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    SONY; 3-095-507-12(1)

    Micro HI-FIComponentSystemOperating InstructionsOwner's RecordThe model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the unit. Record thesenumbers in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon yourSony dealer regarding this product. .Model No. Serial No. _

    ~ 1 I)BluetootliCMT-BX5BT 2007 Sony Corporation

  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi


    WARNINGTo reduce the risk of fire orelectric shock, do not exposethis apparatus to rain ormoisture.CAUTIONThe use of optical instruments with thisproductwill increase eye hazard.Notice for the customers in the U.S.A



    Lh This symbol is intended toalert the user to the presenceof uninsulated "dangerousvoltage" within the product'senclosure that may be ofsufficient magnitude toconstitute a risk of electricshock to persons.This symbol is intended toI alert the user to the presenceof important operating and maintenance (servicing)instructions in the literatureaccompanying the appliance.

    Note to CATV system installer:This reminder is provided to call theCATV system installer's attention toArticle 820-40 of the NEC that providesguidelines for proper grounding and, inparticular, specifies that the cable groundshall be connected to the groundingsystem of the building, as close to the pointof cable entry as practical.

    The following FCC statement .pplle.only to the ver.lon of thl. modelmanufactured for sale In the U.S.A.Other versionsmay not complywithFCC technical regulations.WARNINGThis equipment has been tested and foundto comply with the limits for a Class Bdigital device, pursuant to Part 15 of theFCC Rules. These limits are designed toprovide reasonable protection againstharmful interference in a residentialinstallation. This equipment generates,uses and can radiate radio frequencyenergy and, if not installed and usedin accordance with the instructions,may cause harmful interference toradio communications. However, thereis no guarantee that interferencewillnot occur in a particular installation.If this equipment does cause harmfulinterference to radio or televisionreception, which can be determinedby turning the equipment offand on,the user is encouraged to t ry to correctthe interference by one or more of thefollowing measures:- Reorient or relocate the receivingantenna.- Increase the separation between theequipment and receiver.- Connect the equipment into an outleton a circuit different from that to whichthe receiver is c o n n e c t e d ~- Consult the dealer or an experiencedradio/TV technician for help.CAUTIONYou are cautioned that any changes ormodifications not expressly approved inthis manual could void your authority tooperate this equipment.This equipment must not be co-located oroperated in conjunction with any otherantenna or transmitter.

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    This equipment complies with FCCradiation exposure limits set forth foruncontrolled equipment and meets theFCC radio frequency (RF) ExposureGuidelines in Supplement C to OET65.This equipment has a very low RF energylevel that is deemed to complywithFCC radio frequency (RF) ExposureGuidelines in Supplement C to OET65without maximum permissive exposureevaluation (MPE). But it is desirable thatit should be installed and operated with atleast 20cm and more between the radiatorand person's body (excluding extremities:hands, wrists, feet and legs).Notice for the customers in CanadaOperation is subject to the followingtwo conditions: (1) this device may notcause interference, and (2) this devicemust accept any interference, includinginterference that may cause undesiredoperation of this device.This equipment complies with IC radiationexposure limits set forth for uncontrolledequipment andmeets the RSS-l02 of theIC radio frequency (RF) Exposure rules.This equipment has avery low RF energylevel that is deemed to complywithRSS-I02 without maximum permissiveexposure evaluation (MPE). But it isdesirable that it should be installed andoperated with at least 20cm and morebetween the radiator and person's body(excluding extremities: hands, wrists, feetand legs).Note on DualDiscsA DualDisc is a two sided disc productwhich mates DVD recorded material onone side with digital audio material on ,the other side. However, since the audIOmaterial side does not conform to theCompact Disc (CD) standard, playback onthis product is not guaranteed.

    Musicdiscs encodedwith copyrightprotection technologiesThis product is designed to playbackdiscs that conform to the Compact Disc(CD) standard. Recently, various musicdiscs encodedwith copyright protectiontechnologies are marketed by some recordcompanies. Please be aware that amongthose discs, there are some that do notconform to the CD standard and ,may notbe playable by this product. The Bluetoothword mark and logosare owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.and any use of such marks by SonyCorporation is under license. Othertrademarks and trade names are thoseof their respective owners.

    MPEG Layer-3 audio codingtechnology and patents licensed fromFraunhofer IIS and Thomson.

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    Table of ContentsGuide to parts and controls 5Information on t he display 9

    Getting StartedHooking up the systemsecurely 10Setting the clock 11

    Basic OperationsPlaying a CD/MP3 disc 12Listening to the radio 13Using the Bluetooth function 14Using optional audiocomponents 20Adjusting the sound 20Changing the display 21

    Other OperationsCreating your own program(Program Play) 22Presetting radio stations 23Using the Timers 24

    OthersTroubleshooting 25Messages 28Precautions 29Specifications 31Bluetooth wireless technology 32Playable Bluetooth devices 34

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    C o n t i n u e d ~




    14 15

    12 13

    This manual mainly explains operations using the remote. but the same operations canalso be performed using the buttons on the unit having the same or similar names.

    Guide to parts and controlsUnit (HCD-BXSBTlCompad DiscReceiver)Front panel

    Top panel9 10 11

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    Remote (RM-SC31)

    2 1412

    I t=:I- t=:I+15 15


    [j]I!C) (power) button (page 11, 24,27)Press to turn on the system.[2JSTANDBY indicator (page 21,25)Lights up when the system is turned off.

    Remote sensor (page 25)

    (open/close) button (page 12)Press to open or close the disc tray.

    []BLUETOOTH indicator (page 18,19)Lights up when the Bluetooth functionis active.[IDBLUETOOTH OPR button (page16, 18, 19)Press to make a connection,disconnection, or pairing with aBluetooth device.[Z]AUDIO IN jack (page 20)Connect to an optional audiocomponent.[IDPHONES jackConnect the headphones.[IDPlayback buttons and functionbuttonsUnit: BLUETOOTH ~ I (play/pause) button (page 15, 16)Press to select the Bluetooth function.Press to start or pause playback of themusic on the Bluetooth device (Bluetoothmobile phone, etc.).Unit: CD ~ I (play/pause)button (page 12)Press to select the CD function.Press to start or pause playback of a disc.Remote: CD button (page 12)Press to select the CD function.

