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Standing on the famous site of Amsterdam’sformer Sweelinck Conservatory of Music,the Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdamopened at the end of 2011. This magnificent Neo-Gothic building was originally builtat the end of the 19th Century and in itsnew incarnation, it has been transformedinto a contemporary luxury lifestyle hotel.

Conservatorium hotel is the first member of The Set, a collectioncreated to redefine the concept of the luxury hotel for sophisticated,design literate travellers in the 21st Century.

Located in existing landmark buildings, each member of The Setis rooted in the history and culture of its location as well as thecontemporary needs and desires of its guests.

 a b  o u t 

h i   gh l  i   gh  t  s 

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 C  on s  er v  a t  or i   um l   o un g e

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Originally founded in 1275, Amsterdam is steeped in history.With its numerous museums and galleries, the city is nowundergoing a cultural renaissance that is feeding a resurgentappetite for travel to Amsterdam, both locally and from abroad.The Conservatorium hotel is part of this renewal.The building was originally designed by the Dutch architectDaniel Knuttel as the Rijkspostspaarbank (Dutch savings bank)and sparked the regeneration of the Museum Quarter at the endof the 19th century.

In 1897, the building was constructed for 120,310 florins

(54,600 Euro), and was soon transformed into a definingicon of the city’s architectural and cultural hub, whosedevelopment was further aided by the horse trams thatbegan connecting the centre of Amsterdam with the Van


When the Rijkspostspaarbank had to move offices followinga series of merges, the building was abandoned in 1978. Afterlying empty for five years, it became the home of the newlyformed Sweelinck Conservatorium, consisting of three musicalinstitutes. Some remodelling was required to modernise DanielKnuttel’s architecture into functional acoustic classrooms.

In April 2008, the Conservatorium of Amsterdam outgrew itshome and departed to its current location at Oosterdokseiland.In 2008, The Set purchased this heritage building, attractedby its glorious past.

In a vision to restore its former beauty, award-winningMilan-based designer, Piero Lissoni, guided the creation of thehotel whose rich historical narrative is woven with utmost careinto its very fabric. The Conservatorium hotel is once again onthe pulse of the city’s cultural and architectural heartbeat.


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 C  on s  er v  a t  or i   um h  o t  el  

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The Conservatorium hotel is ideally located in the heart ofthe city’s major museum square (Museumplein) and the RoyalConcertgebouw (Royal Concert hall). It is close to the fashiondistrict of P.C. Hooftstraat and Van Baerlestraat, with unrivalledaccess to all of the capital’s cultural destinations includingthe Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum.

The Conservatorium hotel is part of a wider renewalof this world-famous cultural hub in Amsterdam’s OudZuid (Old South). The opening of the hotel in 2011coincided with the long-awaited renovations or

re-openings of the refurbished Stedelijk Museum,Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum.

The hotel is close to the city’s best shops, restaurants and cafesand perfectly placed for a wander in the nearby Vondelpark.It is also just a short stroll away from the charming lanes of theJordaan neighbourhood, one of the oldest neighbourhoods ofAmsterdam. The famous 17th-century gabled houses dotting thegrand canals of the Dutch Golden Age as well as the bustlingbusiness and design quarters nearby are within easy reach onfoot or by bike.

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 C  on s  er v  a t  or i   um  t  er r  a c  e

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01. Conservatorium hotel02. Historical stairs03. Glass building

D E S I G N & A R C H I T E C T U R E

 a b  o u t 

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With eight floors and 129 guestrooms and suites, guests canchoose accommodation ranging from a spacious superior roomup to a penthouse suite. All rooms and suites include state-of-the-art in-room technology and feature nice touches such asluxury linens, free high-speed wireless internet and privatebars. Brushed-oak flooring and beige furniture define the coolautumnal colour scheme that is both modern and classic at thesame time. The bathrooms are big and opulently designed withlarge rainfall showers, marble tubs, bathroom LCD mirror TVsand gorgeously plump micro-cotton towels.

Complimentary: Access to 1000m2 gym and spaAkasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre

High-speed wireless internet  Welcome drinks Daily newspaper and fruit  24-hour room service Nespresso coffee and tea in the room

A personal host is assigned to each and every guest. The host combines the knowledge and skills of Concierge and GuestRelations, taking care of bookings and arrangements, givingan insight to the city, offering extensive guidance and evenintroducing guests to local hosts. The host becomes the guest’s‘friend’ in Amsterdam creating bespoke experiences of the city.

