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Presentatie over principes Circulaire Economie en de educatieve uitdaging die dat levert. Hoe werken we aan competenties voor de professional van de toekomst? Inzicht in systeemdenken, ecologie, fysica, biomimicry en economie. Voor nadere info: neem contact op met

Transcript of Circulaire economie educatie

  • 1. Circulaire Economie Douwe Jan Joustra One Planet Architecture Institute (OPAi) creation for the future

2. Douwe Jan Joustra Personal Inspiration 3. KEY: Inspired by Nature 4. 5 5. 6 6. 8 7. KEY: Inspired by Mankind 8. 10 9. 11 10. De eco-opgave waar we voor staan is het realiseren van producten, ontworpen met aandacht voor de impact op milieu en met minimale belasting van: energie water voedsel afval luchtkwaliteit & water kwaliteit 11. Circular Economy Ellen MacArthur Foundation 12. 99% OF ALL MATERIALS USED IS TURNED INTO WASTE WITHIN 6 MONTHS AFTER SALE Source: Paul Hawken, Natural Capitalism; Spring Associates analysis . and all materials will eventually end up as waste Extraction" Production" Distribution" Consumption" Disposal . Rawmaterials LINEAR 13. Farming/collection1 Biochemical feedstock Restoration Biogas Anaerobic digestion/ composting Extraction of biochemical feedstock2 Cascades Collection Energy recovery Leakage to be minimised Parts manufacturer Product manufacturer Service provider Landll Collection User Biosphere Mining/materials manufacturing Technical nutrients Recycle Refurbish/ remanufacture Reuse/redistribute Maintenance 1 Hunting and shing 2 Can take both post-harvest and post-consumer waste as an input Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation circular economy team 6 2803 0006 9 Consumer Biological nutrients 14. principles there is no such thing as waste create value use the power of the sun stimulate diversity true costs use power of the people 15. 22 Education & Framing future oriented new systems design inspirational 16. 23 Education & Framing 2 basic knowledge ecology, thermodynamics and biology applied knowledge economy, business, coupling and ... 17. symbiose 18. a few basic principles: entropie 19. systeemdenken 20. circulair (nutrienten) 21. grondstoffen management 29 22. Fotosynthese in planten is energie produktie gebaseerd op de zon ze absorberen bijna 100% van het zonlicht dat hen bereikt source: ENERGIE EFFICIENCY 23. PERFORMANCE BASED 24. hoe wil je vliegen 25. hoe wil je rijden? 26. hoe wil je ct-scan? 27. hoe wil je kopieren? 28. We need to shift from fear 29. to inspiration 30. Conference (year) Coaching Community of Practice Workshops Masterclasses Lectures 31. Conference (year) Coaching Community of Practice Workshops Masterclasses Lectures 32. Conference (year) Coaching Community of Practice Workshops Masterclasses Lectures 33. Conference (year) Coaching Community of Practice Workshops Masterclasses Lectures * Circle of Education: Circular Economy Education Initiative * Teachertraining (4x) * Ambassadornetwork (25 pers) * Educational materials development * Scholar Competition(s) * Meeting of Ambassadors