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    Remote: (play) button,I I (pause) buttonPress to start or pause playback.TUNER/BAND button (page 13)Press to select the TUNER function.Press to select FM or AM receptionmode.Remote: AUDIO IN button (page20)Press to select the AUDIO IN function.FUNCTION button (page 18, 19)Press to select the function.

    DISPLAY button (page 16,21)Press to change the information on thedisplay.[ll]PLAY MODEITUNING MODEbutton (page 12, 13,22,23)Press to select the play mode of a CD orMP3 disc.Press to select the tuning mode.[j2JSound buttons (page 20)Unit: DSGX buttonRemote: EQ buttonPress to select the sound effect.

    Unit: ./CANCEL (stop/cancel)button (page 12, 13, 15, 16, 18)Remote: (stop) button (page12, 13, 15, 16, 18)Press to stop playback.

    M1ENTER button (page 11, 22, 23,24)Press to enter the settings.

    / (go back/go forward)button (page 12, 15, 16, 22)Press to select a track or file.Unit:TUNE + /- (tuning) button(page 13)Remote: + /- (tuning) button(page 13,23)Press to tune in the desired station.E:J +/- (select folder) button(page 12, 15,22)Press to select a folder.~ / (rewind/fast forward)button (page 12, 15, 16)Press to find a point in a track or file.

    Unit: VOL + /- button (page 12,13, 16, 19, 20)Remote: VOLUME +/- button(page 12, 13, 16, 19, 20)Press to adjust the volume.

    CLOCKITIMER SELECT button(page 24)CLOCKITIMER SET button (page11, 24)Press to set the clock and the Play Timer.

    C o n t i n u e d ~

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    Information on the display

    8 H - f A Y 1 u m i i ~ ~ U ! r - = - - - = = = = - ~ ~ i l l f J t - + - - - - I 671----------- '

    [1]Play mode (page 12)

    [IDTimer (page 24)


    [IDTuner reception mode (page 13)

    [ ]Function[g]Audio format

    DSGX (page 20)@]Tuner reception (page 13)

    Text information

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    Getting StartedHooking up the system securely

    Speaker cord (Red/

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    [iPowerConnect the power cord to a wall socket.Ifthe plug does not fit the wallsocket,detach the supplied plug adaptor (onlyfor models equipped with an adaptor).When carrying this system1 Remove a disc to protect the CDmechanism.2 Press CD rID to select the CDfunction ..3 Hold down TUNER/BAND rnJ and

    DSGX I12l on the unit, and presson the unit until "STANDBY" appears.4 After "LOCK" appears, unplug thepower cord.To use the remoteSlide and remove the batterycompartment lid ~ and insert the twosupplied R6 (size AA) batteries, sidefirst, matching the polarities shownbelow.

    Notes With normal use, the batteries should last forabout six months. Do not mix an old battery with a new one ormix different types of batteries. If you do not use the remote for a long periodof time, remove the batteries to avoid damagefrom battery leakage and corrosion.

    Setting the clockUse buttons on the remote to set theclock.

    1 Press I/e:> [] to turn on thesystem.2 Press CLOCKfTIMER SET 111l.

    If the current mode appears on .the display, press ~ . . .repeatedly to select "CLOCKSET"and then press ENTER MI.

    3 Press ...... / repeatedlyto set the hour, and then pressENTER IHI.

    4 Use the same procedure to setthe minutes.The dock settings are lost when youdisconnect the power cord or ifapower failure occurs.

    To display the dockwhen the systemis offPress DISPLAY!1Q]. The clock is displayedfor about 8 seconds.

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    Basic OperationsPlaying aCD/MP3 disc1 Select the CD function.

    Press CD rnJ.2 Place a disc.Press on the unit, and placea disc with the label side up on thedisc tray.

    To close the disc tray, press onthe unit again.Do not force the disc tray closed withyour finger, as this may damage theunit.3 Start playback.

    Press (or CD ~ I on the unit)rnJ.4 Adjust the volume.

    Press VOLUME + /- (or VOL + /- onthe unit) ~

    Other operationTo PressPause playback" (or CD ~ I on theunit) rnJ. To resumeplay, press the buttonagain.Stop playback . ~ Select a folder E:J +/_ ~ on an MP3discSelect a track . . . . . / ~ or fileFind a point in Hold down . . . . / a track or file during playback, andrelease the button at thedesired point.Select Repeat REPEAT repeatedlyPlay until "REP" or "REP1"


    To change the playmodePress PLAY MODE IITI repeatedlywhilethe player is stopped. You can selectnormal play ("E:J*" for allMP3 filesin the folder on the disc), shuffle play("SHUF" or "rE:J SHUF*"), or programplay ("PGM").* When playing a CD-DA disc, E:J (SHUF)

    Play performs the same operation as normal(shuffle) play.

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    Using the BluetoothfunrtionThis system supports Bluetooth A2DPand AVRCP profiles. For details onBluetooth wireless technology, see"Bluetooth wireless technology" (page32).Check the websites below for the latestinformation about compatible devices.For customers in the U.S.A.:For customers in Canada:English French For customers in Europe:For customers in Latin America:For customers in Asia and Oceania:

    You can listen to music from yourBluetooth mobile phone or Bluetoothdevice over a wireless connection.

    Follow the procedure below to listen tomusic from Bluetooth devices with thissystem.Pairing this systemwith a BluetoothdeviceConnecting to registered devicesPlaying music of a Bluetooth device

    For details about the operations ofthe Bluetooth device, also refer to theoperation manual supplied with yourBluetooth device.