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D el   ux  eR  o om

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 Gr  an d D u pl   ex  S  ui   t  e

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V  anB  a er l   e S  ui   t  e

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R  e s i   d  en c  e S  ui   t  e


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01. Spacious bathroom02. Long table for private dining or meetings03. Stairs to bedroom and bathroom area04. Upstairs bedroom area


 C  on c  er  t  o S  ui   t  e


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I  L  ov  eA m s  t  er  d  am  S  ui   t  e

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01. Entrance living area02. Stairs to private rooftop terrace03. Private rooftop terrace04. Bedroom area





I  L  ov  eA m s  t  er  d  am  S  ui   t  e


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01. Bedroom area02. Spacious bathroom03. Spacious living area





T h  eP  en t h  o u s  e

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Central to the Conservatorium Hotel’s vision of elegance,good living and cultural distinction, has been the creationof restaurants and bars. Their appeal extends beyondthe hotel’s guests to Amsterdam society as well as the city’sinternational visitors.

All dining at the Conservatorium Hotel is underthe direction of the celebrated Dutch chef Schilo vanCoevorden. His global experience is clearly demonstratedin his cooking; offering diners delicious interpretationsof classic dishes created from fresh, seasonal produce.

Taiko restaurant sits in the spacious historic part of the hoteloverlooking the Paulus Potterstraat and the Stedelijk Museum.Since its opening, it has become one of Amsterdam’s leadingrestaurants. Taiko, contemporary Asian cuisine by Schilo,redefines the Asian concept with authentic dishes madof wonderful local, seasonal products, creating something newand exciting. Guests can expect delicious signature sashimi andbeef from the Bincho -tan grill . With its stylish and enthusiasticservice the restaurant has a truly cosmopolitan feel, popularamongst international visitors and locals alike.

With its chic décor and shimmering ambiance, Tunes Baris an elegant yet casual haven (including a separate smokinglounge) in which to enjoy classic drinks, exclusive cocktails,sushi and Asian tapas. At night the deep banquettes, tactilefabrics and subtle lighting create a chic intimate space, whilstduring the day, the huge windows fill the room with lightshowcasing designer Piero Lissoni’s signature transparent barand folded steel staircase. Enjoy the in-house DJ on Thursdays,Fridays and Saturdays.

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01. Wagyu nigiri02. Tuna tartar03. Monkfish sashimi "Andalucia" style


T  ai  k  or  e s  t  a ur  an t 

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01. Softshellcrab roll02. Salmon skin roll03. Strawberry Caipirinha,

Dry Martini andRhubarb Royal

03. 37

T  un e s  b  ar 

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The Conservatorium Brasserie and Lounge are locatedin a beautiful atrium with spectacular floor-to-ceiling windowsand a glass ceiling.

The Conservatorium Brasserie offers contemporary localdishes for all-day dining, including salads, sandwichesand the seasonal Plat du Jour. At the Brasserie you canalso enjoy Traditional Afternoon Tea.

The Conservatorium Lounge, intimate and furnishedwith plush sofas and coffee tables, provides a sophisticated

sanctuary for a relaxing break. Discover the liveperformances every Saturday and Sunday.

Whether you are planning an intimate dinner party ora sophisticated cocktail party, Conservatorium hotel hasan array of elegant private dining rooms which providea fabulous setting for any event.

Choose from a menu with tempting original dishes, an extensivewine list or delicious cocktails and combine it with stunningfloral displays as the finishing touch to your event.

The Meetings and Events team would be delighted to answerany questions or arrange a time to show you around the privaterooms.

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 a b  o u t 

M E E T I N G S & E V E N T S

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 S  y m ph  on y R  o om

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The Conservatorium offers a spa experience and wellbeingconcept that is completely new to Amsterdam. Divided intofour different areas corresponding with the elements of nature,the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre promises restorationand rejuvenation.

‘Earth’ is the bar lounge which provides freshlyprepared dishes and juices to be enjoyed in therelaxation area.

‘Water’ is the pool area, featuring sound, music and

aroma therapies, an exclusive Watsu pool, whirlpoolsauna and Hammam. The 18m x 5m swimming poolis an oasis of serenity enhanced by the simplicity ofPiero Lissoni’s design.

‘Fire’ is the gym, featuring some of the most exclusivegym equipment including Life Fitness® and a KinesisPersonal from TechnoGym, all under experiencedpersonal trainer guidance.

‘Air’ is the calming, peaceful space for Yoga and Pilatesclasses.

Seven treatment rooms, including a double treatment AkashaSuite, offer signature treatments which marry innovativeWestern practices with ancient Eastern traditions. Thereis a private Hammam for purifying scrubs and massages.Akasha also boasts Amsterdam’s only Watsu pool for tailoredhydro treatments and guided meditation.

Complimentary access to the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centreis offered to all hotel guests. The Conservatorium hotel invitesthe local community to join the private members club of Akasha.A limited range of these exclusive memberships for individualsand corporate clients are available and offer a wide range ofbenefits. Akasha is also available for day gym and spa access.

