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Armenian Navigator

Mapping A Nation Through Culture

Armenian Navigator is a social project .It is a mobile application created to help users to learn moreabout Armenia and Armenians, to navigate and to addArmenian spots from the cities they live in or travel.

The aim is to create a database of Armenian places in the world .Objects can be from any country, except Armenia.

The idea behind i this is to promote the heritage of Armenianculture and to show the huge influenceof the Armenian Diaspora to the world .

There are thousands of witnesses of the Armenian presence inthe world.. They are almost in every city - churches, museums,

restaurants, schools, galleries and stores. ArmeniaNavigator aims to collect them all in one app.

At this moment the app has 913 Armenian sites from 349 cities

25 .000 users have already downloaded this app from:

UpComing UpDates

transferring the project to a separate domain , armnav.comadding more objects and reach the goal of 7000

adding donation buttonadding advertisement opportunities

The importance of supporting this project

Despite that this app now works properly and is available in stores, it still needs updates.It needs more objects to be add and improved engagement. After the Centennial ofthe Armenian Genocide this platform could have become a unique witness of the

strenght of the Armenian Diaspora and Armenian heritage and in the world

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