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    To cancel passcode entry partwayPress. ~

    4 Enter the passcode.Passcode entry may be requireddepending on the type ofBluetoothdevice.When "PIN" appears, enter thepasscode at the system as follows:

    Press / and . . . . / on theremote (or LJ +/- and . . . . /~ on the unit) to enter thesame passcode that was entered atthe Bluetooth device, and then pressENTERMl.Once pairing is completed and theconnection is established, the systemdisplay changes as follows:"CONNECT" --+ Name of theBluetooth device

    Notes "Passcode" may be called "Passkey:' "PINcode:' "PIN number" or "Password:' etc.depending on the device.

    This system only supports numericalpasscodes up to 4 digits. The pairing standby status of the system iscancelled after about 30 seconds. If pairing isnot successful, redo the procedure from step1.

    While connected to a Bluetooth device, thissystem cannot be detected and a connectioncannot be established from anotherBluetooth device.

    JQJVI.no"0(I )QJ~ o::JVI

    ,171 ) , .... -- ..ILl ~ ...,I 1\ Ir- I '"1:11111111... :1

    3 Operate the Bluetooth deviceand perform the pairingoperation.For details about the operations ofthe Bluetooth device, refer to theoperation manual supplied with yourBluetooth device.When searching for this systemwiththe Bluetooth device, a list of thedevices found may appear in theBluetooth device display dependingon the type of Bluetooth device.This system appears as "CMT-BX5BT:'When establishing a connection withthis system, select the audio profile(A2DP, AVRCP) at the Bluetoothdevice. If the Bluetooth device doesnot support the AVRCP profile, youcannot perform playback or otheroperations with the system (page 16).

    Pairing this systemwithaBluetoothdevicePairing is an operation where Bluetoothdevices register with each otherbeforehand. Use the procedure belowto pair the systemwith your Bluetoothdevice. Once a pairing operation isperformed, it does not need to beperformed again. If pairing is alreadycompleted, proceed to "Playingmusic ofa Bluetooth device" (page 16).1 Place the Bluetooth device to be

    connected to this system within1 meter of the system.

    2 Select the Bluetooth function.Press BLUETOOTH ~ I [ID onthe unit.

    Continued r=b>.

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    Other operation

    4 Adjust the volume.Press VOLUME + /- (or VOL + /- onthe u n i t ) ~ .

    NoteThese operations may not be available forcertain Bluetooth devices. In addition, theactual operations may differ depending on theconnected Bluetooth device.

    PressI I (or BLUETOOTH~ I on the unit) ~

    Hold down . . . . / [j]].. ~

    Pause playback

    To check the address ofaconnededBluetooth devicePress DISPLAY f1QI while the Bluetoothdevice name appears in the systemdisplay.The Bluetooth device address appears for8 seconds.

    3 Start playbackPress (or BLUETOOTH ~ I onthe u n i t ) ~ .Depending on the Bluetooth device,you may need to start up the AVsoftware of the Bluetooth devicebeforehand.

    To cancel the connedionwith aBluetooth devicePress and hold BLUETOOTH OPR []on the unit for about 2 seconds until"DISCONNCT" appears, or until theinformation on the display (device name,etc.) disappears.

    Find a point ina file


    Select a fileStop playback

    To erase all the pairing registrationinfonnation1 Press BLUETOOTH ~ I on theunit.

    When the system is connected with aBluetooth device (when the Bluetoothdevice name or other informationappears in the system displaY)'...E!essand hold BLUETOOTH OPR 1m onthe unit for about 2 seconds to put thesystem in Bluetooth standbymode.

    2 Press CLEAR ~ "DELETE?" appears.

    3 Press ENTER 1Ml."COMPLETE" appears and all thepairing information is erased.

    NoteIn order to connect with a Bluetooth deviceafter performing this operation, y-ou must enterthe passcode again.

    2 Establish a connection from theBluetooth device.For details about the operations ofthe Bluetooth device, refer to theoperation manual supplied with yourBluetooth device.Once the connection is established,the system display changes as follows:"CONNECT" --. Name of theBluetooth device

    Playing music ofaBluetooth deviceYou can operate a Bluetooth device byconnecting the system and a Bluetoothdevice using AVRCP. If the system is notconnectedwith a Bluetooth device usingAVRCP, "NOT IN USE" appears whenyou operate the system.1 Select the Bluetooth function.

    Press BLUETOOTH ~ I onthe unit.

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    You can listen to music played on thissystem using your Bluetooth headphonesover a wireless connection.

    ~ ~ ~ II

    Notes on connections with Bluetoothdevices If you cannot connect with a pairedBluetooth device, perform the pairing

    operation between the system and theBluetooth device again.

    Depending on the type of Bluetooth device,you can adjust the volume using the controls-of the Bluetooth device.

    When BLUETOOTH ~ I rn:J on the unitis pressed while connected to Bluetoothheadphones, it may take some time untila connection is made to the system fromanother Bluetooth device.

    Follow the procedure below to listento music on this systemwith Bluetoothheadphones.Pairing this system with BluetoothheadphonesConnecting to registered headphonesPlaying music on this system

    For details about the operations of theBluetooth headphones, also refer to theoperation manual suppliedwith yourBluetooth headphones.

    C o n t i n u e d ~

  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi


    Pairing this SJStem with BluetoothheadphonesPairing is an operation where Bluetoothdevices register with each otherbeforehand. Use the procedure belowto pair the systemwith your Bluetoothheadphones. Once a pairing operationis performed, it does not need to beperformed again. Ifpairing is alreadycompleted, proceed to "Playing music onthis system" (page 19).1 Select a function other than theBluetooth function.Press FUNCTION lID repeatedly.

    2 Place the Bluetoothheadphones to be connectedto this system within 1meter ofthe system.

    3 Putthe Bluetooth headphonesin pairing mode.For details about the operations of theBluetooth headphones, refer to theoperation manual supplied with yourBluetooth headphones.

