    Valedictionalways YOURS + comma

    Your namewrite your name under the letter on the left side

    LErs GO [email protected] ! - docentenhandleiding - 4VMBO - TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    Voorbeeldbrief :Dillenburgstraat 465151 GL DrunenHolland19 June 2005Dear Felix,Thank you for the photographs you sent me. They have just arrived. I thinkthose of your house are particularly good. I shall send you some of ourhouse with my next letter.Last week we had a lot of homework. That stupid English teacher of oursgave us lots of work to do. We had to write ridiculous English letters to eachother, so it looked like we had real pen-friends.Like I told you in my last letter we wilt go to Paris at Easter. It will cost a lotof money, but it looks fun to me. There are a lot of things to visit and seethere.Tell me what your holiday plans are in your next letter.I am afraid I cannot write a very long letter just now as I have muchhomework for school. I hope you will write very soon. I am already lookingforwa rd to it.

    Yours,Peter Smith

    LET'S GO [email protected] ! - docenlenhandleidiog - 4VMBO - TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    Engels brief schriiven veelgemaakte fouten[ Fout Engels I Goed EngelsEngJischi::: ikI'ambleuLondensuprisedadress

    EnglishI: altijd en overal een HOOFDLETTERI'm of I amblueLondonsurprisedaddress

    Engels: verwarring betekenis/voorbeeldenknow wete n/kennennow nuno nee/geenwith metwhite witwithe Bestaat nietwhit Bestaat nietwhich Welke (keuze uit groep)witch hekswish wens(en)wich bestaat nietyour jouwyou're julJie zijn, u bent, jij bentyours van jullie, de jouwe, de uwe

    ,they're zij zijntheir huntheirs die van hunadvice adviesadvise adviserenquite nogal,lamelijkquiet stil, rustigquit stoppen, ophouden__

    LET'S GO [email protected] !~docentenhandleidlnq - 4VMBO - TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief




    vt van zijn : warenwaar : vragen naar plaatsafkorting van we arevan; made of paperuitler van af : put off your coat, he fell offfrom London to Paris: van .. tot

    toot o

    on schoolat schoola holidayholidays

    oak I tete(boven) op schoolaan schooleen vrije dagvakantie

    EngelsMEERVOUDIn het Engels NOOIT met'sBepalingen van PLAATS en TIJDACHTERAANBijwoord : zegt iets van WERKWOORDHoofdregel : -Iy achter bijv.nwgood - wellfast, high, low etc. blijven hetzelfdean : volgende woord begint metklinkerklanka : restthen: tijdthan: vergeJijkingHoofdletters bij :namen, aardrijkskundige namenik (altijd en overal)begin ve. zinnamen van dagen,maanden, jaargetijden


    discos, taxis, pianos

    I met him at the disco yesterday,

    She sings beautifullyWell done!He drives fast.an hour, ice-cream, onionuniform, boy, honest boyThen I'll go home.He's richer than I am.

    Peter, LondonIHe will do that.Saturday, January, Summer

    LET'S GO [email protected] !- docentenhandleid ing - 4VM130 - TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    Amerikaans Engelsu weglaten : color, favoriteI weglaten : travelingvacationIf you want

    Brits Engelscolour, favouritetravellingholidaysIf you like

    spreektaal (niet in een brief gebruiken t! )gonnawannaain't

    schrijftaalgoing towant tohave/has not got, is.am.are notEngelszou graag willenkunnen misschien

    verfraaiingI'd like to.. .t you'd like to...we may do that, go there, I may tell her

    LET'S GO [email protected]!-docenlenhandleiding - 4VMBO - TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    opdracht 1. about yourselfSuppose you are going to write a first letter to you new pen friend.I ntroduce yourself and tell something about yourself.This is a list of things you might write about:- your name- age- place you live- your height- colour of your hair, eyes- clothes you prefer- type of school- subject you take.- hobby or sport- favourite music- other free-time activitiesMake a complete letter and you can use the following example:street + nrpostcode + townThe NetherlandsdateDear .....,I am (naam) from (woonplaats), and I am years old.I was born on , 19...I am ... feet tall and I have ... hair and ... eyes.Mostly Iwear .... and ... but sometimes (especially when Igo ...) I like to wear .....and ...My hobbies are ...... and .....My favourite popgroup at the moment is.....On Saturday I earn some extra pocketmoney at ...I attend a Junior General Secondary School in My subjects are (6 or 7).I really dislike ..... because ..... , but I like ....... because ......Yours, signatureName

