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    HR Process & Policy

    Study - BechtelEnterprises

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    Bechtel is the worlds largest privately owned EPC (Engineering, Procurementand Construction) company & a global leader in the construction, oil, gas,power, chemicals, mining & metal sector for more than 115 Years.

    Head office based at California, founded by Warren A. Bechtel in 1898, havingoffices in 160 countries & all 7 continents and approx. 55,000 employees &turnover of 2,50,000 Crs (within 25000 projects).

    Bechtel announced that it has been named one of "America's Best Employersfor 2015" according to a new listing by Forbes magazine.


    Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Procurement, Feasibility Studies,Master Planning, Project Management, Program Management.

    About Bechtel

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    Be the worlds premier engineering, construction, and projectmanagement organization by achieving extraordinary results for ourcustomers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fairreturn on the value we deliver.


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    Building on a family heritage that spans more than 100 years, they continueto be privately-owned by active management and guided by firmly heldvalues.



    Safety & Health



    Culture Relationships



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    Treat Bechtel colleagues with mutual respect, trust and dignity

    Help each other

    Communicate early, honestly and completely

    Earn trust

    Work to understand Bechtel goals and strategies

    Never undermine colleagues

    Work jointly to resolve disagreements in good faith

    Contribute constructively

    Promote the continuous use of the covenants

    Bechtel's Covenants

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    Human resource policiesare systems of codified decisions,established by an organization, to support administrativepersonnel functions, performance management, employeerelations and resource planning.

    Huan Resource Policies

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    HR policies allow an organization to be clear with employees on

    The nature of the organization

    What they should expect from the company

    What the company expects of them

    How policies and procedures work at the company What is acceptable and unacceptable behavior

    The consequences of unacceptable behavior


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    Recruitment and Selection Induction

    Competence Development

    Providing compensation and other employee benefits

    Performance Management

    Talent and Career Management

    !unctions o" the HR #epartentat Bechtel

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    Bechtel follows a mix of open and campus recruitment. For open recruitment openings are published on their websites & leadingnewspapers.

    For campus recruitment, Bechtel visits the top B-schools and reputedtechnical institutes across countries.

    Other Sources of Selection: Placement Agencies and Consultants

    Internal Job Postings

    Promotions (Existing Employees)

    Moving Across Verticals (Existing Employees)

    $alent Ac%uisition Recruitent& Selection

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    Selection of Employees:

    There is a screening process based on the resumes of applicants followed by groupdiscussion/group task and personal interview sessions.

    Type of Employees:

    Bechtel has bothpermanent full time employeesas well asemployees on contract basisdepending on project requirements.

    Both are on company pay rolls.

    Recruitment options as -


    Recent Graduates & Students

    Skilled Craft

    $alent Ac%uisition Recruitent& Selection

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    Implementation of non-monetary and monetary rewards for enhancingcorporate and individual performance

    Exercises in employer branding

    Improved recruitment policy to attract the best talent

    Intra and inter-function job rotation

    Challenging assignments

    Inter-region and inter-division postings for international global experience

    Implementation of online performance management system

    Programs for mentoring to retain talent

    $alent (ana)eentPer"orance* Career &Copetence (ana)eent

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    Basic Pay - 30% of Annual Salary HRA LTA Medical Reimbursement Health InsuranceConveyance Allowance

    Other Allowances (Food, Mobile Phone Bills, etc.) Profit sharing Retirement Benefits, etc.

    Compensation structure consists of:

    $otal Re+ards Copensation &Bene,ts

  • 7/23/2019 2015.09.13 HRM - Bechtel.pptx


    Mediclaim Superannuation benefits Vacation & Paid Time Off Pension Plan Employee Discount Maternity & Paternity Leave Reduced or Flexible Hours Employee Assistance Program Tuition Fee Assistance Individual Performance Based Incentives

    Benefits & Services:

    $otal Re+ards Copensation &Bene,ts

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    Goal Sheet

    Target Achievement

    Quality of work

    Ethics used in target achievement

    Client Satisfaction

    (easurin) EployeePer"orance

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    Bechtel lays strong emphasis on training and motivation to keep itsworkforce constantly engaged.

    Bechtel in collaboration with the University of California has set up aBechtel Universityas an apex platform for learning & professionaldevelopment.

    Bechtel conducts discipline-specific training workshops from time-to-

    time so that employees can constantly upgrade competencies andstrengthen individual capacities for organizational effectiveness.

    $rainin) and #evelopent o"Eployees

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    Company conducts on-the-job training programs for its employees.

    Functional programs - for expertise in respective domain.

    Talent Acceleration programs - improving soft skills.

    Eligibility Criteria: Voluntarily by self nomination or when nominated by the

    respective managers.

    Duration: Monthly or Quarterly or Weekly depending upon the job and


    E-learning courses to facilitate self-learning.

    Career progression programmes

    Leadership Development programmes

    $rainin) and #evelopent o"Eployees

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    Motivational training programmes

    Providing Incentives

    Recognition to employees in annual magazines

    Providing sponsored holidays for employees and their family

    Special Initiatives:

    Sports Clubs

    Annual Theme Party's

    Celebration Weeks

    Town Hall Meetings, etc.

    (otivatin) Eployees

  • 7/23/2019 2015.09.13 HRM - Bechtel.pptx


    The Success Matrixis aprogrammewhere they recognizethe performance and contribution of employees throughtimely measures.

    it recognizes the performance of Individuals, Teams on a Monthly,Quarterly & Annual basis.

    recipients are acknowledged for their contribution appropriately.

    Re+ards and Reco)nition "orEployees

  • 7/23/2019 2015.09.13 HRM - Bechtel.pptx


    Career Progression Programmes

    Various motivational measures and programmes for employees as wellas their family members.

    Performance based appraisal

    Performance based work culture

    Provides work-life balance

    Eployee Retention Strate)y

  • 7/23/2019 2015.09.13 HRM - Bechtel.pptx


    They have aDisputes Settlement Departmentwithin the organizationwhich looks after settling issues among employees or any complaints ofthe employees.

    rievance Redressal

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    Our people are one of the key reasons we lead our industryMutualRespect.

    They work by Bechtel covenants, which encourage openness, teamwork,and trust. They value an inclusive culture based on diverse backgrounds,experience, and views.

    Bechtel Womens Leadership Conference

    Employee Resource Groups

    #iversity and .nclusion

  • 7/23/2019 2015.09.13 HRM - Bechtel.pptx


    Bechtel actively partners with organizations working to diversify theengineering profession. Such as

    ACE mentoring

    Introducing a girl to engineering

    Helmets to hard hats

    National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

    Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

    Women In Nuclear (WIN)

    #iversity and .nclusion

  • 7/23/2019 2015.09.13 HRM - Bechtel.pptx


    Bechtel does not discriminate between men and women while employingpeople. Men as well as women are considered equally even if a particular

    job is very challenging and difficult.

    It also provides employment to physically disabled people.

    E%ual /pportunity Eployer

  • 7/23/2019 2015.09.13 HRM - Bechtel.pptx


    Bechtel offers exciting opportunities to learn, contribute and buildcareers. As a leading name in the fast-paced Engineering, Procurementand Construction sector, they are constantly growing and are always insearch of bright talent across all levels. The Company's philosophy isstrongly oriented to developing talent through larger and more enrichingassignments. They recognize potential and consistent performance andtheir dynamic corporate culture can be summed up asWork hard, playhard.


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