    4 Press and hold BLUETOOTHOPR [ID on the unit for about 7seconds until the BLUETOOTHindicator [] flashes.Sound output from the speakers isstopped.

    S Enter the passcode.Follow the same procedure as instep 4 of "Pairing this system with aBluetooth device" (page 15).Once pairing is completed and theconnection is established, the systemdisplay changes as follows:"CONNECT" -+ Name of theBluetooth device

    To cancelpasscodeentry partwayPress . ~ Notes "Passcode" may be called "Passkey," "PINcode;' "PIN number" or "Password;' etc.depending on the device.

    This system only supports numericalpasscodes up to 4 digits. The pairing standby status of the system iscancelled after about 30 seconds. If pairing isnot successful, redo the procedure from step1.

    While connected to a Bluetooth device, thissystem cannot be detected and a connectioncannot be established from anotherBluetooth device.

    Pairingmay not be possible i fotherBluetooth devices are present around thesystem. In this case, turn offthe otherBluetooth devices.

    To erase all the pairing registrationinformation1 Press BLUETOOTH ~ I [ID on theunit.

    When the system is connected with aBluetooth device (when the Bluetoothdevice name or other informationappears in the system display),...!essand hold BLUETOOTH OPR onthe unit for about 2 seconds to put thesystem in Bluetooth standby mode.

    2 Press CLEAR ~ "DELETE?" appears.

    3 Press ENTER IHI."COMPLETE" appears and all thepairing information is erased.

    NoteTo connect with Bluetooth headphones afterperforming this operation, you must enter thepasscode again.

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    PllJing lIusk on tlds systemYou can operate this system fromBluetooth headphones by connecting thesystem and Bluetooth headphones usingAVRCP.1 Select a function other than the

    Bluetooth function.Press FUNCTION lID repeatedly.2 Establish a connection with the

    Bluetooth headphones.Press and hold BLUETOOTH OPR[ID on the unit for about 2 secondsuntil the BLUETOOTH indicator [IDlights up. then release the button.Ifmore than one Bluetooth devicethat has been connected in the past ispresent around the system. the systemattempts to connect with up to the3 most recently connected devices.(Connection is attempted with upto 3 devices in order from the mostrecently connected device. and theattempts endwhen a connection isestablished.Once the connection is established.the system display changes as follows:"CONNECT" -. Name oftheBluetooth device

    3 Start playback of the music forthe function selected in step 1.Depending on the type ofBluetoothheadphones. you can operate thissystem (playback. volume control.etc.) using the headphone's controls.For details about the operations of theBluetooth headphones. refer to theoperation manual supplied with yourBluetooth headphones.

    4 Adjust the volume.Press VOLUME + /- (or VOL + /- onthe u n i t ) ~ .

    To clncel the connectionwithBI.tooth headphonesPress and hold BLUETOOTH OPR [IDon the unit for about 2 seconds until theBLUETOOTH indicator [ID turns off.Notes If you cannot connect with paired Bluetoothheadphones, perform the pairing oper.ationbetween the system and the Bluetoothheadphones again. When the sYstem is changed to a functionother than the Bluetooth function andBLUETOOTH OPR on the unit is pressedwhile connected to a Bluetooth device, it maytake some time until a connection is madewith the Bluetooth headphones.

    This system stores separate volume settingsfor when l i s t e n ~ through the speakers orPHONES jack tm, or when listening throughBluetooth headphones.


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    To add asound effectAdjusting the soundsing optional audio

    ~ o m p o n e n t s1 Connect additional audiocomponent to the AUDIO

    IN jack [Z] on the unit usingan audio analog cord (notsupplied).

    . 2 Turn down the volume.Press VOLUME - (or VOL - on theunit) 11].

    3 Select the AUDIO IN function.Press AUDIO I N ~ .

    4 Start playing the connectedcomponent.

    S Adjust the volume.Press VOLUME +/- (or VOL + /- onthe unit) 11].

    ToGenerate amore dynamicsound(DynamicSoundGeneratorX-tra)Set the soundeffect

    PressDSGX I12l on the unit.

    EQ I12l repeatedlyto select "BASS"or "TREBLE;' andthen press + /-repeatedly to adjust thelevel.

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    Changing the display

    I) For example, you can viewCD/MP3 discinformation, such as the track or file numberor folder name during normal play, orthe total playing time while the player isstopped.

    2) When the system and a Bluetooth device areconnected using the Bluetooth function, youcan view the Bluetooth device address.

    3) The STANDBY indicator [g] on the unitlights up when the system is off.

    ToChangeinformation onthe displayl)2)Check thedock when thesystem is off

    PressDISPLAY 11m repeatedlywhen the system is on.DISPLAY 11m whenthe system is oWl. Thedock is displayed for 8seconds.

    Noteson the display information Characters that cannot be displayed appear

    as The following are not displayed:- total playing time for a CD-DA disc

    depending on the playmode.- total playing time and remaining playingtime for an MP3 disc.

    The following are not displayed correctly:- folder and file names that do not followeither the IS09660 Levell, Level 2 orJoliet in the expansion format.

    The following is displayed:- ID3 tag information for MP3 files whenID3 version 1 and version 2 tags are used(up to 62 characters).

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    Other OperationsCreating your ownprogram(Program Play)1 Press CD [ID to select the CD

    function.2 Press PLAY MODE Illl repeatedly

    until "PGM" appears while thesystem is stopped.

    3 Press ~ . . . 11] repeatedlyuntil the desired track or filenumber appears.When p r ~ r a m m i n g files, pressiE:J +/ - I1QJ repeatedly to select thedesired folder, and then select thedesired file.Example: When programming tracksonaCD

    Selected track or file number Total playing time ofprogram (includingselected track or file)

    4 Press ENTER !HI to add the trackor file to the program." - - . - - " appears when the totalprogram time exceeds 100 minutesfor a CD, or when you select a CDtrack whose number is 21 or over, orwhen you select an MP3 file.

