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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION Complex Name Location Complex Type Design Construction Later Alterations COMPLEX DETAILS Building area No. Of Floors Each floor area Floor Plans Structure Services PROS AND CONS CONCLUSIONS

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Complex Name Location Complex Type Design Construction Later Alterations


Building area No. Of Floors Each floor area Floor Plans Structure Services



COMPLEX DETAILSNO. OF FLOORS: The complex has 15 floors including 3 basements used for Parking, 5 floors for Shopping Mall, 4 floors for Offices and 3 floors for Apartments. Building Area: 2 acres, total cover area 0.85 million, sq. Lower Ground Area: 39,989 sq. Ground Floor Area: 21,501 sq. Mezzanine Floor Area: 26,960 sq. Paradise Floor Area: 24,691 sq. Play Land Floor Area: 18,166 sq.

STRUCTURE: Foundation Of The Complex Is Raft Foundation Column Beam Structure Column Width 3*3 Span 25*25 10 Slab Thickness Clear Height 10-11 Basement Clear Height 8


Plant room is in basement. Fresh air duct provided in plant room

STANDBY GENERATORGARBAGE SHOOTS: On each floor. Run till the last floor.

PLUMBING: 2 water tanks. 1 overhead and 1 underground tank. For fire they use the same tanks. Each tank has 475000 liters water storage capacity.DRAINAGE: is in basement 3rd floor.

Fire protection:Emergency exits3 emergency exits

FIRE HYDRANTS on each floor

Circulation:Shopping mall has capsule liftsOffices and Apartments have their separate lifts1 luggage lift


Gas Supply Plan

Duct size: 5*5 CASE STUDY CITY TOWERSLOCATION:Junction of main boulevard & MM Alam road, Lahore.DESIGNED BY:An architectural firm in Karachi, named The Architects, with architect Tariq Hassan as the chief architect.STRUCTURE ENGINEER:Akbar associatesYEAR OF COMPLETION: 2001BUILDING FUNCTION:Local & international branded shops, offices & a little food court area.COMPLEX DETAILS:No. of floors: 16EACH FLOOR AREA:Lower ground:Total covered area: 42354SFTTotal no. of shops on lower ground = 64 (20154) SFTMezzanine Floor:Total covered area: 28621 SFTGround FloorTotal saleable land of shops = 15420 SFTTotal no. of shops on ground floor = 54Offices Total no. of offices = 117Total saleable land = 1888554.5 SFTTotal no. of offices on each floor = min 2, max 17Offices Function:There are various banks, software houses, call centers and real estate agents and some multinational companies that own offices here. FLOOR DIVISION:16 floors3 basements named as : P1, P2, P3. P1 comprises generator room, LT Panels, HT Panels, AC Plant room. P2 and P3 are for car parking. 3 floors are reserved for the mall (lower ground, ground floor, mezzanine floor). 10 floors reserved for offices.HVAC System:The first three floors, comprising of (mall) is catered by HVAC system.The top 10 floors that is the official zone get cooled through individual splits installed in each office.Chiller:Chiller is placed in P1. There are 4 chillers of 300 tonsCooling tower:Cooling tower is placed on the roof top. AC duct are insulated with plaster of paris and heat proofing foam for heat proofing.ELECTRIFICATION SYSTEM; There are 4 transformers. Three of 1000 KVA and one is of 750 KVA placed in P1.There are 2 stand by generators of 1400KVA for self generation placed in P1.HT Panels:High tension panel of 11 KV. 11000 WATT wapda supply comes through it. There are 2 Ht panels one is of wapda and other one is their own.LT Panels:Low tension panel contains 440 KVA in it. Contains breakers in itEscalators works on generators while chillers dont.All cables of circuit breakers are running and distributing through bus bars which prevents line loss. They are made up of copper which is the best conductor.No. of Towers:Building is composed of 4 towers. Each tower contains bus bars these bus bars have circuit breakers these breakers provides further electrical distribution.Electric meters:Each shop has its own separate meter. Main distribution comes from the tower & then distributed further through breakers.For back up there are generators. There ventilation is done through suction ducts. Natural ventilation: in shops and offices.Electrical room:Each floor has its own electrical room.Plumbing:There are separate pipes for sewerage and drainage.Structure:Column beam structure with waffle slab.Basement 1 details:Three enclosed spaces with double height for electrical equipment. Generator room of 16 by 30. 2 shafts8 lifts of 7 by 7 going from 3rd basement to 10th floor.4 staircases leading towards 3rd basement.Security room, 16 driveway and car parking area 16 by 8 for 1 car.Basement 2 details:2 fans rooms, 2 ramps one is coming from 2nd basement and other is coming out from 2nd basement. Ramps divided in 3 floors ratios are 1:12 1:6 1:12.Basement 3 details: pump room 12 by 13 feet. Below ramp underground water tank capacity 20,000 gallons. 2 electrical rooms 2 shafts and car parking area.

