De oplossing voor ondernemingen om kosten van SmartPhones & Mobile Connected Devices onder...

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Transcript of De oplossing voor ondernemingen om kosten van SmartPhones & Mobile Connected Devices onder...

  • 2014 MIND HUNTER

    M I N D H U N T E R C o r p o r a t e F i n a n c e & C a p i t a l S e a r c h M I N D H U N T E R P a r t i c i p a t i o n s M I N D H U N T E R P e o p l e S o l u t i o n s E-mail Website and


    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) The solution that addresses a major gap in cost management in the market around Smartphones & Mobile Connected Devices Disclaimer The information in this short document is prepared by MIND HUNTER Capital Search B.V. together with our client. The primary

    objective of this document is to provide (interested) parties with an overall picture of our clients company. This document is

    meant strictly for professional investors/buyers; the required investment amount is at least EUR 100.000. This investment

    proposition is not subject to regulation by the Authority Financial Markets in The Netherlands. In case an interested

    investor/buyer would like to proceed, he/she is obliged to execute his/her own thorough due diligence in order to evaluate this

    specific investment opportunity and the financial opportunities & risks related to it. MIND HUNTER Capital Search B.V. and its

    affiliated companies do not accept any liability, including no liability for the correctness and completeness of the information in

    this document, but also including no liability for third parties adapting, manipulating or (re)distributing this teaser, especially, but

    not limited to, in cases where the teaser is published in non-fitting public media or other public (Internet) domains.

  • 2014 MIND HUNTER

    Background: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a global trend for enterprises that addresses employee attraction and retention issues acknowledging the demand for smartphones as the preferred business communication tool. The explosion of smartphone data consumption coupled with BYOD means unlimited expenses for employers which are currently paying for all costs associated with smartphone contracts regardless of work or personal usage. For the first time in the history of the cellular industry, an employer now has a tool that allows them to only pay for Employment Related usage and not for the entirety of the monthly cell phone bill. The solution is built around Employee privacy, and is an equitable sharing of costs between Employer and Employee. The savings for both Employer and Employees is immediate and substantial.

    Company: Company offers a unique software technology that delivers real time differentiation of personal

    and business utilization of mobile devices and delivers this data to customers in a verifiable and discrete manner, ensuring the expense allocation between employer and employee is consistent with corporate protocols. The technology offers a cost saving to employers conservatively estimated in the range of $50.00 per month per device under subscription. The Company is established in Toronto Canada.

    According to our research No comparable solution exists on the market today that allows an

    employer to determine what is work and what is personal cost/usage of a smartphone across any employee, and any operator in any country. Company delivers a capability to segregate the use dichotomy of a smartphone across voice, data, SMS and roaming activities. This solution delivers $600 / year / device in cost savings. Company can demonstrate a 410% ROI to its customers verifiable in 32 days in a transparent fashion. The technology is a mobile application with a cloud SaaS backend offering a network operation centre. Company has a fully functioning alpha service for review. The company is Patent Pending in multiple jurisdictions and countries. The solution requires no operator integration and is operator agnostic. Surveys show that cellular data traffic is set to increase by over 600% in North America, 700% in Europe, and over 1,000% globally in the next 4 years. These studies and findings are supported by operator statements. In a world where cellular data is exploding, unlimited data plans no longer exist, operators are under margin pressures, and employers can no longer dictate how employees can use devices; the trends are the Companys friend and they solve for a global and growing problem.

    Product Status: The Company can demonstrate a solution that functions in real time, captures appropriate data,

    segments usage, and costs that segmentation. It delivers today an individualized report. Investment is required to take the current solution into a commercially sellable Enterprise grade solution on the Android platform. The technology has been reviewed by subject matter experts and has been identified as globally unique.

    Revenue Status: The Company is pre-revenue and is talking to a variety of very large enterprises and channel

    Partners. Feedback has been very positive in terms of the quality of the solution & readiness of the product offering. Potential customers and channel partners have identified that the solution will not only generate hard $ cash savings, but also drive significant business process and productivity improvements that may in fact exceed the cash savings per employee. First Revenue is expected 16 months post initial financing with break even in month 22 on the basis of $1.6m in monthly revenue. 66 Months after first financing it is anticipated that the Company will be generating an annualized revenue run rate of $360m.

    Investment Highlights:

    Product is a sticky solution for a rapidly accelerating corporate cost category. Platform for development of identified complimentary products and services. Precedent transactions across the business management tool spectrum are driving

    valuations higher. Highly accomplished management team. Relevant and marketing leading directors set to lead governance. High margin business with recurring revenue profile.

    Financial Highlights: Solution delivers Gross Margins of 89% and Net Margins of 69% through a fully recurring

    revenue profile. Projected 5 year ROI on the initial tranche is 54X with a $1B+ exit projected in Year 5 in line with similar market precedents and current trading multiples.

  • 2014 MIND HUNTER

    Management Assessment: The management group comprises four complimentary skill sets with over 130 years of

    experience including senior leadership roles at IBM, Vodafone, Microsoft, Investors Group and Penfund. Individually management members have launched global mobile enterprise offerings on 3 continents in over 40 countries operating teams with over 200 individuals and closed deals representing $350MM of hardware, $20MM of software and $5MM of cloud. The team has leadership experience across all major functional areas: Sales, marketing, strategy, finance, technology, software & product development. Recognizable and market leading directors have been identified to join the Board of Directors.

    Funds and milestones: Company is seeking financing of $12.0MM in three tranches linked to performance milestones.

    The initial tranche (net $5.0MM) will be used to complete the platform for delivery of the technology on the Android operating system within six months of investment. Android devices comprised 81% of worldwide smartphone shipments in Q3 of 2013. A follow on subsequent financing ($4.0MM) will provide for replication of the application on iOS and BlackBerry &/or Windows Phone to address all significant mobile device systems. A final tranche ($3.0MM) supports the Company through a Go-to-Market ramp up until positive cash flow in month 23. The subsequent rounds will be achieved in the context of the market and or through partnerships and or through similar means to be determined whilst maximizing shareholder value. The Company has already secured $750k in investment to get it to its current state.