    S Repeat steps 3 through 4 toprogram additional tracks orfiles, up to a total of 25 tracks orfiles.

    6 To play your program of tracksor files, press [ID.The program remains available untilyou open the disc tray. To play thesame program again, press rnJ.

    To cancel Program PlayPress PLAY MODE [1] repeatedly until"PGM" disappears while the system isstopped.To delete the last track or file oftheprogramPress CLEAR I2QI while the system isstopped.

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    Presetting radiostationsYou can preset your favorite radiostations and tune them in instantlyby selecting the corresponding presetnumber.Use buttons on the remote to presetstations.1 Tune in the desired station (see

    IlListening to the radio" (page13)).

    2 Press TUNER MEMORY 12lJ.TUNED "it ,- "I I 1"1 II I II 11-- I I LI r, -1AUTO

    Preset number3 Press +/- repeatedly to. select your desired presetnumber.I f another station is already assignedto the selected preset number,the station is replaced by the newstations.

    4 Press ENTER Ml.5 Repeat steps 1 through 4 to

    store other stations.You can preset up to 20 FM and 10AM stations. The preset stations areretained for about halfa day even i fyou disconnect the power cord or i fapower failure occurs.

    6 To call up a preset radiostation, press TUNING MODEI11J repeatedly untiIIlPRESET"

    . appears, and then press + /-repeatedly to select the desiredpreset number.

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    Using the TimersThe system offers two timer functions.If you use the Play Timer with the SleepTimer, the Sleep Timer has priority.Sleep timeI':You can fall asleep to music. Thisfunction works even if the clock is notset.Press SLEEP repeatedly.If you select ' ~ U T O : ' the systemautomatically turns offafter the currentdisc stops or in 100 minutes.PlayTimer:You can wake up to CD or tuner at apreset time.Use buttons on the remote to control thePlay Timer. Make sure you have set theclock.1 Prepare the sound source.

    Prepare the sound source, and thenpress VOLUME +/ - Ml to adjust thevolume.To start from a specific track or file,create your own program (page 22).

    2 Press CLOCKfTIMER SET 1111.3 Press . . . . / repeatedly

    to select "PLAY SET' and thenpress ENTER IHI."ON" appears, and the hourindication flashes.

    4 Set the time to start playing.Press . . . . . /. . . repeatedly to setthe hour, and then press ENTER IHI.The minute indication flashes. Use theprocedure above to set the minutes.

    S Use the same procedure as instep 4 to set the time to stopplaying.

    6 Select the sound source.Press . . . . . /. . . repeatedly untilthe desired sound source appears, andthen press ENTER IHI. The displayshows the timer settings.

    7 Press 1/(9 [j] to turn off thesystem.The system turns on 15 secondsbefore the preset time. If the system ison at the preset time, the Play Timerwill not play.

    NoteBefore the system is turned off, if a connectionis made with the Bluetooth headphones,sounds played by the Play Timer may be outputto the Bluetooth headphones.To activate or check the timer againPress CLOCK/TIMER SELECT ffIl, press. . . . . / repeatedly until "PLAYSEL' appears, and then press ENTER IHI.To cancel the timerRepeat the same procedure as above until"TIMER OFF" appears, and then pressENTER IHI.To change the settingStart over from step 1.TipThe Play Timer setting remains as long as thesetting is not canceled manually.

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    OthersTroubleshooting1 Make sure the power cord and

    speaker cords are correctly and firmlyconnected.2 Find your problem in the checklistbelow, and take the indicated

    corrective action.If the issue persists, contact yournearest Sony dealer.I fthe STANDBY indicator flashesImmediately unplug the power cord,and check the following items. If your system has a voltageselector, is the voltage selector set tothe correct voltage? Are you using onlythe suppliedspeakers? Is anything blocking the ventilationholes on the top or back of thesystem?After the STANDBY indicator [gJstops flashing, reconnect the powercord, and turn on the system. If theissue persists, contact your nearestSony dealer.

    GeneralSound comes from one channel,or the left and right volumes areunbalanced. Place the speakers as symmetrically as.possible. Connect only the supplied speakers.Severe hum or noise. Move the system away from sources ofnoise.

    Connect the system to a different wallsocket.. Install a noise filter (availableseparately) to the power cord.There is no sound. I f the BLUETOOTH indicator rnJ is lit

    or flashing when a function other thanthe Bluetooth function is selected, nosound is heard through the speakersor PHONES jack [ID. Press and holdBLUETOOTH OPR [ID for about2 seconds until the BLUETOOTHindicator rnJ turns off.

    The remote does not function. Remove any obstacles between theremote and the remote sensor onthe unit, and position the unit awayfrom fluorescent lights.

    Point the remote at the system's sensor. Move the remote closer to the system.(D/MP) playerThe sound skips,or the discwill notplay. Wipe the disc clean, and replace it. Move the system to a location awayfrom vibration (for example, on top ofa stable stand). Move the speakers away from thesystem, or place them on separatestands. At high volume, speakervibration may cause the sound to skip.Play does not start from the firsttrack. Press PLAY MODE [1] repeatedly untilboth "PGM" and "SHUF" disappear toreturn to normal play.

    Continued rA .

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    Starting playback takes more timethan usual. The following discs take a longer timeto start playback.- a disc recorded with a complicatedtree structure.- a disc recorded in multisessionmode.

    - a disc that has not been finalized (adisc to which data can be added).- a disc that has many folders.

    Bluetooth devicePairing cannot be done. Move the Bluetooth device closer tothe system. Pairing may not be possible if otherBluetooth devices are present aroundthe system. In this case, turn offtheother Bluetooth devices.

    Connection is not possible.. The Bluetooth device you attemptedto connect does not support the A2DPand AVRCP profiles, and cannot beconnectedwith the system. Enable the Bluetooth function of theBluetooth device. The pairing registration informationhas been erased. Perform the pairingoperation again. While connected toa Bluetooth device,this system cannot be detected and aconnection cannot be established fromanother Bluetooth device.