Pros and cons: Pros:Natural as well as mechanical ventilation,Cons:No proper natural ventilation in basements.


One Hyde Park: The Residences at Mandarin Oriental is a modern residential development in Knightsbridge, London, on the site of the former Bowater House office building (originally built in the late 1950s). The site is located in Knightsbridge facing the hyde parkdesigned by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partnersafter demolishing bowatar house

The development delivers 86 residential apartments and duplexes and three retail boutiques within four interlinked pavilions. These step up in two-storey increments to give, from west to east, buildings of 10, 12, 14, and 12 storeys respectively. It also incorporates reception, business suite and exclusive leisure facilities . There are three retail units at ground-floor level fronting onto Knightsbridge. In total, approximately 370,700ft2 (34,340 m2) of residential and 9,000ft2 (836 m2) of retail space is offered by the development. The scheme also provides 139 vehicle and 114 cycle spaces across two basement levels.

A one-bedroom apartment in the Candy Brothers (sic) flagship development is being marketed by estate agent Strutt & Parker for 5.25m after being appointed by the propertys receiver. It is believed to be one of the first repossessions at the infamous Knightsbridge development.

Additional facilities for residents include a private cinema; a 21m swimming pool; a squash court; a gym; and a business suite and meeting rooms.Candy & Candy said One Hyde Park will set a new benchmark in quality and design for residential schemes not just in London but around the world.

a view from hyde park

a view from knights bridge

The shaping of the pavilions which widen towards the centre of the site and taper towards the perimeter allows for oblique lateral views from each pavilion towards Knightsbridge to the south and the Park to the north.

Views are controlled by the use of carefully positioned privacy screens placed externally to the faade.

These screens prevent overlooking from one apartment to another.This also prevents overlooking between pavilions.A typical level faade system consists of triple glazing comprising an outer single pane, a ventilated cavity containing an interstitial vertical roller blind, and an inner double-glazed unit, all rigorously following the geometry of the pavilions.

The pavilions are separated by highly transparent circulation cores comprising lobbies, stairwells and lift shafts and providing clarity between "served and servant spaces."

blue : resident enterance(served)yellow : service enterance(servent)

Level 1plan Typical floor plan

1 One bed apartment 2 Two bed apartment 3 Three bed apartment 4 Four bed apartment 5 Vehicle drop-off 6 Reception

Penthouse Floor planEast elevationSouth elevationNorth elevationSection through core

balcony viewA top-down construction methodology was used which offered significant programme benefits by overlapping the construction processes above and below ground, allowing excavations and construction works below ground to take place under cover and the superstructure above ground to proceed in parallel.

For lateral stability to the pavilions, a total of 48, two-storey high, perimeter steel cross braces are used

The external visible structural elements to the pavilions are made from pre-cast concrete containing crushed limestone aggregate together with a high content of mica, to create a stone-like appearance with light-reflecting quality that heightens the whiteness of these elements.

Interior of one hyde park

Entrance view View from the route to hyde park

View of bed room view of principal living overlookingoverlooking knights bridge hyde park

Pros :1. Luxurious living 2. Good relationship between Served and servant spaces 3. Privacy maintained4. Maximizing visual connection5. Connecting knights bridge and hyde park with a routeCons : 1. Very expensive to afford2. Worst investment