DiFranza et al Unger et al Zoe, Jesse, Matt, Syrah.

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Transcript of DiFranza et al Unger et al Zoe, Jesse, Matt, Syrah.

DiFranza et al Unger et al

DiFranza et al Unger et alZoe, Jesse, Matt, SyrahDiFranza et alSESParentsPeersGenetics- further research Advertisements

SyrahDesign681 7th grade students (12-13 years old)7 different schoolsFollowed over one year Information of tobacco use obtained through confidential interviews with children Nicotine dependence was measured from when they first smokedJesseAimFind evidence of correlation between exposure to tobacco (and nicotine) promotion and overall use by childrenZoeHypothesisThe earlier that kids are exposed to smoking, the more likely they are to become addicted to it.

MattSocial ImplicationsPeer pressure to begin smokingCauses a higher risk of being addicted to smokingSocio Economic Status plays a roleParents influence

Psych Implications The earlier the age that kids start smoking at is more dangerous because they will become addicted earlier. Childrens brains and how they are developed.Strengths and Limitations(-)To what extent do parental influence and SES play a role in it? (-)Children can lie in the interview(+) Seems to isolate cause and effect Complete way of approaching hypothesisMnemonic Device K- Keep away from nicotine and cigarettes I- It hurtsD- Death/Dont start

Unger et alChinaYounger children (middle schoolers)Why they were influenced to smoke Chinese culture and how it promotes smokingDesignSurveys were given to middle school and high school students and their parents 6 different citiesThe survey was given again a year laterAimFind evidence supporting which factors influence why young children (in China) begin to smoke

HypothesisCultural factors influence why people start smokingMale or FemaleAgeCulture (China vs. Western Nations)

Social ImplicationsCulturally more accepted in ChinaMales were more likely than females tohave smoked in the past 30 daysParents have big influence on their kids smoking habits

Psych ImplicationsCompares Western Nations to China and the amount of smoking at young agesMales had a higher number of predictors (likelihood that they would start smoking) compared to females.

Strengths and Limitations(-) Did not factor in social situations (-) Did not consider the effect of multiple influences(+) Outlines a correlation Mnemonic DeviceU- Underaged smokers was the focus of the studyN- Not only adultsG- Gender; males had a higher risk E- Everyone could be pressuredR- Results showed that smoking was influenced by social situationsConnections (Both Studies)Bio: Nicotine and the addiction that affects the bodyCog: Further research- is the brain altered more as a young child?Socio: Mainly focuses in on the peer pressure Works Cited"Tobacco Promotion and the Initiation of Tobacco Use: Assessing the Evidence for Causality." Pediatrics. Pediatrics, 1 June 2006. Web. 1 Dec. 2014.Unger, Jennifer B. "Influences Affecting Adolescent Smoking Behavior in China." Nicotine & Tobacco Research. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, Apr. 2006. Web. 2 Dec. 2014.Research, Health Education, Theory &. Practice, Vol.14 No.6 1999, and Pages 7517. "Attitudes toward Anti-tobacco Policy among California Youth." Attitudes toward Anti-tobacco Policy among California Youth: Associations with Smoking Status, Psychosocial Variables and Advocacy Actions 14.6 (n.d.): 751-63. Oxford Journals. Web. 2 Dec. 2014.