    The sound skips or fluctuates, or theconnection is lost. The system and the Bluetooth deviceare too far apart. If there are obstacles between thesystem and your Bluetooth device,remove or avoid the obstacles.

    Ifthere is equipment that generateselectromagnetic radiation, such as awireless LAN, other Bluetooth d e v i c e ~or a microwave oven nearby, movethem away.

    The sound of your Bluetooth devicecannot be heard on this system. Turn up the volume on your Bluetoothdevice first, and then ~ u s t the volumeusing VOLUME +/-l1].

    Severe hum or noise If there areobstacles between thesystem and your Bluetooth device,remove or avoid the obstacles.

    If there is equipment that generateselectromagnetic radiation, such as awireless LAN, other Bluetooth device,or a microwave oven nearby, movethem away. Turn down the volume of theconnected Bluetooth device.The sound from the Bluetoothheadphones is distorted. Turn down the volume of the systemusing VOLUME - ~ If yourheadphones have a volume control,also adjust the volume using theheadphone's volume control. Press DSGX [g] on the unit repeatedlyuntil "DSGX OFF" appears. Press EQ ff2I r.epeatedly to select"BASS" or "TREBLE;' and then press

    - [11 repeatedly to turn down thelevel.

    TunerSevere hum or noise, or stationscannot be received. ("TUNED" or liST"flashes on the display.) Connect the antenna properly. Find a location and an orientation thatprovide good reception, and then setup the antenna again.

  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi


    Keep the antennas away from thespeaker cords and the power cord toavoid picking up noise. Connect a commercially availableexternal antenna. Consult your nearest Sony dealer if thesupplied AM antenna has come off the

    plastic stand. Turn off nearby electrical equipment.To change the AM tuning intervalThe AM tuning interval is factory-presetto 9 kHz (or 10kHz, for some areas).Use buttons on the unit to change theAM tuning interval.1 Tune in any AM station, and then

    turn of f the system.2 While holding down TUNER/BAND

    [ID, press 1/

  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi


    Messages(D/MP3 player, TunerCD OVER: You have reached the end ofthe disc while pressing !1] during

    playback or pause.COMPLETE: The preset operation endednormally.INVALID: You pressed an invalid button.LOCKED: The disc tray does not open.

    Contact your nearest Sony dealer.NO DISC: There is no disc in the system,

    or you have loaded a disc that cannotbe played.NO STEP: All of the programmed tracks

    or files have been erased.PUSH SELECT: You tried to set the clock

    or timer during timer operation.PUSH STOP: You pressed PLAY MODE

    ITIJ during playback.READING: The system is readinginformation of the disc. Some buttonsare not available.SET CLOCK: You tried to select the timerwhen the clock is not set.SET TIMER: You tried to select the timerwhen the Play Timer is not set.STEP FULL: You tried to program morethan 26 tracks or files (steps).TIME NG: The Play Timer start and endtimes are set to the same time.

    Bluetooth deviceCONNECT: Bluetooth communicationwas established.DISCONNCT: Communication with aBluetooth device was cut offfor some

    reason, or Bluetooth communicationwas ended.NO DEVICE: A pairable Bluetooth devicewas not found, or connection was notpossible.NOT IN USE: The system is notconnected with a Bluetooth deviceusing AVRCP.PIN: The system is asking for thepasscode. For details, see "Using the

    Bluetooth function" (page 14).PLEASE WAIT: The system is readying

    for usage of a Bluetooth device.

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    Displayexamples PrecautionsDisplay indicates::1 2 (two) Discs that this system CAN playl -e; 5 (five) Audio CD CD-RlCD-RW (audio data/MP3 files),- 6 (six)CJ Discs that this system CANNOT play1::1 8 (eight) CD-ROM1-1,It o(zero) CD-RlCD-RWother than thoseIL l recorded in musicCD format or MP3FI A format conforming to 1509660 Level /LeveI2, Joliet or multisession] B CD-RlCD-RW recorded in 0multisession that have not ended by f" +II D '::T.1.1 "closing the session" t'D,- G CD-RlCD-RW ofpoor recording V )L ] quality, CD-RlCD-RW that have1--1 H scratches or are dirty, or CD-RlCD-,, K RW recorded with an incompatibler, recording device1\1' M CD-RlCD-RWwhich is finalizedI I incorrectlyI-I 0 Discs containing files other than1-1,-, Q MPEG 1Audio Layer-3 (MP3) filesUI Discs of non-standard shape (forD R example, heart, square, star)I , Discs that have adhesive tape, paper, or, 5-:, sticker attached to them-; Z Rental or used discs with attached sealsL where the glue extends beyond the seal

    Discs that have labels printed using ink" that feels tacky when touched\I

    Notes on discs'f, $ Before playing, wipe the disc with a,, % cleaning cloth from the center out to, I the edge. Do not clean discs with solvents, suchas benzine thinner, or commerdallyavailable cleaners or anti-static spray'-:1 ? intended for vinyl LPs., Do not expose discs to direct sunlight- I @ or heat sources such as hot air ducts,I ~

    1\ nor leave it in a car parked in directsunlight.C o n t i n u e d ~


  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi


    On safety Completely disconnect the powercord (mains lead) from the wall socket

    (mains) if it is not going to be usedfor an extended period of time. Whenunplugging the unit, always grip theplug. Never pull the cord itself.

    Should any solid object or liquid getinto the system, unplug the system, andhave it checked by qualified personnelbefore operating it again. The AC power cord can be changed -only by a qualified service facility.On placement Do not place the system in an inclinedposition or in locations that areextremely hot, cold, dusty, dirty, orhumid or lacking adequate ventilation,or subject to vibration, direct sunlightor a bright light.

