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My name and information about me…

Hello Classmates, My name is Christianie Dor-Lampton. I am a 27-years-old who has a passion for learning and teaching. Currently, I am a preschool professional with 8 years of working experience and Bachelor’s degree. My husband Sean and I relocated last year from North Carolina to Texas due to his job transfer. At the moment, we do not have children but consider my three-year-old lab mix as my baby. In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, reading on my Kindle for hours, and exploring the city.

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The specialization I am following…

I am working as a Head Start teacher and look to further myself intellectually. I want to acquire skills and knowledge on working with children with a wide range of learning, emotional, mental, and physical disabilities. A Master’s degree in Special Education will complement achieving my personal and professional goals.

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My Goal after obtaining masters degree

After receiving my masters degree, I plan on working at Webb Street School. This is a public school that is highly known for serving children with special needs. It has always been my dream to work at this facility by working with families and children with a wide range of learning, physical, emotional, and mental disabilities.

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Course Learning Outcomes (CLO)

The learning outcome that is intriguing is “Evaluate how the purposeful integration of technology in instruction and assessment supports student acquisition of 21st-century skills”. believe all children are unique individuals with variant learning styles therefore instruction has to be differentiated to fit the whole- child. As an educator, this outcome has contributed to my career by creating a safe learning environment that caters to diverse learners. Also, integrating technological methods to help children acquire 21st century skills. Creating an emotionally safe environment will create opportunities for students to develop at their own pace. I feel that students should be able to come into a culturally inviting classroom that is goal oriented, interactive, and is one that provides room for investigation. Teachers should create a classroom environment where all students feel emotionally and physically safe. Educators need to show students that they truly care by making sure students preserve their beliefs in their culture.

-Students need to feel we understand them as individuals in order to adjust the curriculum accordingly to accommodate each student’s needs. Creating distinguished instruction within the classroom that tailors to different viewpoints and abilities of each student will provide sustainability. An important outcome of building relationships with students is that the students will feel comfortable in an environment that is conducive to learning. The rich learning environment will help accomplish a mutual respect between teacher and student(s) by “having a physically and emotionally welcoming classroom” (Puckett (2013). This along with engaging and culturally responsive teaching will promote positive learning experience outcomes.

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Final Paper

I believe the final assignment is asking to come up with a proposal in creating a community event for an educational technological bond. I will act as the representative of the district to encourage people to vote in favor of the bond.

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Puckett, K (2013). Differentiating Instruction: A Practical Guide. Bridgepoint Education: San Diego, CA.