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Port Information & Ship Reporting

For Masters – by Masters

DNV Maritime Partner [email protected]

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DNV Navigator

Master’s best friend - It’s all about staying out of trouble;

Reduced operational risk & cost

Safer operations


vetting statistics

Improved working

conditionsLess off-hire

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DNV Navigator - unique and comprehensive solutions






2002 2004 2006 2008 2010


No of vesselsCovering more than 180 countries

7000 Ports and Pilot stations included

In excess of 5000 checklists

More than 1200 different forms

Containing 53000 documents

About 110 000 links

Experiencing a steady growth in product subscriptions

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Paperwork – a safety threat

Norwegian Maritime Directorate: “Human factors cause 66% of all vessels running aground (1998 – 2008). Thereof 12% of the groundings were caused by people falling asleep and 30% due to fatigue.”

USCG statistics indicate 75-95% of all accidents are due to human failure.

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Paperwork is swamping crews!

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DNV Navigator - Building blocks

• Our arrival and departure check lists are the core of the product

• Port information as per SOLAS requirements - Compliance

– UKHO List of Radio Signals & Sailing Directions – Vol. 6 with weekly corrections

– IHS FP: Ports and Terminals Guide

• Information about rules and regulations – Conventions, Regulations, Guidelines and

circulars from IMO, National Authorities and others sources

• Report generator – Forms meeting port state requirements

(>1000) – automatically filled in– Company specific forms– Environmental reporting– Daily reports meeting charterers


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Port-Specific Checklist

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Port Information

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Ship Reporting Systems• Area 1&2. UK & Northern Europe (Die Ems

to Gibraltar)

• Area 3. Northern Waters, the Baltic & Germany

• Area 4. Mediterranean & Black Seas

• Area 5. Read Sea, the Gulf & Indian Ocean (northern part)

• Area 6. Singapore to Sea of Okhotsk and Philippines (W coast)

• Area 7. Australia, Borneo, New Zealand, Philippines (E coast)

• Area 8. Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, N&S America (W coast)

• Area 9. North America (E Coast) & Caribbean

• Area 10. South Atlantic & Indian Ocean (southern part)

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Reports & Logs

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DNV NavigatorPort clearance reports prepared in seconds…

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Port Forms

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Updating and reporting

1,5 Gb


Weekly updates of corrections from Notices to Mariners, Checklists and other information(typically 30 - 300kB)

Updates of SW & content 3 times a year:• Port info• Country info• International info• Checklists• FormsSources:• Fairplay Port Guide• Authorities• Customers• Agents• DNV offices worldwide

Reports to:• Port Authorities • Agents• Ship Operator• Other parties

Port Clearance Reports:Electronic • Pdf • Excel• Word• XMLHard copy

Quarterly updates of

SOPEP Contact Points


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DNV Navigator - Data sharing

Standard XML based interface for data sharing/integration with other SW systems

Onboard replication- Crewing systems- Gangway control- Certificates

Ship – shore data sharing - Port clearance

- eNOAD- ePans

- Daily reports - Noon report- Charterers reporting- Fleet replication

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Integration ENC - DNV Navigator

Integration with Maris Voyage Planner

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DNV Navigator - Add on products

Fleet Manager: - Information from a fleet of vessels can be collected

and analysed in the office- Information can be exchanged between vessels via

office- Vessel specific data can be distributed from the


Passage Planner- A tool for easy preparation of passage plans

including squat calculator and way point editor

Vessel forms- Customisation of company specific forms (ie noon


Vessel Admin - Onboard accounting

Work and Rest Hours - A tool for recording and reporting work and rest

hours according to international and national regulations

DNV Services support- Standardised forms supporting DNV Services

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Data management- Data are maintained in one database - Reused for many purposes (e.g.

various national crew lists)

Training- Simple use - minimize the needed for

training- Introductory training may be offered

Installation of software- No people required onboard for

installation purpose

Support- Included in subscription

DNV Navigator - Cost effective solution

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Reducing time spent on paperwork with 80 – 90 % and increasing time to focus on key working tasks Saving time

Up to date forms at all times Correct and consistent informationImproving quality

Improved port state statistics and reduced delays Reduced fees to handling agents and publication subscriptions

Reducing cost

Reducing the stress factor port clearance operationsImproved safety record


DNV Navigator - Benefits - summary

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DNV Navigator -Environmental Map

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Reports & Logs

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Australia - AQIS

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New Zealand

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