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A k  a s h  a p o ol  

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The Conservatorium hotel features a shopping gallery with a hair salonand high-end luxury stores. The eclectic mix of products from authentic jewellery and designer clothing to cosmetics and cigars, brings bothan international and local flavour to the hotel. Bonebakker Jewellers  one of the most exclusive boutiques in the hotel,is based in the former director’s chamber of the Rijkspostspaarbank.A team of designers and stylists has melded the original decorative detailsof this space with an elegant and progressively designed interior to createa special atmosphere within the Conservatorium hotel. Skins Cosmetics  has carved out a special niche in the Dutch beauty

market with its exquisite portfolio of world-renowned brands exclusiveto The Netherlands. Whether it involves skincare, perfumes or make-up,all products have one thing in common: they are made with passion. La Casa del Habano  leading supplier of handmade Cuban cigars,is a dream for anyone who enjoys a good Cohiba, Montecristo,Romeo y Julieta or a choice of numerous other Cuban brands.Real Habano aficionados from around the world come here to buyand taste their preferred cigars. 

Pagliaro  represents a unique little universe dedicated to the mostsophisticated and less obvious of accessories: gloves. Meraki  a luxurious hair salon known for their creativity, passionand sense of style. Their highly skilled and friendly staff promisea sophisticated yet relaxing experience.

Shamballa Jewels  creates customised jewellery using rare andprecious gems. Established by brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup.

Shamballa Jewels’ extremely luxurious designs are presentedin a casual, everyday style.

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Historic Rooms & Suites (25m2 – 170m2) 7 Superior Single Guest Rooms (25<30m2)12 Superior Duplex Guest Rooms (30-35m2)49 Deluxe Guest Rooms (30-45m2)15 Deluxe Duplex Guest Rooms (32 – 55m2)

2 Corner Suites (41-48m2)9 Junior Suites (52m2)15 Grand Duplex Suites (55-64m2)2 Rooftop Suites (64m2)4 Conservatorium Suites (56-74m2)2 Van Baerle Suites (64m2)2 Conservatorium Suites with Balcony (72m2)

5 Royal Duplex Suites (72m2)2 Residence Suites (53-68m2)1 Concerto Suite (90m2)1 I ♥ Amsterdam Suite (155m2)1 The Penthouse (170m2) Guest Room Amenities & FacilitiesPrivate Host Service24 hour in-room dining24 hour laundry, pressing anddry-cleaning serviceComplimentary daily newspaper,fruit and waterDeep soaking bathtub or rain showerSuper-sized towelsMirror television in all bathrooms100% pure Egyptian cotton bed linenWireless high-speed internetFlat screen TV and HD entertainment,digital cable and movies on demandGourmet mini-barTaiko RestaurantTunes Bar

The Conservatorium BrasserieThe Conservatorium LoungePrivate Dining Room6 Meeting, Conference &Social Function RoomsSymphony RoomHarmony RoomBlue RoomYellow RoomOrange RoomRed Room

Akasha Holistic Wellbeing CentreSpaGymPoolLoungeHammam and WatsuBespoke treatmentsYoga and Pilates StudioThe SetThe Set collection was created to redefine theconcept of the luxury hotel for sophisticated,

design literate travellers of the 21st century.Staying at a hotel of The Set is an invitation toenjoy the best of the city’s life and culture. TheSet hotels play an integral role in their localcommunities. Guests from the other side of theworld or visitors from around the corner live anexperience that is at once sophisticated, playfuland culturally inspiring. Located in existinglandmark buildings, each member of The Set isrooted in the history and culture of its locationas well as the contemporary needs and desiresof its guests.Hotels of The Set

Conservatorium, AmsterdamCafé Royal, LondonLutetia, Paris (coming soon)

Conservatorium hotel

Van Baerlestraat 271071 AN AmsterdamThe Netherlands

Entrance by carPaulus Potterstraat 501071 DB AmsterdamTelephone +31 (0) 20 570 0000

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Conservatorium hotelVan Baerlestraat 271071 AN AmsterdamThe NetherlandsEntrance by car 

Paulus Potterstraat 501071 DB AmsterdamTelephone +31 (0) 20 570 [email protected]

If you are arriving by car, please usethe Paulus Potterstraat 50 entrance.If your navigation cannot findnumber 50, enter 44 instead; youwill find the entrance immediately.

The nearest public car park is Q-Parklocated at the Museumplein behindthe Stedelijk Museum.Valet parking is subject to charge.

The hotel can be reached by trams

2, 3, 5 and 12, stop Van Baerlestraat.From Central Station take eithertrams 2 or 5.

From Schiphol take the train toAmsterdam Zuid. Outside the station(Exit WTC) take tram 5 directionCentral Station. The tram stop VanBaerlestraat is in front of the hotel.

The Conservatorium hotel is Green Globe Certificated– the travel and tourism industries worldwide label forsustainable management and operations. The hotel believesthat caring for our environment and our communitiesis a responsibility that we all share. This belief is centralto the important sustainable practices the ConservatoriumHotel has integrated from the beginning of the building’sredevelopment. On the hotel’s website"" you can find moreinformation about the Green Globe Certification includingour full Sustainability Management Plan.

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