    Be careful when placing the unitor speakers on surfaces that havebeen specially treated (for example,with wax, oil, polish) as staining ordiscoloration of the surface may result.

    If the system is brought directlyfrom a cold to a warm location or isplaced in a very damp room, moisturemay condense on the lens inside theCD player, and cause the system tomalfunction. In this situation, removethe disc, and leave the system turnedon for about an hour until the moistureevaporates.

    On heat buildup Heat buildup on the unit duringoperation is normal and is not cause

    for alarm. Do not touch the cabinet if it has beenused continuously at a high volumebecause the cabinet may have become

    hot. Do not obstruct the ventilation holes.

    On the speaker systemThis speaker system is not magneticallyshielded, and the picture on nearbyTVsets may become magnetically distorted.In this situation, turn offthe TV, wait15 to 30 minutes, and turn it back on.If there is no improvement, move thespeakers far away from the TV.Cleaning the cabinetClean this system with a soft clothslightly moistened with a mild detergentsolution. Do not use any type of abrasivepad, scouring powder, or solvent, such asthinner, benzine, or alcohol.

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  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi


    (jeneralPower requirements: 120 V AC, 60 HzPower consumption: 40 wattsDimensions (w/h/d) (excl. speakers):Approx. 200 x 132 x 298 mmMass (excl. speakers): 3.5 kgSupplied accessories: Remote Commander(RM-SC31) (l), R6 (Size AA) batteries (2),AM loop antenna (1), FM lead antenna (1)Design and specifications are subject tochange without notice.

    Standby power consumption:... O.5W Halogenated flame retardantsare not used in the certain

    printed wiring boards.

    Bluetooth wirelesstechnologyBluetooth wireless technology is a shortrange wireless technology linking digitaldevices, such as personal computers anddigital still cameras. Using the Bluetoothwireless technology, you can operate theunits involved within a range of about 10meters.The Bluetooth wireless technology iscommonly used between two devices,but a single device can be connected tomultiple devices.You do not need wires to get connectedas you do with a USB connection, andyou do not need to place the devices faceto face as you do with wireless infraredtechnology. You can use the technologywith one Bluetooth device in your bagor pocket.Bluetooth wireless technology is a globalstandard supported by thousands ofcompanies. These companies produceproducts that meet the global standard.

    Supported Bluetooth version andprofilesProfile refers to a standard set ofcapabilities for various Bluetooth productcapabilities. This system supports thefollowing Bluetooth version and profiles.Supported Bluetooth version:

    Bluetooth Standard version 2.0Supported Bluetooth profiles:

    A2DP (Advanced Audio DistributionProfile)AVRCP (Audio Video RemoteControl Profile)

  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi


    Effertive communication rangeBluetooth devices should be used withinapproximately 10 meters (unobstructeddistance) of each other. The effectivecommunication range may becomeshorter under the following conditions.- When a person, metal object, wallor other obstruction is between thedevices with a Bluetooth connection

    - Locations where a wireless LAN isinstalled- Around microwave ovens that are inuse- Locations where other electromagneticwaves occurEffects ofother devicesBluetooth devices and wireless LAN(IEEE 802.11big) use the same frequencyband (2.4 GHz). When using yourBluetooth device near a device withwireless LAN capability, electromagneticinterference may occur. This could resultin lower data transfer rates, noise, orinability to connect. If this happens, trythe following remedies:- Try connecting this system andBluetooth mobile phone or Bluetooth

    device when you are at least 10meters away from the wireless LANequipment.- Turn offthe power to the wireless LANequipment when using your Bluetooth'device within 10 meters.Effects on other devicesThe radio waves broadcast by this systemmay interfere with the operation of somemedical devices. Since this interferencemay result in malfunction, always turnoff the power on this system, Bluetoothmobile phone and Bluetooth device inthe following locations:- In hospitals, on trains, in airplanes,at gas stations, and any place whereflammable gasses may be present- Near automatic doors or fire alarms

    Notes This system supports security functions thatcomply with the Bluetooth specificationas a means of ensuring security during

    communication using Bluetooth technology.However, this security may be insufficientdepending on the setting contents andother factors, so always be careful whenperforming communication using Bluetoothtechnology. Sony cannot be held liable in any wayfor damages or other loss resulting frominformation leaks during communicationusing Bluetooth technology.

    Bluetooth communication is not necessarilyguaranteed with all Bluetooth devices thathave the same profile as this system.

    Bluetooth devices connected with this systemmust comply with the Bluetooth specificationprescribed by the BliJetooth SIG, Inc., andmust be certified to comply. However, evenwhen a device complies with the Bluetoothspecification, there may be cases wherethe characteristics or specifications of theBluetooth device make it impossible toconnect, or may result in different controlmethods, display or operation.

    Noise mayoccur or the audio maycut offdepending on the Bluetoothdevice connected with this system,the communications environment, orsurrounding conditions.

    . .r-+:::rt'D"""IV\

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    Playable BluetoothdevicesYou can check the websites below for theBluetooth compatible devices.For customers in the U.S.A.:For customers in Canada:English French For customers in Europe:For customers in Latin America:For customers in Asia and Oceania:

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  • 8/14/2019 158cmtbx5b Sony Hifi

    36/39Printed in China http://www.sony.net!

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    Power-Cord Protection - Route the power cordso that i t is not likely to be walked on or pinchedby items placed upon or against them, payingparticular attention to the plugs, receptacles, andthe pointwhere the cord exits from the appliance.

    Attachments - Do not use attachments notrecommended by Sony, as they may cause hazards.

    Lightning - For added protection for this applianceduring a lightning storm, or when it is leftunattended and unused for long periods of time,unplug i t from the wall outlet and disconnect theantenna or cable system. This will prevent damageto the appliance due to lightning and powerlinesurges.Cleaning - Unplug the appliance from the walloutletbefore cleaning or polishing it. Do not useliquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a clothlightly dampened with water for cleaning theexteriorof the appliance. Clean the appliance onlyas recommended by Sony.