    LET'S GO [email protected] 1~ docentenhflndleiding ~ 4VMBO - TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    opdracht 2. about your family

    Now you can write something about the family you live in.This is a list of things you might write about:- your parents and their ages- brother(s) and sister(s) and their ages- what they do - jobs

    - school- future plans- what you do - school- future plans- pets - name, colour, favourite food I toy, age

    Make a complete letter and you can use the following example:

    street + nrpostcode + townHollanddateDear .....,We are with ... people at home. My ... , my ..., my ... and my ...My dad is a ...... and he is (age)My mother is a ..... and she is (age)My brother ... (age, school, work)My sister i (age, school, work)I attend (school). When I will have finished school, I'd love to work as a .....because .Then we have our dog/cat ....... (name, age, specialities)Yours,signatureName

    LET'S GO [email protected] !-leerl inqenrnap - 4VMBO-TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    opdracht 3. about the place and homeThen you might write something about your house and town.Here is a list of things you can write about:- city, town, village- where exactly situated?- big or small ?- neighbourhood- surroundings = omgeving- type of house - flat I farm

    - council house- semi-detached house- bungalow- terraced house- descriptionof your house - rooms I garden (flowers, trees)

    Make a complete letter and you can use the following example:street + nrpostcode + townHollanddateDear .....,I live in ... (place where you live)The surroundings are .In my neighbourhood .Our house is .Upstairs are .Downstairs .In front of our house is .Behind our house is .

    Yours, signatureName

    LET'S GO [email protected] !- Ieerhngenmap - 4VMBO-TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    opdracht 4Schrijf de volgende brief aan Patty.

    Valkenhof 364248 DB NijmegenHollanddateDear Patty,Thank you so much for your nice letter. Yes, (ik was verrast) to get it so soon.International Pen Club works very quickly, don't you think?I'd like to tell you (een paar dingen over mijzelf). I am (leeftijd) and I am a pupil of(VMBO TG). My hobbies are ( .... en .... ). My family consists of ( ... gezinsleden).Nijmegen is (een drukke stad). and we live in a (soort huis) not far from the river Waal.

    I wasvery pleased Qe toto te krijgen). It must be nice to have a twin brother! The photo Iam sending you shows me and my friend Irene. The cat I am holding in my arms iscalled Zorro.My mother calls me, so I (moet stoppen met schrijven). Please drop me a line soon!Yours,

    LET'S GO [email protected] r -Ieerlingenmap - 4VMBO-TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    opdracht 5

    Schrijf de volgende brief.straat + nrpostcode + plaatsHollanddateOear.........,(Het spijt me) you had to wait so long for my letter, but (op weg naar school) I fell over adustbin and (brak mijn linker arm). (Daarom duurde het zo lang) to send you my letter.I liked Oelaatste brief) very much. You asked me to tell more (over de foto).Well, in the background you see a caravan. We were camping and (we waren net terugvan een lange wandeling)

    (Afgelopen zaterdag) we, that is Iren and me, went to (een disco). We had great (plezierdaar) and so (we waren heellaat thuis). My parents (waren boos op mij), but I (beloofde)to be home in time (voortaan).(Ik stop nu met schrijven) because I have to (mijn huiswerk maken).Schrijf me gauw terug).Yours,

    LET'S GO [email protected] l-Ieerhngenmap - 4VMBO-TG

  • 5/10/2018 Engels Persoonlijke Brief



    opdracht 6. gratitude + intention

    GratitudeThere are various ways to say thank you.Study these and use them in your letters.* Thank you for writin