    Object and Liquid Entry - Never push objectsof any kind into the appliance through openingsas they may touch dangerous voltage points orshort out parts that could result in a fire orelectric shock. Never spill liquid of any kind onthe appliance.

    ANTENNAS -- -- - -- - -- -- - -- -- - -- -- - --Outdoor Antenna Grounding - If an outdoor antenna or cable system isinstalled, follow the precautions below.An outdoor antenna system should notbe located in the vicinity ofoverhead power lines or other electric light or power circuits, or where itcan come in contactwith such power lines or circuits.WHEN INSTALLING AN OUTDOOR ANTENNA SYSTEM, EXTREMECARE SHOULD BE TAKEN TOKEEP FROMCONTACTING SUCHPOWER LINES OR CIRCUITS AS CONTACTWITH THEM IS ALMOSTINVARIABLY FATAL.Be sure the antenna system is grounded so as to provide some protectionagainst voltage surges and built-up static charges. Section 810 oftheNational Electrical Code provides information with respect to propergrounding ofthe mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-inwire to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, locationof antenna-discharge unit, connection to grounding electrodes, andrequirements for the grounding electrode.


    Antenna Grounding According to the National Electrical Code

    Antenna Discharge Unit(NEC Section 810-20)

    Grounding Conductors// .."""" - - (NECSection 810-21)

    Ground Clamps7 - Power Service GroundingElectrode System(NEC Art 250 PartH)


    Damage Requiring Service - Unplug theappliance from the wall outlet and referservicing to qualified service personnel underthe following conditions:- When the power cord or plug is damaged orfrayed.

    ~ : > I - : - ' .A",.======" '

    - If l iquid has been spilled or objects have falleninto the appliance.

    - If the appliance has been exposed to rain orwater.

    - The appliance does not appear to operatenormally or exhibits a marked change inperformance. - This indicatesa need for service.

    - If the appliance does not operate normallywhen following the operating instructions, adjustonly those controls that are specified in theoperating instructions. Improper adjustment ofother controls may result in damage and willoften require extensive work by a qualifiedtechnician to restore the appliance to normaloperation.

    - If the appliance has been subject to excessiveshock by being dropped, or the cabinet has beendamaged.

    Servicing - Do not attempt to service theappliance yourself as opening or removing covermay expose you to dangerous voltage or otherhazards. Refer all servicing to qualified servicepersonnel.

    Replacement parts - When replacement parts arerequired, be sure the service technician has usedreplacement parts specified by Sony that have thesame characteristics as the original parts.Unauthorized substitutionsmay result in fire,electric shock, or other hazards.Safety Check - Upon completion of any serviceor repairs to the appliance, ask the servicetechnician to perform routine safety checks(asspecified by Sony) to determine that the appliancis in safe operating condition.

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    General Stereo/Hifi Components!Tape DecksCD Players/Mini Disc Players/Audio SystemsI Hifi Audio ILIMITED WARRANTY (u.s. Only)

    Sony Electronics Inc. ("Sony") warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship fo r the timeperiods and as set forth below. Pursuant to this Limited Warranty, Sony will , at its option, (i) repair the productusing new or refurbished parts or (ii) replace the productwith a new or refurbished product. For purposesof thisLimited Warranty, "refurbished" means a product or part that has been returned to its original specifications. Inthe event of a defect, these are your exclusive remedies.Labor: For a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase of the product ("LaborWarranty"), Sonywill, at its option, repair or replace with new or refurbished product, product determined to be defective. IfSonyelects to replace the product after this Labor Warranty has expired but while the Parts Warranty below is sti ll ineffect, i tw i ll do so for the applicable labor charge.Parts: For a period of one (1) year f rom the original date of purchase of product ("Parts Warranty"), Sony willsupply new or refurbished replacement parts in exchange fo r parts determined to be defective.This Limited Warranty covers only the hardware components packaged with the Product. It does not covertechnical assistance fo r hardware or software usage and it does not cover any software productswhether or notcontained in the Product; any such software is provided "AS IS" unless expressly provided fo r in any enclosedsoftware LimitedWarranty. Please refer to the End User License Agreements included with the Product fo r yourrights and obligationswith respect to the software.Instructions: To obtain warranty service, you must deliver the product, freight prepaid, in either its originalpackaging or packaging affording an equal degree of protection to the Sony authorized service facility specified.It is your responsibility to backup any data, software or other materials you may have stored or preserved on your unit. It is likely that such data, software, or other materials will be lost or reformattedduring service and Sony will not be responsible fo r any such damage or loss. A dated purchase receipt isrequired. For specific instructions on how to obtain warranty service for your product,

    Visit Sony's Web Site:www.sony.com/service

    Or call the Sony Customer Information Service Center1-800-222-S0NV (7669)

    For an accessory or part not available from your authorized dealer, call:1-800-488-S0NY (7669)

    Repair I Replacement Warranty: This Limited Warranty shall apply to any repair, replacement part or replacement product fo r the remainder of the original Limited Warranty period or fo r ninety (90) days, whichever islonger. Any parts or product replaced under this LimitedWarrantywill become the property of Sony.This Limited Warranty only covers product issues caused by defects in material or workmanship during ordinaryconsumer use; it does no t cover product issues caused by any other reason, including but not limited to productissues due to commercial use, acts of God, misuse, limitations of technology, or modification of orto any part ofthe Sony product. This Limited Warranty does not cover Sony products sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS orconsumables (such as fuses or batteries). This Limited Warranty is invalid if the factory-applied serial numberhas been altered or removed from the product. This Limited Warranty is valid only in the United States.LIMITATION ON DAMAGES: SONY SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIALDAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIEDWARRANTYON THIS PRODUCT.DURATION OF IMPLIEDWARRANTIES: EXCEPTTO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BYAPPLICABLE LAW, ANYIMPLIEDWARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON THIS PRODUCT